Chinese Think Tank Implies America May Be Falsifying Its Accounting, Says US On Way To Default

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Joe Biden came to China, saw, and failed to conquer the locals' ridicule. Punctuating just how "effective" Biden's visit to China was in order to "reassure that the US is solvent" (no seriously, that;s the name of the article) is a just released article in the Securities Times by Wang Tialong, member of Chinese think tank Center for International Economic Exchanges in which he went on to blatantly say that "The U.S. may be on its way to default on its debt despite the U.S. government's ability to print more money, a Chinese think tank researcher said Monday." Now this is nothing new in the escalating war of words between the two countries, although increasingly China appears to be attacking the primary loophole that defenders of the unsustainable US debt use, namely the fall back to the USD as a reserve currency. Wang went on further to implicitly accuse the US of fabricating economic data: "There is also no way to punish the issuer country if it falsifies its accounting and there is no way to restructure the issuer either, Wang said." Well, when China accuses the US of "falsifying accounting" you know you have hit rock bottom.

From Dow Jones:

The U.S. may be on its way to default on its debt despite the U.S. government's ability to print more money, a Chinese think tank researcher said Monday.


There is no guarantee for sovereign debt, which increases the risks the lenders face, said Wang Tianlong, a researcher at the China Center for International Economic Exchanges, a think tank supervised by the country's economic planner, adding that the issuer could be more careless in using the loans.


In the short term, the U.S. doesn't have much ability to reduce its deficit, Wang said in an opinion piece published in Securities Times. He added that the U.S. lacks the political system to guarantee that it will not default on its debt.


There is also no way to punish the issuer country if it falsifies its accounting and there is no way to restructure the issuer either, Wang said.


Wang's comments come after the U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said Sunday the U.S. "never will default" on its government debt and reassured Beijing that Chinese investments in the U.S. are safe.

Slowly, surely, China is realizing that the endgame is nothing short of out of control debt inflation, which is precisely what having no way to "restructure the issuer" means. That plus sending the US to bankruptcy court may be somewhat problematic. It also means that Chinese holdings of US debt will be increasingly worthless, and its population increasingly stabby as the price of hogs resumes its record climb. The only alternative is for the CNY to float and for the Chinese, Russians and Germans to say enough to this broken economic model and launch a gold (and other hard asset) backed currency. The only question is when.

h/t London Dude Trader

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Gibu The Great's picture

Funny when the folks that strictly adhere to Chinese Regulatory Accounting Principles (CRAP) accuse us of the same.  Not saying they are wrong, but c'mon man!  Oh, totally bullish.  

wang's picture

re post from Bloomberg news


Wall Street Aristocracy Got $1.2T in Secret Loans Q

The Shootist's picture

That's a ridiculous sum, and to think those banks would have failed without it. Disgusting. They should have.

uranian's picture

the very notion that "mark to make believe" is a reasonable way to account for anything, rather than the actual market price (if there's any bid at all), indicates how entirely irrelevant any of these stats are anyway. rickards has a good interview at goldmoney's site; one of his observations was that if all the financial institutions of the world made a reasonable accounting of their combined books, the world would be insolvent, so all of these shell games are really moot anyway. it's just a matter of when everyone else notices that, too.

Koffieshop's picture

So instead of the natural gradual decay, this will go down like Enron.
Fast, spectacular and with many casualties.

anyways's picture


The only good news in this mess is, the Chinese get back what they deserve: Nothing, but worthless paper. LOL


Sofa King's picture

Excuse me Mr. Kettle but it's Mr. Pot on the phone...he's just calling to remind you that you're Black.

tamboo's picture

hey zh how bout some bigger or clickable avatars since y'all are upgrading things?

i cant even read gibu's and you definitely need too see my golden ass in all its glorious detail.

Captain Benny's picture

When I read the news that Biden went to China to "reassure" them that the US was not going to leave China high and dry, my eyes rolled.  Who in their right mind would send such a serious fuck up like Biden to China?  Even Timmah knows how to create a more truthfull sounding lie than Biden!

Is Obama the guy that sent Biden?  Probably.  Just shows how out of touch Obama is with where the nation is.  Wow.

DeadFred's picture

You guys are still believing Obama is trying to improve America. What will it take to finally see him for what he is?

IBelieveInMagic's picture

Unfortunately Obama misplaced his magic wand.

Birddog's picture

Obama can only "fundamentally change" America after the current system is overwhelmed

fiftybagger's picture

10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy:

John 10
King James Version

DaBernank's picture

Confucius say, "Bank that loan one thousand dollar make problem for man, bank that loan one billion dollar make problem for bank."

Back when Confucius said that, a billion dollars was a lot of gold-backed currency. ;-)

Rick64's picture

I doubt Biden went over there to reassure, but rather tell them hey this is the game and we own it. We have told you over and over to float your currency and if you don't there is a matter of possible default or we could continue to print money and cause inflation while devaluing your currency.

