Chart Of The Day: By 2109 Everything Will Be "Sustainable"

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Long-time readers of Zero Hedge know that the application of Birinyi's ruler to any trend (traditionally the market, but anything works - after all extrapolating the future courtesy of a few data points is the new killing it) has long been a "favorite" topic of ours. So is media spin in the form of certain "hit" keywords, such as "transitory", "better than expected", and of course "sustainable." Which is why were are delighted when we can combine both concepts into one post, or in this case, chart, which today comes courtesy of, which plot the incidence of the word "sustainable" in English text, and comes up with some amusing predictions, such as that by the year 2109, at current trends, every sentence in the English language will consist solely of the world "sustainable" used over and over.


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Economic growth after peak oil is unsustanable. Iraq, Iran aren't about nuclear enabled maniacs. It's all about the oil.



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Economic growth WITH THE CURRENT MODEL is unsustainable after peak oil.  We will not fall into an eternal depression and just decline into savagery after peak oil.  We just move to a new model.

The only question is, will the government stand in the way of the transition or not?  Currently the answer is an emphatic YES.

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and AGAIN, you keep babbling and arguing about something NOBODY even mentioned, implied, or suggested!

Did he SAY "eternal depression and savagery"?!?!?  NO.

So why the fuck are you bringing it up as a point to argue against?

The CURRENT MODEL relies on growth in energy inputs.  That is the only model.  There is no way to PRODUCE anything without energy.

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<--  Less heat more light

<--  More heat less light


Vote and suggest to Trav777 and Tmosely the way forward!


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Well, now that it has beem mentioned, I must say that I am kind of looking foreword to the whole "savagery" thing. As for "eternal depression", savagery beats Prozac hands down.

Give a savage a break!


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Peak oil is a scam like Global Warming. Oil is's supply and reserves will keep up with demand.








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Try plugging the following text into Google trends:

"silver bull market"



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A sustainable economic collapse? A sustainable reversion to the mean?

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Most epic graph ever.

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On the Old Continant, sustainable will replace Stabeeleeeteeee:)

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A data point is a trend.

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can we plot the phrase "those assholes?"

rosiescenario's picture

.....suggest using an inverted French curve for you a nice hockey stick meshing with reality.

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so a straight line is the shortest route between financial desperation and sustainable hopium; we must all be hooked on Afghan opium...hooked, lined and sinkered.

rosiescenario's picture

"so a straight line is the shortest route"


No, the great circular thinking route is the shortest, and it is sustainable as it circles back on itself for infinite is evidenced by what the folks in DC are sying.

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I always knew that Ruler thingie was wimplistic, circles within circles is so simple. Who wants wimples when we have simples. 

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I do love xkcd.

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US stocks will sustain a rally at the open on overnight futures pumps, to collapse around noon based on reality and sustain a full recovery when the PPT shows up at 2pm and this game will sustain until tommorow. It is questionable if the sustained unemployment rally in DC by the sustained 999 weekers will have a sustained impact on tommorws open.

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Sustainable is the new Bitchez,  Bitchez

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Sustainable is "Rock-a-fellian" code speak for Georigia Guidestones

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Hmm must correlate this with "arbitrage".

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Only if the trend is really sustainable.

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That chart is on Viagra.

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?? ??? ?

In 2120: 100% super sustainable

in 2150: 100% hyper sustainable


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hypersustainability, eh?

SIOP's picture

(note to self)

1. Create a company called "Sustainable"

2. Trade mark the word "Sustainable"

3. Sue anyone using the word "Sustainable"..

4. Profit!

5. Drink drinks with umbrellas in them along with several scantily clad women!

trav7777's picture

some problems with #2 and #3 that make all the rest of it moot

Judge Arrow's picture

Objection sustained. Bailiff, drinks all around.

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It's Official:  QQQ now at 10-year highs.


Where are the bears today?


DaveyJones's picture

"official" is no longer a word for accuracy

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"QQQ at 10 year highs." - and that gives you what % avg annual growth? - perhaps 5% - FUCKING AWESOME!


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High value, low volume, just like the Beauty Queen who never goes on dates.

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Thanks for the tip, MoMo Lizard, I just went short (long QID). 

Please let me know how I am doing a year from now.

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Hopefully that is sustainable.

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On a long enough timeline, apparently 'Full Retard' IS sustainable!

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LOL... That made my day.

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Is that not the chart for abiotic oil production?

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These Regressions are paralleled in politics where you meet your target or explore the Lubyanka.......eventually it will become a motivational tool for errant forecasting in the US when hard times show a persistence and immutability that makes Talking Heads even more ridiculous and absurd........Dead Bankers used to be a speciality of the Baader-Meinhof, but it could become a global franchise

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Unfortunately, by 2109 I will no longer be sustainable.

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How many sustainable economies does it take to change a light bulb?

None. The FED, ECB and IMF will screw it in real good for you Bitchez!

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Squeeze humans' natural religious impulse...and it just come out the other end.

Original sin is still in, "Sustainable" is the new "Salvation" and there are still middlemen trying to strong-arm you into trading liberty for "security".

We used to worship we worship government and the weather.


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You sir, just pissed off the great and powerful NOAA. A forecast for disaster to be sure.

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I meant the weather, years into the future as predicted by the likes of Al Gore. 

As a seafearer I generally like and trust NOAA.