Commemorating The 99th Anniversary Of The First Ever Vampire Mollusc, Or How William Banzai Met His Match

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What is oddest about the below cartoon is how, in retrospect, it was absolutely spot on one 1 year ahead of the formation of the Federal Reserve, and shortly, about one century ahead of its destruction. We are happy to see that even William Banzai may have finally met his match, even if the temporal displacement is modestly skewed.

Cartoon from 1912, one year before the creation of the Federal Reserve, courtesy of Plasmaquatic Technolithic Mist

h/t John

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HA!   excellent.

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LOL!!! It even looks like a vampire squid to me!

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It looks fucking evil. Opt out, convert your FRNs to Au and Ag.

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G. Edward Griffin writes about this extensively in his book Creature from Jekyll Island.

Going from a poor memory:

The aldrich plan was named after Senator Aldrich and was immediately shot down by congress.

It was then later re-submitted under a different name and this led to the establishment of the Federal Reserve.

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Don't forget the "man" who sold the country out.....

I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the civilized world. No longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.
~ Woodrow Wilson


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What a miserable excuse for a man who knew what the implications of his actions were before he signed that order. He had plenty of advisors around him with contrary opinions and advice. He knew. Some fucking oath taker. His mea culpa was bullshit. It smells the same as all these worms (Obama, bankers, politicians and economists (who didn't see it coming), coming out of the carcass and espousing wonderment about the state of its health. Bullshit. Afgter 2008 and they perpetuated the disease, bullshit.

No excuses.

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Nelson W. Aldrich

He worked with several key bankers and economists, including Paul Warburg, Abram Andrew and Henry Davison, to design a plan for an American central bank in 1911. In 1913 Woodrow Wilson signed into law the Federal Reserve Act, which was patterned after Aldrich's vision.

Because of his control of the Senate (and his daughter Abby Greene Aldrich's marriage to John D. Rockefeller, Jr., and son Winthrop Aldrich's later chairmanship of the Chase National Bank), Aldrich, who represented the smallest state in the Union, was regarded as one of the most powerful politicians of his time. His grandson and namesake Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller became one of the most powerful politicians of a later era and served as Vice President of the United States under President Gerald Ford.


and you wonder why JP Morgan Chase is back on top....

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Top job AH. Mine was from memory but your post nails it down.


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When evaluating brother Woodrow we should also consider a) the Income Tax, b) wrongsiding WW I, and c) making such a mess of the Versailles "peace" settlement as to make round II of the 20th Century WorldWar (aka WW II) all but inevitable. Still, like all liberals, he meant well.   

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In 1901, with no male heir , the Frankfurt House closed its doors after more than a century in business. It was not until 1989 that the family returned, when N M Rothschild & Sons, the British investment arm, plus Bank Rothschild AG, the Swiss branch, set up a representative banking office in Frankfurt. Any wonder why Germans are in control of EU now?


Rockefeller began a lifelong association with the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) when he joined as a director in 1949. Then he approached a family friend, William Bundy, to take over the position for CFR journal "Foreign Affairs" who advocated the Vietnam war. Half of US politicians are from CFR. Kissinger was invited to sit on the board of trustees of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. Rockefeller consulted with Kissinger on numerous occasions, as for example in the Chase Bank's interests in Chile and the threat of the election of Salvador Allende in 1970,   and fully supported his "opening of China" initiative in 1971 as it afforded banking opportunities for the Chase Bank


Rockefeller also founded the other political thinktank Trilateral Commission in July 1973.

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Ok, but it really gets going when we learn about Kitty Harriman's bake sales.

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He also praised "birth of a nation" as a wondeful movie that should be required viewing for all Americans. WW was a horrible monster of a human. The perfect example of history being written by the winners.

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Don't forget that timing is everything: Breakup of Standard Oil Trust 1911....Fed 1913

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The Collapse of The American Dream Explained in Animation


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Houses are still overpriced yet people are still buying...some even with zero down loans which are still handed out by a combination of the FHA and other fed offices.


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That's how Fed works.


