"Game Of Cat And Mouse" - Charting The Progression Of The European Solvency Crisis

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"Because it is not a liquidity crisis, it is a solvency crisis." The chart shows nothing new but present the evolution of the European solvency crisis crisply and succinctly for anyone who may be lost in the day to day headline shuffle and confuse the forest for the trees.

Source: Spiegel, the associated article is worth the read

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Chart porn, you got more?

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No kidding, unfortunately that one is like a prostrate exam - you may have cum, but it really wasn't that much fun.  On scary looking chart.

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Ok, I'm pretty sure that's not a doctor you are visiting there.

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Ring me up if you get more.  This was just delicious.

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The Federal Reserve is running out of options to try to boost a slumping economy and lower unemployment. So policymakers are expected to reach 50 years back into their playbook for their next move.

Most economists expect the Fed to announce a plan Wednesday to shift money in its $1.7 trillion portfolio out of short-term securities and into longer-term holdings.

The plan could lower Treasury yields further. Ultimately, it could reduce rates on mortgages and other consumer and business loans, too.

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Whoa! FED is going to roll over their $1.7 trillion out into the future since today wont pay? Neither will the future, but 'QE3' is looking pretty boring and geeky, certainly far short of a Wall St free money Jubilee party.

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Final analysis?

It might be my destiny to become a dead broke dick.

But what's a boy to do?

If Europe goes, I go.

Oh, well.  Pork and beans ain't that bad.


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"Ultimately, it could reduce rates on mortgages and other consumer and business loans, too."

I love that it COULD, but not necessarily will.

And if it does, so what.  People are not taking new mortgages, and businesses with no demand don't need new loans.  So WTF is the point other than keeping the GOVERNMENT INTRUSION at full throttle??

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I said yesterday that The Bernank will do the Twist/Torque, and not outright QE that expands the Fed's balance sheet.

Well, I had a dream last night, and in that dream I was being chased down the street by a tidal wave of fiat. It was a horrific thing; the most ominous of things, as it darkened the sky, building into a massive, cresting wall of money, crashing down upon all the population, crushing everyone and everything in its path.

No one and nothing was spared total annihilation.

And I could hear...I could hear the maniacal laughing of The Bernank & The Alan Greenspan beyond the distance. You see, I had not read until today that Greenspan just happened to show up at 33 Liberty Street yesterday, for a "haircut" (which was really a seance that he held with The Bernank wherein they engaged in ritualistic fiat worship, and sacrificed objects - word is that a rooster, pygmy goat blood, a cigar, some tungsten, gold spray paint, and other objects were used- to Moloch, in The Bernank's office).

The thing that sealed the deal, IMO, is the fact that all these reports are now being leaked to the 'financial media' about industrial companies, insurance companies and soon enough, toy companies, withdrawing their deposits from particular EU member state banks, and depositing said monies directly with the ECB.

So prepare for the tsunami.

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They call it tsunami in the Pacific. I beleive in the Atlantic it is still called "tidal wave". I know, very old school. But we must be on our guard for old school disasters. 

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Truth, I imagine a scenario where the Bernank, lip in full quiver says 'Well we've decided to print $5 trillion dollars and bail everyone out here'...so what would be the effect? Say it was even $10 trillion. Nothing. Nothing at all because we're past the point of bullshittin no return and no one is fooled any longer. 

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I hold your opinion in high regard but I'm affraid this time you've flipped it 180 degrees. Remember when you would dream about the white faced gorrilla chasing you and your attempt to flee was in slow motion? When you woke up the gorrilla was gone.. it was a subconcious fear.  You are terrified that we will be hit with a mountain of money but when you wake up from that nightmare, it's gone.  The fed is going to do nothing, don't misinterupt your dreams.



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At best, Bernank with dangle more carrots and sticks, they cant deliver on whats been baked in. 

What would be the easiest way for the bigwig banksters to make their money right now? Short everything and pull the rug out.

