Two Buses With 40 Israeli Tourists Blown Up At Bulgarian Airport

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Update: According to not one but two buses were blown up. Unclear if the second one was also carrying Israeli tourists.

According to Bulgarian press, and confirmed by other wire sources, a bus with 40 Israeli tourists was "blown up" at 5:30 pm local time at the local airport of the seaside town of Bourgas. Sega says that according to BTV "it is an assassination attempt." The bomb was located in the trunk of a white bus with Israel tourists from Israel who were en route to the seaside town of Sunny Beach according to an airport source. The mayor of the city, Dimitar Nikolov confirmed the news according to Sega. Furthermore, according to the airport's website, an Air Via flight from Tel Aviv landed at 4:50 pm local time. The shock wave was so large it also exploded two neighboringing buses located in the arrival area of the airport. The number of casualties is currently unknown, but at least three people are dead according to the local police, with dozens wounded. Sega adds "the flames are huge with three firetrucks on the scene and seven ambulances driving out charred people."

A picture of the event via

More from Reuters:


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That's not good. The tit for tat bullshit is never going end...

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A spark that will start something larger?

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Three jewish tourists killed, 20 injured.




A Taliban bomb attack has destroyed 22 fuel tankers carrying supplies for NATO forces in Afghanistan, local officials said, as nine Afghan soldiers and two NATO troops died in escalating attacks.


Let us all watch and see which will be the bigger story.

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There's often a distinction drawn between killing tourists and killing soldiers.

Hard to understand why, but I guess old biases die hard.

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But there's no tourists in Afghanistan...

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I think ZH's point is that this might start something bigger...because as we all know, the Israeli's never are just quid pro quo.  For every one dead Israeli, there are 500 dead Muslims.  

MarkS's picture

Really?  500 dead Muslims for every dead Isreali?  Is that just the kill ratio for Isrealis or would you extend that to Jews as well?

Can you offer any support of that statement?

Antisemites are one thing..hysterical antisemmites are another.

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Imagine this...


Three Egyptian tourists killed, 20 injured.




A Hezbollah bomb attack has destroyed 22 fuel tankers carrying supplies for UN forces in Lebanon, local officials said, as nine Israeli soldiers and two UN troops died in escalating attacks.


Now, which would be the bigger story? 


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Golly gee.  You changed the locations and actors for both and thus the parameters.    It's hard to make field goals on moving goal posts. 

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Imagine this...




A Hezbollah bomb attack has destroyed Barney Frank, Maxine Waters and Ben Bernanke as he prepared remarks in today's second session of his semiannual Humprhey Hawkins testimony.


Now, which would be the bigger story? 


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Can we go ahead and get this whole WW3 event started?  Gettin' bored watching my stacks of gold and the map packs on Call of Duty Black Ops are played out.  Plus all these unemployed high school graduates, college graduates, and MBA's gotta be good for something.  Let's bring the draft back while we're at it.



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Q: What religious group perpetrated the Holodomor (murder by hunger) that killed millions of Ukrainian Christians and turned their farms into collectives?  Hint:  It wasn't atheists.

A: Give up?  Okay.  Here's the answer.  And what was their religion?

Note: Here's a picture in case it's still too hard for you.

And don't get too misled by Wikipedia about the geneology of Lenin

or Karl Marx

or Leon Trotsky

or Lev Kamenev

or Olga Kameneva

or Lyubov Axelrod

and now you know ... the rest of the story.

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I guess Stalin & Mao were Jewish too, huh.  As if any one race, ethnic group, or religion has a lock on genocide.

Back to the drawing board, sparky.

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After a hundred years of brainwashing and propaganda, any story with the word "Israel" is to be immediately and completely worshipped. We have been brainwashed into believing that the Cocksucking Jew Bankers are "Living Gods" when they are actually the source of 99% of the EVIL perpetrated on the planet

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Do any of you Jew-bashers know the difference between a liberal Jew in New York running various financial schemes, and citizens of the nation-state Israel, who may or may not be ethnically Jewish?

engineertheeconomy's picture

Yes. Some of those good citizens happen to be very close personal friends of mine, and they too refer to Banker Types as Jew Cocksuckers.