Fed supports over priced assets (houses, student loans, shitty companies, etc.) via cheaper loans, so to Americans the monthly payments are the same. Corporations do it too by rolling over their debt. US corporations are all in debt as much as governments are. They all just roll over debt with cheaper interest rates when they make a mistake to hold on to their power.

Banksters / capitalists came into power with Reagan starting 1980s when labor annd middle class started to lose out and support the regime. Before 1980s traders didn't make millions. They were some side gambling for janitors.


Why do they want to uphold the overinflated asset prices?

Because banks have only one responsibilty....allocate money based on credit. They made a huge mistake, but they don't want the check and balance system to take effect via bankruptcies which hurts the bankers the most because it lays it out in the open that they didn't do their job and made bad loans and eventually they lose the grip on American labor and politics.

Lower interests prevent bankrupcies which may keep some folks in the home via refinancing or lower entry level mortage, but the ultimate goals is to prevent capitalism from working by preventing negative feedback back to banks via bankrupcies and ultimately bank's credit. The crisis is that the rate is as low as it can go...maybe another 10 more years. Then no more rolling over debt or rescue for bad loans. That's why all the banksters went are will be going IPO and cashing out. They know gig is up.

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AH do you have a blog? You have some of the most amazing posts on ZH and I don't make that statement lightly. Great stuff keep educating folks.

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Thats pretty much his thing, opening the doors of perception.

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Yes, interesting timing... the destruction of empires which actually do something or make something, replaced by an oligopoly of do-nothing parasitic financiers.

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How about this man selling shareholders and employees out?


El Paso CEO Douglas Foshee Set for $95 Million in Exit Pay


That is in addition to $8M per year compensation.

Prior to joining El Paso, Mr. Foshee served as Executive Vice President and COO of Halliburton Company having joined that company in 2001 as Executive Vice President and CFO.


and a member of the Board of Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas



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Always said that the gobs of "cash on the sidelines" at big US corporations was earmarked for golden parachutes. It's what we the taxpayers bailed them out with. 

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that's why even republican shareholders are fed up with republican party who support executives and his friends in the board not shareholder rights. Expecially with 401k and mutual funds, shareholders are not directly represented but by wall st proxy who have also turned against shareholders and american labor.


So what do ultra rich shareholder republicans do? they take it out on the middle and lower class by charging more income taxes while cutting capital gains taxes.


It is like a King finds out his generals stole his military equipments with aid of his chief military accountants, so he punishes the foot soldiers by cutting their food rations.

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You may recall a few years back Columbia Healthcare execs were caught with their greedy fists in the Medicare cookie jar.  They were appropriately contrite, paid a big fine, changed the name of the company back to HCA, and to demonstrate their sincerity required that for the next 5 years, EVERY employee from housekeeping to nurses to lab techs had to attend a yearly mandatory "Code of Conduct" seminar.  At these seminars, the employees were told how it's just not right to lie and cheat and defraud the government.  Those employees are timeclock punching, low level schmucks who had nothing to do with billing.  And the only "suit" present at the seminars was the one presenting it.  The seminars did not generate any warm feelings amongst the employees toward their bosses for trying to share the blame for the fiasco with them.  But I'm sure the government was impressed. 

"See, boss, we're so sorry we cheated you, we're gonna flog these serfs severely for the next five years to demonstrate our contrition."


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they take it out on the middle and lower class by charging more income taxes while cutting capital gains taxes.

What a pile of socialist propaganda.  First of all there should be no income or capital gains taxes on constitutional grounds alone.  But to claim that capital gains taxes were set too low is ridiculous, why should we have to pay capital gains on assets that never change in real value but just go up against the deflating dollar?   Bush's tax cuts were incredibly lopsided towards the lower incomes that one of the main reasons why almost 50% pay no income tax and have no skin in the game, yet AH would have the progression even steeper so 70% pay no income tax and so that those fatcat Republicans pay outrageous capital gains to support the parasitical government that he so obviously cherishes.

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Ah - so Huxley doesn't blind everyone with his Wikipedia cut-n-paste skills? Thank goodness that the best hard assets can avoid confiscation, direct or indirect. The Socialists tell us so, right Greece?

