In A CNN Interview, Ron Paul Discusses The Media's Blackout Of His Presidential Candidacy, And Many Other Things

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Yesterday ago presented the mass media' self disclosure that it was ignoring Ron Paul for this reason or that. Today, Paul, whose support base has suddenly become the target of some aggressive lateral grab tactics by fellow GOP presidential candidates, was interviewed by CNN's Piers Morgan, in an Q&A seeking, among others, to find why it is that Paul, who to everyone's great dismay (not ours) may actually be the GOP's top candidate for the presidential position, is being slighted in his own view. Paul's take: "they're afraid of me, they don't want my views out there, they're too dangerous, we want freedom and we're challenging the status quo, we want to end the war, we want a gold standard, and their view is that people just can't handle all this freedom, they want dependency, they want socialism and welfarism, so I think they don't like to hear our views, but I think we'll make the best of it and we'll do very well." Paul proceeds to cover his relationship with Bachmann (disagrees with her views, as she is "not as far from the status quo as he would like her to be"), why Paul's anti-war program is a challenge not just to GOPers but to Obama as well, with his numerous war fronts, how Paul at 75 is finally resonating with the majority of the US population,  but most important is Piers Morgan's question on how Paul plans on becoming one of the fold and "making himself more electable", confirming precisely the bias that the idiot media holds against what can easily be the most honorable candidate in not just the GOP's but all party ranks. Paul's response: "why should someone soften their viewpoint on defending the rule of law and defending the constitution: that would be foolish. Extremists have been in charge for the last 4 years since they've been allowed to print money at will, so that's why we have overextended ouselves overseas, that's why we have inflation, depressions, inflations."...etc. When the mainstream media, and when Rick Perry, understands what Paul is talking about, that i when America will be worthy of a good president. Until then, it will have to make do with whoever win the popularity context in any given day, regardless of the amount of lies uttered in process. After all, as Morgan makes it all too clear, it is all just about "being electable" ... the same reason America is currently on the verge of the end.

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Base has left Obama is reasonable accurate

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Only thing that can stop Paul now is an internet kill switch.  Sorry cartel, people are wise to the MSM.

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I like where you're going, but I think that if they push on the string anymore, then the holding collapses.'s picture

At the 1:40 mark the following words appear on the screen and remain for about 30 seconds:


What he actually said is that the media doesn't think people can handle freedom.

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"Only thing that can stop Paul now is an internet kill switch.  Sorry cartel, people are wise to the MSM."


uh......there's a lot more against him than that.  Hopefully if he does manage to break out and into the MSM and some how beats back all the powers that would do everything they could to stop him, gets the nomination, he will be smart enough to walk around in a full Kevlar Body suit, cause you better believe some "lone nut" patsy will be taking the fall for taking him out....




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This is the only thing?

Made me laugh. One has to be a personality cultist not to see through Paul's poor propaganda.

US citizens do not want wars? Since when? Draft is no longer there to hide the naked thruth. Look out, Sarge.

US citizens now join the military on their free will. Claiming that they dont know what they want when they do that destroys the idea they can do something with their independence.

US citizens want the good opportunities associated with the US military. They want them and apply to them without anyone forcing them to (no more draft, peeps, no more draft)

Paul propaganda is among the cheapest propaganda and in this US driven world, it means something.

Paultards will keep doing they do: worshipping their human god and drinking his words as they were truth.

Cant stop non Paultards to assess Paul's propaganda for what it is.

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"US citizens do not want wars? Since when? Draft is no longer there to hide the naked thruth."


I'm guessing you aren't American. No, the majority of Americans don't want war. They didn't want WW1 or WW2, Vietnam, etc.

And perhaps you should take a look at the demographic of people who join the military of their own free will. Either they have no other options, or they have bought into the empire fully. 


Might I remind you that there are European countries that no longer require mandatory service. 

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If I may make a suggestion, do not waste your time trying to argue with this mental midget. It just wants to blame America for all the worlds problems from time immemorial. As it is obvious from its standpoint the rest of the world is incapable of thinking and acting on its own behalf. Conceding to a point or compromising is not in its nature.
So don't bother admitting that America does have its fair share of failures as it will only throw it back in your face.