Now take that stupid looking cap off of your head and stick it up your ass.

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OK, ok, fine, but I fuckin' hate KISS, too.  Buncha yogurt-spitting assholes in too much makeup.

Love-Gun this, you fuckers!

global's picture

nothing says racism like having your own special word for it if its racism against you

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Seems about right.  After all, the US killed about 900,000 arabs over 3000 US deaths, and we aren't done yet.  The Israelis are quite a bit more efficient than we are in regards to killing and oppressing people, but they are also a lot closer to them.  I'm sure if we were to, say, invade Mexico, and wall off her citizens into a tiny desert ghetto, we could probably get that ratio up over 1000.

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I am wondering if one of the dead in the bus was an archduke

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Why are they going to Sunny Beach in Bulgaria?

Maybe this is it?

Sunny Beach Bulgaria

Sunny Beach, Bulgaria - It's all about Having Fun & Paying Less.


Doesn't sound like archduke-type terrain.

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So anyone who criticizes Israel is an anti-Semite? By that logic, anyone who criticizes the Vatican must be anti-Christian. - For a better comparison to the Jewish state of Israel, I would have used a "Christian nation" rather than the Vatican, but, I don't think such a nation exists.

BigJim's picture

This could very well be a Syrian quid pro quo for Israel's recent meddling in their civil war,

JOYFUL's picture


This could very well be a mossad directed false flag operation planned in conjunction with ZATO and MA|dOg|CLINTON.

I guess we'll just have to wait for the forged\stolen Canadian passports to show up.

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There goes another overcrowded Bulgarian bus vacation I planned 4 this yr.

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Can't understand why we shouldn't declare open season on civilians either.  War was so much cleaner when armies sacked cities and slaughtered the civvies. 

Why limit the destructiveness of war?

Joseph Jones's picture

My personal position on violence against human beings: absolutely positively always prohibited, even for self defense.

That said, some censored facts about so-called Islamist attacks against Israeli "civilians": 

Israel coerces military/public service under threat of incarceration and lifetime public ruination of one's reputation.  

Nightclubs are targets because of the above: every single young Israeli is a future military member strapping a gun to shoot Muslims and boots to kick them into submission. 

Israeli busses are targets because the Israel military uses them as transport for soldiers every day (coercive membership = lots of military members). 

SOP by Zionists and their enablers/sycophants/bribed US public officials (all MSM) is to remove all miltary targets/victims from targets such as busses and night clubs well before news cameras are allowed on scence to fan more Islam hatred.

US Federal law requires any individual or group financed with foreign funds to register as a "foreign interest group".  The law severely limits and controls any meeting between a US government official and such group member.  There are about five such Israeli groups in the USA (ADL, etc), yet they are all immune from the law. 

Just sayin.

A few years ago on Rabbinical Talmuidist Michael Medved's radio show I asked Fox News jerk Fred Barnes (Roman, another version of Rabbinical Talmudist), "Who gives Israel the right to exist?"  He chuckled and replied, "God".  They replayed this hour during the weekend and deleted our exchange.  (Catholic comes from the Latin "catholicus" meaning "universal".  Hence the term "Roman Catholic" translates literally "Roman universal" church, a mutually contradictory/exclusive term...hence my preference for Roman, Rome being the location of its HQ and Pope.)  

Hard to believe any comment could embarrass a Talmudist!    



Marginal Call's picture

One is clearly a bigger story.  Sorry, a a successful terrorist attack (or false flag) in Bulgaria is way bigger news than light casulties and some trucks getting blown up in a war zone.   It just is. 


It doesn't matter if it was Jewish or Russian, or Chinese victims.  One is nearly an everyday occurance, the other isn't. 

john39's picture

How about a terrorist bombing that kills several high level Syrian government officials.  Imagine if that happened in Tel Aviv, or Washington...

Xibalba's picture

Should be good for 15 more SPX pts.

