Cambridge House International Interviews Doug Casey

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We round off the early evening with this must watch interview by Tommy Humphrey of Cambridge House International with Casey Report's Doug Casey, familiar to all regulars of Zero Hedge, in which all the usual suspects are discussed: systemic downfall, alternative investments and flight to real, not mainstream media inspired, safety. 

Speculator Series with Doug Casey from Cambridge House International on Vimeo.

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Gotta love Doug Casey.

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he lost me at "buy apartments in cairo"...  seriously, cairo has got to be one of the most dangerous places to be right now, ground zero for the beginning of the third world war.. i would rather take my chances in the bond market.  

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yes i agree !    i'd rather invest in a daycare center run by Casey Anthony, than buy Cairo apartments right now...geez

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Flight to safety?  Does this mean I should buy Apple, Amazon, Google and Chipolte?  ;-)

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You forgot Netflix and Bank of America.

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"Obama really doesn’t matter” says it all.

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I understand that statement, I think it is most likely too late for anyone to stop the collapse.  Casey sounds like Ron Paul when describing what he would do as president.

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Can't argue with his logic.  Why can't BO hire Doug for his cabinet?  Oh yeah, he knows too much. 

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was looking at chumbawambas posts in another section,

QUESTION, what is a moderator here on the hedge?

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To avoid you attracting any more red arrows, I suggest you read the suggested reading on the right side of the page,  Looks like this:

It would be very wise of you to study ourdisclaimer, our privacy policy and our (non)policy on conflicts / full disclosure.


And why hijack this thread to complain about something Chumblz said somewhere else?  Just say it to his face over there.  Never cool to hide behind a Cambridge house International interview of Doug Casey.

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vlad, thank you for the heads up...

i wasnt complaining, i hope i didnt sound like that....

i thoughtnit was aligitimate question.....

being new ,i didnt know what one was, but i do now!

again, thank you....

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"risking assasination." ain't that the truth. 

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It turns out there's an international conspiracy committe. They plan conspiracies to whitewash the existence of yet other conspiracies, the real conspiracies that they don't want you to know about. The Kennedy assassination? 9/11? Bilderberg? Just diversions and mere child's play to these guys. The big stuff would scare you so it's better you don't know. Otherwise your life would be in constant danger. 

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Inigo Montoya: No, there is too much. Let me sum up. First, the SHTF, then it is TEOTWAWKI.

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+1      Everybody forgets First, and who's on First.

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What I find funny, our neighboring country Canada is going to become the next PIGS crisis. Naturally, central planners love to process the next crisis during a scheduled time table. Earlier this evening, I decided to look at Crackberry dot com to see when V2.0 PlayBook OS will be released. I came across a new BB spoof. I was in tears laughing.

 <See below> 

New Sales Strategy 

After watching this comedian, I wanted to know who this guy from Canada was. Clicked an another link.. and found Obama's version of $90K new job creation plan thru Harper snake oil. 

Debt Consultants 

The cancer is spreading so fast. At the end of the day, mistakes will indeed neuter the charter member's plans.

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I always find Doug honest and insightful.  He has been calling for "The Greater Depression" for decades and now it appears to be at our doorstep.  I particularly like his stance regarding government bureaucracy and the worth of getting a college degree. 

 However, if Doug has a blind spot, it's that he does not yet understand, or he is not saying, that the true enemy is not government bureaucracy but the international banks and their fellow corporate fascists.  The U. S. Military and the alphabet soup U. S. bureaucracy are merely the stooges of the New World Order.  

Hard to believe that Cairo would be a good place to invest at this time but Doug sure as hell won't have much competition there or other parts of Africa, except of course, from the Chinese and the "good" Al Qaeda, as usual, funded by the west and currently dropping humanitarian bombs on Libya, along with a splash of genocide just for grins and giggles..

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Doug is buying apartment buildings in Cairo?  Big deal.  He's a poser.  I'm buying crop land in Fukushima.

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Actually, buying crop land in Fukushima makes much more sense than apartments in Cairo. What happened in Fukushima was not even an episode. Everybody who has a minimal understanding of real situation have said that in the worst case scenario the things will be localized within 50 miles of nuclear plant. People who created panic (including this website) either ignorant idiots or have an agenda to undermine nuclear energy industry.

It is amazing to see this pompous jerk (Casey) to make his bold predictions based on nothing. Does this speculant actually care about what is going to happen with middle class? Of course, not. He just cares about how to sell his "research" on junior mines.

Just take his predictions:

1. Stock market will go up

2. Treasury yields will go up

3. Gold will go up

It will all come true if and only if Bernanke will continue to print money. If not, Casey whole theory will go down in flames.

Surely, we need to change people in White house but even here Casey says it does not matter who is President.

What a jerk!

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Not to call you a F'ing nut job troll, but if you start at the beginning ...

... and have a clue (i.e. three brain cells to rub together) you will understand that Fuku is still hot and live and not under control.