Its agenda is quite clear. No matter how many credible examples you give it, it will just regurgitate some ignorant anti-American dogma it was intravenously fed from birth. Have a great day Confused.

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Good laughter.


It is a fight club and US citizens are used to predating on the weak. Put back into this context, it would mean that a mental midget is stronger enough to scare enough US citizens into avoiding her.  Tells a lot about US citizens, their propaganda and the strength of their political philosophy.

Blaming US citizens and the US from all the world's problems from time immemorial? Projection is a nasty thing for US citizens. US citizens are pretty used to shifting the blame on other irrelevant people. They are able to sell that crisis as Zimbabwe made or tell that the issues of overconsumption come from people who are out of the consumption process,who dont consume.


Obviously, non my case. This is a US world order and the US is absolutely non involved in any order preceding the birth of the US (1776)

Credible examples? No, cheap propaganda.

There can be US citizens (on the ID papers) who have not realized what their environment is. And they do not support war.

Now, for them, a little experiment to test their own thesis, that US citizens do not want war.

Just adopt openly an anti-war figure. Exhibit publically the anti war stance. Nothing aggressive, no active broadcast, only passive diffusion like slogans on cars, caps, shirts etc... Relentlessly though for it to be understood as the expression of a creed.

Now, check how the US environment changes, how it grows slowly hostile, how the name calling, the tauntings the antogonizing are going to happen.

Of course, most US citizens known that, their anti war stance is only the result of their duplicity. 

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yawn... I have argued with you ad nauseum. I will not be baited into your troll world anymore.

I do find it funny that you would go out of your way to attack Ron Paul considering his proclamation of removing
the U.S. military from all foreign wars. He is earnest in his pledge even though it will probably never happen.

So what do you do, vilify him as some dishonest puppet even though he has been preaching the same thing for the last 13 years. I don't worship the man but I am at least willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

You are laughable, because even if there is a glimmer of hope the U.S. might do what you want, you shit down your trousers because you might not have a reason to hate America and Americans anymore.

Simple question. If you are tired of us why don't you and what ever country you reside in get off your lazy asses and do something about the U.S. then? We haven't gone anywhere for the last 200+ years? It is obvious we can't fix our own problems. We need your guidance and tough love.

What are you waiting for?

Or is it more appropriate to say, you would rather sit back and watch as the U.S. eats itself? All while sitting safely behind your computer terminal vomiting rhetoric. Continuing to blame others for your inability and indecision towards ending the tyrannical rule of the U.S. over the world.

If you haven't figured it out yet let me clue you in. Anonymous individuals can't change world events.
Anonymous individuals are not leaders. Anonymous individuals sit in the dark and stab at passer byers in hopes that they may inflect wounds which won't heal.


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It is stupid.

Paul as a president would deliver information and a lot of it. Why would I oppose that? I did not support Obama to become a US president (I'd have prefered McCain)

But Obama presidency yielded its share of information: the US cannot change but at great costs US citizens are not willing to endure. Change can only come if others endure the costs of the change. And the world is running out of Indians.

I'd welcome Paul presidency the same. Because this guy will hit the same limitations as Obama.

Simply by infering from US citizens nature, one can make a list of changes that Paul would bring and not bring.

Paul would not end the US war propension. He might even declare his own wars. If he stops one specific war, it will be because it has come to its end.

Paul would enact other parts of his plan though, concerning the usual suspects for example.


Paul's presidency would (again) validate the eternal US citizens nature.

US citizens do not consider their 'problems' as problems. The major problem US citizens have for the moment is to find a way to maintain the status quo, to keep going on the course they have been.

That is where their demand lies. They want to maintain the US world order, further it, strengthen it, consolidate it.

As to the US eating itself, feel relieved, the US will eat and consume the rest of the world because the destruction come to the US shores.

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Simple question. If you are tired of us why don't you and what ever country you reside in get off your lazy asses and do something about the gluttonous U.S. citizenry? We haven't gone anywhere for the last 200+ years?  We're to fat, dumb and lethargic to fight back. It is obvious we can't fix our own problems. We need your guidance and tough love.

