Citi Downgrades Global Growth And Expects EFSF 'Grand Plan' Disappointment

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all yer grand plans are belong to us... make your time...


ok, so we buy at the open tomorrow right? heh

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Ja, bullish!

Then, Bundestag votes NEIN!  Sie kannen Deutsch geld nicht haben!

Result:  PMs, Bitchez!

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the future belongs to those who are ambitious enough to think.


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Yes Pandit can say more since he doesn't have a large brokerage attached.  At the first of the year they expected to and with a 20% decline.  Maybe they will be the only correct projection on the street.  Hope they stay above $1 to see their sucess!

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Mr. Durden, do you ever sleep? How about a social life? Got a girlfriend?

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There are multiple Tylers. Do us a favor and stay in Europe.

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Bad news: Tyler is a girl... 

Good news: She's a lesbian!!

Bad news: she weighs 300 lbs...

Good news: she can lose weight!!

Bad news: she likes Doritos.... 

Good news: Not really -- none of the above, just kidding. But have been told Tyler will do anything for the right person. So, your best course is to post a naked pic of yourself for your avatar and hope for the best. Good luck!




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CITI is late to the global downgrade party. Must be an example of how Peter Orzag's bailed out new employer shows us how "less democracy" and more central planning has wored so darned well for the global village.





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c'mon europe gives us more chaos and confusion.  looks like players piling up on mini future shorts on rallies.  don't dispoint you crazy f*ckers...


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May 9, 2011: C undergoes a 10 to 1 reverse split.

Sep. 28, 2011: C closes at $25.92.

True value: C is worth $2.59 a share (backing out reverse split).

Conclusion: Pandit, your bank is a steaming pile of shit. Go fuck yourself.

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Motherfuckers running wild.

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There's no panic! Move along!

Baaah! Baaaah!

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Can't wait to add my citigroup umbrella to my enron coasters, bear stearns drink cozies, lehman head covers, wamu paperholder.......well, you get the picture.

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Should be a green day, at least until 2 PM.

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Macroeconomics is just a lot of hypnotic bullshit. Everyone has an angle on what is happening, no one is consistently correct, and in the ensuing chaos more and more of our wealth and freedom is eroded. If world or US economic GDP "growth" is 3% or 2.8% or 2.2%, or whatever, flaws in basic measurement methods and criteria render the differences to be statistically insignificant. If my flatscreen TV produced in China costs 50% less than it did 5 years ago, and my grocery bill for food produced in North America has increased by 50% in 5 years, and the price of increasingly scarce oil has violently fluctuated by 500% over the past 5 years, and during the same time the dollar has fallen by 20% as compared to a basket of currencies that are ALL based on thin air, how could any sane person validate these GDP predictions as being relevant to anything meaningful? If there is a correlation, it is causative and not predictive, because the university trained economists that have been indoctrinated into this crap tend to believe it, and thus tend to act on it. Macroeconomics is nothing more than a pseudoscience that provides a pretext for fascism, a creeping fascism that has taken about 100 years to cripple the US. No wonder we are in so much trouble.

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Bob Chapman's International Forecaster.
Wednesday edition, 28 September 2011. 36 pages.