Chart Of The Day: Five Years Of Jobs Versus Entitlements

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The Second Great Depression officially started in December 2007. The NBER tells us that the recession that started at the same time ended some time in the summer of 2009. The Second Great Depression continues. The chart below shows the cumulative increase in Americans receiving foodstamps and disability benefits since December 2007 on the positive Y-Axis, and the jobs lost on the negative Y-axis. No additional explanation is necessary.

And on a standalone monthly basis:

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"Five years of jobs versus Bailouts"- FIXED.

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That was fun.....can we do it again!

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More EBT cards to help the 85 IQ crowd breed out the 110 IQ crowd.  

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Take note that since 1st Jan 2008, 464 US banks have failed.

FDIC failed Bank:


Many thousands more will soon be joining this list.

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It's Bernanke's multiplier effect.  Same way 3.6 Debt/GDP will help us out of this. /sarc/

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hope and change..

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by the chart, I think dead people are collecting...don't you

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Why not? They'll be voting in a few weeks!

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Not even death keeps Grandma from's tradition!

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that'll be the postal vote then

if you check the stamps they all eminate from GOP and Dem headquarters by some strange coincidence

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as they say in early and vote often!

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don't hold your breath ...Benny is trying to fix it

$16 trillion in 'fixes' and still, Zzzzzzzz

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...and this is BEFORE Ben loses control of interest rates...

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"Second Great Depression" is just not a fitting name.  This is the 21st century.  How about "Great Depression 2.0"?

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I think history will refer to it as The Collapse or maybe The Great Collapse.

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INCEPTION!!! ('cause I own gold)

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Iz Glorious Revolution, da?  Da.  Now what do you want to tell me about your neighbor's bank accounts, Komrade?  See?  I feel your glass wid wodka.  Iz good, da?  Da.

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"The winds of shit started to blow, it became a shit blizzard, pushing all the shit rats and their little shit apples into the shit abyss.  A real SHITNAMI" 

Jim Lahey, Trailer Park Supervisor

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I've got a question for you!

What can you tell me about the fall of English empire in the 19th century? In 20 sentences or more.

What can you tell me about the fall of the Spanish empire?

The Portugese empire?







ps: quoting movies is not allowed.


People only remember the glorious days of a lost empire. Nobody remembers the end and yet that is the only constant in all the stories.


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The only thing I know for sure that they all have in common is none of them happened overnight. This one might be different.

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No, this is the same. See the erosion for what it is - a slow, methodical degradation of the circumstances until some event touches off the avalanche. But this IS not happening overnight.

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You're right. But to the masses with their heads buried in the sand, it's going to seem like it.

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The one thing they all have in common is leaving a gold standard

because of debt.Whether it was done oficially(Nixon 1971,Churchill 1925)or

via adulteration(Rome,Spain,Portugal) all invoved funny money.

This will happen much quicker because of the sheer volume of funny money in the

monetary system.Quadrillion plus range now.

No slow decline for us,overnight in relative terms.

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depends when you start to feel the decline...  to some it started in 71.. for others 1913,  and probably every year inbetween it started for someone

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Don't need 20 sentences. One word will suffice: CORRUPTION

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How about the collapse of Florentine banking from bad loans financing bad wars and the arrival of the Black Death with the upitty redistributionist movement in town? 

Being ZH, 20 sentences or LESS would save space and time though...

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My family lost it all in the big Tulip market, way back...

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Well the English empire fell shortly after they peaked in coal production.

Russia collapsed a few years after they hit their first peak in oil production.

The US Economy was shocked to shit shortly after the US peaked in oil production. There would have been a collapse if the US $ wasn't taken off the gold standard and put on the oil standard.

I bet energy and resource limitations led to the fall of ALL of these empires.

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I think it'll be referred to as The iBubble. I mean, according to NPR, Apple will contribute $3 billion to the 'economy' this year, via iPhone 5 sales... Right?...

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Yeah, it will save the US GDP just like the Facebook IPO saved Kalifornia!

Oh, wait...

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It has a ring to it....and seriously, this IS what is happening...

So call it what IT is... "The Great Collapse"

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How about calling it "The Great Contraction" ?

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I prefer The Great Correction

more honest

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The Dreaded Other Shoe Dropping is a catchy name.

And it's got that Quantitative Easing kind of misdirection going for it.

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Finally ZH is identifying food stamps primarily as an entitlement.

The mouth on that chart is opened wide...

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Don't like the term entitlement.  It implies people are entitled to something.  I believe "social program" is more accurate. 

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You better get with the program; everything is a Right accept for Liberty. The state has exchanged promises for chains, and most amerkans are fine with it.