P.S. FW has many hours of video talking about many scientific aspects of the Fuku disaster, so please digest all of it before following up with some BS post dribble crap that sounds good and has no basis in reality. This is a tragedy for the people of Japan greater than the atomic bombings, as I feel it will claim more lives in the long run, especially considering modern population concentrations like Tokyo which is not far away from Fuku.

Vlad Tepid's picture

You sir, are a fool. I am always the first to stand up for the long term viablity of the Japanese people on this site and believe that their best days are still to come but to call you a troll would insult under-bridge dwelling nether creatures.  Only a pompous jerk would claim that the worst nuclear disaster in history, on par with Chernobyl, is "not even an episode."  Only "jerk" would state that only the area in a 50 mile radius would be affected...hey, genius, look at a map - Japan is only about 50 miles wide at Fukushima.  I spent the summer in Tohoku helping out as I could and your asinine, glib comments are the mirror offensive of the ignorant idiots who claim Japan will be an uninhabitable waste populated by mutant ninja turtles by next week if it isn't already.   Now get "defencev."

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+1, Great links, Mercer  is FUNNY guy.

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Georgetown was a mistake.  It was a waste of money.  -- Amen to Doug Casey

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I agree with his bonds comment. Eventually, people are going to get rich shorting these pigs. The question is always the timing.

US interest rates are a fucking joke.

rocker's picture

I agree with the bond short. You just don't want to do it when stocks are going down and it's seen as a safety refuge.

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Well, just wait until the end of the twist, I bet you that the rate will double. I'm shorting the AA pig.

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You don't even need to think, Bernanke has already told you rates won't rise till 2013. Don't fight the Fed. Maybe you can take out some insurance on Ben.

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Are you aware that the official discount rate in Germany remained fixed at 5% from June 1915 until July 1922?  During that time, the average prices for imported goods increased by a factor of nearly 200  (i.e., nearly 22,000%).  This, of course, is just before things went really crazy in late 1922 and 1923.  But even during the last week of April 1923, when prices were still "only" 10,000 times greater than in 1915, the official discount rate in Germany was only 18%. 

Here's a great source for this kind of data --> "The Economics of Inflation - A study of Currency Depreciation in Post War Germany" by C. Bresciani-Turroni.  This book was first published in 1931.  It spooky to read this book because it doesn't seem like bankers, politicians, and TPTB have learned much over the past 100 years.

ReactionToClosedMinds's picture

thanks Mr Potatohead,  ... will hunt it down to add to all the other financial  crisis reading have been doing for last 2 years (have even added a dose of philosopy & religon to the mix ... everyone is so anti-religious now ... everyone is Dan Brown thinking DaVince Code is real .... as a natural contrarian ....  when everyone starts leaning on the same side of the boat .. it is best to go where they are not ...and please spare me all the 'conspiracy theories .... conspiracies are the hardest things to pull off and every prosecutor all over the world hesitates to go there becaue it is almost impossible to prove as they are almost impossible to 'execute' .... Al-Qaeda, an ideology note, is a rare exception ... humans just do not work in automatic lockstep with each other).

Tom McClellan (of McClellan Oscillator fame) just had great chart post .... makes Summer 1946 best analog to present.  He presents some credible arguments and similarities to present.  I hope he is right versus EU debt/Greece/PIIG issues and gold volatility are not just a history 'rhyme' of Creditanstaldt crisis of Summer 1931 .. which did start the Great Depression (not the equity market crash of 1929)

Freddie's picture

FDR prolonged the Depression doing exactly what Doud said the govt does. Some MF'ers on here love FDR and Obalama.

CrazyCooter's picture

Thank you MPH, the amazon link (just searched up - no brownie points) is here:

I really love ZH for reading citations and/or sources, they always shine through when they are real. Putting this on my wish list and hope to have a copy when the sun stays down up here!

While I can't attest for the contents of the book, it does look like a winner! Or is that loser ... LOL!



BigJim's picture

If you don't mind reading PDFs, you can contribute to deflation by downloading it free from

Their review:

"This is the most comprehensive and authoritative account of the great German inflation from 1914 to 1923." - Henry Hazlitt


As an Austrian study of hyperinflation, this study has never been surpassed. The same is true of the detailed examination of the rise of hyperinflation in German in the interwar period: there is not anything more authoritative.


It is a huge study, 466 pages, with a fantastic amount of data and statistical analytics. But the narrative too is very exciting and infused with a thoroughly Austrian understanding of the impact of dramatic monetary expansion. It affects not only prices but also capital structures, political events, and the structure of society itself. Hitler did not emerge in a vacuum. Bresciani-Turroni covers the essential prehistory of a world-wide calamity. This volume is thorough, authoritative, and riveting in every respect - the achievement of a lifetime to last the ages.


CrazyCooter's picture

Thanks BJ!

My reading pile is thinning a bit and winter is coming around, so need to pack on the weight as it were. :-)



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Sounds like this guy is wearing a "Ron Paul in 2012" t-shirt under his suit...

