Caption Contest: G-20 Edition

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At least the shrimp ceviche plates have been cleared out.

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I can't believe we fucked the WHOOOOOLE thing.....

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The only smart one at the table is Merkel, the rest are idiots. It has to be frustrating talking to people like Cameron and Obama if you are Merkel, two nitwits trying to tell her what to do and how to do it. It would hard not to punch Cameron in the face, he is such an arrogant piece of shit. Obama is nothing more than a pure politician with zero skills and zero real knowledge of anything, oh right he was a constitutional lawyer/professor before he started sucking corporate cock for a living! (Hope no kids read this).

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Congratulations to any 'awake' children out there.  And....sorry for the mess. 

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He was sucking private dick(allegedly) long before he switched to blowing the public

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You know, WWII never ended.

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Sorry. Fail. They are ALL pure politicians and ALL beholden to their respective financial centers.

Now go prepare for a resounding defeat in your home court, Angie.

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Match the quotes to the slimeball:


- "I think this might be buzzword bingo. You see I have 'recovery', 'bailout', 'subordination', 'backstop', and 'crisis'."

- "I do love a black man in a suit."

- "Qui a m'argent?"

- "Waiter, my cokespoon isn't chilled."

- "Umm...has anyone seen my daughter?"

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Barack: "Why is the name plate for Uganda missing"?

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All: "It's not missing, you are sitting right behind it"

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Why is there a picture of a Mayan step pyramid and the number 2012 on the wall?

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please, folks, we need to hold hands and concentrate or the spirits won't come.  okay, let's begin again.  is there anybody there? knock three times if you hear me?



(ps: top's max!)

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"Alright, listen up, someone stole all the toilet paper from the men's room"

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"My printing press is bigger than yours!"



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G2012? Ah fuck, I thought this was movie night and we were watching 2012.

Seriously. Who snapped that shot? Some food server with an iPhone who's now getting a cavity search? They look like a bunch of douche nozzles.

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"Not sure what was in that breakfast but it burned going in and it burned coming out"

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I think he's with Sparticus and Tyler Durden.

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Weekend at Barry's

(He brought his Osama kill video,)

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"So, who the fuck has money to fix this shit?"

(crickets chirping)

"Ok then, thanks for coming, and let's come back when bond yields explode again so we can rumor them down. After all, it's all we got for firepower against this fucked up mess."

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Who's turn is it to bend over the table?

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Merkel: Is that DSK under the table again trying to look up my skirt?

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Anyone who doesn't chip in some money has to fook Merkel!

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Obama:"Life ain't nothing but bitches and money!" pass me that blunt!



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Obummer : hey guys you want to watch me kill somebody with a drone? It's fricken cool!

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Gentlemen I just had a thought. A square table would be more in the German style.


 YES, YES , YES, then we could rename G-20 to Merkeljerk.


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Baz :


Ok then.

Whos gonna pay for dinner?


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Obama: "Look, you don't get pencils until somebody prints."

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It's okay Mr. P., the camera is off.  Now, show us the chicken breast. 

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There was a time that most people held their leaders in some regard. Something has changed... the curtain has been pulled away. One more step downwards.

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Can you tell me where the printer is

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she got wikileaked in the loo.

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Obama looks really constipated. Must be the realization that he is a ONE-TERMER.

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Obummer: "Look, this isn't fucking funny Hollande! I've got and election coming up and, once again, I find myself being dragged halfway accross the world to wipe your arses. Honestly, you clowns couldn't find your way to the bathroom. If c*nts could fly, this would be an airport.... and you can shut up Barosso, you fat prick. Making up your own credit rating isn't going to fool anybody"


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Fuck those Icelandic bankers...get Jimmy on it.   Have them arrested for jaywalking or plotting an overthrow or just DSK 'em.

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Hey Barry, when are the SS guys going to get back with the hookers and blow?

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Rajoy - I'll get it Francois, Ive been itching to use my new IMF credit card.

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"OK. Turn off the lights. It's time for Barry kills Osama, the movie!" 

It's all about the moichentdizing! Barry kills Osama, the T-Shirt. Barry kills Osama, the lunch box. Barry kills Osama, the toy helicopter. Um, we don't take dollars, so sorry!


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Mumbo jumbo, mumbo jumbo mumbo jumbo.


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Hollande:  Shall we retire early and go to the bar?

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Are those name tags? Do they really not know each others names? What language are they in?

I guess I always imagined the leaders of the World sitting around some huge conference table with all kinds of electronic thingamajigs around them looking at charts and making mutual decisions. They look like they're sitting in the coat room!

We're screwed!

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"So you see, he was strutting around the room with his shirt unbuttoned demanding this and that.......and I had enough. Stood up and snatched my shirt clean off! Really shocked him.....shut him up! .........some sort of envy I think."

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Hey, did anyone else play golf all day and watch basketball last night?

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Obama: "Thanks for sharing David. Who wants to share next? Angela?

Merkle: "Nein!"

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I've got a great idea....!!

...Spiderman towels... look it works like this...

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ps has anybody else noticed that the symbol on the wall and the banner is a pyramid viewed from the top with a gold capstone...

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Has anyone else noticed...they're in Mexico (where there are quite a few pyramids and it's used as a motif everywhere)?