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Is this outlandish "exit pay" a bribe so that the CEO's don't tip off regulators / Wall Street in the future that the company is actually a piece of shit with artificial cash flows marked to myth?  Just wondering, since this seems to be the MO of the world we live in . . .

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And how much did Cassano parachute out of AIGFP with? Over 300 mil.

What, he doesn't have the Republican bonafides or booga booga Halliburton resume to get any love?

Grow up, ninnies. Don't hate the playahs MORE than you hate the game.

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Don't forget that phoney Jack Welch, who as CEO of GE took one of the oldest and most successful companies in the world and turned it into a financing company and ruined it.  Of course, Jacko retired with a fat retirement stuffed with perks before TSHTF.  Then he toured the country thrilling sheeple with stories about what a great leader he is.

What a tool.

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El Paso up 25% on the news.....


-Paul Krugman

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Don't let this small contrition on his part fool you.

He, Canegie, Rockefeller and the rest (to a large degree) set up the government school system we have now on the Prussian model.

Not for education...but for worker drones.

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University of Chicago was founded by Rockefeller and later produced Milton Friedman's "freemarket for labor, socialism for capitalists via proxy of banksters" bullshit. Obama was professor at UChicago and deeply embedded into Chicago politics.


Aldrich and JP Morgan created central bank and Aldrich married into Rockefellers.


Yet there are still Americans thinking their vote counts, or they will make it into top 0.1% via hard work. System was designed by people above the law years ago and they still own it. We are past the time of revolution. Elites are surprised that it took this long.



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There is little doubt and substantial evidence that both the public education system & the federal reserve system were implemented for the purpose subordinating the individual to the state.

Instead of vice versa.

We have to ask ourselves why high school graduates have to take remedial courses in such numbers to get into college. And why they know next to nothing of their own history. Or how their own government operates...and to what purpose. And why they were pushed or allowed into dead end courses once accepted into college that would leave them unskilled, unwanted in society.

You are correct...its time to ask a host of questions (especially the young) as to why we are at this stage.

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education systems are owned by the elites. They fund it, they control it.


Just look at the board of any university. Full of corporate super elite class. It was never about your individual tought enrichment. It was always about producing / brainwashing next generation of workers /leaders. Democrat elites let in obama to Harvard via affirmative action long time ago, because they knew one day, a half black president would be useful to control blacks. Republicans elites let in retard GW Bush into Harvard via the other affirmative action long time ago, because they new one day, idiot president from texas would appeal to the mass rednecks to move forward with foreign policy of war in ME.

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Nah, W was the son of an elite family. He was never bright but he went down to Texas to build hillbilly cred by carrying stuff around on a ranch. Just as his brother went to become gov of FL. The family knew southern governors do well in Pres elections. I agree about Obama on the other hand is a complete stooge and puppet.

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But wez gotz critical thinking skillz!

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Some elixers work better than others...alot of us still

As long as the majority can fix upon where the problem resides, we'll be fine I think. We will always rant & rave at each other, but one loses their head over it...its really a beautiful thing ;-)

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AH, To think now even a great majority is still in the dream /nightmarish state denying the reality, some even fear for acknowledging it...its pathetic.

But then we should forgive...

Thanks for sharing.

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forgiveness and the entire set of morality is for suckers I'm afraid because elite are above the law.


Rockefellers and their IBEC  (International Basic Economy Corporation) owners of JPM Chase don't give a shit about anyone. They would send in their own country men to further their agenda. They care even less about foreigners. To Rockefellers, 99.9% are just worker bees to exploit and to run social experiments on. Sick fucks own the world and they are using morality to prevent slaves from bringing out the guillotine because kiling  the elites is "immoral" murder while killing iraqi farmers turned soldier for more oil is "heroic"



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I enjoy reading what you write.  Thanks.

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Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche.

I think he was an original libertarian. The Ubermench concept is greatly misunderstood and has been abused. A real Ubermench does not need rules because s/he is not driven by insecurity, thus, while they live life to the fullest, they do not run around deliberately hurting people because they have no need of revenge, they are not living in hurt and fear. Revenge is futile and changes nothing Nietzsche would argue. It engages you and your attention on something that takes away your life energy and your will to power. Freud stole volumes of material from him to create his own theory of the psyche.

