Chris Martenson And Marc Faber: The Perils of Money Printing's Unintended Consequences

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Submitted by Chris Martenson 

Marc Faber: The Perils of Money Printing's Unintended Consequences

Marc Faber does not mince words. He believes the money printing policies of the Federal Reserve and its sister central banks around the globe have put the world's currencies on an inexorable, accelerating inflationary down slope.

The dangers of money printing are many in his eyes. But in particular, he worries about the unintended consequences it subjects the populace to. Beyond currency devaluation, it creates malinvestment that leads to asset bubbles that wreak havoc when they burst. And even more nefarious, money printing disproportionately punishes the lower classes, resulting in volatile social and political tensions.

It's no surprise then that he's feeling particularly defensive these days. While he generally advises those looking to protect their purchasing power to invest capital in precious metals and the equity markets (the rationale being inflation should hurt equity prices less than bond prices), he warns that equities appear overbought at this time.

On Inflation

First of all, I do not believe that the central banks around the world will ever, and I repeat ever, reduce their balance sheets. They’ve gone the path of money printing and once you choose that path you’re in it, and you have to print more money.

If you start to print, it has the biggest impact. Then you print more - it has a lesser impact unless you increase the rate of money printing very significantly. And, the third money printing has even less impact. And the problem is like the Fed: they printed money because they wanted to lift the housing market, but the housing market is the only asset that didn’t go up substantially.


In general, I think that the purchasing power of money has diminished very significantly over the last ten, twenty, thirty years, and will continue to do so. So by being in cash and government bonds is not a protection against this depreciation in the value of money.

On His Love for Central Bankers

Basically the U.S. had a significant increase in the average household income in real terms from the late 1940s to essentially the mid-1960s. And, then inflation began to bite and real income growth slowed down. Then came the 1980s and in order not to disappoint the household income recipients you essentially printed money and had a huge debt expansion.


So if you have an economic system and you suddenly grow your debt at a very high rate, it's like an injection of a stimulant of steroids. So the economy grew at a relatively fast pace, but built on additional debt. And this obviously cannot go on forever and when it comes to an end, you have a problem. But the Fed had never paid any attention.


The Fed is about the worst economic forecaster you can imagine. They are academics. They never go to a local pub. They never go shopping -- or they lie. But basically they are a bunch of people who never worked a single day in their lives. They’re not businessmen that have to balance the books, earn some money by selling goods, and paying the expenditures. They get paid by the government. And so these people have no clue about the economy.


And, so what happens is they never paid any attention to excessive credit growth -- and let me remind you, between 2000 and 2007, credit growth was five times the growth of the economy in nominal terms. In other words, in order to create one dollar of GDP, you had to borrow another five dollars from the credit market. Now this came to an end in 2008.


Now the Fed never having paid any attention to credit growth, they realized if we have a credit-addicted economy and credit growth slows down we have to print money. So that’s what they did. But believe me it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that if you print money you don’t create prosperity. Otherwise, every country would be unbelievably rich because every country would print money and be happy thereafter.

On The Unintended Consequences of Money Printing

In the short term, it has been working to some extent in the sense that equity prices are up and interest rates are down. And, so companies can issue bonds at extremely low rates. But every money printing exercise in the world leads to unintended consequences at a later point. And, this is the important issue to remember. We don’t know yet for sure what the unintended consequences are.


We know one unintended consequence, and this is that the middle class and the lower classes of society, say 50% of the U.S. has rather been hurt by the increase in the quantity of money in the sense that commodity prices in particular food and energy have gone up very substantially. And, since below 50% of income recipients in the U.S. spend a lot, a much larger portion of their income on food and energy than to say the 10% richest people in America and highest income earners, they have been hurt by monetary policy. In addition, the lower income groups, if they have savings, traditionally they keep them in safe deposits and in cash because they don’t have much money to invest in the first place. So the increase in the value of the S&P hasn’t helped them, but it helped the 5% or 10% or 1% of the population that owns equities. So it's created a wider wealth inequality and that is a negative from a society point of view.

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ZippyBananaPants's picture

How are people so stupid that they will vote for our clown president when he has done none of the things he was elected to do?  

