China PMI Plunges Most In 28 Months, Reverts To HSBC's Reality

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Color us not stunned at all. China's Manufacturing PMI finally reverted to the reality that HSBC's Manufacturing PMI has been arguing for and fell for the first time in six months. The drop is the largest since February 2010. While still above 50 (though the lowest level of expansion in five months), or 50.4 technically, down from 53.4, and missing expectations of 52.0, it seems another engine of global growth just sputtered finally - as the real impact of a European depression and fiscally challenged US hit home.

And as a reminder, here is why unless "Europe is fixed" and quite soon, the situation will first get worse before it gets much worse:

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vmromk's picture

Nothing that a SCUMBAG with an active printing press couldn't fix.

How's that wealth effect working out for you Bernank ?

Going exactly as planned ?

It's gonna be a hoot to see which medical institution would hire your kid after his father will be the one who brings down the entire financial system, hahaha you fucking DOUCHEBAG Bernanke.


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See, even the Chinese government economists want QE3!  It is so nice to see the whole world work together on something.  I just wish it wasn't monetary debasement.


ZH office pool...How big will QE3 be?  

hedgeless_horseman's picture



Vast-dom says QE3 will be as big as his douche.  Anyone want to try and quantify that?

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

China is on QE7, QE8, and QEn already. I am sure it smells like a douche.

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The whole point of fiat currency is so you can create more easily. Witout that we might as well still be on the gold standard.

They will use it when they get the commodities down a little more so they start moving back up from a lower base.

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To be fair Vast is off his meds. But if I were to try and quantify an amount for a douche I would say 4 trillion. That is one trillion for each of the four major fed douche bag chair people.

Cult_of_Reason's picture

Who's gonna save the world now?

We're screwed.

New rumor: IMF to bailout China.

Cult_of_Reason's picture

Mommy has no money to bailout the world.

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But she can make $86 an hour working from her home!

Cult_of_Reason's picture

New rumor: DeShawn Stevenson to bailout China (he has an ATM machine in his kitchen)

NBA star DeShawn Stevenson installs cash machine in his kitchen

otto skorzeny's picture

that's so all his homies can pay for all the white strippers they bring back to his house to bang

SilverTree's picture

Contraction bitchez!

junkyardjack's picture

We're going to need an epidural

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China - Real Estate Investment Plunged 70% in Q1 2012


BEIJING - Chinese shares tumbled Wednesday after Premier Wen Jiabao said China will not halt its efforts to reign in housing prices.

The current housing prices are still far from falling back to a reasonable level, Wen said at a press conference after the conclusion of China's annual parliamentary session.



robertocarlos's picture

OMG! Do you think he would be willing to be the PM of Canada?

larry david's picture

fuck you jamie dimon, fucking punk

LetThemEatRand's picture

And fuck Lloyd Blankfein.  That fucking fuck.

junkyardjack's picture

Who could have seen this coming. Feels like only this afternoon the S&P ripped up 20 points on the fact that the world was saved, now this just comes out of left field....

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that was just the end of month mark up...


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So?  A guy's still got to make a living.  Meaning "What if the end doesn't come?"  

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Sorry I'm too busy to care about China while looking out for black helicopters after I realized that an e-mail to my Target buyer sent last year about how we had to recall our Japanese product after suppliers issued cancellations stemming from the earthquake and tsunami probably put me on a watch list.


veyron's picture

Rumor: apple to buy a few European countries, pensions paid in iPads.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Rumor:  someone ate Jobs' face just before the End.  He shall be returning soon.  New OS = Zombie.

adr's picture

actually Apple should have cremated Jobs and sold an ash for $100 a piece to all the Apple faithful so to carry around a part of their lord and savior.

Ineverslice's picture

Ausie-Ausie-Ausie....Oy vey.  Gulp.

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Watching the ASX200 bounce of it's "support" and the AUD.  Looks like intervention.

Food gates of hell will be unleashed on the Australian and Canadian markets soon.  They're Keynesian mad government are running hot with the RMBS trade, desperately trying to keep their housing markets bid.


disabledvet's picture


chump666's picture

looks like the PPT on a HFT smoke out, very obvious.  As for FX Asia is riddled with inflation so they are flipping on the USD strength, looks like CB bids.

All and all, major shorts will pile up on Australia soon.  Their bonds being bid is ludicrous when they have a housing bubble to end all housing bubbles.

chump666's picture

also the trades will be cut at end session. so any retailers or smart money will be fleeced.

asian sovereigns are buying shares.


IMA5U's picture

Don't worry


QE10 will save us

Conman's picture

Why are Asian markets dropping on this news? In the good ol' USA we treat bad economic news as bullish for stocks. silly asians.

carefreemanjoe's picture

Because here in the US the so called pundits and cheerleaders will start saying "it is already baked in", "it is already accounted for in the current market"  or something to that effect.

Conman's picture

Nah, I think it is because the thought of Hello Kitty going bankrupt is very terrifying to them.

disabledvet's picture

how can i imagine something failing when i can't even understand how it works to begin with?

Conman's picture

Lol i spoke too soon. Asia's turning American-nese. Indicies marching green. HSI and Shanghai green, Incredible!

reader2010's picture

Party bosses will roll out internal personal consumption of legal prostitution soon. 

DormRoom's picture

Too much debt diverted to unproductive enterprises throughout the world.  The system needs to be cleansed. But the crony capitalists control the system, and will never allow for the proper correction. 


My generation is f)cked.  The baby boomers get to die off just before the financialpocalyse--which they built-- collapses all societies.

Conman's picture

In other news Kyle Bass says Yipeee.

otto skorzeny's picture

JGBS time? Hugh Hendry has been shorting alot of Jap. companies that do most of their biz w/ Red China-steel maunufacturers I think he said

CreativeDestructor's picture

Mars is the new bail out-or and earth bail out-ee

rfaze's picture

I picked the wrong day to quit sniffing glue........

otto skorzeny's picture

i love how the blowhards on CNBC say that USA is decoupled from rest of world while not too long ago pontificating on how all world economy is so interconnected

carefreemanjoe's picture

Do you think they really know what is going on around them. They just go with the flavor of the season. When Facebook IPO was cool they were cheering it like FB is this great new Quarterback and now they act as if they always knew the QB was a lemon.

otto skorzeny's picture

I watch it more for comedy and to see Santelli froth at the mouth over state and muni debt-oh-and that smokin' hot amanda something