China "Recalls" 54 Bullet Trains Over Safety Concerns

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There were some who speculated that the east China July 23 bullet train crash was indicative of bigger problems with China's breakneck spree to build infrastructure for the sake of building infrastructure. Sure enough, Xinhua reports that not one, not two, but 54 high speed trains have been recalled over safety concerns.

From Xinhua:

The Shanghai-listed train maker said in a statement at the website of Shanghai Stock Exchange that it had asked the Ministry of Railways for approval of recalling its 54 high-speed CRH380BL trains.


Previously, the Beijing-based company has decided to suspend delivery of CRH380BL trains which the company said have defects in the automatic protection system.


The trains were assembled in the company's subsidiary, Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd., in northeast China's Jilin Province.


Friday's recall of high-speed trains came shortly after the country's railway ministry announced a slowdown of train speeds amid widespread concerns over the railway safety aroused by the July 23 train crash in east China.

What next: someone inquires into China's GDP numbers and discovers that everything is a complete and utter fabrication? Oh wait, China is the BRIC that will pull the world out of the next recession. We keep forgetting.

Alternatively, as some speculated previously, we wonder just how much of an economic slow down factor the crash is supposed to be: after all if China wishes to cool off its economy all it has to say is that going forward it will actually implement Quality Control in the production process of all goods. Next up: inflation tumbles by half as GDP growth stays precisely at 8% in perpetuity.

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Speaking of bullets, Where is Leo Kolivakis???

he last posted on Zero Hedge over a week ago
but continues on his own blog - did he get the ZH Ki-bosh or is he just in the penalty box?

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Noticed this earlier --


Listen, if all you see is doom & gloom all over the world and are seriously contemplating on slicing your wrists because you've been reading the bullshit over at Zero Hedge, then stop reading my comment right away. I parted ways with Zero Hedge and Tyler Durden today after I gave it to him for censoring me and allowing the clowns over there to constantly ridicule and insult me. That blog is becoming a total joke and I am not surprised he banned me because he is the same as all the rest of the zealots who silence any dissenting voices. If you don't toe the line at Zero Hedge and paint everything dark, they will ban you.

I am tired of arrogant, narcissistic fools and wish Tyler Durden and the clowns at Zero Hedge all the best. I have no agenda, nothing to peddle, and will speak the truth. If Tyler Durden wants to silence me, then that speaks volumes about his credibility. So let me share with you what I really think is going on in this latest panic selling:

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That ignorant fool was no better than the clowns on CNBS...I don't mind opposing views, when they are not BULLSHIT and HYPE...I for one DO NOT miss the clown.

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Leo is selective in what he chooses as being informative.  I found him typical of MS patients.  Just another needy male that did not get enough hugs from his mom.

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You are an idiot but I am sure you already know that.

Back to the story. Siemens was contracted to build and maintain the first bullet trains in China. They knew damn well China was going to try and copy the tech whether it was in China or elsewhere so they installed loyal Euopean employees only. They made it as difficult as possible for them to understand the tech and the subsequent maintenance. 

So much the same way as the Chinese copy everything else (like unfinished capacitor designs 2003-2004 that blew up in Dells, iMacs etc) they fucked up the copy. It's a damn shame people had to die instead of being just simply disappointed with a piss poor copy.

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when was the last time the chinese came up with something on their own?  you see these chinese doctors walking around in our hospitals and it makes you wonder just who they are  and what they know....

HungrySeagull's picture

They came up with the Great Wall once a strong enough Leader united them all.

They came up with a way to build the Three Gorges Damn.... uh... Dam.


You know what they say, a fish hitting a wall saying DAM! but those Chinee... they build our Railroads, washed our dishes and laundry and supply us the places to get drugs and women.

About time they did something.

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The Chinese also brought in the Japs ostensibly to help with this and immediately started trying to steal their technology.  The japs up and left them.  This stuff is documented.

ANYone who does business with China is looking to get ripped off

High Plains Drifter's picture

when the japs invaded manchuria, they tried to use the jews to control the chinese in that area for them. that didn't work out too good needless to say. when they brought in the yids , a lot of "horse stealing " started happening behind the lines........:)


also the russians have almost stopped trading with them i think on a military level due to the chinese reverse engineering russian equipment and therefore cutting out the russian military industrial complex in possible profits from spare parts sales etc............

