CDS Rerack: Risk, It's Back!

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SP500 fair value : 600.

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SP value according to my views is 850. But 600 is certainly not out of the question. 

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"WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) - Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke has started a process that may lead to the central bank setting targets for unemployment and inflation, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal on Monday. The report, citing people familiar with the matter, said Bernanke has asked Charles Evans, the president of the Chicago Fed and a prominent dove and Charles Plosser, the president of the Philadelphia Fed, and a prominent hawk, to work together on improving how the Fed explains its economic goals. One key issue is explaining what would make the Fed hike rates given its August statement that it expects to keep rates near zero until mid-2013. The issue is unlikely to be resolved at the Fed's two-day policy meeting that ends Wednesday, the report said."



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to work together on improving how the Fed explains its economic goals

Really? What are the FED mandates? How difficult would it be to explain how the FED policies achieve the FED mandates?

It's fucking impossible because their policies actually are designed to have an inverse effect to the mandates!

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Seriously cocoa puffs koo koo!

The Fed has to be one of the most arrogant institutions ever established.  Do they really think they can micromanage markets and the economy?  Can they be any more idiotic?

It's tragic the financial system and world economy are imploding because of the bubbles Al & Ben have blown, but at least one positive outcome will be the abolition of the Fed and overthrow of the extraordinary popular delusions of modern economic "science".


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Yes, i think that too.. .but question is how do we get there from here with all this intervention now almost happening on a daily basis? Also... with so much more money in the system being printed during qe1/2 is 600 not too low?

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Oh look, a new deck of cards to play with. Maybe I won't be so screwed this time.

Hope springs eternal.

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Equities are the perfect full retard crowd control tool, they mean far less than any other market, yet theyve trained the public to believe 'The DOW=the economy'.

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as ZH's wellington once said:

sweet jeebus!

again, SO glad i didn't close my shorts on friday!!!

today's gonna be a fun one from my side of the stands.

Thanks for all that, TD.

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Risk on, bitchez!!

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Little help?

"ES is opening the day session -23bps but looks to test VWAP at 1192 before resuming its drop."

VWAP = ???

Thanks in advance!

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Was risk really ever off?  Where are all those shills who "bought the dip" on friday?  Fucking morons, but they sure are fun to laugh at.

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Ok., is anybody ever looking at the risk in U.S. treasuries? Everytime 'risk is off' people run to bonds and dollars. How pathetic. As if that will keep them whole or make them money. Amazing.

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This move feels too orderly. VOLS are not anything near what we saw in early August. Market is still on stand-by at "remarked" SPooz 1180. We wait for ??

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They really should tell their goal for the SP 500 and the dow. Their stupid policy helped nothing but the stock market and commodities.