InvalidID's picture


 I think this about sums up the situation nicely. China isn't mad that we're inflating our debt, they're mad that we're devaluing the Yuan. LOL

Seer's picture

I don't think that anyone is going to be conned anymore.

Maybe Obama sent Biden in order to make him look bad, to make sure Biden wasn't strategizing to have Obama off'd? (meaning, if Biden did end up sitting on the thrown NO one would really recognize him as legit [not like it was hard to do from the start, but this pretty much seals it]).

But this is all meaningless and we know it.  It's always Kabuki theatre when things are irrevocably collapsing.

onthesquare's picture

An old Chinese proverb

"A lie told 10,000 times becomes the truth"


Grill Boss's picture

Wang Long Dink Tank


Dumb Honkie's picture

HONKIE TALK by a dumb HONKIE with a 2 inch dick.

Bobbyrib's picture

I'm so glad we handed China our economic prosperity on a silver platter. They are great "allies."/sarcasm.

Seer's picture

Economic prosperity is transitory, it's not a thing (not a permanent state).  All empires rise and fall,probing into why is usually meaningless (as EVERYONE refuses to note that it's growth that predestines it).

Bobbyrib's picture

Empires usually voluntarily hand over whole industries along with the technology to reproduce the same goods that they contracted other countries' companies to produce just to receive it cheaper? Good to know. 

molecool's picture

Fuck the Chinese - they knew what they were getting into - all part of their '50 year plan'. If it now backfires I am not going to shed any crocodile tears.

Dumb Honkie's picture

Let's fuck you first, asshole.

DaBernank's picture

Here's how: mint a 1ozt. silver coin with "1 Trillion United States Dollars" on it and let Joe Biden show it to them. See! Your money is safe, we made a very special coin just for you!

Lazlo Toth's picture

USA.... Fabricate??

Falsify numbers??

I am shocked....

China really should apologize for this...

MsCreant's picture

China, America, it's not "American Idol Housewife of New Jersey." No, bigger, better, Simon would be proud.

Surreality TV:

It's Kabuki theater.

carbonmutant's picture

Megashark vs.

treemagnet's picture

Its just not true....Ben and Turbo took Act. I & II, they know how to use T-accounts, they both answered the gold standard "assets = equity plus liabilties" maxim correctly.....these are just lies, damn lies I tell you! 

Way to go Wang fuk dong, took ya 20 years to figure out the Fed lies......any other revelations you want to shine a little luminescent disinfectant on?  Fucking retard chinese inbred asshats getting their 15, whatever.

digalert's picture



Can we get a Jeethner/Biden China comedy tour?

Add the Bernank and we'll have a 3 Stooges lineup.

Talk about some knee slappin Chinese fun.


stock trout's picture

Falsification would require a high degree of sophistication and cunning. It's more likely simple errors from not knowing basic accounting principles.

bugs_'s picture

Stop projecting - thanks in advance

Calmyourself's picture

You know what is not falsified my Chinese friends..  The numbers on the t-bills you hold.  They will be wiiped off our books soon.  Good luck with food production and the mob after that..

IMA5U's picture

the pot should not call the kettle black


china is the biggest ponzi scheme on the planet

Seer's picture

So, you're saying that they're dealing with bigger numbers than the US?

Oh, and unlike the US, China is actually manufacturing stuff (yeah, it might be junk, but at least it's REAL junk, not virtual makebelieve junk like the US produces).

P.S. Yeah, bright one, it's ALL a ponzi- perpetual growth on a finite planet- like anyone needs to know anything more than this to figure it out!

InvalidID's picture


 This is kinda why the Chinese are on the losing end of this trade. They are making real junk, and trading it for imaginary junk.

Newsboy's picture

I think Biden went to China to reassure China that the US was not going to undercut them with the new-new-deal to save Western banking, which is soon-to-be-announced as an emergency measure. Their cooperation is needed, and a high level visit shows appropriate respect.

dalkrin's picture

Sending our boy Biden to reassure the Chinese;  may as well send our boy Pee Wee Herman to the biker bar to show them we mean business.

IQ 145's picture

Exactly; he should have offered to play chess with them; then they really would have been impressed. the chinese have a higher normalized IQ score than white Europeans; and as for Africans; you really don't want to know. It's an example of "Reality"; as in "Reality, you couldn't handle reality".

AmCockerSpaniel's picture

I don't "think" any one group has an IQ higher than the Jews. Oh; I am not jewish, just calling them as I see them.

ping's picture

The Poles, bitchez. Or anyone around the Baltic. Rampant IQs.

Dumb Honkie's picture

 Ashkenazi Jews are smart but Sephardic Jews are pretty dumb. On the whole the iq of Jews is about 100, about the same as that of white gentiles.

DaveyJones's picture

Dolphins plus they use less oil

Snidley Whipsnae's picture

If you have read 'The Bell Curve' and believe it, the Chinese do have a higher average IQ than the Jews... Indeed, higher than any group on the planet...

Of course, 'The Bell Curve' was/is extremely controversial... Definition: it ruffled a lot of hair in an age of political correctness.