CDS Rerack: Equity Catching Up To Credit

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A quick aside...

...Where in the world is Mohammed ? A two-day bath such as this, and nary a glimpse of El-Arian's mug on CNBC.

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and where is Buffett? someone needs to be cheerleading this fiasco.

Irish66's picture

banks are about to cliff dive

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But hey jobless claims are down. Don't overlook that.

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Is there anyone more unaware than Zach Karabell?    What a tool?

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Equity Catching Up To Credit <-- kinda says it all.
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interconnectedness is a bitch

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Buffet should continue his investing in financials, this should be great news for him.

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Why is MS almost at BAC levels? Are they in trouble?

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I'm sure its just the HFTs, they should be fine...

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Holy, oil is down $5.4 - global recovery, bitchez.

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Do you really think the gov or fed are going to let any US banks fail.  I doubt it since they have taken extraordinary steps to keep them as walking zombies.

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the world is BENding over, just asking for the big one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!