Other than the media, who thinks this should even be a close race?

I am confused.

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The Republicans (with the exception of Ron Paul) are no different than the Democrats.  Because Obama is bad, the Republicans should not be rewarded as they are as corrupt as the Democrats.

sIewie the pi-rat's picture

clowns to the left of me jokers to the right

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Here I am stuck in the middle with Slewie

krispkritter's picture

You say that like it's a bad thing?

WonderDawg's picture

Just singing out loud. It has a ring to it...

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SO ...the leprechaun is SOL?

economics1996's picture

Is there disenchantment with the magic Negro?  Shame on you!  Indoctrination class for you people.

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Are you giving the one on white power?'s picture

Say it loud! I'm ________ and I'm proud!

Fill in the blank with any collectivist label of your choice excluding white, male heterosexual.

Spastica Rex's picture

I know, right? White male hetrosexuals have been victims just about forever.'s picture




So all children should be taught to feel proud of themselves and their families except little white boys who should simply be ashamed of their own existence. Because, you know, there were some bad white males in the past so that's fair. And no one other than white, heterosexual  males have ever used color or gender or sexual orientation as a means of discrimination.

All minorities bear the burden of misdeeds committed against people who shared superficial characteristics with them and were discriminated against at some time in the past. A shared sense of victim-hood with persons long dead is the only legitimate reason for anyone to feel proud.

Thanks for straightening me out. Do I get any sympathy for having a great-great-grandfather who fled the Irish potato famine? Because I'd like to have the right to feel a little bit proud once in a while even if it is only because I have a distant ancestor who once got a raw deal. It makes my life worth living.


kekekekekekeke's picture

How are you (and that's a general you, there's no shortage of cry-crying about the poor white boys on this site) not just totally mortified when you write this drivel? Does your life suck this bad?  Are you seriously not getting enough coddling? 99.9999% of the whining on this site is white men whining about being white men (between you guys quoting T.S. Eliot and Kipling teary-eyed to each other) and it's just... baffling. 

I mean, sucks about great-great-gramps dude, but get a grip. I'm sure your white boys get enough validation that white men too can make it in the world when they look at the pictures in a history book.

akak's picture

You are an asshole.

Crockett was making a legitimate point about the one-sided hypocrisy of minority identity and prejudice, and you claim that he is whining?  Fuck you, you PC-addled bastard.

Spastica Rex's picture

It just sucks, doesn't it? WASP males get dumped on all the time, all through history, and now they're made to feel like they can't even be victims. Real white me cry real tears, just like negro, bisexual, Haitian, trans-gendered, communist, prostitutes.'s picture

But I'm not a WASP. So now you can feel proud to be a victim of reality.

AldousHuxley's picture

elite WASPS sold out non-elite WASPS.


WASPS now have to have their wives work to afford decent homes with good schools.


WASPS now must kiss Indian, Chinese, Russian, and other foreign billionare asses who made money on corrupt fascist systems in their 3r world slave labor countries.


Spastica Rex's picture

Do you get any sympathy?


Nobody deserves sympathy more than white heterosexual men. They always get a raw deal, ALWAYS, and nobody else understands the pain they feel. They always get blamed for EVERYTHING. Everybody's always bringing up ancient history like Indian genocide, and slavery, and blah, blah, blah. Then there's all the "laws" and "rules" to prevent white heterosexual men from feeling proud and good about themselves. And I even hate to mention all the homo-gays prancing around in their tight pants and hairless hot bodies making white heterosexual men feel inferior. God; it all just breaks me up.'s picture

Why does your love of "diversity" cause you to hate the Irish? And on St. Patrick's Day, no less.

Spastica Rex's picture

Diversity? WTF? Haven't you a heard a word I've said?! Oh, and póg mo thóin; everyone in the world is either Irish, or wishes they were Irish. Go n-ithe an cat thú is go n-ithe an diabhal an cat. Ireland fuath leat.

akak's picture

Not me!