My conclusion, all the fattened bulls are about to be feasted on, theyve been laughing and mocking for months about how nothing bad can EVER happen to them, as Bernank got their backs on their 50 P/E stocks. 

Watch out for bull BBQ here, its easy pickins.

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I know that I've flipped 180 degrees since yesterday, and I don't want to read too much into dream analysis, but I have an incredibly strong hunch that Greenspan's appearance at 33 Liberty Street yesterday, well-known Republican that Greenspan is, was to provide as much cover for The Bernank to open the flood gates as possible (some people actually still hold the galactically incompetent Greenspan, aka known as one-trick Alan, his only trick being to floor the gas pedal, in high regard).

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they will grumble, whine, bristle at suggestions, then bail out the fascist banksters just like turbo timmy told them to do.

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fascist bankers is an oxymoron.

Under fascism those people would have been hanged in the public place.



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Clarity will come.

The forests and trees will be cleared, pulped and covered in ink.

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The Careless Whispre Morning Report



Criminal Probe For SEC Lawyer With Ties To Madoff


35 Dead Bodies Dumped On Mexican Avenue


Art Show On 228 Foot Yacht In Greenwich Harbor; Steve Cohen Among Guests


Thieves Rob Winery Of Grapes In Midnight Raid; Bring Their Own Tractors


Marines Are The First; Recruiting Gays With Leadership Skills


Media Surprised Ron Paul Campaign Has A Jet


Don't Be A Victim Campaign; New Account Gets You A New AK


Yahoo Blocked e-Mails About Wall Street Protest


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"Paul professed to be delighted that Gary Johnson, a former governor of New Mexico who shares Paul's libertarian views, made the cut for Thursday night's Republican presidential candidates' debate in Orlando. "Oh I think it's great," Paul said."

might be an interesting debate, RP could use a tag team partner up against the Gang of Tea.   here's the thing about RP that makes me a bit squeamish -- isn't donating to his campaign to fund purchase of leased planes & jet fuel & future ads to be paid to corp-media-congloms, etc, etc just perpetuating the same corrupt system every supporter rails on about sticking a fork in?

junk away w/o responding if you wish, but question will remain unanswered in the minds of people who remain on the fence.

LawsofPhysics's picture

I have felt the same way, but then again, you can not WIN the game if you won't play simply because you don't like who owns the field and who the umpires are.  The more the MSM lets Paul speak, the more the MSM and their paid shills look like total fucking idiots.  The MSM would love nothing more than to ban Paul adds and Paul altogether, but at this point I think they know this would also backfire.

tip e. canoe's picture

i/d/k, maybe the only reason they're covering him at all is b/c they're seeing his fundraising prowess and wanna a piece of that pie.   his $ is as good as anyone's in the end, hence, the quid pro quo (genuine reluctance or not).  will be interesting to see how the good doctor responds to the wink-wink.

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here's another add courtesy of global guerillas:

Sand Piracy, Singapore Style


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I feel for the guy with the grape theft. We came back from 3 weeks in Canada to find a peach tree, 3 apple trees and a pear tree picked clean- including fruit on the ground gone. Hundreds of pounds from trees twenty or so feet tall and nobody knows anything- this in what we used to think was a decent neighborhood... Not like we had income off of the fruit, but still sucks to know you can't trust people near you. The vineyard guy probably also knows whoever the cheeseball is who did it...

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So when does reality come back into play and we stop laserbeam focusing on Europe and get back to 'the problem' being totaly bankrupt U.S. again, which makes Europe look tiny by comparison?

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I think the cat is finally about to feast.

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European Banks are UP and GOLD is down. Sounds like a joke.

GOLD wants to run higher. Twist baby and we go up $100

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Consider that Europe and all the insiders already know exactly what Bens plan is, days ago, does it look like some big free money drop is going on? Geithner told Europe to print, and they said 'No go home'. I dont see it anywhere. What Ive heard about this 'Twist' BS which bails out only the FED by moving their $1.7 trillion from short bonds to long bonds blah blah nonsense is about all that will happen, and no one cares about such boring BS.

