Commodities Crumble As Stocks Ignore Treasury Selling

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While most of the talk will be about the drop in precious metals today, the sell-off in Treasuries is of a much larger relative magnitude and yet equities broadly ignored this re-risking 'signal'. At almost 2.5 standard deviations, today's 10Y rate jump (closing it above the 200DMA for the first time in eight months) trumps the 1.3 standard deviation drop in Gold prices - taking prices back to mid-January levels. According to our data (h/t JL) for only the 14th time in the last five years (and not seen for 16 months) Treasury yields rose significantly and stocks fell as the broad gains in yesterday's financials (on the JPM rip) were held on to at the ETF level but not for Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, or Citigroup (who gave all the knee-jerk reaction back). Tech led the way as AAPL surged once again (though faltered a few times intraday) having now completed back-to-back unfilled gap-up-openings. Credit and equity were generally in sync until mid afternoon when the up-in-quality rotation took over and stocks and high-yield sold off (notably HYG - the high-yield bond ETF underperformed all day long) while investment grade credit rallied to multi-month tights. VIX bounced higher (notably more than the S&P would have implied) recovering to Monday's closing levels and back above 15%. The Treasury sell-off was 'balanced' in terms of risk-on/-off by the strength in the USD (and modest weakness in FX carry pairs as JPY's weakness was largely in sync with the rest of the majors - hinting its was a USD story). Oil and Copper both lost ground (as did Silver - the most on the day) though they tracked more in line with USD strength than the PMs.

Post the JPM News yesterday, it appears that BofA seems the most loved (?) - up almost 9%, Amex and JPM are equally loved at around +5.5% but GS, MS, and C are all down 0.25-1.0% from pre-JPM news having lost notably from last night's close...


Towards the latter part of the afternoon, there was the start of a modest risk-off sentiment as ES (the e-mini S&P future) couldn't get back up to VWAP and drifted lower along with high-yield credit as it appears the 'safety' trade is re-appearing for now as up-in-quality rotation into investment grade was clear...



The 10Y broke above key technical levels and while we are uncertain given the corporate supply calendar ahead, this was a dramatic absolute and relative shock to most traders...


The last two days have seen a rise in 10Y yields the likes of which we haven't seen in five months and the second largest in 16 months. In the last six months alone we have seen nine similar magnitude (percentage)drops in spot gold...

...but it was much more fun to talk about the huge USD-based drop in Gold today - as opposed to the relative change - but it is clear that Gold found some support back at pre-NFP levels from mid-January and Silver eventually gave way too and fell back to similar period levels...




FX markets were a one way street in general today with USD buying relatively similar across all the majors (in a mildly risk-off manner given JPY crosses)...



To put these divergences in CONTEXT, we can see from the lower chart that a) upper left shows the late-day recovery in HYG (and drop in VXX) that juiced relative risk model compared to the slow drop in SPY, b) the three charts on the right hand side shows the total disconnect between empirical correlation-driven risk models and today's price action as Treasuries (and 2s10s30s) dislocated, and c) lower left shows that VIX limped quietly up to what is more of a fair-value given the current levels of equities and credit.

Whatever the reason for the disconnect - QE unwinds or individual market technicals (flows) - it is unusual to see this kind of break-down which makes us think the picture is much less rosy than the S&P 1400ish headlines would suggest and the late-day rotation into IG credit also suggests less risk-appetite than the herd would like.

Charts: Bloomberg and Capital Context

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Motorhead's picture

Charts, bitchez!

FlyoverCountrySchmuck's picture

Who needs commodities whan AAPL id $700???


(Just don't be the last one off the carousel when the ride stops)

mayhem_korner's picture



Well, a long time ago the apple was a commodity...

Sudden Debt's picture

And a bit longer ago, apples where used to test and prove gravity

Stanwick's picture

Priced in Apple, gold is ripping.

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and a few years before that, a slut ate an apple and fucked all of us

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GDX got hammered worse than gold. Meanwhile these gold miners can dig up an ounce for $400...what gives?


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Unfortunately, that seems to be the pattern these last few years and more. The miners aren't my thing but many gold bulls have been saying for years that the miners should break out and outperform any time now. And it just keeps failing to materialize. I hope you got you some of the underlying stashed away too. The thesis makes perfect sense to me but I'm no expert in the area and I feel I'm missing something and that there is a reasonable explanation for the marked underperformance of the miners.

