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CDU Escalates Plans For EU Treaty 'Adjustment': Wants Option For To Kick Habitually Broke Countries Out Of Eurozone

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Yesterday we wrote that according to a Handeslblatt report, Angela Merkel is "investigating ways to enable countries to leave the Euro." Today Handelsblatt has a follow up with some very critical clarifications which change the equations of the European bailout all over again. Yesterday, the Handelsblatt reported that the CDU "wants to make it possible for European Union members to exit the euro area....A commission within the party, that is crafting a framework to be presented at a party meeting, has proposed allowing a euro member who doesn’t want to or isn’t able to comply with the common currency rules to leave the euro region without losing membership in the EU, the newspaper." In other words, the transition out would be "voluntary." So it is somewhat surprising that in under 24 hours we discovery that this proposal has just escalated substantially: according to the just released Handelsblatt update, "The CDU wants to change the EU treaties to not allow the departure of a debt-ridden country from the euro zone, but also their expulsion. From the request for the party on Sunday evening at Leipzig, by the Handelsblatt (Friday edition), the crucial word "voluntary" was deleted."

The google translation continues: "The relevant passage, which the party chairman and Chancellor Angela Merkel could not ignore politics is now "a member state of the monetary union should not be permanently willing or be able to comply with the common currency related rules, a departure from the € zone be possible without leaving the European Union. It is equal to other Member States which do not have the Euro currency. " In the original version of the resignation should be made possible only voluntarily." The conclusion: "The topic is likely the CDU party congress next week to play a central role. Have in the Commission proposal for the Congress about it already been a fierce debate, told the Handelsblatt of participants. Currently there is no provision in the EU Treaty, a country leaves the euro zone again." That Germany continues to stick a finger into the scab of the possibility of a two-track Eurozone should be quite concernging as it means that the CDU is fighting tooth and nail to preserve reelection chances, even at the expense of jettisoning stragglers such as Greece and Italy. Obviously this is predicated by popular demand. It appears that the German "anger" which we predicted back in July 21 is finally starting to boil up to the surface.


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Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:02 | 1866990 redpill
redpill's picture

Get out, bitchez

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:11 | 1867001 GeneMarchbanks
GeneMarchbanks's picture

At least they're giving us an exit strategy...

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:13 | 1867057 dlmaniac
dlmaniac's picture

Germans have themselves to blame: Why did they invite the PIIGS to the party to begin with?

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:16 | 1867071 Wolferl
Wolferl's picture

Cause everybody told us to be the good guys now. ;-)

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:19 | 1867092 GeneMarchbanks
GeneMarchbanks's picture

Weimer, Hitler, that horrible Eurovision song from last year. You mofos are better off forgetting...


Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:24 | 1867118 Wolferl
Wolferl's picture

Weimar is a nice city.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:36 | 1867181 GeneMarchbanks
GeneMarchbanks's picture

There you go. Think warm thoughts. Unlike the grim Kant, Hamann is great read. Heine too.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:38 | 1867193 Wolferl
Wolferl's picture

Damn. I love Kant.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:42 | 1867210 GeneMarchbanks
GeneMarchbanks's picture

That's disappointing.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:45 | 1867222 magpie
magpie's picture

You should read Herder's Metakritik. Best German philosophy book around.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:58 | 1867295 Wolferl
Wolferl's picture

Herder is a giant few people know about.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:24 | 1867119 Oh regional Indian
Oh regional Indian's picture

Englad was kept out but in as a test case.

it worked.

England is ruined.

Unwashed, Wrung, Re-tired


Caveat Emptor

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:22 | 1867112 DormRoom
DormRoom's picture

cuz Goldman Sachs gave the PIIGs a nice shade of lipstick

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:29 | 1867143 walküre
walküre's picture

I would give you 1,000 green arrows!

