Capturing Sarkozy's Close Encounter Of The Third Estate Kind

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Earlier we presented a photo gallery showing Sarkozy's dignified retreat from 'his people.' This time we bring several video clips of the same event as there is quite a bit lost in translation. For one - it certainly explains why democracy is verboten in the old world: imagine putting the fate of the chosen ones in the hands of this mob? What next: proceeds from the payperview cams at La Bastille used to pay down Italian debt?

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I for one prefer mob rule when it involves the French.  Last time heads actually rolled.

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ha ha, reminded me of the 80's headbanging days

Black Sabbath - The Mob Rules

another shot of JD, Cheers!

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Only one political figure I can think of can take care of himself..

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"Brave Sir Robin ran away.
Bravely ran away, away!
When danger reared its ugly head,
He bravely turned his tail and fled.
Yes, brave Sir Robin turned about
And gallantly he chickened out ... "


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Bravely taking to his feet
He beat a very brave retreat ....

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it's a good thing he's 4'-12" otherwise he might have been hurt

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"lynch the little heeb": (said Annie Hall's mom)

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Count de Monet: It is said that the people are revolting.

King Louis XVI: You said it! They stink on ice!

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so what does the middle finger mean in French? "Le good job"?

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Put him in a wood chipper already

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ha ha, Tucker and Dale vs Evil has a good wood chipper scene and a funny assed movie!

two thumbs up!

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See, I would have never figured out how to spell that.

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hahahahahaha oh they love him.

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and Jerry Lewis, go figure

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Well, he does seem to have a rat's instinct for survival.

Is that a good thing in a French politician?

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President of France does not have much of a security team. Very surprising to see him physically pushed around and separated from his bodyguards.

Maybe nobody takes him seriously: "Sarkozy who?"

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They can have relaxed security like that in a country that the general population has been disarmed, don't see that shit in the U.S.

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That's what the Germans once thought too..circa 1945.

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Au Contrair, looks like 19MM privately held to me.

...And that's the LEGAL count.  ...Sacre' bleu!

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You're wrong about being disarmed.

You "don't see that shit in the U.S." because no American President would fucking dare to be in that situation.


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Actually they do place themselve in that situation, they just have a more robust security detail. This appeared to be not well planned out. In the US when a president is going to arrive someplace the secret service tends to be on-site minimum an hour prior to the president showing up, and that would be for something 'not scheduled'. if it is something that is scheduled they arrive up to a couple of weeks early and start planning shit.  And even with the best security shit still happens, just ask JFK, Reagan....just to name a few.  You might want to watch some clips of the current crook in office, he is mingling with crowds all the time. They just screen those crowds before they are let near the pres, and even then they have plain clothes SS officers mixed in for added security. Not much left to chance. In the US the lead car would have been made aware of the fact there was a hostile crowd and either 1. would never had stopped and let the Pres out. or 2. never even showed up at the event.

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"they have plain clothes SS officers mixed in for added security"

Are those initials (SS) just a coincidence?

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At around 22 seconds in to the BBC video the old veteran sends a shot across the rookie in the Basque colours bow with an elbow to the face-you're in rugby country now! 


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if confronted with the same situation with a old man romney or sanitorum supporter here in the states i would have a difficult time trying to prevent myself from not discreetly stomping a well placed foot into the side of his knee and sulking away into the crowd.. Theres no doubt about how powerful a mob is to incite this types of beyhaviors.. I am confident the protests around the world will increase in severity this summer with scenes reminiscent of the 60s vietnam protests..  especially as gasoline approaches 5 bucks a gallon and everything else inflates up more.

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You saw what you wanted to, old timer.

No chin contact whatsoever, and the rookie shoved him right back.

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yes as I said shot across the bow pointed out in humour rather than judgement (people are tense), after all I give out and receive much worse in my soccer games...and that is rugby country after all!     

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Just pokin fun here too, I'm one of the untrustworthy(over 30) myself.


Having reviewed the tapes a few more times I have come to a startling conclusion:


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That makes sense, after seeing that mob blowtorch him!


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in france they still understand, some, that the leadership
pushes the tolerance of the asses of the masses, there the
limit. in the usa, not so much. then again maybe that the
population in the usa is so intoxicated with video murder and
blood lust gaming that they deserve the hell realm their loss
of virtue and integrity guarantee? time will tell.
» Washington’s Insouciance Has No Rival

By: Paul Craig Roberts| February 15, 2012
After Obamas meeting on Valentines day with Chinas Vice President Xi Jinping Obama declared that Washington would continue to emphasize what we believe is the importance of realizin,
Is Obama a hypocrite or merely insouciant? Or is he an idiot?

According to news reports Obama’s White House meeting on Valentine’s day with China’s Vice President, Xi Jinping, provided an opportunity for Obama to raise “a sensitive human rights issue with the Chinese leader-in-waiting.” The brave and forthright Obama didn’t let etiquette or decorum get in his way. Afterwards, Obama declared that Washington would “continue to emphasize what we believe is the importance of realizing the aspirations and rights of all people.”

Think about that for a minute. Washington is now in the second decade of murdering Muslim men, women, and children in six countries. Washington is so concerned with human rights that it drops bombs on schools, hospitals, weddings and funerals, all in order to uphold the human rights of Muslim people. You see, bombing liberates Muslim women from having to wear the burka and from male domination.

One hundred thousand, or one million, dead Iraqis, four million displaced Iraqis, a country with destroyed infrastructure, and entire cities, such as Fallujah, bombed and burnt with white phosphorus into cinders is the proper way to show concern for human rights.

Ditto for Afghanistan. And Libya.

In Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia Washington’s drones bring human rights to the people.

Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, and secret CIA prison sites are other places to which Washington brings human rights. Obama, who has the power to murder American citizens without due process of law, is too powerless to close Guantanamo Prison." ...

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yeah!  and these are the socialists that are planning on fixing  things too!



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didn't the French come to our rescue during the revolutionary war, ooops!

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ha ha, The KINGSMEN - Louie Louie - 1963 - 45 RPM

anybody else listen to 45's and 78's w/ diamond tips?

another shot!

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This is the reality of how the proles on the ground feel about those running the show..  I will leave a link to a great video of the mob last summer realizing its prince williams Limo going thru the town as they chant Off with their heads!!!! Somehow I doubt Obongo could ever get close enough to a mob like this..  Besides i think everyone would just fall over and bow in front of that kenyan

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Certainly not now, with HR347 and all...

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I'm pretty sure "Boo" is not French for "we love you".

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were they saying boo or amooour?

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aie aie aie

and when you check the other faggot (Hollande) you definitely now you have a choice between cholera and plague...

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The french secret service sure were worried about those above them.....note to self , the higher up, the better advantage

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You know why I always take 2 Mormons with me when I go fishing and not just 1?  If I take 1, the Mo Fo drinks all my beer.  If I take 2 they won't drink in front of each other.