China Moves To Further Marginalize Dollar: Offers CNY-Denominated BRIC Loans

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Today we observed how as the US is considering releasing crude from its Political, pardon Strategic Petroleum Reserve, China was doing just the opposite. Now, in a further step confirming that China is acting as a much more rational capitalist power, and is rapidly encroaching on the "reserve" status of the sacrosanct USD, the FT writes that China intends to extend renminbi loans to other BRIC nations in "another step toward the internationalisation of its currency." To those following the stealthy Chinese incursion into currency markets as a dollar alternative, this is not news: already we know that China and Japan have bypassed the dollar entirely and now engage in direct bilateral trade using JPY and CNY (even as most other nations in Asia have developed bilateral agreements to transact in a non dollar basis). This is merely the latest incremental step which will see China become the dominant player in the currency arena, and further puts to doubt the fate of the US Dollar as the default currency. Of course, the market will not acknowledge any of this until the developing (i.e., non-insolvent world) is transacting entirely with US intermediation. And at that point, the US will be merely another Zimbabwe case study, where it can print all the money it wants to fund its deficit, and the only ones who care will be wheelbarrow manufacturers.

From the FT:

The China Development Bank will sign a memorandum of understanding in New Delhi with its Brazilian, Russian, Indian and South African counterparts on March 29, say people familiar with their talks. Under the agreement CDB, which lends mainly in dollars overseas, will make renminbi loans available, while the other Brics nations’ development banks will also extend loans denominated in their respective currencies.


The initiative aims to boost trade between the five nations and promote use of the renminbi, rather than US dollar, for international trade and cross-border lending. Under 13 per cent of China’s Asia trade is transacted in renminbi, according to Helen Qiao, chief Asia economist for Morgan Stanley. HSBC estimates that the currency’s share of regional trade could swell to up to 50 per cent by 2015.


BNDES, Brazil’s development bank with a loan book about four times the size of that of the World Bank, and South Africa’s finance ministry said they expected a master agreement to be signed in New Delhi that would include the lending pledge, with details to be ironed out during a summit. “We will discuss the creation of structures and mechanisms for lending in local currencies in order to maximise economic and financial transactions between the countries that are members of the accord,” BNDES said.


CDB declined to comment. Other signatories will include Russia’s Vnesheconombank, Export-Import Bank of India and the Development Bank of Southern Africa.

Next up, China announces that it was only kidding about its gold holdings, which suddenly are reported to have doubled or tripled, and the trap will be officially srpung.

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SheepDog-One's picture

Taps for USD on the pipes and snare....alas, we hardly knew ye.

Pladizow's picture

There was also the story some time ago of China issuing bonds.

Why does the largest creditor nation in the world need to borrow?

Dr. Engali's picture

Why wouldn't you if the cost of borrowing is nothing? It's like 0% financing. I sure as hell ain't going to spend my money when somebody else will loan it to me for free.

Pladizow's picture

Sorry for not making my point more clear - the Chinese issued bonds to start getting the world accustomed to transacting in their currency.

Sean7k's picture

I would suggest that in order to become a reserve currency or to encourage trade in your currency- there has to be enough of it to trade in. Bonds allow for the creation of currency. If you create a big enough market for your bonds- bond markets can begin to trade in them as well. 

It has taken time for China to develop enough trade relationships to allow for the transactions to be in Yuan. This is the next step to break from the dollar peg, thus keeping the US from inflating its' currency's value. 

Having a substantial gold/silver backing and the selling of US treasuries will further cement their currency position. 

The US knows this, yet doesn't implement these types of policies. This is the better question- why? Where are the Elites taking the US ? If it was onto bigger and better things, we would have a better foundation for economic stability.

Pladizow's picture

There can be no NWO with a super power in it, i.e., crisis by design!

trav7777's picture

there is no way either Russia, Brazil, or India need the CNY.

This is merely for each nation to trade in their own currency.  They aren't going to use the CNY as a fucking reserve.

Why the hell would Russia of all nations want or need the fucking yuan?  They have enough oil exports to demand trade in rubles and tell china to fuck off.  Brazil as well is an energy exporter.

cranky-old-geezer's picture



Actually there can be no NWO if the west's anglo white race bankers lose control of the world financial system. 

And that's what the east clearly wants to do, end the west's financial system dominance. 

To do that they must take the US dollar down from its world reserve currency status.  That's the biggest step, and the only step actually.  Once USD loses WRC status, that's it for America as a superpower.  The Euro and EU will collapse soon after (if it hasn't already collapsed).

Western anglo white race bankers know this.  They know their control is about to end.  They know USD is about to lose WRC status.

It's why they're looting everything they can now, and the looting wlll get worse leading up to USD collapse.

But the sheep don't know it.  Like many sheep here.  Like RoboTard and MDB and sheep like that who see nothing but stock market gains. 

They have no clue the bottom is about to drop out of the dollar.  

And by the way, Iran is the battlefield where western bankers prevail and maintain USD superiority, or lose and watch USD fall.