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:33 | 1867164 Alex Kintner
Alex Kintner's picture

The PIIGS Pheromones were alluring. But they fermented into Fearomones.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:46 | 1867236 Duuude
Duuude's picture


"cuz Goldman Sachs gave the PIIGs a nice shade of lipstick"




Musta been red

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:40 | 1867201 Josh Randall
Josh Randall's picture

Boy, you MU's sure can party...

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 19:35 | 1868200 Buck Johnson
Buck Johnson's picture

Your exactly right, many of those PIIGS shouldn't have been able to get into the EU much less the euro.  I think it was three things.  One, the bigger countries saw this as an opportunity to control the smaller ones financially and they needed them to buy or take much of their excess exports and services.  Two the elite in the banking and govt. circles wanted a union of europe in order to push their new world agenda.  And three, they where presented information that was cooked by Goldman Sachs to help countries like Greece and others to look viable for the EU.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:24 | 1867108 TruthInSunshine
TruthInSunshine's picture

Markets are ripe to crash.

This is far worse than 2008-2009, which didn't involve intractable problems (there may be something that some term a 'solution' in the offing, but it will be a sad joke and farce, as all proposed solutions to date have been, and it will inevitably involve massive pain to the maximum amount of 'risk on players' for an extended, butt hurt period of time) having to do with SOVEREIGNS and their nationalized 'private' banks.

Furthermore, back in 2008-2009 there was a cushion that had both accrued on balance sheets (as phantom and fleeting as it was) that could be whittled away at and used as a buffering method of trying to engineer a less hard landing (as hard as the landing turned out to be) and central banks, including the one headed by The Bernank, hadn't shot their wad.

Add to the accumulated private and public sector debt, which now desperately needs to be deleveraged, the incredibly economic fundamental weakness and 'jobs debt', which have only grown greater since 2008, giving less of an ability for monetary policy makers, governments (who've seen revenue fall and the outlook for future revenue get bleaker) and private sector actors to 'get their consumption on,' and I'm going to bet we're now underway in the 2nd wave of the financial and economic that everyone has been anticipating, yet hoping wouldn't arrive, or could be postponed further (unless they were short, in which case, they are probably about to have a very good stretch).

The Bernank broke all markets.


Caveat Emptor on the BTFD, bitchez.


Now we really are going to find out who is too big to fail and who is too big to save.

*p.s. The Bernank & Paulson-Geithner, instead of letting the forest fire clear out all of the dead wood, scrub and other flammable material that maks for great ignition sources of future and more damaging forest fires, doused the fire in 2008-2009 with TARP/TALF/QE1, 2, 2.5 injections, rescuing the Very Important Friends of the New York Branch of the Federal Reserve 'Bank,' while failing to do anything remotely constructive in addressing the fundamental illness of the real economy, and the bitch is going to burn hotter this time.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:31 | 1867123 DormRoom
DormRoom's picture

In a world where 2 + 2 = 4, there's no way PIIGs or Germany doesn't exit in 12 months.  They're giving the plutocracy time to buy hard, or convert assets, before the middle class is left holding the bag.


Class struggle is more pronounced now than at any time in the last half century.  But it is being masked by the public relations industry.


Without cheap, and easy credit scar tissues are being exposed.



Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:34 | 1867172 walküre
walküre's picture

Presently the "middle class" is the buffer between poverty and wealth.

As a buffer they act as bootlickers to the top and kicking down on the bottom. When they change their loyalties and recognize the top for what it is, an insatiable parasite with no productive value to the rest of the world, it will be too late.

The bottom never had a chance to get heard. The top plays the middle very well until the top doesn't care anymore!

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:42 | 1867211 centerline
centerline's picture

Until the middle can longer support the top.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:58 | 1867294 MachoMan
MachoMan's picture

This.  The paradox of production

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:52 | 1867268 MachoMan
MachoMan's picture

That's always what the middle class is...  it's just that there are less people to complain when the middle class is a higher % of the populace and the table scraps are larger...  in other words, the problem is less noticeable...  but ever present.

