"China Will Not Hesitate To Protect Iran Even With A Third World War"

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Fast forward to 2:08: "It is puzzling to some that Major General Zhang Zhaozhong, a professor from the Chinese National Defense University, said China will not hesitate to protect Iran even with a third World War... Professor Xia Ming: "Zhang Zhaozhong said that not hesitating to fight a third world war would be entirely for domestic political needs...." And don't forget Russia, which recently said it is preparing to retaliate against NATO and has put radar stations on combat alert: "Russia is another ally of Iran, with similar policy to that of China. Toward Iran." Watch, and please forward the entire video, for an explanation of how China is approaching the situation not only in Iran, but a perspective of how they view the western "threat", as well as what tensions they face domestically.

h/t Scrataliano

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Maybe they'll manufacture TVs for African tribes in exchange for oil, gold, diamonds and crops. They might not need anymore toll roads or oil companies.

trav7777's picture

with what electricity are those TVs gonna be powered?

prole's picture

There won't be any TVs. There will only be a boot in the face if the natives get restless. Whichever tribal leader gets paid off won't care what happens to the fodder, He (dictator) will be wherever dictators go for personal Beyonce concerts and etc etc.

BigInJapan's picture

Finally, somebody who understands.

China fighting Europe, Japan, and North America in WW3? And to whom will the brownteeth masses then export their junk?
I'm feeling pretty smug today for inventing a new slur for the Chinese, I am.

thefatasswilly's picture

What a sad wasp.

It's China, Russia, Germany vs USA, Britain, France.

The former will win, for obvious reasons I've outlined here before. I suggest you read and think some more before you post, because you're coming across as a fucking idiot.

BigInJapan's picture

Oh, I've thought plenty, thanks.

Coming across like a fucking idiot who's got his ducks in a row.

Germany, the fattest military in the world? That Germany?

Russia, the drunkest COUNTRY in the world with an average life expectancy for men of 59 years? That Russia?

China, well, they'll tear themselves apart while the rest of us stand and watch, so pay attention when the grownups are talking, alright Willy?


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Hah whats the us going to do when the strategic reserve recieves a bunker busting incendiary and no middle eastern or south american country will supply oil? What's a nimitz going to do against a barrage of inertial compensating over the horizon artillery shells? What's the cia going to do when the anti sattellite missiles roar to life?


China has those too.

Any way you look at it, China has counters to your toys, factories and has maintained better relations with suppliers. The US arrogantly shits in everyone's nest and assumes that they have some sort of divine moral superiority that makes its nukes the ultimate fallback, while no doubt it would condemn others with the same attitude.

upWising's picture

Mr. BigInJapan!!   I have a question!! (hand waving frantically in the air).

"If we get in a war with the brownteeth and the Germans and the Ruski's, does that mean my Dad will have to get off the LazyBoy couch?  Will we still have TeeVee?  What will happen to Dancing With the Stars?   Will will still have the Grammy's?  Will we still have frozen pizza?"


thefatasswilly's picture

You are an idiotic waste of oil, oxygen, and fresh water.

The worst part is, you believe that you are special, when in reality, you are less useful as a transformer of dead animals into shit than a pig, because at least a pig doesn't waste oil typing nonsense on a computer.

olo - that's the bird's picture

no worse. they'll stop making iphones at foxconn.

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Is that your true photo there AldousHuxley? 

mkkby's picture

Correct.  And if that doesn't get the message across, they can turn off the lights for the entire western world's factories.

thefatasswilly's picture

You're usually capable of rational thought, round eye. Your insecurity in the face of Chinese domination in conjunction with anglo saxon failure is showing.

Even if China can't take on America alone (which it can, because China will not be fighting in the west; the battlefield will be Eurasia. Think American Revolution, supply lines, and other such logistical thoughts), China won't be fighting alone, and I'm certain you understand just how deadly ze germans are.

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In a conventional war, the Chinese might do a lot better than you think.  (I use the term "think" loosely).  China the largest standing army in the world, and the factories to back up their military.  The US has no mfg base compared to WWII where we essentially won the war by being able to produce twice as many tanks, ships and airplanes as could Nazi Germany


Iran, the next Vietnam, only a bit more global in scale.  I predict disaster for the USA if they try to attack Iran.  Gas will be rationed and will cost at least $10 a gallon, for one thing.

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trav777 ,

You and your redneck flag waving buddies grossly underestimate the awesome power of the Chinese military. they would have us licking their boots in less than 12 hours, it will be the shortest war in history. Next to of course the war in Iran.....he he


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As opposed to your muslim's 6 wars?   Bush sucked but the muslim is exponentially worse.

