China Launches Cyberwar Against Japan As Hackers Take Down 19 Japanese Websites

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Fishing boat armada? Check; Threat to dump JGBs? Check; One thing was missing, and that was cyberwarfare, aka #OccupyJapaneseServers. That too has now been checked. Globe and Mail reports that at least 19 Japanese websites, including those of a government ministry, courts and a hospital, have come under cyber attack, apparently from China, police said Wednesday. Many of the websites were altered to show messages proclaiming Chinese sovereignty over the Diaoyu islands, a Japanese-administered chain Tokyo calls Senkaku, the National Police Agency (NPA) said in a statement. The NPA has confirmed that about 300 Japanese organisations were listed as potential targets for cyber attack on the message board of Honker Union, a Chinese “hacktivism” group, it said.


The police also confirmed around 4,000 people had posted messages about planned attacks and schemes on China’s leading chat site “YY Chat”, it said.


The targeted sites include those of the Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry and Tohoku University Hospital, police said.


The website of the ministry’s statistics bureau seemed to have come under a “distributed denial of service (DDoS)” attack, where huge volumes of data are sent in a short period to paralyze the targeted server, Kyodo News said.


On Sunday afternoon, when the attack was most intense, 95 per cent of traffic to the bureau’s website was from China, Kyodo said, citing minister Tatsuo Kawabata.

Obviously, for now all the "warfare" is purely in the prank department, and while threats of a bond war are serious, they are just that: threats. Expect to see Tim Geithner flying to China and/or Japan to explain that the situation really should be diffused asap, and certainly before the first week of November, because any undue stress may impair his chances of that much desired windowless cubicle at Goldman Sachs or [insert any other bailed out bank here] once his reign of Treasury Terror finally comes to a close.

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TwoShortPlanks's picture

Okrupry Rarai Rama...<TRANS>: 'Occupy Dalai Lama'

krispkritter's picture

Must be the group Chin-Anonymous...we hack you long time!

(Really, 1 billion+ and they hacked 19 sites and posted 4000 messages? That's a slow day for most 17 year olds in this country...)

goldfish1's picture

If ZH gets hacked is there a backup address, a sister site, a mirror location? What's the proper term?

TwoShortPlanks's picture

Oh-Dear, I've been Diss'd...Chinga alert!

Prob someone that takes Blogs too seriously...
like this zipper head:

Vincent Vega's picture

I got diss'd too. Pacific rimmer's perhaps?

Loose Caboose's picture

I didn't dis you but I think that schtick is just getting old.  IMHO.

TideFighter's picture

New ambassador to China: Bwaney Fwank

C'mon, that's funny, I don't care who you are! 

JPM Hater001's picture

Me like you long time...

Japan really has little to worry about.  As I have said for sometime going to war with shit made for Walmart is a bad idea.

Win fast China because once your boats are waterlogged and the engines break my experience is next you will wish you had spent a little more for American Quality...

War: America at It's Best!

LULZBank's picture

Not sure about China and Japan... but most countries cannot endure an all out war for more than 30 days.

Fuel shortage will render then useless even before the "faults" kick in.

JPM Hater001's picture

They are just trying to access your child porn.

LongSoupLine's picture



Sun Tzu, .com style...bitchez

Lin S's picture

I have a question: if China and Japan go at it, what will happen to Taiwan?

I have a good job possibility in Taiwan and have been thinking about taking it and leaving the US, as I really fear what the future will bring here.

But now I wonder if leaving the US for Taiwan is a good idea or not.

Not sure what to do...  = (






Awakened Sheeple's picture

You'd be better off taking a job in Antarctica... There's really nowhere to run for the working classes.

King_of_simpletons's picture

Let's ship more manufacturing jobs to China.

GetZeeGold's picture



They need stuff to do in the ghost factorys.


LULZBank's picture

They are going to make Japanese Emos cry.

mjorden's picture

What happened at the end of Command and Conquer? I never played campaign mode #regrets

jerry_theking_lawler's picture

someone takes over...good or bad (that is on easy/medium). on hard level, the bad guys always win and take over...

gggunchi's picture

double post because I'm a BA  



gggunchi's picture


Jesus Christ, for 4 years I've watch the special olympics in Europe . . . errrr I mean the EMU and the political establishment put band aid on after band aid with nothing to solve the problem or end it.  Then we hear this endless droaning from Israel and Iran.  Now this.  Can something set of a chain reaction so we all have a bit of time to rebuilt before retirement.  



TwoShortPlanks's picture

Right-on...4 years of economic foreplay is fucked-up...I want action...I want some.....C-A-R-N-A-G-E!

JPM Hater001's picture

The longer the foreplay the more spectacular the event.

MillionDollarBoner_'s picture

...unless one or more participants doze off in the meantime...

JPM Hater001's picture

That shit is not funny.  I did that on my wedding night...I was exhausted having woken up at midnight with no chance of falling back asleep. 


I'm still pay'in

falak pema's picture

so you were born in 2009?

After the 2008 US capitalisitic deluge?

gggunchi's picture

I was diversified enough, and moved ~ 30% of my portfolio into precious metals, not those stupid certificates, but legit bullion I have in a safe cemented into the foundation of my house.  I've done quit well there, I'm just worried about the other 70%.  Doesn't seem to make much sense to get 4% ROI consis. y/y when the CPI is 2.6% and we all know the funny numbers don't indicate the dollar's true value when compared to commodities (its only true peg).  So yes, I'd love to see the whole system blow up while I still have another few decades in the work force to rebuild + care for my parents when this shit wipes them out.   

TwoShortPlanks's picture

Wasn't me who robbed week.

Loose Caboose's picture

It's really commendable that you include your parents in your plans.  I mean that. 