The same in virtually any system...  more or less.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:34 | 1867173 GeneMarchbanks
GeneMarchbanks's picture

Sometimes you make stone-cold sense and I think you deserve green(pun intended) but then you do this:


Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:43 | 1867214 DormRoom
DormRoom's picture

“If you're not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you're not a conservative at forty you have no brain.” -W. Churchill

Fri, 11/11/2011 - 04:19 | 1869214 View From Germany
View From Germany's picture

Well, in Churchills time that made sense - if you had a bit of education or some heritad weatlh, at 40 you were a made man, and, of course interested in maintaining the status quo.

But today?


Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:35 | 1867176 TruthInSunshine
TruthInSunshine's picture

I just wanted to add one comment about something the Abby Joseph 'I Make Money Even If You Lose Your Ass/iTulip' Cohen's of the world spout off about all the time; the notion (pun intended?) that there's publicly traded U.S. corporations are flush with cash.

Abby would never complete what could be a constructive and rational fully analyzed assessment by adding to that statement that these same U.S. publicly traded corporations have now accrued a record 12+ trillion in debt.

But not to worry, "there's a lot of cash on the sidelines" (much of it in highly volatile, *subject to quick and painful loss account types, not to exclude 401(k)s, and all will be well, according to cnBSc.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:52 | 1867231 GeneMarchbanks
GeneMarchbanks's picture

' "there's a lot of cash on the sidelines" (much of it in highly volatile, *subject to quick and painful loss account types, not to exclude 401(k)s, and all will be well, according to cnBSc. '

Uh-huh. At best, if there's any left, it is immobile.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:41 | 1867207 PaperBear
PaperBear's picture


Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:28 | 1867137 pauhana
pauhana's picture

You gotta love those "Christian" Democrats!

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:41 | 1867203 jdelano
jdelano's picture

Td--been thinking, and maybe this is a bit egocentric, but it seems like whenever you guys expose something that is going to nuke the market, tptb immediately dump all their resources into masking the problem. Since this is the only credible skeptical analysis forum out there that moves in real time, I'm convinced that tptb are assiduously monitoring this site to figure out where the fire is that they have to put out--what I'm getting at is, next time you guys see a really nasty hole in the market, maybe keep it to yourselves for a while and see if they figure it out on their own or not. Hate to think zh is inadvertently doing the idiots a huge favor....

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:02 | 1866994 Subprime JD
Subprime JD's picture

Death to the EuroPonzi!!

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:04 | 1867003 bob_dabolina
bob_dabolina's picture

O/T just shorted oil

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:16 | 1867075 GeneMarchbanks
GeneMarchbanks's picture

I'm frozen... I want to... just can't bring myself to do it. I was thinking clearly earlier but now I'm self-conscious. Yesterday it should've been down three bucks IMO.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:05 | 1867011 Smiley
Smiley's picture

What a bunch of fucking idiots!  No sympathy.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:05 | 1867013 blu
blu's picture

Such artfulness! We are being presented with some of the best theater the world has seen since -- well I suppose since some time in the 1700's.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:06 | 1867014 undercover brother
undercover brother's picture

That's the ticket Merkel.  Allow them to exit and at the same time to save face.   You go girl! 

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 16:06 | 1867321 NotApplicable
NotApplicable's picture

This is just the next step in their Hegel exercises. The backlash from which will create the mandate they could not achieve via the ballot box years ago.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:06 | 1867020 Deadpool
Deadpool's picture

"Voluntary" with a gun to your head.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:08 | 1867028 Smiley
Smiley's picture


Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:43 | 1867218 pmcgoohan
pmcgoohan's picture

The market has been real chatty today

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:08 | 1867032 Mediocritas
Mediocritas's picture

I wonder if this has anything to do with the recent ISDA "no such thing as a voluntary default" decision? In other words, if a euro member voluntarily leaves the euro (with intent to depreciate like hell), it doesn't count as a credit event.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 16:23 | 1867383 NotApplicable
NotApplicable's picture

Well, they're just words. It isn't like they mean anything.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:09 | 1867038 Tramp Stamper
Tramp Stamper's picture

I think the voluntary part was going to be a way for Germany to opt out and say " To hell with all of this shit "

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:14 | 1867062 undercover brother
undercover brother's picture

wouldn't blame them. i was under the impression they were reluctant to sign that treaty from the get go.  

