Charting Disappearing Investment Banking Revenues And Profits, JPM Edition

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One chart is enough to show not only why the JPM stock is and should be down, but why the entire financial stock levitation in the past few weeks has been on nothing but vapors - as can be seen too well, the ongoing collapse in equity and credit trading volumes, not to mention actual investment banking deals, is crunching the firm's primary driver of earnings - its investment banking division, which just came at year lows in virtually all categories.

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Irish66's picture

Thats why will have new fees for everything and anything.

Deposit $5 surcharge

Withdraw $10 surcharge

BAC will move out if the area is depresssed

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Thank the Fed for defeating the purpose of even putting your money in the bank.

YOU PAY US for the priviledge of having one record in our databases.

Paying people interest and then making loans is BARBARIC.

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Why are depositors keeping their money, beyond what is needed to pay current expenses, in a fraudulent banking system, run by theives and abetted by regulators, courts, and paid for politicians.

If people did not get the message sent by the MF Global debacle, they deserve what is coming next.

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I agree and only add that I am willing to bet that if Corzine was publically executed the DOW would go to 15,000 overnight.  What is "coming next" will be complete "unforseen" and like nothing the sheeple have experienced before.  Got like-minded and trustworthy neighbors, you fucking better.

Irish66's picture

We had a cocktail meeting to see which neighbors are in or out.  We passed it on ability to help survive.

Out of 14 people only 6 made the cut.

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Here is another interesting bit of banking news that is flying under the radar...

"Bank of America, Big Banks Face Massive Credit Card Case"

Chump's picture

I used to agree.  Not that it matters anyway: you could've made a cool million or two fading my predictions for the past 2 years.  At any rate, I don't think we crash.  I think we slowly slide into oblivion until our kids' kids wake up in a gray hell.  Why?  Because your "neighbors" will fight tooth and nail to keep it that way.  If staples start disappearing from grocery store shelves there won't be protest, there will be meek whining and a demand that an already bloated government "do something."  Because that's better than fending for yourself.  If the quality and availability of medical care continues to decline, there won't be a revolution, there will be simple head-shaking, angry debates, and nothing more.  Because that's better than fending for yourself.  When the inevitable riots come to the cities, folks won't band together and resist, they'll cry to the paramilitary police forces to get big enough to "do something," because that's better than fending for yourself.

People like us will be the enemy, because we will demand that people stand on their own two feet and accept responsibility for their actions.  And that is some scary shit.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Listen Chump,

It will depend on the neighborhood you live in.  Like myself (former ARMY AMEDD) many of my neighbors are in their late 30's with former military experience.  Many of us are also volentary SWAT members.  I agree with your "slide into gray hell" comment but I think you are discounting a possible military take-over of government.  All the financial paper-pushing fucknuts that have bought our "representitive" government are discounting this possibility too.  Fine with me.  Even the stupidest welfare recipient has the common sense to align their lazy asses with the brothers in arms when the shit gets real.  Good luck to those bankers and venture captial guys trying to "buy" the mob with worthless pieces of paper.

Unitl then, we are trying to make positive changes in our community.  Interesting story, several of us have liquid capital and have been trying to buy forclosed properties to turn into resonable rentals.  These are cash deals, but in many cases the banks are blocking the sales because they will earn no interest and no fees on a new loan.  They say they have other bids (sort of like having your friend bid up an item you sell on e-bay then canceling the transaction).  Total BULLSHIT.  My hunch is that these same fuckers are lobbying washington for another bailout under the "cover" of "helping the housing market".

This country has been in secret wars around the world for the last fifty years, many of us have survived and done well for ourselves, there is a blood bond between us and our numbers are growing.  The bullshit by the paper-pushing fucknuts is become even more transparent for all those to see, it is a waiting game now.  Sit back, save/hedge what you can, and simply wait, these fuckers are going to hang themselves.

Chump's picture

I hope you're right.  If I'm part of the generation that makes sure my son ends up in 1984 I will have been a failure, plain and simple.  Kudos to you and your neighbors.

philipat's picture

That's why the Republicans will do away with Dodd Franks. So that these fees may be doubled or it's back to the good old days ripping everyone off at random. Great for the greater good.

The Limerick King's picture



A short little verse for Dodd Frank

Some rules from two Boys "in the tank"

When the shit hits the fan

(Which is part of the plan!!??)

We have Chris and Barney to thank!

Chump's picture

Yeah man, right on!  Make the government contol those fees, instead of making a decision yourself about where and how to spend your monies!  Yeah man!

Meanwhile we'll let the government prop up these rip-off artists, loan 'em money at near 0, funnel tax dollars straight into their coffers!  Yeah man!

You stupid fucking donkey.

And here is the requisite "I hate Republicans and Democrats, they're all corrupt assholes."  And you're a stupid asshole who is just as much a part of the problem.

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People all over the world can expect

edicts like the one out of Italy making cash transactions of more than Euro 1,000 illegal and the limit will be progressivey revised lower.

Sandmann's picture

The politicians will still accept suitcases of cash. It will have no real effect on anything and it is funny to have a Government wanting to withdraw Cash in Circulation component of M1 and force it into the moribund banking system. That should slow Velocity of Circulation and bring the economy to its knees. They are so desperate for tax revenues that they want to bleed the economy of what little cash lubrication still makes it function

Snidley Whipsnae's picture


"BAC will move out if the area is depresssed"


Good point Irish66, and the truth...

"Last year, BofA executives had put potential retreat on a list of emergency scenarios submitted to the Federal Reserve, the Journal said, citing sources.


BofA Chief Executive Brian Moynihan submitted a list to Fed officials in the middle of last year which listed the possible geographic cutback, the paper reported."

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Who needs profits when you have endless QE?

Jlmadyson's picture

Just like in 08 it all comes back around.

Quinvarius's picture

Jamie's Bear Sterns aquisition was obviously another great idea.

Darth Silver's picture

You reap what you sow.

I hope the ghost of mf global haunts them for some time

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I thought the trends in the delinquency and commercial section of the JPM earnings presentation were fairly reassuring.  

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FAZ, welcome back. This time I'll drop you like a rock if you financial stocks don' t stop this vapor meltup.

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No two data points indicate a trend.

4 hourever seems to be the horseman of the apocolypse.

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With JPM earnings and Apple having to temp shut down stores in china the market would normally be down 100 pts, but Benny and crew continue the levitation along with the printing press.

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Wow, and the market is crashing...right down perfectly to the levels before yesterday's end of day ramp job.  Gee, go figure, what are the odds?

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If the banks are paying no interest on deposits why keep money there?

Sandmann's picture

Because they are Registered Charities whose salaries are underwritten by grateful electorates and who need depositors in the same way meat-processors need pigs

fonzannoon's picture

Excuse me Mr. Sandman sir but you are going to have to do better than that to retain my business!

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More people are wising up to the street's games of sucking people in and extracting their money. Baby boomers are pulling their money while the market is good. J6P is very well aware of the contraction going on with main street and jobs, Just the Fund Managers have this delusional gig going. 

Chump's picture

Nah, not from where I sit.  J6P thinks the recovery is picking up, because that's what every talking head is babbling every single day.  The Boomers aren't pulling shit, because they more than anyone have a vested interest in keeping this thing going.  If people were wising up to anything, it being an election year should take care of that right quick.  Nothing like a good ol' Red Team Blue Team battle to bring back the stupid.

847328_3527's picture

More layoffs coming I bet.

andyupnorth's picture



Banker peon: But... net Income is still positive... and we banksters still have plenty enough money...

[Banker boss stares in disbelief]

Banker peon: I'm fired, aren't I... [sigh]