To Celebrate Labor Day, Italian Unions Occupy Milan Stock Exchange

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Three weeks ago we predicted that should the austerity in Italy be truly enacted, then the Syntagma square strikecam would have to be promptly carted out of Athens, and into Rome, where Michele Caruso Cabrera would have to wear a gas mask in some 5 star hotel high above the Piazza Navona. Well, for now the austerity has been delayed, but not for long: the ECB no longer wants to play ball with Berlusconi and even if it takes a complete government overthrow, massive spending cuts are at most months away. In the meantime however, the labor unions have decided to not wait, and in a first for the soon to be en-Greeced country, have occupied the Milan stock exchange. Since next steps from here are all too clear, prepare for yet another interesting overnight futures session, once electronic trading reopens in 3 hours.

h/t Toni Straka

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Mike2756's picture

They're holding up a rainbow flag?

Global Hunter's picture

means something different in Europe, unity or something.

edit: peace in Italy and cooperation throughout most of Europe just googled.  

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

I mean that "peace" is not something we should expect from Europe.  Ugly protests coming, etc.  Bad banks and bad sovereign debts.  It is not going to be pretty over there.

And then there's us...

AldousHuxley's picture

rainbow flag means italians got screwed up their butt with a big pepperoni and they found out that wasn't enough, banksters want them to pay for the pepperoni and wants to do the same for their children.

Sudden Debt's picture

A greenpeace protestor who bought a Italian road map... got lost... and asked directions to a Italian guy....


Lone Mad Minute Medic's picture

I don't have a union card! Guess I need not apply for the free hand out in America soon to be coming down the creek.

Landrew's picture

Oh, so you are one of the trust fund babies that doesn't work for a living? Pays 15% cap gains tax and feeds off the rest of us.

Sudden Debt's picture

Italian protests mostly are Italian 20 year old woman running naked on the streets....


or was that a dream?....


Long-John-Silver's picture

Did they catch you? If they did it was a dream.

Sudden Debt's picture

yes... I got caught and was put in a cell with 20 naked 20 year old chicks that.... DAMN!!! IT WAS A DREAM AFTER ALL!!....:(


DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Why don't I have dreams like that?

Hulk's picture

You are probably suffering from being over sexed!

caerus's picture

that's a protest i can really get behind

Use of Weapons's picture

You guys don't know how the Ukranians protest?

Warning: NSFW & all of these are different protests. Bonus round: Not America, so no eye bleach required.



[note: snark is that these are actually feminists protesting]

Rodent Freikorps's picture

Maybe she was just protesting your method of introduction.

ded_moroz's picture

They are not protesters, they are Berlusconi consultants.

Problem Is's picture

Gaddafi's now unemployed blonde Ukrainian nursing staff...

Maniac Researcher's picture

And in what ways do either the poster or the readers here actually sympathize with labor unions at all?

Mike2756's picture

There's a time and place for them, just not now.

Rodent Freikorps's picture

Collective Bargaining is just a very polite way to say Extortion.

Probably why the Unions and the Mob look so much alike.

New_Meat's picture

Especially the "Government Unions".

Even the sainted FDR knew better than that.

But JFK signed it in.

- Ned

Calmyourself's picture

Exec, order 10988 huge mistake

AldousHuxley's picture

no, mobsters look more like banksters with pinstriped suits.





Rodent Freikorps's picture

Same thing. After organized crime took over the unions, they looked around and discovered they could make even more money if they branched into banking...and those profits would be legal. Except for the money laundering, but nothing is perfect.

Landrew's picture

And you sympathize with the wealthy? Most of us here MORON work for a living, FUCK OFF rich asshole!

Long-John-Silver's picture

I think I'll make a Hero Sandwich with Italian bread and put a 6-pack of La Rossa Beers in a pail of ice.

This is going to be an epic show.

Global Hunter's picture

I hate MCC even more than I like her chest.  

weinerdog43's picture

Good for the Italians.  Banksters + lampposts = freedom, bitchz.

UGrev's picture

I attended a labor day parade and I couldn't believe what I was watching. I knew I shouldn't have been as surprised as I was, but all I could muster from under breath was "we are so fucked" as I watched union after union pass by wearing shirts with the commie fist on it...

It was that moment that I knew that the only thing that will solve this problem will be an all out fight, if you catch my drift..

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Thanks for the anecdote.