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:22 | 1867086 Dr. Engali
Dr. Engali's picture

I love that guy. I wish we had a few like him in our body politic.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:46 | 1867239 PaperBear
PaperBear's picture

Which body politic ?


USA has Ron Paul.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 16:15 | 1867350 Dr. Engali
Dr. Engali's picture

We do have him but beyond him it's a bunch of people who sold their souls a long time ago.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:47 | 1867247 blu
blu's picture

We might have a few, actually. But if so you can assume the media mouthpiece won't air them.

Protecting our sacred institutions. Or at least that will be their excuse, some day.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 16:40 | 1867470 Gief Gold Plox
Gief Gold Plox's picture


Are those "PI(I)GS" on his tie?!

That makes a point on so many levels. Absolutely priceless.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:10 | 1867042 Treason Season
Treason Season's picture

Is there a translation of this translation? Out of the EMU but not out of the EU? Huh?

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:13 | 1867050 maxw3st
maxw3st's picture

The Germans would be cutting off their nose to spite their face if they develop a two tiered euro zone. There will always be weaker and stronger countries in any assemblage of states. The trick is to develop a cohesive fiscal and monetary policy that benefits all and helps lift the weak not denegrate, threaten and step on them.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:22 | 1867115 lapedochild
lapedochild's picture

Sure, but if the cost of bailing out your own vs bailing out others is substantially lower that it's an easy calculation... people divorce all the time...

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:14 | 1867058 sabra1
sabra1's picture

you, you can leave, but the goats stay!

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:37 | 1867171 centerline
centerline's picture

you can leave, but the gold stays.  (fixed it for ya!).

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:14 | 1867059 Dr. No
Dr. No's picture

This is good news to those who value freedom.  Historically, it has been difficult to exit empires.  The EU move is a step in the right direction and nice to see someone taking the lead.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 16:26 | 1867394 NotApplicable
NotApplicable's picture

No way. This is a head-fake to create a reaction in order to set the hook.

Freedom is never an option for these people, as it invalidates their existence.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:14 | 1867061 pcrs
pcrs's picture

What does it even mean? If they keep on doing payments to each other, that they will get an invasion? If a greek shopkeeper wants to accept euros and a buyer wants to pay him with euros, who is the CDU to stop them? 

Ok, they do not get any influence on interest rate decisions of the ECB, but that is not a big loss. Greek banks can no longer borrow at discount rate at the ECB? That is not a big loss either. The only thing that still matter is: do German/Dutch/Finnish banks get bailout on their Greek loans. It has nothing to do with Greece anymore. Their exit will not matter. They could just as well start using the dollar.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:43 | 1867215 SheepDog-One
SheepDog-One's picture

To me it means 'Baffle em with bullshit' is their only option left.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:15 | 1867066 steveo
steveo's picture

Earthquake in Greece, no joke, 5.2 or so.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:18 | 1867068 chump666
chump666's picture

the rally is stretched now.  the S&P fudge of France/Obama making no sense/ECB pitiful backstop won't stop CDS spreads from widening...the market knows the EZ is going into a recession. of course Italy will leave the EU.

the doomsday trade remains

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 16:17 | 1867359 chump666
chump666's picture

and I repeat the doomsday trade remains.  check your charts.  short pos on despite french a-wipes.

broken bond markets and all.  

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:17 | 1867078 slewie the pi-rat
slewie the pi-rat's picture

things don't seem to translate well into and out of the german language

this is what led to the Reformation

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:18 | 1867083 The Reich
The Reich's picture

You are fired [insert PIIGS names]!