Todays Index Charts and Summary

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

probably can't find the gold. The cost is $400 for those who have it. For the miners that don't have enough & are still exploring, or hunting for juniors that explore, this costly exercise means it's not really 400 & markets probably want more than what's for delivery.

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..and before that snakes in trees offered humans "free" apples.

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Id like to see a chart comparing the DJIA to the TSX.  If you go back, the TSX always had aywhere from 200-800pts up on the DJIA.  Now the DJIA has ballooned past the TSX b8 800pts.



MeelionDollerBogus's picture$INDU&p=D&yr=3&mn=0&dy=0&id=p15787597033

if you go to and download the CSV data you can generate a scatterplot. I haven't yet but what I imagine I'd see: DOW plotted x-axis, TSX plotted y-axis, log-scale for both axes, a line slope 0.835 ... 2010 Aug this would increase for a while in slope, 2011 May would return to 0.835, 2011 sep looks like slope = 0.376

Conclusion: cdn-dollar up-valuation vs usd hurts the TSX in such a comparison & USD devaluation vs everything else makes the Dow look better in dollars

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture


After recent price action, it has become evident that the stock rally is purely due to growth and not the alleged “inflation” that we hear so commonly from doomers, ‘preppers’ and other anti-government groups. Following two fantastic NFP results and a superb bank stress test, stocks have been holding up nicely, despite a sell-off in commodities and treasuries.


mayhem_korner's picture

the stock rally is purely due to growth


MDB...please specify whether you mean growth in M2 or M3.

chump666's picture

You nut.  Your money though...

When the commodity complex collapses you short the world.  See USTs, thats China messing around with interest rates.  USD buys out of China, major USD/CNY spike.  You get the picture.  China is panicking and The Fed is irrelevant now. Obama credit boom may blow up mid yr. The stock melt-up was purely a JPM Chase play and Apple.  Banks rally while industrial commodities sink? That is a major disconnect in the markets.  I wouldn't buy into that.

Even with the FED increases money supply buys debt prints or whatever.  Rates are going up.

And we are going down...hard.  Take it.

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bitchin post mdb youz doin my work boy

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It is the lack of a Government that serves instead of preys upon its citizens that is causing massive rebellion. The thing you are refering to as Government is not government it is an invading force of evil backed by stupid parasitic bankers.

and MORON.

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

this corporate-governance is typically what we call "fascism".

Actually it's "factually" what we call it but not "typical" anymore.

Some blurring of socialism, fascism & capitalism has been forced on the young so that they grow up brain-washed.

I like to point those people to this video to clear it up. Too many fools refer to today's problems as "capitalism" and to tomorrow's solutions in "socialism" while actually ignoring today's problems in fact, and seeking to enshrine them in tomorrow's solution (from fascism-A to fascism-B)

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

"Following two fantastic NFP results and a superb bank stress test, stocks have been holding up nicely, despite a sell-off in commodities and treasuries."

Oh really? You mean all the mark-to-fantasy fraud on the balance sheets? Or all the stealing of customer funds & assets?

Most of us don't call that "growth". Most of us call that "crime"


Tiny bubbles.......Treasury bubbles that is. 

mayhem_korner's picture



Standard deviations are for normal distributions.  Nothing normal going on here...

tekhneek's picture

"With gold and silver still consolidating..."

YC2's picture

If you believe in them, techs seem to look like we are breaking neckline of a H&S in silver

Clockwork Orange's picture

Nothing trumps the ChairSatan's daily ramping of Apple, and the indices along with it.

All else, easily hidden.

4% more on the top today.  Cha-chingity-choo.

WmMcK's picture

Chim-chim-charee or is it chitty-chitty-bang-bang?

Jim in MN's picture

OT (nice charts BTW) but holy freakin' Jesus

Rocketdyne radiation is still abundant


By Susan Abram, Staff Writer  Posted:   03/05/2012 07:49:52 PM PST Updated:   03/05/2012 07:51:34 PM PST




Some levels of radioactive chemicals found on a portion of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory site were as much as 1,000 times higher than standards, according to federal data released on Monday.

Acting as an independent monitor, officials with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency conducted radiological surveys on a portion of the land known as Area IV, where a partial meltdown of a nuclear reactor occurred in 1959.

That portion is currently overseen by the Department of Energy.

