Caption Contest: G-20 Edition

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At least the shrimp ceviche plates have been cleared out.

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Obama: "Is that Gollum freak still looking at me?"

Obama: "Let's look busy...The idiots of the world have no idea that we are making this shit up as we go along."

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Obama just fondled Merkel with his foot but thought it was Hollande, now he's trying to look away as Merkel smiles at him

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It gets quiet, then they all blurt out at the same time, "quit rubbing my leg!"

tomAsss's picture

does Merkel blinked ?

VonManstein's picture

obuma "whats she talking about now... hey waiter, get me some thingmijigs"

hollande "oh heres the thingamijigs"

cameron clock watching "is it time to go home yet?"

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One shit sandwich, cut into twenty pieces please.

francis_sawyer's picture

 Chick in purple: "My name is Frau MERKLE"

All the Suits in the room start whinnying...

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If we had a bigger table you other 12 muppets could come and sit with us!

midgetrannyporn's picture

Shouldn't Van Rompuy be sitting at the kiddie table?

nonclaim's picture

A full kindergarten is less demanding than the group he is "presiding".

midgetrannyporn's picture

Merkel looks like Barney, that should keep them entertained for awhile.

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@bigwave, #winning


Whispered by Barry: Hey, did anyone actually do the homework for today?

CPL's picture

I'm picturing them all in swim trunk wearing various party hats and floaties on their arms.


The background murmur of "durrrrr...I like the flavor potatoe."

Cangaroo.TNT's picture

Yes, those are new 24's on my Escalade.

rodocostarica's picture

Obama: "Ok folks let's start off with a report from Mario"


"Mario any updates  on the Monti zumas revenge outbreak?"



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Donde esta el oro?

Dr. Richard Head's picture

So, who starts the circle jerk this time? 

francis_sawyer's picture

LaGarde... You go sit in the corner & wear this Aztec headdress for ceremonial purposes...

marco1324's picture

Hollande 'That was a lovely meal, whos paying?'

SeverinSlade's picture

Hollande: "Come on Merkel.  If you're not going to bail out the PIIGS at LEAST you can pick up our lunch."

Wakanda's picture

Angie, are those Deustche Marks in your purse?

resurger's picture

President Baracka with a stolen EBT card.

spentCartridge's picture

He doesn't need to steal one.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Does everyone have their private islands fully stocked?

Azannoth's picture

Cameron(to himself) "Shit I think they'll make me pick up the tab again"

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As fucked up as the world is with millions who have lost everything and a bleak future..........please tell me what these bastards have to smile about? There is no crisis for the rich. We could only hope a terrorist is in the kitchen cooking for them.

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Merkel: "Barack, go check behind the palm tree - I don't want DSK to jump out naked from behind it like at that other meeting"

Burr's 2nd Shot's picture

The logo, is that gold atop a pyramid?  THAT'S AWESOME!

ArkansasAngie's picture

OK ... the first person who sticks his finger on his nose wins!

t_kAyk's picture

I don't get it. 


Obummer is a skinny black (?) guy and Merkel is a fat white chick.  This should work. 

Global Hunter's picture

Obama: Which one of you is going to put on your cut off jean shorts, tank tops and work belts and come to my room tonight? Oh and bring some spray on oil bitch.

101 years and counting's picture

Who decided to put us in the broom closet? 


Merkel: "Wunderbar Wunderbar!  We take das gold from Spain und Italy for bailout."  

El Viejo's picture

I hear the fois gras and lobster are both excellent.


kensdad's picture

How much longer do we have to sit here pretending like we are trying to get something done?

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"My name is Barack Hussein Obama and I am a debt addict"  

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I think it is important for all of you here to learn to speak French.

LetThemEatRand's picture

I want you to get this fiat currency fuck where it breathes! I want you to find this nancy-boy currency, I want it DEAD! I want its family DEAD! I want its house burned to the GROUND! I wanna go there in the middle of the night and I wanna PISS ON ITS ASHES!

resurger's picture

Arriba Arriba Arriba...

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2ndshot - well spotted that man.

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Gent behind Merkel on the phone: "Sell everything immediately. Quickly."

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Obummer: So are we ready to move on to phase 3 of project "Bring America to it''s Knees"? The lock down is in place. When do we crash the currency?

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Two broke countries walk into a bar...

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topic 1. how many do we kill to keep control? lets get Pol Pots input there.

vegas's picture

Preeeeeezy: "Have I told you guys how me/myself/and I killed Bin Laden and made the world safe with computer viruses?" Nothing but a room full of twits.

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obama to merkel,there is a motel right around the corner anyone else wants to join us for a little smoke and whatever

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Yeah, I know it says G20, but only this 8 at the table REALLY matters.