But, I think as frustrating as it is right now, this is as good as it will get for a long time.  Anything blowing up, like WWIII does not guarantee that things that follow will be an improvement.  The aftermath could be darker than any of us can imagine. 

The only thing that would improve the picture now would be removal of the elite - routing the oligarchy, revolutionary style.  And even then, the struggle to maintain order and adjust to the new power struture would take decades. 

I say make as much hay right now while the sun is still shining.  This really is the best of times compared to the future.


howenlink's picture

Reading ZH is sort of like watching that long fuse burn on opening of Mission Impossible.  Over and over.

neptunium's picture

And that's why and how it gets pageviews, it covers the never-ending end of the world. 


I'm looking forward to seeing the end of the EMU because it has ramifications for me personally, I'm less keen on seeing a war in the Pacific, and thankfully I don't think there will be one. ZH is good on financial analysis (although it does have somewhat of a sensationalist tone) but tends to play to the 'NWO' goons when it reports on foreign policy, it enables the loons here to shout "FALSE FLAG" and other buzzwords, frankly I'm sure quite a few people who comment here spend the rest of their time divided between David Icke's forum and a manic search for NWO triangles. 


Anyway, the situation with Japan is going to defuse itself sooner or later, sooner probably, neither nation is realistically going to launch a major trade-war over a strategically unimportant rock, Japan has been particularly stupid, in a region where 'face' is everything and you have a belligerent adversary like China it was a dumb idea to unilaterally "claim" the rock and reinforce that with a small flotilla - the hard part now is how both sides climb down from this rhetoric and get back to worrying about their real issues which in both cases have been very accurately reported here (in financial terms). 



NaiLib's picture

And as US traders wake up USD trends down and indices trend up. Selling USD buying everything else ...

falak pema's picture

ah, the oriental brain; psy-ops is their true ancient atavistic language; and anything goes. Ethics is an invention of a greek lunatic.

It was true until Guatama Buddha invented introspection and really confronted that other human truth; we are our own worst enemy; our body and mind our true castle; self improvement our true goal in life.

It was succeeded by Taoism and Yin-Yang path to fulfillment.

They ended the psy-ops hegemony of Sun Tzuism tradition so prevalent in militarist circles of early MAndarin age in the Spring and Autumn period of Middle Kingdom China. Confucious, a humanist, also helped change that mindset. 

Sun Tzu - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Spring and Autumn period - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Confucianism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Neofeudal one-party China, like neo-feudal oligarchy America, is finding the irrepressible urge in "the great leap backwards" momentum to replunge into the regression age! 

Lets hope its only a knee-jerk and not a fatalistic trend.

jubber's picture

As the US/JPY overnight pop is already off 100 pips, I would also suggest that the Chinese are selling this cross heavily and negating the BOJ action

WhiteHose's picture

Does anyone even give a shit anymore! WTF! World on the brink! FUCK you Ben!

ZeroAvatar's picture

No, that's just it, no-one cares anymore.  Anyone under the age of 30 is POSITIVE the world end's 12-21-12. 


Ninenty-Eight percent of the population only cares about American Idol and Kardashian.


Apathy abounds.  Most boomers are like, "I know this sucker's going down, but I'm just too old to change anything, so maybe, if I'm lucky, I can just hold on to the status quo, to what I've got, for just a few more years longer until I die."


The planet's population has gotten to the point, where, there's no more 'individuality'. We're all just 'useless eaters'. It's impossible to 'stand out'.

Nobody in Government cares about anything (they're just too stupid, really, to grasp the situation) except getting re-elected.


There's so much access to porn now, women are degraded and taught that sex is their only way out. So they're all hateful, and apathetic.


Fuck it.  Why should I care?  Just bring the nukes already.  It's time for a reset.

WhiteHose's picture

So friggin right! You forgt how important dancing with the stars and american idol are too! WTF!

neptunium's picture

On behalf of humanity, I'm terribly sorry you feel so dissatisfied with our service, 


Re: your hope of a nuclear cataclysm, unfortunately we no longer possess adequate warhead stockpiles to kill much more than a small percentage of the global population, you'd buy yourself a few decades until population levels recouped but it wouldn't be the "reset" you hoped for : * (  

On the other hand, I rather like this world, it's fascinating as it always has been, there's plenty to occupy your mind with as there always has and always will be. We will always live in 'interesting times' and if you really long for the simplicity of the past then go and buy a few thousand acres of tundra and revert to a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, there's plenty of wilderness out there. 

I hope you feel suitably rejuvenated, if not; why not try euthanasia? 

Loose Caboose's picture

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."  Gandhi

CPL's picture

Yup. What isn't discussed about that particular group is they are the "Chinese 4chan". They are just as nuts as the western version but they usually only go dogging after UFO crap.  They are talented and fast and very unemployed with a deep annoyance that there aren't millionaire jobs waiting for them after their degrees.  There been mention of them on here before, they are called the "Ant Tribe".  They fill up an apartment with ten guys, take turns making WoW gold, playing starcraft and looking for the truth.


The question is why would they march for China?  They've never struck me as particularily nationalistic, but there is a deep hate for the Japanese.  I'm thinking someone baited them to run as a decoy while something else was getting done.  They are fairly looney, but haven't been "bad", just curious.  That UFO godhead thing is one of the only motivators I know of that would get most of them moving for a cookie.  If they wanted them to stop they would only have to put the Actors from X files on TV to blow them a kiss and it would stop immediately, there are chans in China nearly exclusively dedicated to disecting the show.


This whole situation though...on a rating of one through bat shit insane, I'll put it on a spooky...or a seven.

dick cheneys ghost's picture

wanna know why they call it 'sweet and sour shrimp'?