I despise the Irish --- those black beer and whisky-sodden, potato-eating, euro-loving, ghostly pale, notoriously corrupt, anti-Protestant-terrorism-loving soccer hooligans, hideous red hear and freckles and all.  May their shamrocks wilt and their beers all go flat!


Spastica Rex's picture

And soulless. You forgot soulless. We're soulless.

akak's picture

Well, that goes without saying, doesn't it Bob?

Oh, and I forgot to mention that creepy straight-armed folk dancing --- always reminds me of upper-limbless Thalidomide victims hopping around.'s picture

My great-grandfather was a clog dancer. Judges stood under the raised platform on which the dances were performed and rated the contestants by sound rather than by sight. Great-grandfather was also a slack rope walker. He was second generation American but you can't take the Irish out of a McNally.

akak's picture

Let me add what I should have to my two previous posts:


Manthong's picture

Classic stuff. I still have an early '60s LP by him in my collection. It had belonged to my parents.

About all of it is on Youtube.'s picture

Are you familiar with Alan Sherman and Vaughn Meader? I inherited their albums and have always found them to be a riot.

akak's picture

Oh my God, Alan Sherman!  I can remember my mother listening to him when I was just a young kid!  A lot of the humor was over my head at the time, but from what I can remember, he was a total hoot.

kekekekekekeke's picture

Plenty of white men are doing just fine. If you aren't, there's probably just something wrong with you.

TruthInSunshine's picture

FWIW, then there is Daron Acemoglu, a fairly credible M.I.T. economics professor, who is essentially stating outright that the U.S. Economy is severely bad, getting worse, and headed straight towards collapse. It would appear that he is insinuating that Deep Capture's opening of a fatal wound in the fundamental economic structure of the U.S. is prompting the Federal Reserve to accelerate its central mission of transferring the remaining value of the holdings of the 99.9x% to the 0.01% on an expedited basis.

It would appear that he has no desire to be part of the Confidence Fairy club.

It’s the Economy: Why Some Countries Go Bust

"By his own admission, Daron Acemoglu is a slightly pudgy and fairly nerdy guy with an unpronounceable last name. But when I mentioned that I was interviewing him to two econ buffs, they each gasped and said, “I love Daron Acemoglu,” as if I were talking about Keith Richards. The Turkish M.I.T. professor — who, right now, is about as hot as economists get — acquired his renown for serious advances in answering the single most important question in his profession, the same one that compelled Adam Smith to write “The Wealth of Nations”: why are some countries rich while others are poor?

Acemoglu, told me that financial firms have so thoroughly co-opted the political proc­ess that the American economy has become fundamentally unsound. “It’s bad and getting worse,” he told me. Barring some major shift in our political system, he suggested, the United States could be on its way to serious economic failure.

Or, stated alternatively, it would appear that he, like a select few others, believes that TPTB have lost control of the propaganda war, as the masses realize a large gap between what they're being told by the media and government officials, lose confidence in the very structure and foundation of the system, and that given this awakening taking place, TPTB that rely on the Fed Reserve as their wealth transfer mechanism can no longer afford to try to slowly simmer the frogs, and a quick boil it will have to be (in order to plunder while the plundering is good).

I don't know what anyone else thinks of this, but this expressed opinion by someone of this type is so rare that I do believe it's the first time I've encountered it. He's not saying we're headed for a depression, but rather, a total collapse (I see what he sees; I see it, hear it, feel it and sense it - but I'm hopefully just a pessimist, as he hopefully is.).

My End the Fed avatar is wanting to be replaced with a symbol for full reserve banking, but there is no such universally adopted symbol.

*In reality, the Federal Reserve is carrying out its real mission statement just fine. It's just that Bernanke is under a great deal of pressure because he has to enable a lot more plundering over a much shorter period of time than his predecessors had to accomplish for their bosses.

akak's picture

Is there disenchantment with the magic Negro?

Obummer is a mulatto, not a negro, so by rights the blacks can hate on him (if they are collectivistically so inclined) as "whitie" as much as the racist whites can hate on him as a nigger.

Funny how we so often see what is different, and not what is similar, in other people.'s picture

I've always thought of Obama as a white man pretending to be a black man.

akak's picture

I have always thought of him as a narcissist (if not a sociopathic narcissist) pretending to be a messiah.

