The Colonization Begins: Germany May Send 160 Tax Collectors To Greece

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Since the European colonial state of southern Bavaria Sachs (formerly known as the insolvent Hellenic Republic) no longer even pretends to be anything less than a pass-thru funding colony of its creditors, said creditors (European banks and various insurance companies) are about to send out the first group of colonial scouts in the form of German tax collectors. Also, since as reported previously, Greece will literally have to collect taxes to fund the Second "bailout package", which is merely a front for on ongoing Greek bailout of European banks (recall that it is Greece who is partially funding the bailout Escrow Account), said tax collectors will assist their Greek counterparts (who will rather likely miss their quote of becoming 200% more efficient in 2012) in collecting money from Greek citizens to pay off German banks. If in the process a few (or all) bars of gold end up missing, so be it.

From Athens News:

More than 160 German financial services executives are willing to come to Greece in order to strengthen the Greek tax mechanism, according to a report to be published in the German magazine 'Wirtschafts Woche', which will be released on Monday.


The magazine cites German deputy finance minister Hans Bernhard Beus, who explains that a key factor is the knowledge of a foreign language - some of them speak Greek - while the return to active duty of retired tax collectors should not be ruled out.


Many come from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, whose finance minister, Norbert Walter-Borjans, compares Greece's with 90s East Germany, noting that even the East Germans at the time were suspicious towards the West. "In Greece suspicion will be greater, in part because of the inappropriate language used by some in Germany," he said.


The article also refers to a confidential report from the European Commission, according to which the mechanism of tax collection in Greece is especially problematic.

What "problematic"? If it is not clear by now that the Greeks will happily do nothing to change their predicament (and in fact have exhibited a soaring appreciation for their new stepmother-tongue), this will be literally easier than stealing rehypothecated candy from an insolvent baby.

Ironically, the popular German response in the form of comments at German daily Spiegel is widely adverse to this latest now blatantly open attempt at colonization by a few German "leaders", who just like in every other insolvent developed country, operate solely at the behest of their banker funders.

We fear that such incursions into national sovereignty will only accelerate... until they are finally halted, very violently, and very tragically.

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additional juicy tidbits over here:






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In other news, Syntagma Square is to be renamed Shakedown Street.


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This is the story of your enslavement. Coming to a 'capitalist' neighborhood near you:

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Hi Sparta, pleased, to meet you. My name is uncle Brussels. Now tell me, where does it hurt, my dear.

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start squeezing those greeks into juice

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Will they bury the tax-collectors in Greece?  ...or ship the caskets back to Germany?


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I would be very careful with what the foreign invaders dine on for dinner during their stay in Greece.

Cup of Poison

Socrates' execution requires that he drink a cup of hemlock. Found in Europe and parts of Asia, hemlock is a poisonous herb that looks a great deal like parsley. You would not, however, want this "fool's-parsley" dressing the side of your dinner plate!

It is bad enough that Socrates is unjustly sentenced to death, but to carry out his own execution is a bit much! Indeed, for many of us, it would seem that he is committing suicide. Bear in mind, however, that a sense of honor meant something different in his day than it does in our own. It would have been unthinkable for Socrates to have been forced to consume the deadly brew or for him to go to his death like a coward, kicking and screaming.

Pharmaceutical Vials for Preparing Hemlock
Steven S. Tigner

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Could someone tell me if this;

The bogus billion dollar bill: Eight arrested after Italian police seize $6 TRILLION of fake U.S. bonds

Read more:

Has anything to do with this;


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They better put sand in the tires of their BMWs and buy some molotov cocktail insurance. I think LLoyds offers that insurance.

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They're not tax collectors. They're advisors. And soon more advisors will be sent. If things go bad the advisors will use Agent Orange to improve matters. Then a landing force will be sent to protect the advisors.


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The landing force has not reached full maturity.

And the white ballistic armor they will wear has not been fully developed....

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Will they bury the tax-collectors in Greece?  ...or ship the caskets back to Germany?

It doesn't matter, what matters is, that the Greek "government" just found out and rather miraculously so, that there are people in Greece that do NOT pay their taxes because of their own VERY corrupt Greek administration.... OUCH! That must have hurt their "pride".

They should sell the islands to Germany instead and then they can be hired back on these islands as guestworkers.

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Is this a preview of what is going to happen in US. The economy will evenually eat away at all aspects of our life, and will have to pay for our hardship

Pretty crazy article



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And much like the PIIGS, Californian cities are facing similar problems, with Stockton facing bankruptcy and having to re-negotiate their debt terms, facing 20% unemployment and having to fund public workers pensions with decreasing tax revenues:

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"Is this a preview of what is going to happen in US."


The "gold" in the U.S. has been missing for some time now...but we still get pictures of it in fort knox!

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Ironic, that the Greek national anthem is titled, "Hymn to Freedom."

Now, supplanted both in essence and effect, by a certain, very old composition by Josef Haydn...

Atlantis Consigliore's picture     IM SPARTACUS,  lets have some greek dance music with the German Banks?????  Swing it Deutschland.....