What are you waiting for?

This is what I am hearing from your silence troll.  Let other countries start the fight with the U.S..  Why should our citizens die fighting tyranny?  Because being reactive is always a more successful approach then being proactive.  Status quo!

If you are not willing to put your life on the line to save your countrymen, family and friends from the American locust then you deserve to eat the dirt we create.  How are we suppose to have respect for the world when they view themselves as being too weak to make the first strike towards global freedom from oppression.  Your words AnAnonymous are like a monkey flinging shit at passing zoo patrons.


In America we have a saying; Put up or shut up!

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It seems that I already answered to that point.

It is part of the US citizen nature: the bully behaviour. Bullies are never responsible for their aggression. It is always the others'fault. And the fault is: they are weak. That is why the bully aggresses them, they are weak and their weakness is a provocation to bullies.

As a sidenote, it also shows the lack of self limitation typical to US citizens. As they have boundary issues, they always try to repell any constrainst they face (nihilism)

It appears now that they can not remove the physical impossibility to expand more. So well, that is going to be funny.

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Ahh, I see the Fidel Castro tactic of boring your debate opponent beyond tears in hopes that he forgot the original question posed.  When you finally grow a pair, and decide to give the correct answer to the question, I am sure the U.S. will have destroyed a few more countries in its wake.

Whoo, glad I don't have that on my conscience since I am part of the problem, and not the eventual solution.   Sleep tight! Don't let our Manifest Destiny bite!

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Another point.

Okay, okay, it is typical to US citizen bully mind but still: of course the rest of the world is capable of thinking and acting on its behalf. But it does not nullify the US power to crush any of their actions that thwart the US world order.

It is bully mind because usually bullies can not stand responsible for their aggression. If bullies aggress them, it is not bully's fault, it is because the aggressed are too weak, forcing the bullies to aggress. 

US world order.

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No discussion possible because it is only framing and kicking the can.

Either(the involved) US citizens have no other options or they have bought into the empire fully. So what? Does this negate the fact they want wars to provide them with opportunities. So I answer to that, a new layer will be added etc

The root of the issue will not change though: US citizens want wars.

Non sequitur etc.The usual drill.

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You are mistaken the general population didn't support the war in Iraq, vietnam, and WWII.

   If you go back and research it you will find the facts. Vietnam War was started based on a false attack (Gulf of Tonkin Incident). Lyndon Johnson lied to the public and said we were not going to war when it was shown he had every intention of going to war with vietnam (Pentagon Papers).

 In the 1940 presidental election campaign Roosevelt promised to keep America out of the war. He stated, "I have said this before, but I shall say it again and again and again; your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars."

" Churchill pleaded "Give us the tools and we'll finish the job." In January 1941, following up on his campaign pledge and the prime minister's appeal for arms, Roosevelt proposed to Congress a new military aid bill.

 Roosevelt lied to the people.

 Iraq war the Bush administration continually used propaganda to lure public opinion to his side. Al Qaeda connection, nuclear and chemical weapons, ect.. and the media played along. There was great opposition to this war as well, but when Powell gave his speech at the U.N. it convinced many that the threat was valid even though now we know it was based on lies (Curve Ball/ Iraqi defector).

I see a pattern here. Its called lying to get elected then doing what the MIC, corporations, and banks want done.  Look at almost every president including some of our forefathers and its the same.

AnAnonymous's picture

I am not mistaken.

Lets try to keep this straight:

The US is an undivided nation. It does not come from me. It is not my claim. It is the US point. US citizens describe themselves as an undivided nation in the political meaning.

Once this is recalled, it is not because some US citizens are genuinely against war that it translates forcefully into US citizens (or the US People), the political entity are against war.

Claiming the opposite is disingenous.

My observation is just that: an observation. It is done within the US set framework. I imported no alien notions in it.

US citizens want war. They want the opportunities associated with war. Now, if people understand that as every single US citizen want war and the opportunities associated with war, or that because some US citizens do not want war then it means that US citizens do not want war, that is their problem, not mine.