The results of the radiological survey show that of the 437 samples collected, 75 exceeded standards agreed upon by the DOE and the California Department of Toxic Substances Control in a cleanup agreement signed in December 2010.

Seven radioactive isotopes, including one known as cesium-137, measured at levels between 100 to 1,000 times higher than the standards. Other radionuclides that suggest nuclear presence include strontium-90, tritium, plutonium, and carbon-14.

The recent data is significant to residents, activists and public officials who have fought for years for the removal of radiation and chemical contaminants at the former Rocketdyne site, which is nestled in the hills between Chatsworth and Simi Valley and was purchased by the Boeing Co. in 1996.

The numbers provides hard evidence that not only do the radioactive materials exist, but that the levels are higher than expected.

Clockwork Orange's picture

I am starting to think Prechter's call for Dow 700 could actually happen - the day Bernanke shuts off the spigot (ha!) the rush for the exits could make the flash crash look like leakage.


ZeroPower's picture

Haven't noticed your VIX indicator till just now. Can you discuss what relation your vix model has to the cash vix and futures? It's related to the whole curve, or only your own indicators? With a cash around 15 and front month future still hitting 17 today, definitely looking for some convergence over the next week... Further out months even higher.

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unpopular post coming: chart on US dollar looks like a big base with a fairly large upmove coming.  chart on GLD looks like it's forming a huge top.  can't offer any explanations, but that's how they look.  Different subject- AAPL chart seems to be in blow-off phase. how high is high? In 1989 when Nippon Tel and Tel went public, its market cap was greater than the entire west German stock market.  that was at Nikkei Dow 39,000. AAPL bigger than the entire S&P retail sector? seems like a stretch.  How much growth must AAPL produce from this day forward to double it's market cap again?  is it possible, maybe, but pretty unlikely. so what is the potential return for the new buyers at this level? something to think about.

Yardfarmer's picture

here's a great analysis of all that. time to hunker down, "roll a rock over your hole and take a long walk" Seligman Jr. 

bobola's picture

Interesting that Bernanke's starting to communicate via Twitter now.

That's a big red flag warning.  

The more he communicates using various media you can take that as a sure sign that all is not well.

What's next, Facebook..??



Dude is a magician!! He can tweet and print at the same time. 

viahj's picture

well, since it seems that Tyler's tweets of possible margin changes moves the market, BB will do the same.

lotsoffun's picture

sure.  how vulgar can it get.  the official uncle ben facebook fed page.  really - that's disgusting.  but - ben and goldman are pals - and they get the ipo.  so why not?

pleseus's picture

Higher 10 year means higher mortgage rates. Maybe Bill Gross was right on his mortgage bet for QE3 after Operation Twist ends. All we need is a higher dollar and higher interest rates and QE3 seems more and more likely.

Voltaire's picture

That's exactly what I'm thinking. Prepare for QE in june. What I'm a bit puzzled about though is that the stock market keeps rallying at this stage. S&P should go back to at least 1300-1325

pleseus's picture

The financial euphoria in the equity markets is propelled by HFT machines.  Look at volumes.  They are terrible.  There is no belief by the masses that we are heading to some new golden age of growth.  Something will give sooner rather than later.  If there is no Fed juice after Operation Twist it is clearly a tightening bias.  The Fed doesn't want to tighten.  They want 2% inflation.  They will stay loose.  But how?  Sterialized QE.  I think gold hits bottom around $ 1,600.00 oz in the next week completing it's final wave down and silver will hit $ 30oz before both go up. 

mayhem_korner's picture



It's interesting that any time Ag approaches that $35 mark - the one that many say is the "last" wall of defence before $60 - the whole thing somehow crashes.  I wonder if that's a coincidence...

Anyway, despite the MSM calls for abandoning ship on the PMs, we all know that the Chindos will be backing up the large trucks and overloading them with bullion over the next week or so.

trav7777's picture

only silverbugz say that.

Silver shot past 35 decisively just a week ago or so it seems, all the way up to the 37s.  Most silverbugz proclaimed the rally on, and like 42 coming then 60 and all that shit.  And silver promptly got smashed.

The lesson to learn from all this is to ignore everything silverbugz say.

geewhiz190's picture

check chart on MUB (muni bond ETF)  something wicked this way comes.

mayhem_korner's picture



Is it the ghost of Meredith Whitney?