Caption Contest: Drakel

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Two different people, or the two faces of the same person? In a week dominated with news about Europe's "third time's the charm" monetization round, we leave it up to our readers to decide.


And, as a special "TGI centrally-planned F" bonus, here is the caption contest we will run when this, too, "intervention" fails.

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Is that a Tranny?


Let's Ban corporate Profits! -

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Incase you missed my earlier post...

Draghi and Merkel had a highschool lovechild and its name is Michael Moore...Discuss

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"Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in."

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One's an ex Goldmanite, the other a woman.

Both are cocksuckers. 

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europeons migrate to greener pastures: El Salvador, Haiti, Guatemala and other LatAm countries..


EU faces 'lost generation' of almost 8 million young people

Today @ 09:27

BRUSSELS - The European Commission has indicated it is going to delve further into the employment, social and education policies of member states as it seeks to tackle the job crisis in the EU.

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Read that again:

"The European Commission has indicated it is going to delve further into the employment, social and education policies of member states as it seeks to tackle the job crisis in the EU."

Now that's the Socialistic Leviathan's way of tackling the problem.

Holy BeJezuz!

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Canadian naval fleet about to pummel Iranian anti aircraft positions. Staff
Published Friday, Sep. 7, 2012 9:57AM EDT
Last Updated Friday, Sep. 7, 2012 6:53PM EDT

Canada abruptly closed its embassy in Iran and expelled Iranian diplomats in Ottawa Friday, citing safety concerns in Tehran and the long-standing view that Iran is a significant threat to global peace.

Is the much anticipated Iranian liberation about to begin, by none other than the tough canuckian special NAVY (or is it BABY) SEAL clobbering forces??

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Ex-squid and nazi bitch they can both suk it, while im loading up PM's...

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The forehead kinda looks like a flesh colored Pope hat.

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Nothing compares to a civilised dog with a hydrant at reach of a paw.

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good post.  central banks are preparing for war.  markets will in the a-hole.

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my strudel is bigger than your salomi.....

timmy...i cant believe i ate the strudel...

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Geithner:  That's Draghi? I totally thought that was Bob Sagat-Im so fucked when I get back to DC, so fucked, damn damn damn.


Draghi- who is this bob sagat you keep mentioning Mr. Bevis? 

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 I miss Marla and her weekend spins... for those of you who have been here long enough to remember.

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Yes I remember those days. I think she broke up with Tyler...

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I think it ended poorly... and us minions are left to suffer. Probably had to happen, but like a five year child watching parents fight, I blamed myself (I have no idea what that means). I LOVE YOU MARLA... wherever you are.

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I hope she was hot in real life and not a dude...

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DRAKEL(A) = sucking the planet dry 24x7x365


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Draghi needs a facelift to keep up with Merkel.

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#1 The wrong half is smiling.

#2 Timmy Tebow!

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Limp Dick Crawfish

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Dreck...crap is can cover a pile of crap with flowers, crap still comes through

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...and you can't polish a turd.

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But you can eat one...............

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In point of fact you actually can polish a turd...according to Mythbusters. And Bernanke has been doing it for years.

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Schrodinger's Pussy

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Crap, I forgot to feed the meter

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Drag Queen vs Merkle. I like Angela! She has "GUSTO"!


                    Leave "Club Med", to the Kraken!

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WTF is Timmah doing?
Seriously, looks like he's trying to bend over double....

I can't go on.....
It's just too well, twisted and ...







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Someone told him to go fuck himself, looks like he's settling for a blowjob instead...

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To the tune of "Let it snow,Let it snow, Let it snow...


While Frau Merkels face is certainly frightful

Watching Draghi squirm is quite delightful

Since the banks have got no dough

Let it blow

Let it blow

Let it blow

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Oh no! Ben's been talking to Mario again!

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Drakel: I rule.

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It's not about what I want... it's about what's fair!

-Two-Face, from The Dark Knight

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The only creation capable of fucking itself and the world.

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I've made a HUGE mistake

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"doppelgänger" or "doubleganger"? 

Eww Merkel looks a lot like Hilary but then so does Draghi. They look alot alike really Draghi & Merkel but Merkel had a more recent shave and threw on some lipstick.


Germany's Merkel backs ECB bond program


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