Rick64's picture

You are mistaking the politicians for the U.S. citizens which obviously they don't represent us but do represent the corporations, MIC, and banks.  When I say there was opposition I am speaking of a majority. There are polls, newspaper articles, and other relevant information backing this up. Your opinion is not backed up with any facts, but based on your observations. Your argument is bordering on ridiculous.

AnAnonymous's picture

Facts are observed.

I did not use perception on purpose here.

There is a substantial difference between perception and observation, that matters incidentally on what a fact is.

As to polls, they are just that, they are influenced by mood, used to send signals to the political class.

They cant supercede actions.

It is possible for a person to answer that she will vote for this candidate and actually vote for another candidate.

You prefer perception (polls, newspapers [expression of opinion freed of any feedback]) Others prefer observation (including me)

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In the 1968 Presidential campaign, Richard Nixon stated that "new leadership will end the war" in Vietnam.

Now why would the U.S. citizens elect a president that said he wanted to end the war in Vietnam?

 In the 1940 presidental election campaign Roosevelt promised to keep America out of the war. He stated, "I have said this before, but I shall say it again and again and again; your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars."

During the 2000 campaign, George W. Bush argued against nation building and foreign military entanglements. In the second presidential debate, he said: "I'm not so sure the role of the United States is to go around the world and say, 'This is the way it's got to be.'"

These are undisputable facts.  Now why would the U.S. citizens elect these presidents promising not to go to war or end a war? Where is the bully mentality during elections? Why would a U.S. president promise the people no war if they want war? Your argument went from ridiculous to asinine.

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Fuck me. You've bored me shitless. Are you Timothy Bancroft?

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Confused: There are (many) people who have built their world paradigm around the evil of the American people, and they will defend this view against all evidence. If Americans are not blood-drinking monsters, their structure collapses.

I'll pass up a discussion on "no structure can properly represent reality."

AnAnonymous's picture

But what evidences? A world paradigm can be built on evidences.

The evidences state that US citizens want war.

The US is at war on multiple fronts, US citizens benefit from the opportunities open by wars. They want war and the opportunities associated with it.

This side of reality is plain for all to see.

The point is  US citizens are less and less able to provide efficient propaganda to divert from that side of reality.

Because that is what people should surrender to start believing in US citizens do not want war stuff.

They should surrender reality. It comes at a price and the US is no longer able to buy people out as much as in the past.

The US is at war on multiple fronts and US citizens are queuing to benefit from the opportunities associated to war.

Two facts here that I am certainly not ready to dismiss just to please US citizens who want people to believe that US citizens do not want war.


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GLP is that way -> please follow the signs.

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Naw. What brings Paul down is the insistance on the Gold Standard. You dont get to be as old as he is without understanding how the MSM works. It's his only couch, and the imperically best one in the war closet of a politician, or a media exec selling costumes to the dancing with the stars producers.

Put away your shiny sword and do unto others. Including what he said on the CNN interview which (with medical training) stated: (para) 'If a woman kills a 8 lb baby out of the womb she is a murderer, if both mother and "fetus" are healthy but 3 months pregnant and 5 lbs less, it is a choice. Drs. Should not get paid for that crap by the federal government for 350 million "non-deciders" '

Gold is a pretty metal. The planet probably has more to dig out of the ground, but dont make it universal fractional medium of exchange. I am partial to sound money policies based on shit outside of the cave/mine. Ron Paul can be my Vice President.

damage's picture

I disagree, but anyways... typo in the article... should be "40 years" not "4 years".

wisefool's picture

I still maintain that the day that the US goes to a gold standard, all of the gold is hauled out of the USA within weeks, based on the contract the USA would sign like ben bernake and his girlfreind with a shiner drinking an ale after his last "fight". Thanks WB7. 8.15.11

The 40 year aniversary you speak of regarding the Nixon shock is a really interesting period in time. Nixon vs. Kennedy in a rumble over preserving US interests and at the same time carrying the mantle of being the global reserve currency. Here are the choices:

  • Fiscal (war, and or infrastructure to make war, rebuild, Marshal Plan, alien invaders)
  • Monetary (Gold? Whose Gold is it really? Shatner vs. Ron Paul Age of Aquinas, Ponce DeLeon, fiat)
  • Tax Code (try it, but it always ends up getting biblical, Randian)

Option #4... pension fund.