Zero Govt's picture

Akak  - what info leads you to think of Bumma as narcisstic?

all i can gather is his Marxist 'education' an Community (Commie) Service and that he's a pathalogical liar... so disjointed he doesn't realise he's lying because his lying is so obvious such as he won't leave his debts to the children

It would take 5 minutes to work out he's spent more money than America could repay in 2 decades and just a small point, none of his debt has a repayment plan!

akak's picture

No specific info really, ZG --- just a gut feeling that I have gotten every time I have heard him speak or watched him deliver a teleprompter-fed speech.
The manner in which he looks down his nose at his audience, with his chin held high, as if "I am the ONE!", has always rubbed me the wrong way; I cannot bear to watch or listen to that man, as EVERYTHING about his tone and body language simply reeks to me of arrogant disdain.

Zero Govt's picture

yes the chin up (looks down his nose) mode is a status symbol saying i'm the top cat in the room.. it actually comes from his socialist righteousness i think. he probably thinks he's on a crusade to make everything equal but i'm not sure he has an idea of how he's handled by the big boys and quite what they're up to

if he does know what they're up to he's an even better liar than i thought and he's not pathalogical, just veeeery creepy

the current crop of politicians are veeery creepy too. DC is a certified lunatic asylum

e_goldstein's picture

You bring the gold and I'll bring me sack.


slewie the pi-rat's picture

that would be s-I-ewie

s-l-ewie is stuck on the bottom!  L0L

clonie sez: I Get Around

Milestones's picture

Hang on Sewie, Slewie hang on---                               Milestones

Cadavre's picture

You say that like it's a bad thing?

Hemmoroid flareups can sometimes make it difficult to be  "gold star" good, unless you be dsing up ROHR's and poppers (believe Senator Lindsey Graham has a few extra stashed in his Freddy Prince simulated patent plastic military officer slash ala Biker Brando "we never saw the [fake] Jew" "Wild One" head gear.

My Dear Fellow Terrorists,

Allow a momentary offer of Zen: Just how thorough would a TSA strip search be if your underwear had a half pound of shit caked on em? Airport Security gave the Sex Pistols a "very" wide" birth.

According to Crew, of the 3 senators they awarded the outstanding achievement plaque to in 2006 for innovation in government corruption, the only one [still] not in prison, is, right now, channeling the best Ron Paul mime his speech writers, given budgetary rhetorical and 5th column cognitive limitations, could cut and past and muster in time for de teleprompt (weapon of mass deceptiom). Nonetheless, and :nonetheless" is one word, , it be da best paraplagiarized script dat droid recited ever.

Alas, our tin man has no heart, he rusts cause he be dat made in Americana Oceana steel  has no mind and has no courage. Da droid got ugly kids, ugly wife (few would pork a dat poor soulless scared waiting for de big box store in de in de sky whe de "here after", yet perfect [for] LANCET [image] example demonstrating one's loss of humanity leads to accute acromegaly, with some `un else hard wood.

Da droids kids are probably de gardners! His dog be ugly, he always be ashamed of his little peeny that began to wither after his first scolding for pissing the bed by a post "Donna Reed" `et "Me First" belt wielding Jack Daniel slurping bipolar full bore Munchausen "Queen for Day: maiden of a closet diesel dyke that wore a name tag inscribed "Mommy" name tag. He be wishing he'd never had de peeny since. And ya know the gardner's meat didn't whittle it down. De Tin Man Droid fart like a bath house tranny crack whore 10 minutes out from he-she's last cock-rock suck. Now If-en it come to be - and if-en he be wanting to be da bowl of alpo, the straw-feed man, the cake his handlers will feed the commons to buy time to figure out where that magical little Noah boat be  that supposed to save their tender sweet and might tasty looking genocidal asses when de commons cum a calling with spits in hand went have dat epochal barbecue on the ashes incubating the Pheonix, do, as dey always do, raze again their moments the Bastille-ish walls The War Usury Genocide Industrial Complex and Boy Lover Support Group hide behind.Da Droid last exhale be a scream, "I did not know being god's servant was gonna be so f*cking painful". You dun know de half of it - give it time. Sacrifice is what de god guy in in da sky work be all about! You be chosen alright - but fool dat we bred you to be never ask what you be chosen for: Baby Back Stew Cooked up nice and hot on de top of the changeling pecking de big egg so he canbe a feeding on you too.