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:18 | 1867084 RobotTrader
RobotTrader's picture

XRT $4 off world record highs

$15 to $52 since March 2009

In the midst of another "credit convulsion"

Where's the recession?

Consumers can't wait for "Black Friday"

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:36 | 1867180 kengland
kengland's picture

How does that fit into the world coming apart thesis? Are you suggesting that being long equities from 09 was better than being short equities?

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:50 | 1867258 SheepDog-One
SheepDog-One's picture

Robo doesnt know, he just finds a stock thats up and posts about it pretending he owns it.

Sad really.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:38 | 1867192 Mutatto
Mutatto's picture

<Consumers can't wait for "Black Friday">


Deflation, bitch.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:47 | 1867250 CvlDobd
CvlDobd's picture

Running into 13, 20 w/ macs and RSI rolling over.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:50 | 1867256 ebworthen
ebworthen's picture

Agreed, most still have a lot of room on the credit card or because they aren't paying the mortgage.

Carpe diem.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:54 | 1867271 SheepDog-One
SheepDog-One's picture

Wouldnt it be fun to show up an hour before 'Black Friday' and just mow down a few hundred morons with machine guns? 

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 16:06 | 1867324 slaughterer
slaughterer's picture

Sheep dog, you got to let the sheeple have a little fun, c'mon on.  

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 16:18 | 1867360 kito
kito's picture

robo, i believe its the retailers that cant wait for black friday.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:20 | 1867096 Vincent Vega
Vincent Vega's picture

So the EU isn't breaking up and no one is being kicked out. However, any body can leave if they want...a non-break up break up.  Bwahaaaaaa!

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:21 | 1867100 Dr. Engali
Dr. Engali's picture

Gold and silver are kind of counter intuitive to their usual moves today. Seems a bit odd.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:21 | 1867101 chump666
chump666's picture

stocks look heavy....looking primed for a major sell towards the close.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:21 | 1867107 PaperBear
PaperBear's picture

As I understand the current situation, a nation that leaves the eurozone must also leave the European Union. That does sound totally stupid to me but then that’s me.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:24 | 1867121 Neidhammel
Neidhammel's picture

Bunga Bunga and ZarKotzy to face the axe. Strictly voluntarily, of course.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:24 | 1867122 ziggy59
ziggy59's picture

Anyone with a 'Gold Card' can stay in the Euroclub

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:27 | 1867135 s2man
s2man's picture

Why does Handeslblatt quote gold in USD on their home page? Something wrong with the euro?

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 17:05 | 1867615 Wolferl
Wolferl's picture

Because it´s priced in Dollar. The moment gold is priced in Euro you´ll pay 10 Dollar for a gallon of gas.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:31 | 1867154 chump666
chump666's picture

tight.  market is topped. bond yields again

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:34 | 1867161 ebworthen
ebworthen's picture

The Euro is going down.

Between now and then there will be a nearly endless train of Euro fluffers proclaiming that it "can't happen" or "won't happen" or is "highly unlikely", all the way until the caboose that says "France and Germany will retain the Euro until member nations can rejoin it".

Then...currency re-pegs, defaults, and real crisis (not the sticky marshmallows of the past year).

There are too many banks with positions to unwind for anyone in the Fourth Estate to tell the truth.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:37 | 1867186 PaperBear
PaperBear's picture

Which nations meet the 60% debt-to-GDP and 3% budget deficit requirement ?

Very, very few.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:38 | 1867195 centerline
centerline's picture

Depends on who you hire to do your accounting.  LOL.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:38 | 1867189 jacekp5
jacekp5's picture

YouOwe Zone.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:39 | 1867198 edmondantes
edmondantes's picture

Things must be serious if the Illuminati are directly putting forward their stooges Papdemos and Monti as Prime Ministers of tinpot banana republics in south eastern Europe ... so much for pretence of 'democracy'.... now we see what utter rubbish this 'democracy' propaganda is .... tricky as they will have to replace Sarkozy in the next few days... Trichet to head a new 'coalition' government... fortunately the sheeple are too stupid to notice that they are all just slaves...