HungrySeagull's picture

That is why I taught myself to build computers. Never buy them at the store ever again.

As I type this I got a fucking HAF X Case being stuffed with the latest gaming goodies in advance of BF3

High Plains Drifter's picture

which way did you go? amd or intel?

HungrySeagull's picture

Actually a little of both over the years.

I am only concerned with frame rates and stability in battle, not the brand. At the moment I am running crossfire AMD on a intel chip (Ugh..) but it works. There is a build behind me that will be all NVIDIA for the first time in decades. SLI 590GTX etc.


I take cold comfort in when I fire that bitch up to play it's gonna pull 1500 watts, 15-20 amps off the house all by it's self. The only questions matters now is how much in kWh per 24 hours at 120 volt is this whore gonna cost me each day?


The amount of fans availible in the Haf x case (Honking big ones.) will be recycling the air too.

NoClueSneaker's picture

... went out of that race . My last rig was Conroe con 8800GTX ( EVGA + BFG ), watercooled - tweaked to stable 3156 MHz ... ( first adopter, urgs) ..

... and then I saw myself as a grannie on Hayabusa.


Haven't touched a screwdriver since then ...


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It's very possible that the problem had nothing to do with the actual train, but something to do with the signal or switching systems.  There are huge amounts of corruption in Chinese public works projects.  Many of these people do not care about their own country, they are only in it for themselves.  Like the guy who skimmed millions off of the flood protection projects, when the dykes failed, and millions were flooded, with thousands of deaths... he probably already had a visa and the money in an offshore account. There are thousands of example of this in China, big and small.      

High Plains Drifter's picture

what you describe sounds like people in our government. 

fuu's picture

Siemens control systems? Stuxnet.

janus's picture

if i have some time, maybe i'll swing by and shatter his ego

i tried to be nice because i like dissenting voices; but if he's gonna throw a tantrum janus knows how to deal with that as well.  i wonder what these things were; what is ZH's great power that they could censor him on his diminutive wittle blog as well as ZH.  couldn't he just say, see, i wrote this and it was true then on my blog and ZH would have none of it...simple truth is probably that he can't take the taunts from the gallery and can't make a persuasive argument to he crawls back home and tells his family how he left on his own terms, and to protect his treasured honor...seen the movie -- it was just as contrived then.

two thumbs down, leo

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he said one time, that he went home and called his brother and told him about how that mean old akak was always trying to pick on him?  :)

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speaking of arrogance and narcissism, leo takes the cake. like i said before, i would not want him as someone watching my retirement money. we have too many perma bulls like him watching the pension money. it is easy to make bets with other people's money. i never had anything personal against the guy. he wasn't that bad. he is entitled to his opinions. but so many times he seemed to just not get it. these days there just isn't anymore time to put up with fools like him. so he is gone now. well i guess that means he now walks into the darkness of obscurity as he was, before he even came to this place. he can now tell his stories about having lunches with interesting people, to all of the readers of his blog, all 500 or them...

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"he wasn't that bad"

Ah, describe something good about Leo? ...i'll give you to the end of the month to scrape around the bottom of a barrel and find something!

"i never had anything personal against the guy"

I did.. he's an arsehole ..and professionally no idea where to put his money (eg. the Green sector, what a tool. eg.2. "next week buy the dip" famous last words from the total dipshit that is Leo)

He entered ZH tripping over his bootlaces, becamse the resident Omega wolf for good reason, and left tripping over his toungue... and Ronald McDonald calls us "Clowns" ?!! 


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Well, Leo was good to have around. Gives me a reason to continue doing what I do and continue on doing what I have been doing. Anyone who is that thin skinned should stay the fuck out.

Hell... There were times you fucks on ZH managed to sink a spur or two now and then. I try to be good about it. But whining about ZH and announcing I quit is not the way to do it. what a whiny child. I expected better from Leo.

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did he quit or did he resign?  he gave tyler durden a shot on the way out the door too , i noticed.,,,,,,something about censorship etc.,,,,,

HungrySeagull's picture

However which way Leo went out, his Bones are bleaching in the blinding light here at fight club.