One for you: Mark Steyn has just written a new book: After America, in which he says we are basically fcuked, beyong the point of no return.

Gold = the best medicine to ward off the Commies.

And the means to protect it.

UGrev's picture

I'll have to grab the book.
While I agree we are fucked, I don't believe there is "no return". Instead of blues and greys, it will be reds and everyone else..

AldousHuxley's picture

everyone is in a union even the rich...they are called corporate lobbysts. If you are not because you believe in some sort of meritocracy, then you are the fool getting ripped off.

Illegal immigrants have catholic church +La Reza + Mexican government

Poor blacks have ACORN, NAACP, etc.

blue collar workers have UAW, TEAMSTERS, etc.

government paper pushers have government unions

rich elites have corporate lobbysts, personal bankers in offshore accounts, politicians via political donations, and now supreme court too

Zionists have AIPAC

Doctors have AMA

military have their own government department: veterans affairs



losers in America are college educated middle class workers in private corporations who pay all the taxes for poor and rich but receive the least benefits while competing like wage slaves around the world.


Alvaro de Esteban's picture

I agree, not to mention that the situation for them is even worst in Europe

UGrev's picture

You have one point that I agree with. The REAL workers in America lose out because the other workers are too fucking stupid to do it on their own and they need help. 

I do disagree with your grouping of organizations into unions. You see, unions are organizations but not all organizations are unions in the sense of a workers union. If you want to use the strictest of definitions, then.. sure..I'll go with that; but certainly not in the context of a workers union. 

You may call me the fool for getting ripped off, but is it really anyone elses place to stand up for me when I'm the one who's not paying attention? This is why I despise unions that press for wages. If you want to fight for working conditions.. I'd bend on that as middle ground. However, as soon as you start to negotiate on wages, the unions get to vote themselves wage increases at the detrement of the company and consumers. So fuck them straight up the ass, sideways and upside down on sunday. Fuck em hard baby.. and they can pick the peanuts out of my shit.

Alpha Monkey's picture

You may call me the fool for getting ripped off, but is it really anyone elses place to stand up for me when I'm the one who's not paying attention?

I'm sorry if i shatter some delusions but, one person, on their own, can't change anything of significance.  People work together to overcome obstacles.  Not all people have the ability and or resources to push back against the oppressive forces aligned against them.  So yes, it is up to other people to stand up WITH other people, including you.

weinerdog43's picture

Mark (nazi fasist fuck) steyn has the brains of a 3 minute egg.  Not recommended as someone to quote.

disabledvet's picture

Yeayyyy! Even fancier digs in Milan! I there I was thinking "The Northern League" was a baseball division in Europe. BOY WAS A WRONG! You probably didn't know this but the word "baseball" in Italiano is pronounced "Yanqui" in case you were wondering. It's also pronounced that way in Spanish, English, German and Yiddish. We're working on "Serbo-Croatian"-right now it's pronounced "tennis" for some reason.

hungarianboy's picture

Bought some popcorn for tomorrow :-) Will bring to my work and see the show live.

Might also get some BUX 1112 Shorts. ( The Hungarian futures )

jules from aus's picture

with all those old buildings.. what did they spend the money on?

gratefultraveller's picture

What the occupants are pissed off about - apart from having to pay the public debt with spending cuts and their taxes - is the fact that the Berlusconi-leaning CGIL (a major one of several unions in Italy) has accepted an agreement with the entrepreneurs that will make it possible to pass agreements with "the bosses" not with a majority of votes, but with only 17%.

The speaker says that they occupied the entire 4th floor, preventing the traders from working.


Btw, opposite of what a casual observer might think, that monument in front of the building (0:10", raised middle finger towards the stock exchange) has not been brought by the manifestants, it is a statue made of solid marble raised a few years ago.

Moe Howard's picture

Nice monument. I thought they did something with the hand in the crook of the elbow, at least the Italians in Chicago did.

weinerdog43's picture

Don't you have a hog trough to clean?

Landrew's picture

No Dumbass, they are pissed at bailing out yet more fucking banksters!

Hannibal's picture

Felicitazioni. Conosci il tuo nemico!

vote_libertarian_party's picture

Interesting that the sign on the statue and several of the handheld signs were in English.



Piranhanoia's picture

America is one of the few countries actively preventing multi lingualism.  The folks in other nations know few of us speak their languages. It causes people to be smarter when they learn other lingo's.  Smart has been out of fashion too long.