Guessing we finally be moving beyond hope and into the realm of change. Not de excrement of "change you can believe in" (who fuck came up with that - change ain't a fucking "belief" you fuck wad inbred ivy league fascist schooled K-Street kiddie fondlers. Change is not perception. Change is something you can see, smell, touch, spit on, piss on. Like the change when de Mussolini clown was hanging by his ankles - he be dying and shitting squirming and he be smelling real bad - his last moments were spent in agony as both a spittoon and a urinal as Italian "consumers" dropped by to bid a wet, but fond, farewell, Thats the kind of change a pragmatic main street stake holders, (ie de commons) understand - dis "beleif shit" save it for church - save for de slow agonizing cabrito ankle hang on dem mighty fine brances of de reflection pool cherry trees - sheesh - what dem whores and wanna bees mud wrestling in the sewer moat round Wall Street and DC be thinking it mean?

Dey tink dose perceptions dey sham wow be selling like hot cakes. Send em a dictionary - please = tab the pages and highlight the definitions for 3 words: Reality, Belief and Perceptions. Send them an economic book - not one of dem currency manufacturing industry books. Highlight Consumer and Producer. Maybe a few of dose fuks come to dere senses. Dere be all forms of justice. Leniency demands confession (and no - no 100 K bonuses like MF Global suits got to consult with the SEC to determ how the stole 28% of MF GLobal customer deposits). If the republic is to continue the "change" requires justice - not no justice you can beleive in. Not a perception of Justice. Read your constitution dear chosen public service employees and dem Banker Dandies you be whoring for,  - 86 them fuking agency acts and policy manuals - no hiding for dandies behind dat old stupid fat fuk farce you fuks "believe in" no more, It spanking time guys - sorry. No way out. Advise you find you survival instincts, and soon. Use any common sense you might still possess and listen Listen your instincts.

Touch your inner sense of self preservation, Mr K-Street John. Consider the phrase "Path of least pain". Do tell, Mr K-Street John, does that simple phrase mean to you?

Reality check time, right, Mr K-Street John? In this hand I have perceived pain. The other has real pain. Choose.

Pain can be forefeiting assets and licenses. Detention is painful. But that kind of pain is only what you believe it to be - or perceive it to be. Then there's real pain - change like pain - is real - not something on the tv tube.

How we get from this abomination we allowed you, as an authorized employee of the commons, to make of our republic, back to the founding principals.

Truth Justice and Liberty is the path of least pain (not that "believe" shit bo jangle's script writers toss the facilitators in media to chum for consent (real or perceived). Those words are codified in law in the Republics employee agreement with you, the Constitution.

To maintain civil order you must first recognize your desire to survive. Confess, at least and privately, to yourself at first. Confess to the crimes our weaknesses and your eakness allowed tou to particpate. The deaths. The extortion. THe lies, Your failure to uphold your oath of office as a trusted emplyee of the commons of the United States  by writ or executive ordf or repeal   and the path of least pain / if the call to "maintain civil order preserve liberties"

Such is a fools surprise when dey discover the chocolate truffle was just a fancy wrapped chunk of dried turd - maybe he pretend it taste good.

The 12 people in the crowd (tight angled CSPAN lenses alway make it look packed) have this funny look - and they be wearing conformity compliance collars like da little Beagles romping around the tourist grounds of Mount Vernon. Ain't nothing like seeing a Beagle when de collar he be wearing jab a high voltage jolt to keep him in de invisible fence. Hopefully a bunch of Dr Paul's disciples are in the crowd pretending there not.

Do what they do to you to them. Dese fucks be so dumb dat dey will gut themselves and jump in the skillet sure as Moses was a White Guy like he be on Demille's Ten God Laws de bathers in the DC Wall Street sewer pond break every nano sec of what some call "their lives" if you be looking hungry!