IQ 145's picture

Oh, that's alright, Leo, I think I'll just struggle along somehow whithout finding out what you think is going on. "Have a nice day" as they say in California; and Leo, don't come back, ok? Thanks.

fuu's picture


I still love one of his last calls from 8/2/11:

The Senate should rubber stamp the debt deal. I think they will sell the news, the stock market will tank, but it will recover tomorrow and rest of week (maybe even this afternoon). Friday's US payrolls will be weak but that dip will be bought too. Importantly, even though economic data will come in weaker-than-expected, keep buying the dips on risk assets.

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I miss Leo and the chuckles I got from his stuff.
What is akak going to do now?

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Built like a BRIC House has a whole new meaning.

theXman's picture

Take look at the photos in the following link. Does not matter if you can't read Chinese. The photos are self-explanatory. They are real, no PS.


High Speed Rail with Chinese Characters:

James T. Kirk's picture

Wow. Gives me a great idea to expand LAX. Just build an elevated runway over South Central. The MTA can hack Bejing to rip off the schematics.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

China is such a second rate country.  They cut corners wherever they can.  Just like poisoning pets and children.  Their arrogance will be their undoing.

caerus's picture

apparently we've exported idiocy...winning!

Pay Day Today's picture

Does feeding our children Diet Coke count as "poisoning them"?

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Meanwhile, a high speed train wreck in Poland goes completely unnoticed by all of western society. Get off your Chinese Hate Horse fool!

sitenine's picture

What's your motivation for asking?

Does a person need to be PRC to recognize racially motivated hate?

dwdollar's picture

Haha...  Nothing could go wrong there...

Just like nothing could go wrong with the nuclear reactors they're building downstream of Three Gorges Dam (which is in an earthquake zone and already has cracks) next to the river.

Hephasteus's picture

There's got to be a way to keep heavy machinery out of the hands of idiots.

HungrySeagull's picture

There is.

Computers programmed by idiots told to dumb them down so the morons and imbeciles will push buttons by rote at the right time after two weeks careful training designed to wash out the truly intelligent.

DosZap's picture

the Xman,

Pillars do not a Bullet train  make,if you can't keep the bitchez on the tracks.

I know I want to do 200-350mph on a Chinese BT.Appears they at least are not just killing Americans w/sub std shit.

IQ 145's picture

Wow, that's great. You can get from someplace you never wanted to be to someplace else that looks exactly the same in practically no time. Now, that;s progress, alright.

citta vritti's picture

I thought it was “built like a brick shit house” to indicate conspicuous over consumption, which still seems to fit somehow for our BRICs, not that we’re not pots calling kettles black. 

HungrySeagull's picture

What is the name of that song? Uber Uncle Schmit?... Ja Schnell uber uncle schmit...

rlouis's picture

and yet, California is ready to spend $60 billion of taxpayer money to build a high speed rail system.  It's not just formerly communist regimes that make stupid capital allocation decisions - the recently socialist do to!

Long-John-Silver's picture

We know it will be operated by Amtrak mandated by federal law.

Amtrak Costs & Subsidies Compared to
Air Fares and Car Rentals

fyrebird's picture

HSR will never happen. All the money is going into "consultants" until someone notices the State is BK. When the petty cash dries up those fookers will already be in the Bahamas on the beach enjoying the beotches.

Somewhere in South California there are already tracks to nowhere. They will become the wonder of the post-modern world.

Drag Racer's picture

the main reason for the high speed rail in Cali is to get the masses past those stinkin slaughter houses. anyone notice how bad the smell got since they upped the GM corn feed???? ask a butcher who slaughtered one fed on that crap.

trains from nowhere to nowhere... gotta luv it.

HungrySeagull's picture

The only part of a slaughter house to stink is the hide house. If you cannot stand it earning a honest wage there then move out of California. Or Texas or Oklahoma or whatever.,...


With that said... some of those big feedlots around Liberal Kansas can be smelled a hundred miles upwind whew... Makes a strong man question the consitution of one's stomach and breakfast earlier that morning.

Down along the Red River at night, I used to have a horrible fear because the damn Livestock is 4000 pounds, bigger than the damn Van and has a hide the exact same color of the pavement and at night too. They are invisible.

I cannot tell you how many screaming souls Ive pulled out of those goddamn cars along that Red... enough.


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Do Nancy Pelosi and Govenor Moonbeam know about this?