Thomas's picture

They are just trying to rally the DOW another 500 points.

Temporalist's picture

Thomas my thoughts exactly. 

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Not to mention that whenever central banking is at the core of problems with a global financial crisis, there tends to be a big distraction aka world war so that a 'Bretton Woods' type agreement can be made amongst the new creditor nations.

Even the jasmine revolutions are having an adverse effect as protests within developed nations have increased. The beast may have many heads (or squid may have many tentacles whatever you prefer), but will soon find it can not defend itself from the concept of inevitability.

The days of manipulation and schemes to move the markets/focus is coming to an end.  Those (all current central planners) who don't learn from history suffer the peril of repeating history-- and being on the wrong side of it.

Demand change within our government, cleanse the democratic process, end the fed, IMF, and Worldbank, and let's start fixing our damn economy already.

Piranhanoia's picture

You know,  "Riverboat ring your bell,  Fare thee well Annabelle, Luck is the lady that I love the best"  No?  Natchez to New Orleans,  Livin' on Jacks and Queens, Maverick was the legend of the West".   No?  

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what ever you are smoking--I want some!

Chuck Walla's picture

McCain - lock up all those crazy American Tea partiers. No, sorry, I meant McClane...

dlmaniac's picture

Hmmm, let me check Lockheed Martin stock first. BRB...

Rahm's picture

Yippee Yi Yippie Yay, which country's gonna get f-ed up today?

YBNguy's picture

Pass the gun, spin the chamber, then pull the trigger.

Financial_Guardian_Angel's picture

Russia, China, and the USSA are starting up a new game.

It's called: "Who can get to the oil first". Remember, there is only one winner 'cause everyone else dies.

PAPA ROACH's picture

China should open the door for shiites to flood in........see how long the affair lasts.

MrTown3's picture

just more mouths not to feed...

Kayman's picture

Muslim/Atheist love fest. Whose got the soap ?

sleepingbeauty's picture

This is the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny...

and the battle raged on for a century
many lives were claimed, but eventually
the champion stood, the rest saw their better:
Mr. Rogers in a bloodstained sweater

Sounds like Canada, just sayin.
CPL's picture

Ottawa and Toronto would be done the first volley.  Just sayin.  Want to avoid dying in a nuclear hell storm?  Africa.

thefatasswilly's picture

Africa? Are you joking? Way too close to Europe, which is definitely a high priority nuclear target.

I'd say New Zealand: no one really gives a shit about Australia, and New Zealand is even more worthless!

Beautiful, though :)

onthesquare's picture

with a little moral support from the peanut galary.  Our very own teabagging, nut sucking prime minister from Canada.  Lets have a big hand for Heir Harper.

You guys get stuck with a turn coat liar and we have idiots voting for our very own, proud to be an North American Heir Harper.

How far up Obama's ass can our PM stick his head?

A little arsenic with your tar sands?

AldousHuxley's picture

old game buddy


it was always about controlling trade routes and raw materials.


in a hierarchy in monkey society, the alpha males are always stressed out (higher blood pressure) from challenges from younger monkeys and younger monkeys always had to fight for their right to mate.


The most benefits go to aloof monkeys who don't give a shit and female monkeys who just mate whoever is in power.


No wonder US spends half of taxes on war (superpower paranoia), younger monkeys fighting for their status (China and Russia), the most benefits go to aloof monkeys like Luxemburg and female monkeys like Tahiti.

prole's picture

You are confusing 'superpower paranoia' with 'being someone's biatch.'

imaginalis's picture

The new game will be for each leadership to see who can decimate each others populations the most while covering their recent and thieving criminal activities. WWW III will be desired, schemed and executed with high level cooperation. It's the end game and not to many moves away.

s2man's picture

"to see who can" kill 1/10th of "each others populations the most" ???

Chuck Walla's picture

Emperor Zero no want oil, he want buy from South America or anywhere Georgi Soros owns beeg interest.  Beeg Emperor no want too much oil so he can make 1% donors richer with more smart Solyndra deals.

Smiddywesson's picture

End of the world?

"Had to end sometime."  - Riddick

True.North's picture

First proxy war in the new 21st century cold war?

US -> Israel vs Iran <- China

Cthonic's picture

Never get involved in a land war in Asia...

GeneMarchbanks's picture

So there's some good news. I'll rest easier tonight knowing iRan will be just fine.

America your war days are over.

Nascent_Variable's picture

This move just solidifies Syria as the next target.  TPTB wouldn't know what to do with themselves if they weren't getting our kids killed in some fresh Middle East conflict, while burning giant stacks of money.

CrockettAlmanac.com's picture

I think Libya was the last bone the SCO is going to throw us.