CrazyCooter's picture

I once was in a heated debate with many engineers about how to solve a problem. Blood pressure was up, folks were arguing about many aspects of this and that.

But in the end, all were in agreement!

It's this new fangled mind control thing called LOGICAL REASONING. Sometimes, if you understand things, you look at something wrestle with the dimensions, and reach a logical conclusion. Doug Casey did that right up front in the interview. Can anyone refute the math?



Michelle's picture

Default discussion has existed for how many decades now? Good grief, this is a broken record and my late uncle spoke of it often going back to the Nixon era. By the time the U.S. does default, we could all be dead and gone ourselves so timing can't be predicted. This fear-mongering, especially from gold bugs such as Casey, are just feeding the bigger problem, which is lack of leadership.

I am going to ask this question going forward in every post from here on out: During the 70's after Nixon closed the gold window and inflation spiraled ever higher, gold peaked at $850, why didn't that price hold? We've printed many times more money since, yet the gold price tanked. Fundamentally gold should be much higher than it currently is but it isn't, and may never be. Start asking yourself this question and the answer will become obvious. Hint: It has nothing to do with fundamentals.

Michelle's picture

I am not asking why, I know why, I'm asking everyone else if THEY know why.

Talleyrand's picture

Grown men and women don't need leaders.

Cabreado's picture

Michelle, caught myself thinking "enabling" lack of leadership might be more appropriate than "feeding."  Probably splitting hairs, though.

Your hint is appreciated, but anyone remotely paying attention knows that fundamentals are dead.

Regarding the difference between fundamentals (truth) and the reality at hand, there is only one answer.  The details vary, but the end result of such an equation remain consistent and obvious.

Not sure why you're typing out such esoteric words...

Leadership has failed, and appropriately, it will fall.

All we're really doing is discovering the true price of truth, now that we've neglected the lies long enough where it's biting us in the ass and now starting to hurt.

CrazyCooter's picture

There is a Jim Rickards interview on King World News where JR basically says that at the peak of gold in 79/80, if all the dollars in the world (I assume M1 here) were redeemed at said price there would be gold left over. He cited this as an example of a gold bubble.

In the interview, DC clearly says there will be a gold bubble eventually, but it isn't right now by a long shot. If you compare M1 and gold price (elementary school math) you will reach the same conclusion.

When the US went off the gold standard, it happened to coincide with the petro-dollar. This is no coincidence.

Forgive me for being lazy, but you can read my old rant on this subject here:




kalum's picture

I wish I were younger and wealthier, would head for Argentenia  with Doug

CrazyCooter's picture

Nations are easily invaded; an outcome I think is very likely very soon.

Wealth is really about the ability to consume; food, water, energy, whatever.

You do not need to be wealthy, assuming you have valuable skills, to do OK in these hard times, you just need to choose the right community and become an integral part/player that people value. Roll back the mental clock 100 years; be the farmer who can lend a mule to the neighbor (this is a metaphor). The status earned by being a part of a team that takes care of family is the highest status ever earned in human civilization.

This "money" shit is a side show and not a new one at that.



the grateful unemployed's picture

I have a real beef with these guys who want to move to Argentina, because you think the POLICE STATE in America is about to kick in. Also those guys at Agora Financial , Bill Bonner, good writers, American Expats, who have enough money to simply move around to where the sun is always shining, (or Jim Rogers) I have a news flash, the American Empire is going to get stronger, and these crummy little third world shit holes are going to get worse, and then these guys should be made to pay to get back in to the US of A. America has the winning formula, and you should at least give the country which gave you your freedom to get rich, something back. I have no use for these folks, (i respect their smarts when they show me they have some) I am here, and I am going to hang around for the revolution, or I am going to hang in the revolution. Either way.

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Buying LV RE..... HMMMMMMM

the grateful unemployed's picture

smart guy but about half wrong about everything. listened to this piece, and he doesn't see the big picture. he's one of those who pretend the real problem is the POLICE STATE, when the real problem (throughout history by the way) is that there is "NEVER A COP AROUND when you need one.."

after you strip government of its fundamental purpose then you are lucky to return to feudalism, or much worse. not only does he want to blame regulators, he doesn't understand that in a world where the demand for labor is falling, and the population is rising, you better have some quick political solutions. realistic political solutions if you don't want to see your head hoisted on a petard. thiese are people who describe the sancity of labor, from a long distance away.

sorry gold is never as safe as the modern paper currency unless you have your own private assayer, maybe doug does?


Talleyrand's picture

Political solutions - good idea. legislate some jobs.

r00t61's picture

I'd rather our glorious pols legislate gravity right out of existence first.

I mean, gravity kills so many people a's a menace.  We need the government to get cracking on it.

the grateful unemployed's picture

i mean ways to distribute the wealth. (the partisan guys say redistribute, but that assumes there was ever a plan to distribute). some guys have said give everyone money, (instead of lets say direct support, so if you want to blow all you cash on blow you can, rather than government making you take their house, their car, their food) this has to be done to avoid disaster, you can't fall back on 19th century social darwinism.