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No, this is not aristocratic militaristic collectivist gold-hating Sparta, this is Europe. Queen Gorgo would never have borrowed money, btw, not even accepted it as a gift.

"some of them speak Greek " (seems a dozen) yes. WHY?
There are 300'000 Greeks in Germany, and yes, some of them work for the Finance Ministry.
Though out of them you might also find childrens of mixed marriages and the husbands of Greek women. Shocking, shocking...

I request the right of having my tax officer to be female, young, hot, Swedish, Catholic, a good cook and very, very guillible. Did I mention hot?

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Any truth to the rumor that Ellen Degeneres and her galpals have a bid in for the island of Lesbos?

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The stirring, emotional marching song of the German tax collectors in foreign lands ...

'De Fahne Hoch' - 'The Banner High' - also known as the 'Horst Wessel song':

« Keep the streets free for the brown battallions
Keep the streets free for the storm trooper men ...

Soon Hitler flags will fly over the barricades ...

Die Straße frei den braunen Batallionen
Die Straße frei dem Sturmabteilingsmann! ...

Bald flattern Hitlerfahnen über Barrikaden ... »

Song video with photos of German tax collectors, and English and German lyrics


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Alles! All aboard zee trains!!  Jetzt, schnell!  Free toors of dee wunderbar Greek countryside.  Bring zee children, zay vil enjoy it as well.  Danke!...

Jesus, Greeks!  Wake up for godsake!  FIGHT!  You repelled them before, you can do it again.

What are they thinking?!!

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One day, the Onassis clan will buy the whole thing for a bargain, then erect a signpost PRIVATE PROPERTY.

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Looks like the three Troikan Stooges junked this...PapadeMO, Dragy and MerKurly

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I think a Merkel the Merkin piece would be all sorts of funny. Upon which body? That is the question.

Edit: More thoughts. Merkel the Merkin is covering the "Trojan" Horse pecker of the ECB(or just the French and German banks). It's aiming to pump a bent over Greece's pooper under the guise of "injecting liquidity" via bailout, but it's really just there to give Greece's sovereignty AIDS.

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three Troikan Stooges junked this

Seems to me there've been a lot of aggressive Fed employees around here lately.

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Someone said it's Corzine, Leo, MHFT and Lucas Van Praag

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Davidson must have spent the most money ever trying to get rid of a computer virus.

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Kyle Bass recent video puts everything into perspective:

We are all pretty much f*cked, at least those of us living in Europe. And good luck to Germans as soon everybody will point their finger towards them. Kind of like before the WWII.

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Only a matter of time before UN 'Peacekeepers' are deployed...remember, blue helmets stand out pretty well in low-light condtions.

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Just so you know, the german ppl don't stand behind all this BS !

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Well duh. Ya think the Greeks stand behind the bailouts and the deals?

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yeah, right. they said the same thing the last time around. but we all know they where part of it and fully supported their fuhrer. time for greece to wake up and hang them krauts.

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Exactly. If the German people aren't behind it, then they need to hang their leaders as well. Put up or shut up Nazis.

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huh?  The Germans' pensions depend on the greeks paying back the money they borrowed.  Greece is a DEADBEAT STATE, got it?

Squeeze them hard and take the oil that comes out and sell it for use in asphalt

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I have twelve sea shells, six clams and an oyster. .... Consider it a downpayment!

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Nicely lined up..... the xenophobe trinity of ZH.

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Nah, Conrad is misunderstood, the others are a kook and quasi-troll.

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Reply to the wrong person, or did your thinking cap get lost in the dryer again? My reply had nothing to do with pensions or whether Greece is a deadbeat.

I am pointing out that either the German people support their Nazi government's takeover of Greece(an act of war), or they don't. If they don't support it, they need to remove the German politicians and banksters, preferably by execution. If they do support it, well, here we go again I guess.

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>>>>I am pointing out that either the German people support their Nazi government's takeover of Greece(an act of war), or they don't.

dunno man, I hate what the U.S. gov is doing in Libya, yemen, Afghanistan, pakistan, Syria and Iran... but so far, all my bitching has done little to stop it. seems hypocritical to blame the german people for something they have little to no control over.

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No doubt about it. The Americans are just as guilty as all other peoples of the world who perpetuate The State's assaults on liberty and crimes against humanity, whether by paying taxes, feigning ignorance, or sulking in apathy.

Banksters and politicians are a global scourge and will have to be dealt with in all nations. However, Greece is in the spotlight now. They have the ability to spark some Greek Fire and ignite a worldwide revolution. Let's hope they can find the strength.

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Germany has been occupied since the second WW, it is now a secondary 'power' behind a very real Empire. Guess who?

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How many doofus amerikans support bombing Libya, Afghan, Iraq, and so on?  A whole lot.  Prob same thing in Krautville and Grease.  The majority of people are basically gullible retards willing to believe whatever dogshit is served up.  Only when things get unbearable(near death) are they willing to do what it takes to overthrow whatever ruling class is around.  The great thing about truth is that it always manifests itself, sometimes sooner, sometimes after awhile.