AngelsMom's picture

Focusing on your statement that "all the gold [would be] hauled out of the USA within weeks," you are sort of right. Rather than go straight to a gold standard, Dr. Paul has suggests he would prefer initially to allow gold to compete with the dollar for use in society, but then Gresham's law comes into effect; the same thing has happened in country after country throughout history when two currencies, one of greater value (gold/silver) and one of lesser value (debased metal or, in our case, paper) are used: people will hoard (or leave the country with) the currency of greater value.

I'm not sure what the workaround for this could be. If the entire world went to a gold standard, that would make this kind of "capital flight" moot, but it's about as likely as Bernanke melting down his favorite printing press.

Does anybody with a greater grasp of finance/history than I have any suggestions for how the transition to a gold standard could work in the real world?



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In a coordinated effort, all mainstream media outfits made the same concerted effort to ignore Ron Paul in the Iowa Straw Poll discussion at the same time.

They all must be getting their orders from a single source at the top.

The Rothschild's, who own AP and Reuiters? CFR orders maybe?

Ident 7777 economy's picture

by Michael
on Tue, 08/16/2011 - 04:45

The Rothschild's, who own AP and Reuiters? CFR orders maybe? 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Oh brother ... more 'spurious assertions' with NO PROOF by someone with NO CREDIBILITY.


A mental disorder (e.g. deep-seated paranoia) would explain this CONSTANT pre-occupation ...




gdogus erectus's picture

Damn, Michael - you must be spot on to bring out such a strong atack from a troll so quickly.

AnAnonymous's picture

Paul needs an official translator or what?

BigJim's picture

That's pretty rich coming from you.

I don't mind that your English is poor, because I assume you're not a native English speaker. But you really are not in any position to criticise anyone else in this regard.

PS - congratulations for not bringing up The Homestead Act (1862).

thefatasswilly's picture

"People are wise to the MSM."

LOL. What exactly do you mean by "people?" How big is your sample size? Where are these people from? How well educated are they?

The masses don't even fucking watch CNN. They watch Jersey Shore, and oh, football season is here. They don't give a shit about elections or politics or anything of the sort unless they can't eat, and with water still coming out of the faucets, GMO food, and EBT cards everywhere, this is not the case.

The masses are ignorant and intellectually handicapped. Even if they were not, Ron Paul would not be elected unless the powers that be allow it. Read some Stalin quotes involving voting or something.

The majority of humanity is worthless outside of the brute labor it provides (and this is being replaced by machines. This remarkable fact has been quite a conundrum for me, personally: should I simply physically liquidate these animals? But everything is relative . . .). This is why democracy does not work. This is why the ancients fell. This is why America is failing. You, and the majority of ZHers, cling to false paradigmns touting equality and similar such nonsense. This is your failing.

The masses have begun invading this once excellent discussion board. Their idiocy brings down the intellectual discourse. I mean, even here, racism is denounced as vile, when racism is nothing more than loving those who are more related to you than those who are less! Do you not love your mother and father more than some stranger on the street?! If you don't, you are a scoundrel!

The decline has been horrifying yet fascinating to track. Tyler runs this sight for profit and bang bang hits, not quality of readers and commenters. It is inevitable.

"In the Tibetan philosophy . . . I know we're all dying." - Fight Club. Everything ascends, peaks, then declines. Zerohedge is past its peak. Was fun while it lasted.

Oh, and yeah. America is past its peak. Niggers and spics, with their incredibly inferior cultural values, invade from every perspective possible. Just turn on the radio and listen to a pop, aka popular, song and you'll nah sayin. The WASP order is already gone (check out the supreme court, roflmao). "Nothing can stop Paul"? So what? Even if he's elected, nothing will change. You all sound like the dumb bitches I went to college with.