Nietzsche was a kind of Moses that never got to go to the promised land. Neither will the sick fucks, though they fool themselves thinking they are Ubermenches. Chances are, neither will you and I because we are trapped in another kind of spirit of revenge, that of the slave, who is angry at the master for living better than him. This Nietzche argues, was how Christianity was born, elevating slave values over upper class values, and declaring the slave superior.

Your posts just got me thinking.

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You are right about the Übermensch-Konzept, MsCreant. It is indeed often misunderstood. But I would not be too hard on Freud. I still like Freud as a stylist.

Nietzsches sister took care of his work and damaged it greatly when she basically sold it to the Nazis. And the Nazis used Nietzsche for their own propaganda. They were not shy to cut his sentences and by doing that to distort the original message. Especially the Übermensch-Konzept, which they integrated in their false ideology of race.

Keep in mind that also Nietzsche learnt a lot from Schopenhauer. He liberated his thoughts at one point and became the great philosopher he still is remembered today. Both are not part of the contemporary philosophic discourse here in Germany. Not part of the normal university discourse. But Nietzsche was very important for many 20th century French thinkers like Foucault, Deleuze or Derrida.

It is still somewhat ironic that you as a woman sing a praise to Nietzsche. ;)
He was not in the same boat as Schopenhauer on this, although he shared some difficulties with him. Schopenhauer is still like a red flag to any feminist.

MsCreant's picture

I enjoy continental thought, it has been "berry berry good to me" (old SNL reference). I literally make my money off of it. One might label me simply as a social constructionist. Perhaps my feminism can be thought of as a kind of libertarian feminism. There is no universal feminism (as you probably know) it is a very fractured school of thought. For me Feminism should be about opening up choices for folks, not trying to control what they do based on gender role ideology. Feminists can be real thick on this point. If you don't do Feminism "her" way, then dammit, you are not a "real" feminist. I heard that over and over from feminists because of various personal choices I might make about grooming and presentation of self. My chair got shit for growing her finger nails long, I'd hear this crap behind her back. The thing is, if a man wanted to make those choices, many Feminists would support him!!

But if you don't do it her way you are either suffering from false consciousness and in need of saving from yourself, or you are siding with the abusers for the privileges they provide you and thus part of the problem. I find it ain't that cut and dry and that Feminism becomes another oppressive narrative which does nothing more than supplant the old sexist narrative with another one. You know this drill if you know the likes of Derrida and Foucault. Both would like to see us keep the situations "in play" rather than settling on a set of rules. Thus we get back to Nietzsche. The will to power, as I understand it, does not require rules, rules are about controlling low impulses which will not arise unless you are living in the spirit of revenge.

I have not spent hardly any time at all with Schopenhauer, though I do know he was an influence and I have meant to take a deeper look at his work. For instance, I do not know why he should be a red flag for feminists. But all these thinkers have built careers on reinterpreting theories from the past through the lens of modernity/postmodernity. 

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Schopenhauer wrote a little piece about "Women" and it is one of the most hilarious rants I've ever seen. He even pushed an elderly woman down the stairs. Well, he had to pay for the rest of her life and when she finally died, he wrote how happy he was that she died ('the witch is dead' or something...)

Even the title "Über die Weiber" - which might not have been that spectacular at his time, would definitely be an insult today (Weiber has a connotation that is entirely negative today - as if you would say "chicks"). He was a frustrated man, being rejected all his entire life by women (+ his sister and mother did not treat him very well, his father had commited suicide when he was of young age).