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:44 | 1867221 SheepDog-One
SheepDog-One's picture

LOL yea exactly.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:47 | 1867245 PaperBear
PaperBear's picture
DC Senate passes narrow jobs bills, House to vote next.
Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:49 | 1867253 SheepDog-One
SheepDog-One's picture

Of course it 'narrowly passed', it always does, after a puppet show to keep the people in their Demican or Republicrat pens rooting for either Punch or Judy to 'win for them'.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 15:47 | 1867248 SheepDog-One
SheepDog-One's picture

The sheeple are still too fukin dumb to get it, 'Oh, I guess this is good for stawks or bonds' one of these mornings is going to be a real doozie. And I cant even say I blame 'TPTB', theyre the ones who long ago had the brains and balls to say 'The people are fukin self absorbed idiots, lets form a club, and rule the hell out of these slaves'.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 16:06 | 1867323 goldinpenguin
goldinpenguin's picture

just limit it to countries with blue eyes and latin base alpahbets, problem solved

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 16:35 | 1867443 topcallingtroll
topcallingtroll's picture


Thu, 11/10/2011 - 17:36 | 1867786 Azannoth
Azannoth's picture

Absolutely NOT, those white nig---ers can go F them selves

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 16:08 | 1867330 slaughterer
slaughterer's picture

Deutsch wird gesprochen in der ueberholspuer Teil der EU.  

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 16:10 | 1867335 edmondantes
edmondantes's picture
This video shows Erich Honecker and Erich Mielke (Stasi General) with J. Sauer (scientist and today Merkel's husband) in 1988 as they plan to construct a robot to destroy West Germany...
Thu, 11/10/2011 - 16:18 | 1867354 Quinvarius
Quinvarius's picture

The only thing that matters is whether someone is forced to, or stupid enough to buy bad sovereign debt.  It doesn't matter what it is denominated in.  How would this stop Greece from borrowing Euros?  How would it help them repay loans denominated in Euros?  Are banks required to buy this debt now?

The baby is in the oven.  It is already cooked.  Either print money or let the morons who bought PIIGS debt go under. 

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 16:18 | 1867364 youngandhealthy
youngandhealthy's picture

" can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave..."


Thu, 11/10/2011 - 16:21 | 1867374 chump666
chump666's picture

send in the HFT clown support crew, cept no bids coming. look at the dow.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 16:28 | 1867402 ZeroPoint
ZeroPoint's picture

Time to flush Euro turds down the toilet.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 17:01 | 1867562 Reverse Apache ...
Reverse Apache Master's picture

The German people would like to be kicked out of the eurozone asap.

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 17:35 | 1867778 Azannoth
Azannoth's picture

The CDU/FDP are the only parties in Germany that are capable of such non-socialist policies, SPD/Grün if come to power will open up Unlimited Credit lines to all PIIGS and bankrupt Germany within this decade. Not that I like any major parties but that's the only option atm

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 17:45 | 1867817 falak pema
falak pema's picture

kill em all those PIIGS...let God choose his own! Financial orthodoxy like Papal orthodoxy...we are what we do...

Quote : 

Guest Post: Is There No Shame?

Not if your a sucker for the ponzi..

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 20:55 | 1868406 MS7
MS7's picture

Just when they've gotten an even better, more predictable puppet to rule Greece? Awww, shucks... Maybe this is just a threat to keep everybody in line.

By non-compliance, I guess they mean the country's economy failed to improve under austerity. They don't question the austerity. No. Why would cutting people's pay and firing people during a time of record unemployment hurt anybody?

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 23:10 | 1868729 Bansters-in-my-...
Bansters-in-my- feces's picture

"Voluntary" is "transitional" bitchez.

Ask the ISDA and Benny Bernanke.

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