Complete Paulson Q2 Holdings Summary: Cuts Citi by 20%, BofA By 52%, Adds 64% To Wells Fargo

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Paulson & Co.'s latest 13F is out. As has already been extensively discussed, Paulson largely has eliminated his BAC stake, which in recent days is rumored to have been cut to zero, although as of June 30 was a little over $660 Million, or 60.4 million shares, a substantial 52% cut from the $1.65 billion or 123.6 million shares at March 31. In the process he made BAC his top 12 position, a far cry from where it was in 2010. Overall, Paulson deleveraged substantially in Q2, with the bulk of his positions declining across the board, although he did cut his whopping 1.8 billion Citi stake by just 19% to $1.4 billion, which is where the pain trade for the fund is contained (for those wondering, his JPM position was cut by just 6%). Paradoxically, as of June 30, Paulson actually added $160 million to his Capital One position and a whopping $300 million to his Wells Fargo position making these his top 6 and 8th positions, respectively. Somehow we doubt his LPs will be too happy with this decision. Paulson added new positions in Life Technologies, Savvis, News Corp, Southern Union, Mosaic, Tenet, Walter Energy, Grifols, NYSE Euronext (probably an M&A arb), Agnico Eagle Mines, and State Bank Financial. These are highlighted in green in the table below. Any simple additions are bolded. Paulson cut his entire stakes in Alcon, Alberto Culver, Atheros, Boston Scientific, CIT, Cooper Companies, Emergency Medical Services, International Paper, JC Penney, Kinross Gold, Lorillard, Marshall & Isley, Novell, Pride Intl, RC2 Corp, Seagate, Smurfit Stone (so much for that whole paper trade), St Jude, Talecris and Wilmington Trust. We expect major selling in Paulson's Q3 update unless like last year, his fund rises from the ashes of reality courtesy of yet another round of easing. Somehow we doubt it (the Phoenix thing, not the Easing).

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damage's picture

Is Paulson a retard?

Reese Bobby's picture

If the definition is rich one-trick-pony, yes.


I had a dream Wells Fargo was based in California and bought Wachovia.  Now that would be funny!

Stoploss's picture

He is completely ate up with the dumb ass, to say the least.

Yes, retard. It's in vogue right now, right Paul? Christina?

Piranhanoia's picture

Is this a trick question?

Bam_Man's picture

A compulsive gambler.

Who has access to OPM.

disabledvet's picture

HOw's that for a portfolio. I'd be a vulture in Real Estate myself. Geithner wants rentals? "i'm your man." what say all of you?

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A pretty eclectic collection of stuff.... Don't think I would consider owning more than 1/5 of it...

Big Nova Gold stake....

Spitzer's picture

He dumped Kinross. The stock has no place to go but up, what an idiot.

Flakmeister's picture

Heh, heh, heh.... just picked up som Mar 12 15 strike calls in the recent sell off on KCG....

Reminds a while back when IAG, AUY and GRS were sucking wind and I was trying to convince Robotrader that these guys had far more upside than AEM, ABX and the like....

Rainman's picture

It must be cool to lose more money than California.

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He cut his entire holdings of Kinross and added 300 million to Wells Fargo? It appears he has no clue what's going on in the world economically.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

He cut his entire holdings of Kinross and added 300 million to Wells Fargo? It appears he has no clue what's going on in the world economically.

That money would have been better spent on lottery tickets.


Spitzer's picture

Kinross has been groping for a bottom the last few weeks. Paulson is a shitty asset manager.

I am a Man I am Forty's picture

yeh, compare this 5 year chart with actual gold, then lemme know why the fuck you would hold it;ran...

Spitzer's picture

Ok, lets revisit this in 3 months. Deal Man ?

I am a Man I am Forty's picture

fair enough, why do u think it will go up now?

Spitzer's picture

It is has simply been undervalued  and oversold for too long. It hit rock bottom. Buying at market tops and selling at market bottoms are equally as stupid. This is a cassic case of selling at a bottom.

Piranhanoia's picture

WF hid their MBS fraud behind a little company firewall until it broke that it is a document shop, and one stop fraud assembly line.  Probably betting that they will go down last.  Bad bet when the government is backing a competitor.


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The world's economies continue to collapse, but there is still time to prepare ... ... join the movement.

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If you insist on paying someone to buy banks for you, why not just buy fairholme and GLD? How this guy manages to get 2/20 for this is amazing.

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Fuck Paulson and fuck everything to do with bankers.

lizzy36's picture

Will be interesting to hear about his redemptions.

bbbilly1326's picture

is it just me, or are the Dollar Value and #shares columns reversed ?

Did his company do that or ZH ?  If it's the company, should we trust their attention to detail ?

Prof Gulliver's picture

No, the dollar value is in $1,000s, which equals 1 bazillion Bennie Bucks.

PulauHantu29's picture

Adding more bank stocks? Me thinks Paulson has a Death Wish. He is playing a dangerous game with other people's money hoping for more Clown Bucks Bailouts and Bonuses from The Bernank.....I htink Americans are Fed up (so to speak) with more Billion dollar Bank Bonuses.......GL! with that.

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Completely OT:

"Schäuble in luck

Scrap bank discovered 55.5 billion €"


gratefultraveller's picture

And you thought Greece "finding" 5 billion Euro was surreal...