Schopenhauer was also one of the first German philosophers that wrote about vegetarianism, about the rights of animals, that the world is irrational, he was probably our greatest pessimist; and according to him most humans have 1/3 intellect and 2/3 will (Wille) - so they're basically driven by their hormons, while only a few have 2/3 intellect and 1/3 will. He was influenced by Indian philosophy - especially the Vedas. My father advised me, saying that I should read the Greek philosophers first, then Kant and if I am still interested about Schopenhauer, then I should read him. He emphasized that it needs an experienced reader and a strong personality to read Schopenhauer. A few years later, I made an acquaintance that had read Schopenhauer first and I finally understood why he had such a strong opinion about Schopenhauer. You see - by reading Schopenhauer, you're part of the inner circle and he always gives you the feeling to be better than other people (he wrote definitely the best German rants - I mean even if you don't agree with him, you've to acknowledge his sense for wit and humour.) and that is somewhat dangerous to young people. Schopenhauer influenced many people - especially Freud, but also Thomas Mann, Nietzsche, Thomas Bernhard, Kafka, etc. Thomas Mann once wrote that Schopenhauer 'poisons' the young mind.

If Foucault would still be alive, I think he would not be too happy about some developments.
"For me Feminism should be about opening up choices for folks, not trying to control what they do based on gender role ideology."

I could not have said it better. I don't know more about the American feminism. I am not an expert on the topic. I just see that the discussion in Germany stagnates and is sometimes going in a wrong direction (some argue that women should dominate men) - at least in my humble opinion. Feminism today is very diversified. From Oldschool-Feminism of the Sixties (which is still in war at times) to women that call themselves slut and speak about the power of the almighty V ;). Women have achieved so much (compared to Schopenhauer's era) and rightfully so - our Chancellor is a woman (although I would wish we had a better one, but that has nothing to do with her gender); I must say that I am against government regulation in this question - a Frauenquote (a percentage of the enterprise must consist of women) is discussed at the moment. I'll agree with Mrs. Schroeder and Mrs. Schnarrenberger on this - business should do that on their own and not being forced by the government. We have many women in leading positions, some of them lead the entire business and do a great job. But why should I be forced by a government? It is in the self-interest of every business to select the good and capable people - wether they are black, moslem, hindu, female, sitting in a wheel-chair - that is not important. But to have someone there that has original and good thoughts.

I must admit I love tough (business) women. Always loved the Lilith Sternin-type of woman (but not so cold of course and not so insecure about the physical look). Intelligent and sarcastic.

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Enjoyed the exchange. No doubt we will talk again. Sounds like your Dad was wonderful! I am jealous.

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MsCreant, thanks for your erudite thoughts, quite so. You can't play a violin without physical and mental dicipline (pick up a violin and try to play a scale and you'll see what I mean, .. then watch a virtuoso play) ... not rules as such ... the required self-dicipline action that acheives the necessary or desired outcomes ... a self emergent rule/dicipline ... the result of, and the creator of, personal dignity and development.

That takes freedom of mind and body, in order to discipline itself, and free itself, as necessary.

Virtuoso derives from virtue, of course ... interesting word.

MsCreant's picture

Yes. Rules point at things, they are not the things. To adhere mindlessly to them is to miss their point. To be the instrument that channels the muse, ah, the muse must pick carefully, it cannot stay, it comes and goes. One can only cultivate what the muse needs and then see what shows up. It is a shame that this spirit is not in our leaders, not with our press and our economic educators. 

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Nice post MC:

Most people have difficulty admitting to themselves that there is some "Rockefeller" and "Rothschild" inside almost all of us.  Ultimately we are all one mind, just scatterbrained at the moment. To "kill" a Rockefeller is to also condem that part of yourself you have not reintegrated  back to completion yet.  Those who can make space for the "redemption" of the "outer" Rockefeller ..... liberate themselves. The rest choose to remain slaves. This universe is well crafted in its own way. 

Love your "enemies" friends.  Violence means you get to have another round at the riddle some where, some time,  till you reintegrate the big picture. Nothing but perfection will do for the one who sent you here (yourself!) and he/she is very very patient. 


Dear Mr. Rockefeller, Rothchild, Dimond, Blankfein, etc...,   while adjudicating and arbitrating just restitution in a free market justice system that you can't own, we propose an exciting educational experience wherein we demontrate to you the joy and self-fullfilllment that comes from cooperation and the misery of theft, fraud, and agression. We want your considerable  "talents" back on the team of "humanity" and out of the pit that has been dug, as we will all be "richer" for it!

Sooner or later all the prodigal sons return. All of them. That's how "we" set it up.

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Wonderfully worded of the way things truly are.

There is only one of us.