Questan1913's picture



Yes, game over soon regardless what happens to Iran.  If spread evenly over US society the loss of WRC status would drop our living standard by 25 percent roughly, but I do believe most of the losses will be concentrated within the elites of financealization fraud where the haircut will be horrendous.  I won't be shedding any tears.

trav7777's picture

white anglos like Rothschild and the Fed board huh?

bbq on whitehouse lawn's picture

Careful sometimes what we think is free, just an't so. To use Mark Twain.

Dr. Engali's picture

Well that's true they just embed the cost someplace else.

Ruffcut's picture

"Can't wait to shit a bric or two for some food, sir."

JPM Hater001's picture

Clever.  I see what you did there.

SilverRhino's picture

That's a neat predatory trick too.   Price out loans in renmembi (artificially deflated currency) and when the time is right let the Renmembi appreciate like mad against other currencies.  Instant debt slavery for BRI countries.


trav7777's picture

volumes on these bonds are infinitesimal.

Big nothingburger.  The yuan is NOT going to EVER be the WRC.  China will be forced to hold BRL to get commodities and RUB to get oil.  They will both hold each other in reserve.

Tsar Pointless's picture

Wait - does this mean we will have a bang-bang shoot-'em-up war with China by EOM, too?

SheepDog-One's picture

I hope so! Im bored with these FED assclowns! Lets get some excitement and mushroom clouds goin here!

Tsar Pointless's picture

You had me at "mushroom clouds", SD-One!

I wish I could quit you!

Koffieshop's picture

Wait - does this mean we will have a bang-bang shoot-'em-up war with China by EOM, too?

No. Nobody is THAT stupid.

However it does make open war with Iran more likely. This news suggests the US is running out of moves fast as the ponzi is almost up. Invading someone who doesnt have working nukes sounds like the proper, desparate, last-resort move to me.

Iconoclast's picture

Yep, added to that the USA underpin their fiat by stealing oil, kinda like an oil standard..

matrix2012's picture


Iconoclast, did you mean: THE STANDARD OIL GROUP ???

An interesting read below...

"Another thing that most people don't know about is the ROCKEFELLERS CONTROL OF THE STANDARD OIL GROUP which includes under their umbrella EXXON, CHEVRON, PHILLIPS, MARATHON, BP, AMOCO and others. They also control major American banks like Chase Manhattan, and others. They founded the TRILATERAL COMMISION and (through Mandell House) the CFR (COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS). They set up fake "philantropist" foundations to fund organizations and causes that make them more money and further their globalist agenda as well as put up money for shills that feign opposition (Chomsky, Buchanan, Nader, Moore, various environmental groups, etc) but really subvert any real resistance to the new world order agenda. They and other uber capitalists even had a huge hand in funding the BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION in RUSSIA and perpetrated the whole "cold war" hoax. I really could go on and on but I'll just leave you with those as a few examples. I mean forget about any "freemasons", "zionists", "jesuits" etc type of theories as to who is really pulling the strings. Just follow the money trail and you'll see that its the Rockefellers and a few other oligarchical families and cabals that are THE TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN in creating this sick destructive NEW WORLD ORDER that is a conspiracy against ALL people, cultures and races. 

I had always been leery of Allen and his work because of his close association with the JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY (I think its open to debate but a lot of evidence points in the direction of the JBS being a shill/controlled opposition organization) but this book helped bring a lot of things into focus for me as far as deciphering the globalist agenda/conspiracy so I have new found respect for the man. GARY ALLEN should be held in high regard along with ANTONY SUTTON and EUSTACE MULLINS as people who did the leg work that exposed much about the NEW WORLD ORDER conspiracy that other writers are selling books and riding the coattails of."


Read over The Rockefeller File (1998) and None Dare Call It Conspiracy (1971) by GARY ALLEN here!



RSloane's picture

It only makes sense for them to do this. I'm surprised it isn't happening at a much more frequent rate.

mayhem_korner's picture



"happening" or "being leaked"...?

JPM Hater001's picture

Mayhem you sage.  Are you suggesting the Chinese are doing something behind our backs?  With out head squarely up our ass you would thing we would see something.

RSloane's picture

They've already negotiated contracts with countries not in BRIC to purchase goods, including minerals, using that country's currency. They're not doing anything behind anyone's back, we're just not paying attention.

mayhem_korner's picture



I see nothing!  I am not here!  I didn't get out of bed this morning!  (Sgt Schultz)

robertocarlos's picture

So sorry. This my garden now.

Pladizow's picture

Are you referring to ALL US farmland?

LawsofPhysics's picture

Farmland is up 600% in some locations around us.  Sellers only accepting gold.  Those of us still in business will be all too happy to accept Gold instead of dollars for the next load of soybeans sent to China.  fucking bring it.

sethstorm's picture

Cut off China's (preferential) access to the US then, whether it be directly or through intermediary.

DanDaley's picture

No, they would be happy to nuke the left and right coasts but keep the midwest farm-belt as nice as possible.  After all, they have 75% more people to feed than the US and desertification is eating up China.  

The US is like the flirty virgin who walked into a BA biker bar and is now going to have to pay for her big mistake.

trav7777's picture

China is like a skank with cancer and Hep C.  Have you seen their country?

They're incapable of nuking the east coast anyway at the present time.

You talk about desertification and now they're going to take us over?  They're too STUPID to not destroy their own country but wise enough to conquer us? 

We are going to starve them all to death.

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