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why would TWIST send gold up $100? No way.

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Twist is nothing but shifting bonds around. No one gives a shit about bonds.

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It's another Fed morning in America and we await the refreshing news that...wait for it....more money will be printed! Just like every time in the last 50 years. But you have to hand it to their PR Dept: they manage the suspense pretty well for a one-trick pony at a 50-year circus! And they get cheers every time. 

Fed won't do QE3 today, but they'll include language that says they could at any point going forward and on a hair-trigger. That should keep markets from plunging (they hope). And it takes the heat off the for a while. 



fdisk's picture

So you don't expect twisting, right?

Nobody expects QE3 right now anyways.

If Ben get mad on GOP for poking their nose into FED reserve,

then he might hit us with few trillion :)))

SheepDog-One's picture

'QE' from here on out will just be speech 'word jumbles' where they kinda promise something maybe later....Bernak loves his carrot and stick markets too much. Theyve been able to get 2,000 DOW points for free and keep everyone occupied by fuessing what magical words will come at the NEXT meeting of the Gods, without actually ever delivering anything.

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Exactly right, Sheep. You can bet that Greenspan was called in to help with the crafty, say nothing, vague, "it's a conundrum" type language that will be released in today's FOMC statement.

SheepDog-One's picture

I cant wait to see the Word Jumble analysis later. 'Whats it all MEAN, man'?? lol

Well its an interesting day anyway.

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Caviar Emptor   " It's another Fed morning in America..."



The Bernank gets on the FM Radio and screams:

Good Morning Fiatski Republic! Are you ready for some top hits of currency debasement and loss of your purchasing power today? Well crank up the stereo, brothers & sisters, because the Quiet Storm is on deck!


This is Captain Bernank & The Morning Zoo Crew, and we're gonna keep you bobbing & weaving all morning long.


Th hit parade kicks off with one of our favorite songs of love of debasement of currency, so crank it up and sing along:

Weezer - Pork And Beans 
Caviar Emptor's picture


Lol. I love it .... and even more scary than taht, I can picture it too!

The hits just keep on comin out of Ben's pirate radio station. And we here in Amerikey are all just transfixed: "Did ya hear what Ben said this morning???" is typical water cooler jabber in this country

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I believe we are having a ... the people are going to have to excercise some control here ... moment.  If we don't do it, no one will.


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Guess for now at least Christmas looking little bleeky for WS, eh?!

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why spain and italy yield so low compared to others?

adr's picture

So,when the Fed's balance sheet hits a quadrillion dollars will we get our collapse?

Will the Fed and ECB merge for the good of us all?

Will they then create the Eartho?

I've aid for a long time that Obama will be the last president of the United States. All this has been kick the can until all the pieces are in place. The scam has failed because there are still individual countries and currency valuations. With one global reserve and one global currency the scam can be run forever. Who is the global reserve bank going to owe money? It could loan money to the quadrillions and beyond. 

SheepDog-One's picture

The real scary part is what kind of horror show theyve got planned now that everything is FUBAR totaly. Nice wake-up to nukes going off some morning soon? I dont know but I dont put anything past them.

edotabin's picture

The correct name of the new currency is the GLOBO.

PaperBear's picture


A slow motion train wreck and the silver vigilantes have a front row seat.

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Let me offer my services to you all - of course in the most altruistic fashion possible to save you from your fiat.

For a very limited time - out of the goodness of my heart no less - I'm offering to lift the burden of your worthless paper fiat and send it all to me.  I'll even cover the cost of the wire, 'cause I'm just such a swell guy.  Free your self today!  Call 1 (800) EAT-FIAT for further details.  Don't forget, I'm only doing this kind gesture for a limited time only, so don't miss out!


eeee!  crickets??