Bundesbank: "Mein Entschluss: Anschluss-Plus" - Germany Reveals The European Annexation Blueprints

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As Mel Brooks (as Hitler) sang it:

"All I want is Peace! Peace...

A little piece of Poland,

A little piece of France, 

And then a taste

Of Austria and Hungary, perchance..."

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History of the World was a great movie.

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Wouldn't that be the joke :)

If any German would ever tell a Belgium citizen what to do, you'd get nothing more than a finger.

And the French :) hahaha :)

Nop, will never work.

I've seen an interview this weekend where they proposed to call political intervention to all indepted countries but that will remain nothing more than a plan.

We've all got some history with the Germans and we where all raised with the notion that a good German is a burning German.

Nobody forget that almost every country now has a seperatis movement and a nationalistic movement that is growing bigger by the day.


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Why would the Germans want the hassle? I think they don't.  It's a diplomatic way of saying:  Nein.

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I have a hard time to believe, what I see here, Sudden Debt.

I thought you'd be intelligent to some extent, but here we go again...

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I agree, as I expected more from you 'Sudden Debt'. Germans have been endlessly demonized from 1945 on especially in movies and propaganda. Obviously some group desires a suppressed German people.  Eventually it will back-fire with a vengenge- like suppression of metals.

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I show you a finger for being stupid. Do you really believe this crap? A German dictatorship? It is going to be a Bilderberg dictatorship with a puppet (whatver country)  in the lead. Just come over to Germany to see the sympathies for Euro bonds. 80% are against them.

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involving an extensive surrender of national fiscal sovereignty


it is correct. Governments of the southern regions have proved incapable of containing their debts. It is in the long term interest of their own populace. There will be pain because of the initial deflation there but then they will get a more efficient system, more productivity and a stronger currency. The alternative is huge inflation with wages remaining the same as before. Cutting debts through inflation damages savers.

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I take it you are serious.

Der Speigel was earnestly running this line about two weeks ago...naturally these southern regions will need assistance with the collection of their taxes...after all, it is our money!

There is a saying..."Germans, the only mistakes they make are big ones". Tell me you are not serious.

The Euro was supposed to end centuries of European wars....nice idea.

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I am serious. And I'm Italian. My region has been Austrian up till 1918, and my grandfather on my father side fought WWI against my grandfather on my mother side. Europe has too many politicians. Especially in south europe. Let us give back some power to a central government. I know I will have to pay more taxes because of this, and I am glad of it, rather than to see my savings become Lire and disappear like icecream under the sun. Let us shrink government and rise productivity. Let us stop to have people receiving pensions when they are 50 y.o. etc. Let Germany help us to change. 

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That would unfortunately require planning.  In a universe of 4 year election terms, that's as far as any politician thinks.


I'm so sorry for the loss that is coming to Italy, it'll be pretty rough.  I'm not sure what the background is on owning physical gold or silver, but if you are trying to avoid getting completely messed up financially, go get some soon to protect yourself.

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If you had been wise enough, you would have kept your lire.

I'd take a KM#98 500 lire coin over a 10 eurobill toilet paper anytime.

Last time Germany "helped" you, they threw you under the bus. They looted you and dumped you.

France once helped you too. Remember? They took the Gioconda as collateral that time.


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Will PIIGS simply break away, default and devlaue? They'd keep sovereignty and they have plenty of devalue experience......welcome back Billion Lira Notes

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Unless and until a fundamental change of regime occurs involving an extensive surrender of national fiscal sovereignty

So we wasted trillions on warfare to create regime change when all we had to do is write a paper?

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I'm sorry but I don't see this as a statement of German power and authority, but more of capitulation, resignation. This to me is huge news because Germany is telling us they can't and won't go on supporting the Euro. The Euro is finished today.

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I don't agree with your interpretation. Germany is telling you: we help you if you help yourselves changing your spending habits. The Euro would be finished if Germany begin to throw good money after bad debt, or if they would refuse any help inconditionally. Instead there's a precise a legitimate condition: Stop your governments' expenditures and you'll get help.

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What's the problem? Nazi regimes on both sides of the Atlantic


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It is why the Tea Party is winning.  Balance the budget or be owned.  Obama Debt man walking.

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last I checked they weren't winning, the MSM is villifying them at every opportunity, ie Tea Party Downgrade, next the debt will be thier fault, certainly isn't Obammy's

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The germans have only a 'Drang nach Osten', they can't handel so many anarchists...

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It is why the Tea Party is winning.  Balance the budget or be owned.  Obama Debt man walking.

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So the Tea Party are a German front group? That explains a lot.

Heil Koch!

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Well Snow, if you had to, you could not have chosen a more apropos name, both for beign Germanic and somethng you would use to cause discomfort if used roughly, eh?

Koch indeed. is either of the brothers called Wilhelm or Kasier Koch?

Vivek (ORI)

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Unlike Koch & Tea Party, Germany believes in paying decent living wages to its workers AND in having a decent social insurance services program.

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I dont really blame the Germans at all...if my whole neighborhood was at my front porch demanding I pay their mortgages and grocery bills, Id tell them to first sign over their mortgages and wives to me too!

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OK, so far so good...now, what happens when you try to collect on that?

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Depends on the mortgages and depends on the wives.  Whereas if they could post gold as collateral, no problemo.

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If it was at your corner store and they were most of your customer base?

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depends on the wives. you may want to keep the receipt

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Upon reflection, does 'fiscal sovereignty' include working hours, pensions, and such labor relations matters?  Because I think Germany will be needing a lot more then a typical definition of 'fiscal' to get the deadbeat French, oooooh I mean Southerners, to Shut Up and Get Back To Work.

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With respect to the Heim ins Reich movement, I'd keep a very close eye on Wisconsin, Jim. ;)

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I'll take cheese & wine from France over U.S. ditto any day.

There's no western population more deadbeat than the U.S. sheeple. Mehh.

Now eat your garbage junk food, Little Lamb.

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Remember the statement from Sarkozy/Merkel? The plan is to harmonize pension ages, corporate taxes and soical security costs for EU countries.

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Side note: China taking extensive notes, drafting paper for USA

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Might as well sell your sovereignty while it's still worth something. A gift of sovereignty, if you can keep it.

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Is anyone willing to take this serious now?

Redhouse report: final directives from the nazi party to the german industrialists to continue their important work.


text of report


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Awesome links. Thanks robo.

Vivek (ori)

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Quite a compliment from ORI


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A UK moderately accurate, in the socialist tank, propaganda paper.

You should get out more often. Take your browser to see the sights.

Besides, who wrote the article doesn't change the text of the original document. Which is why I included a link so you can judge for yourself.

Should I bring up Project Paperclip? Too much for a first date?

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You'll be glad to know the fourth reich will turn out to be a miscarriage.

As you have pointed out with those links, their plans have been know since day one.

They are just being given enough rope to hang themselves. They will all soon be exposed.

Remember the other apex of their power resides in the Vatican. This too will crumble to dust.

While some believed they had changed, many of us knew they hadn't.  There will be no tears when the sociopaths are put down.

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Papiermark Bitchez!

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PIIGS sheeple ain't gonna roll over for this...more strikes and more posturing. This only kicks the can down the road another year....while Europe sinks back into recession

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you think they have another year? You must be an optimist!