IF YOU BE A PAUL DELEGATE DON'T TELL THE DELEGATE POLICE DAT YOU IS - play dumb - act like RomneyGangreenrenchSanitarium supporters - be "dead people walking" (not metabolically dead - more precisely be spiritually, ethically dazed like you got a double helping of "bling fix" and watched two first run episodes of "Housewives of Atlanta".

Little known facts of da times:

The AP is not a news service it is a propaganda bureau.

When the S&P downgraded US credit, we became aware of a US agency department with the moniker "Fast Acquisition Group Services"

Bambi is not a raving queen. He is a "sometime" cross dresser who crosses only when bumping uglies with the other Bag Man's fuck toys!

Ain't no diff tween Romney Gang Gingrench Sanatarium and the Bambi Ken Dolls. All dat matters is how convincingly they think they can defraud the republic during their sham no paper trail (ENRON REPUBLIC) primary caucus frenzy.

The Hebrew University burns a lot research trying to locate evidence to prove the Arch of Captain Noah made a port of call in a harbor of de land dat ventually become de homeland insecurity of Vlad the Impaler a couple of thousand years later. Given the Ashkenazi did not pretend to convert to Judea until 784.  Maybe Noah had GPS, huh? Maybe time constricted,

Lot's Of religions have blood rituals. De fake Xtians drink da cool aid and pretend it be blood. Others be sucking real blood - if you like sucking fresh born baby boy dicks, and thinking you be a vampire critter, den dis be da job for thee!

What dat CRONY 2012 "save da children we don't napalm when we fry them darkies wit de oil in shit be all about? The pretend Jew dat made de film to manufacture de consent to kill 1000's of Ugandan kiddies (and sell de ones left to the Pitt's Skag, and rent one or to to ex synogress queen Tom Foley, was caught on video wacking whats remains of some B List Mohel's hors d'ueuvres, in de hill and dales of San Diego. He maybe taut Pitt's Skag be pleased and tug his love muscle to rhapsody twixt her skank teats - but when she drop buy - he finally know de bitch was a blowup doll dat walk and talk like de almost realting he sniffed when he took a bath with mommy as a child.. But frenzied whanking in de street - maybe dat da way dey do it in the killing napalm fields of Uganda - but San Diego - i guess da fleet be gone --- Hey dere mister - you better hide your sister - cause the fleet be in - da fleets in! Dey won't be in while da  blood dey got be worthing more to the divine  rehypothocating racket church - dey be over dere baiting death and dying moma be crying and dad in pain - but de war bankers cash register ring ring ring as it sell another soul to hell  - unless - of course - the proud tradition of battle field justice through fratricide be making a big comeback.

US borrows 4 Billion a day. a half billion a day of de borrowed loot (markers ain't money and ain't a promise) is used to gas up marine genocide machines in Afghanistan so they can make sure no one interfere with da CIA dope production and LLC co-chairs kill `em all choir hyenas, dat be da Wall Street Banker Gangster (who be in dis picture?) Skags and Bling Queens Afghani Dope Money laundering of the proceeds from sales of de CIA dope. Doze queens be a doing dat shit all over da place! De Marines are security guards to protect Xe Mercs - Yep de Few - de Proud got de skills to work security in the Big Box Bling Store parking lot if dey come back to da world alibe with legs arms and eyes  soze dey can continue to fix da cheap de cheap CIA smack in da privacy of de parking lot scooter-truck! soooo .. weze gotz a war against drugs and a war for drugs.

What be a hero worth anyway? Dead uns probably contributed a 100 Million to de GDP thingamabob - jesus f*cking titty christ  KILL THEM ALL - help de fake Jew Banker Gangster overcome his great grandparent's holocaust trauma (well dey did say dey did know someone dat was holocausted and dey be to far from Gaza to enjoy a cathartic rut on some defenseless preschooler brownie brood eating de DU dirt dat dust da Strip.