"Omg Obama is SO good at giving speeches and like omG he has a BLACKBERRY i'm so moist"

Pathetic. Simple minds discuss people.

macholatte's picture

Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.
Joseph Stalin

Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.
Joseph Stalin

It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.
Joseph Stalin

When we hang the capitalists they will sell us the rope we use.
Joseph Stalin

Libertarians for Prosperity's picture

Fat Ass - 

If memory serves correct, you're Chinese and have a penchant for worshipping snakes in space.  

A few days ago, there was a thread about the high-speed CRH380BL Chinese bullet trains.  The conversation focused on the inferiority of Chinese technology and workmanship.  Supposedly, the Chinese are known for stealing technology, being copycats and ripping off ideas from other, more superior, nations. Even Tyler made a comment that if quality control ever came into the Chinese production process, it would destroy Chinese GDP.

Being from China, could you offer some insight on your inferiority in this regard?

Sorry to talk about people - I know you think "simple minds discuss people," but given your entire post was about "people," I figured this must have been an exception.   

thefatasswilly's picture

Yawn. Look at American cars. Blah blah blah. You're boring, predictable, and mediocre.

Libertarians for Prosperity's picture

American cars?  They suck.  Everyone knows that.

But that doesn't address anything I said.  Nothing. Zilch. Your response was a very strange and transparent attempt not to address my questions.  

What is your opinion/defense regarding the Chinese reputation for being counterfeiters and technology thieves who are willing to whore out their labor at sub-slave rates?

Your empty cities and counterfeit culture is really rather embarrassing for you, isn't it?  



thefatasswilly's picture

You addressed nothing that I said, so I chose to respond in the same way.

Your style of "debate" is worn and old. It's called ad hominem. You're not even intelligent enough to engage in real conversation. You are a very typical American. Run back to your football game, simpleton.

Vic Vinegar's picture

You are a smart cat and Zero Hedge would probably be a better place if you commented more.  But as you and I know, no one has all the answers.  

So tonight we get this Katy Perry video:

Libertarians for Prosperity's picture I chose to respond in the same way......


How fitting that you'd copy cat me.  

By the way XengZang, I wasn't debating your original post.  I was just asking a simple question.  

If you're ever in the LA area, let me know.  I need someone to cut my toenails.  The last Chinese guy that did it charged me $1 foot.  Too high, slant-eye.   


thefatasswilly's picture

Write something worth reading, and I might consider you worthy of life.

As it stands, on this petri dish of rapidly diminishing resources, you've proven yourself a waste of oxygen, oil, and water.

Stuff that's made in china is crap. Everyone knows this. Just as how you responded that everyone knows that American cars are crap. blah blah blah.

You want my insights on how I feel about the fact that stuff that's made in china is shit?

It's hilarious. Cause you Americans buy it up. You driver is materialism, the cancerous outlook which ordains that the insatiable urge for constant consumption is GOOD. You believe that resources are infinite. You believe that buying cheap plastic Chinese bullshit such as iPads brings happiness.

Yes, you're right. But at least I don't buy the shit, unlike you. Now, fuck off and watch some football on your plastic television before I'm forced to beat you some more, because you're boring, predictable, etc. etc.

Vic Vinegar's picture

Just don't be so angry dude.  Life is short.  When we are kicking it on our deathbead (if we are lucky enough to get there) we are going to be regret being so angry on Zero Hedge.  I promise you that.

wisefool's picture

SNARK for Levity on an english language website:

I think this is a good turning point in the debate. I wonder what chinese people think "football" is. Is it a sport, coached by a phys ed teacher cum CEO of Enron? or is it a sport coached by one of Sarcosies babies mommas?

Merckle has important decisions to make based on our Asian perceptions. And Christine Amanpour needs subject matter for her show this week.



Vic Vinegar's picture

I think this is a good turning point in the debate about what Zero Hedge is supposed to be about.  I mean, we have "wisefool" (no offense dude) logging on to give us this wisdom.

I only logged on to give people youtube videos.  Shit, was there something more to this?

wisefool's picture

No offense taken. Never wanted to be a Rodeo type cowboy hero. And McDonalds food is for the youngsters. It is a rodeo clowns' life for me.

* Disclaimer: I own and wear Dickies (official sponsor of rodeo clowns) that were manufactured in both the USA and China.