Citxmech's picture

That was some major shit.  Haven't heard any alalysis on who was behind it, but Syria is now in a full-blown civil/ethnic/proxy war.

hedgeless_horseman's picture



Syria's defence minister and Interior minister are among those who were killed after a suicide bomber struck the National Security building in Damascus during a meeting of cabinet ministers and senior security officials, state media reported.


We'll likey never see this on network television in the USA.

Marginal Call's picture

Yeah, that was front page news this morning on almost all the news sites I looked at, including Puffington.  It's a big story.

BigJim's picture

 How about a terrorist bombing that kills several high level Syrian government officials.  Imagine if that happened in Tel Aviv, or Washington...

Silly man! It's not terrorism when we do it!

EverythingEviL's picture

This is from Debka:
"The blast is suspected to be part of a campaign staged by Iran and Hizballah of thus far thwarted terrorist attacks in various other countries, including Thailand and Kenya, Georgia, India and Azerbaijan, against Israeli targets."

JOYFUL's picture

that's the redacted version: here's the original -

"The blast is suspected to be part of a Mossad directed campaign of phony terrorist attacks to be blamed on Iran and Hizbollah, similar to other israeli efforts thus far thwarted in various other countries, including Thailand and Kenya, Georgia, India and Azerbaijan"...

Debka sometimes has editorial issues.

InjuredThales's picture

Idiot alert!

Anti-semitism cloaked as anti-zionism is the last refuge of scoundrels.

JOYFUL's picture

listen. we know yur here...there's no point in bringin attention to yurself.

Joseph Jones's picture

James Sobran's definition of "anti semite": not one who hates Jews, but rather one hated by certain Jews.

Joseph Jones's picture

Michael Hoffman's epic tome "Judaism Discovered" includes an image from a famous Israeli publicaiton (Ha'aretz IIRC).  It is an image of OBL (not detectable that it's doctored) with a Rabbi's black hat.  Indeed, he looks just like any (in)famous, succesful Rabbi.

The point is obvious: Hitler and OBL did more than any other individuals within their lifetime to insulate Rabbinical Talmudism from any and every negative charge, no matter how evil.  Hitler and OBL personify every evil cause of Rabbinical Talmudism (Hitler's Third Reich is just another form of Rabincal Talmudism's racism and bigotry-"chosenites", Hitler's Third Reich God's chosen people are white Aryan, in Judaism they are Khazars from eastern-central Europe masquerading as O.T. Ioudiaos/Israelites...notice they call themselves "Israelis" not "Israelites"). 

"Holocausianity" wiped off the history books the fact that the current Rabbi's spiritual ancestors, the Saducees and Pharisees (Rabbis), committed the most evil crime in mankind's history, the murder of Jesus Christ. 

Joseph Jones's picture

I consume virtually no MSM, but couldn't help listening to NPR Morning Report a couple years ago.  Interesting full length interview with a man presented as a War College professor.  He states in plain English the following re. the USA targeting/killing civilians: absolutely, positively, when push comes to shove, no USA law prohibits POTUS from killing any number of enemy civilians. 

What a joke listening to outrage from MSM regarding alleged "war crimes" by foreign individuals.  If you think the USA is not pining for and causing war in Syria, you are IMO unmistakably very wrong.   

lolmao500's picture

It would be nice. If some bodyguards in the western world had the guts to pull something like that... Should have happened in the US with W... in Greece, in China, in Russia, in North Korea, in Iran, in Saudi Arabia.... in many countries it should happen...

Bodyguards sacrificing themselves for the greater good... the Syrian who blew himself up to try to take out the Syrian government should be given a hero of the nation award when the revolution is over.

Abitdodgie's picture

Well look on the bright side it is 3 less Jewish people,if we start a fund can we all chip in and buy Iran a nuke so they can finish Hitlers work.

john39's picture

its about to kick into high gear...  they will finally get their WWIII.

V in PA's picture

It's already started. You do realize that historians will mark the start of WWIII as September 11, 2001. 

Spastica Rex's picture

Depends on where the historians are from. +1, though.