I was going to layout the grand architecture regarding FED counterfeiting, the ruse of "banks not circulating capital into the commons", the over night FX - the "after" FTSE close USD FX dump, market rigging -  real plain and simple - BUT ....

The Bambi jus came on de tube talking bout the war on energy prices through taxpayer subsidies to those who give de bag man de funny money.

He all over the board.

If gasoline is so expensive, why is de "United SuckingShitLikeSyrup States of Merikon Sheeple Herd Dazing and Grazing in the Valley of De Big Box Bling" is exporting half the gasoline it be refining?

I do de other later - I go out to kick my dog a while - catharsis be a good thing - real good when I make dat bitch wear a rubber Jim Crammer Mask.

AND I REALLY HAD SOMETHING SERIOUS TO SAY - WHERE BE MY MEDS? Lody lody lody - watch de dough nut and not de hole  . hmmmmm ....

Terrorist's picture

Dude, can I hang with you? You put Mad Mag to shame.

MsCreant's picture

Actually you are stuck in the middle with sIewie.

Shocker's picture

Exactly, all this money printing and everything that has been going on is eventually going to come back and get us.

Destory the purchasing power, and nothing is going to make it.

Ashame to see what has become of the economy



Cadavre's picture

It already has. Heard the FED has allocated (did they release) 3 Trillion.

The FTSE open USD buy back and the FTSE close USD dump means the FX scam to "price up equities with USD exchange haircutting" never be sustained without Unka Bens Converted Counterfeits to refresh USD unit counts. When there is no hedge when there is no volume - when there are only sellers and no buyers -  how can the ponzi expect to make up losses on the turn around and show a profit.

Free money?

The margin requirements for both FX and equity trading accounts gets chewed up every cycle - nobody buying equities - the "more cash out than cash in model" has once again been demonstrated to be an unprofitable business model so they calls the Ben and we be hearing our perceptions are all fucked up. 

It a fake perpetual motion machine dat everyone tinks is really spinning round and round on its own making free money dat da CNBC guy say ibe falling from da sky ...  any day now ... yep - ... just wait and see - any minute now ...

Street smarts ain't what they used to be dat fer sure ....

Change you can believe in - is this how far we've fallen?

Bay Area Guy's picture

Exactly right. The individual members of the red and blue teams talk a good game about caring for god and country, but their loyalty is primarily to themselves and continuing to line their own pockets. I never believed in term limits before, but I do now. I would also like to see political parties abolished. It's far too easy for the parties to pull the wool over the 99% of he people in this country that are more concerned with American Idol than they are about their future and h future of their families.

Marco's picture

It's not the parties which do that, it's money ...

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

It is the parties which do that. Actually, it's the Party which does that, because the United States is a one-party system. The War Party stays in power by pretending to be two different parties and pretending to disagree on picayune issues. You'll notice, though, that there is complete agreement between these two "sides" on issues like campaign reform (talk big but do nothing), ballot access (make it impossible for anyone to get on a nationwide ballot if they're not a Party member), term limits (talk big but do nothing), big spending (put on a dramatic show and then spend more anyway), erosion of liberties (there's always something we should ban), the war on terra (we have to kill the Constitution or else it will die), financial shenanigans (pass some "strict" reform with loopholes pre-approved by lobbyists), and perpetual war (we have to defend our contributors from the war industry).

The difference between the "parties" is like the difference in American football between the AFC and NFC. When it comes to the bottom line, it's all just the NFL.

All the money does is grease the gears of the War Party machine.


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Both sides are the same is often said, especially by Democrats. And especially when they are in power. You don’t hear the term establishment Democrats often. Why? because they are practically all Establishment Democrats, Blue dog(conservative) Dems are like unicorns. Ron Paul chose the Republican party because there is some hope in the new momentum of the non-establishment Repubs. The Repubs are also more receptive to restoring a Constitution Govt. The Tea Party movement which promotes small Govt, low debt, low taxes, sound money etc…also chose the Republican party as their vehicle. It’s small steps in the right direction. The chances for third party candidates winning election to any office are remote, people are forced to make their changes to an existing party. It’s not so bad. Most countries have multiple parties and they get some soupy ineffective coalition Govt.