China Boldly Goes (Again) Where Moody's Has Never Gone Before, Downgrades US From A+ To A, Outlook Negative

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Dagong Bitchez

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Moody Bitchez.  And we're not talking about PMS.

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AA to A+ to A from Nov 2010 to Aug 2011.....when will see the B's

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Getting cut from numba whon A+ Bond really hurts.

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Long American Mail Order Brides...yeah, flee dat US Bitchez!!!!!!

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this is bullish for kung pow

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Da gong tolls...

How will they rate the Chinese reserves since they are the second largest bag holder after the Fed?

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they won't have to...everything will be rated in terms of the renminbi...

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yeah, lord knows they don't print that or have a massive NPA problem with THEIR loans..LOL

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They tried the "Double D" rating. Unfortunately...
just caused more buying. must be trying to be like our "treasury complex." i swear to God when i asked where the bond vigilantes in the USA were this was where they sent me!

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And after a short rest, the Au/Ag mountin climbing expedition resumes.

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So in effect, China just downgraded the value of their largest holdings.Smart move.

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It's confusion and distraction.  China plays the rating game, they will lose. 

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fuck i guess there's an a in there...this is bearish for moody's...

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So I'll believe their downgrade is they stop buying treasuries and go 'Russian'. 

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No...They are going oil. The deal with Iran will be where they sink their "barter items". 

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Ahhh... as Jim Rodgers says "I'm in commodities... either way it swings prices will be going up. Gold, silver copper, agriculture, energy and anything that is a real asset." Seems to me if China is flush with $1.15 trillion stashed in the US they would do the same as most ZH'rs. Buy gold, guns and fast women before the bottom falls out.

papaswamp's picture edit function vanished.

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"The United States is screwed and is so we are....we should will ask to physical delivery for on our treasury certificates for the use as paper toilet. " (sic)


Zhou Xiaochuan (circa 2011)

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that was damn hilarious...go long toilet paper...

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Kind of interesting actually...since they do hold so much of our paper---or so they say...I still think they have our gold held in reserve as a guarantee for buying our paper....

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No way dude. Paper is meaningless to the banks. Especially the US. All they need to do is print. Gold on the other hand!

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You grossly underestimate the resiliency and tenacity of central bankers, and to your own demise.

As far as I am a aware of there is still ample tungsten and Krylon Gold Flake Spraypaint in the world.

And if that runs out then they'll wrap gold foil around Hersey bars if they have to.

Be careful of asking too much for a Gold Standard. They might put their heads together and decide that it's a good idea after all.

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Hilarious...back to the US/THEM binary spoken of here earlier today..

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You might be on to something...maybe all that paper is pledged for something of real ports, arable land, gold and silver, mines...real shit

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does anyone really listen to these assholes anymore?  this is bearish for the bank/rating agency clusterfuck

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Fuckin' Aa- Bubba! I love to hear TRUTH. If its from China's mouth, so be it!

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We should all welcome the eastern powerhouse's downgrade. Perhaps their fiat currency will appreciate against our fiat currency. Perhaps after they have sucked all of the ideas and innovations out of the various corporations they will happily go their merry way. Perhaps we will have to accept a new paradigm in which we do not throw things away. Quality was once a respectable word in marketing...


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Perhaps after they have sucked all of the ideas and innovations out of the various corporations

I'm sorry.. I must have missed that gun pointed at the head's of American businesses that bolted over to sell the stuff back here.. I feel so sorry for them, against their will and all.. you know... just sayin..

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Unhappy Downgrade.

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I have a question, where is the US going to get the RMB to keep funding their trade imbalance if China stops purchasing treasuries? The States would have to begin exporting something other than debt no?

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just go to chinatown and get yourself a checking account and a massage

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AAA, AA, A, next stop college ball

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I only gave you up vote because of hot chick wiggling boobies.

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What kind of ratings does Dagong have across Chinese municipalitles?  Curious if their sharp swords cut at home as well.

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They are all junk.  So once a Western rating agency returns fire it will be directly at those - Art of War in full effect.  China's crash is primed now.  The markets are going to get so chaotic, volatile and nutso gonna be fascinating.

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Pfft! Moody's AND S&P will downgrade their asses.

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(Don't make me bust out my Egan-Jones.)

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And China and its subcorporations have more than ZERO credibility...exactly how?

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They are not $17T in hock. Or just about to be.

They hold more in foreign reserves than the US has just increased its debt ceiling by.

They have an economy which has been growing at 10% pa for the last 25 years.

Do you require more? (And I'm not underestimating all the problems they are facing, they are facing lots).

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jeez anyone watching the CHF v's GBP?  Doomsday baby, bear market overkill kicking in. 

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Ok one last article for you guys. This one is BIG. too much evidence to not be something!!! Please check this out


Clyde Lewis, a veteran radio host, has had multiple callers report military movements seen in both Portland and Oregon City, Oregon.

As reported on Ground Zero, troop movements and or military movements have been reported on Ground Zero for several nights now. A caller phoned in that she witnessed that largest movement of Military vehicles, (Tanks, cannons, and other vehicles) through Portland and then southbound.

Another listener Jim sent us three known videos of this train From You Tube and the shots from witnesses are nothing short of breathtaking. Each video shows the movement of Military vehicles not painted for desert operations, but with digital or city camouflage. The question is where are these hundreds of vehicles going and for what reason?

From No Fly Zones, to miliary train convoys in Washington, to convoys along the Tennessee/ Kentucky border, all the way to military personal in fatigues seen in white vans in Arkansas City, reports of suspicious domestic troop movements skyrocketed.

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They are on their way to Alabama to break the bad news that SNAP is broke.

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Sabotage by an insider at a major utility facility, including a chemical or oil refinery, could provide al Qaeda with its best opportunity for the kind of massive Sept. 11 anniversary attack Osama bin Laden was planning, according to U.S. officials.

First Ever National Emergency Alert System Test Scheduled for November 9, 2011

tenth anniversary of nine eleven, FEMA (emergency government) planning a drill on 11.9.11.

good to pay attention to the multiple news stories converging of late. . .

thanks for the link Alex.

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Once again, the smartest person in the room is 1.3 billion Chinese.

I knew we were in trouble when, in Spring 2009, Geithner was literally laughed off the stage at the University of Beijing by the economics students, shouting, "Where's the numbers?! Ha!  Where's the numbers?!?"