Complete Gundlach Presentation

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Earlier today, thousands listened to Jeff Gundlach live (if with the occasional flash crash) lay out his latest views on the economy and markets. For those who missed it, as well as for those who may want a refresher on why Gundlach is slowly building up a natgas position, or why he is buying gold on dips, here is the full slidedeck used by the DoubleLine manager.


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Just blame the weather on everything... now, move along like good little sheep.  go right or left to the slaughterhouse.

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Gundlach said of natural gas: "It's like investing in gold in 1997"

(Of course gold didn't bottom until 1999)

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He sounds like an idiot.

Gold is much much much more scarce and there's a glut of NG out there and lots more producers itching to bring more to market to stay in business.

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NG is energy's version of silver; I'd rather own silver.

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Natural gas is going to replace crude oil as our main energy source at some point. The main question for investors is how do you board the train? Natural gas suppliers are getting demolished right now. And there's no way of really knowing who's going to survive until the point where natural gas goes mainstream. Natural gas has been intentionally sidelined as an alternate energy source by the crude oil suppliers. But I think that as people continue to find more and more natural gas deposits, innovation will follow natural gas discovery. Eventually, we'll have commercially available vehicles powered by natural gas. Eventually, you'll have a natural gas pump right next to the regular unleaded pump. Hell, we already have clean natural gas pumps at my local naval station exchange. But again, the central question is how do you jump onboard that train. I think that if you can find a reliable entry point, the natural gas trade is going to be immensely profitable over the next couple of decades.

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Average food miles could plunge from 1,500 to 200, military, petrochemical & other artificial govternment demand could fall off a cliff & a decentralized story of hydrogen, hudro, oil, coal, biomass & natural gas could very well emerge.

It may not even be energy supply & use that drives the boat. It may very well be supply & use of water.

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I would only own nat gas if they ban fracking. I would buy gold if it goes below $ 1,600 oz and silver below $ 30.00 oz. Central banks want inflation. If they want deflation then I would get out of precious metals. Precious metals are so oversold they could bottom at anytime.

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Once Obama and his EPA get involved, the supply of NG will be severely and the price should skyrocket. Not that we'll be able to get any ourselves, because what's available will be sent to keep Obama warm when he's in his palace. Cheap energy for the masses does not fit into his master plan. In fact, the masses themselves probably don't either.