Complete Slide Deck From Ongoing Citi "US Downgrade" Conference Call

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Citi is currently holding an impromptu conference call discussing the US downgrade and its implications. Attached please find the notes from the call.

US Sovereign Rating Downgrade Implications

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Wheeeeeeeeee! This investing stuff is easy! Hats off to Mogambo!

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On a side note, Tyler, please keep us updated on the website's stabillity. It's been crashing a lot this weekend and you guys are the best source for news!! We need you, let us know if we can help.

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Traffic is increasing. Make a donation! They need the equipment.

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I miss him.  Hope he's OK..!

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NOTE:  Project confidence and dupe retail morons into taking some of our long positions off our hands.

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They're already walking up the futures with relentless buying.

This will be a fucking joke by the time I wake up and take a shit.

There will be a mystery 150 point move in 90 seconds before 9 pm.

nmewn's picture

Citi is still around?...huh!

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Did you forget about the TARP & Stimulus $$$ they looted and moved ofshore?

The banksters are fuckin' us with our own money!

Citi = Winner

U$ Taxpayer = sucka

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And don't forget to thank Timmah!

nmewn's picture

Hey!...we got comments back.

No...I'm cursed or blessed (as the case may be) with a very long memory.

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S&Ps call for US Debt to GDP of 89% in 2021 is about as likely as the Street's call for 10 year average silver prices ~$25 and gold ~$1500.

sheeple2012's picture

almost time for another 1:10 split...more buy recommendations... mkt. cap down another 25 Billion...lather rinse repeat

monopoly's picture

"Notes from the call". How does he do that? They cannot keep anything away from Zero Hedge. Gotta luv it guys.

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Totally, utterly, disappointingly anti-climactic. I know, I know . . . not over till the fat lady sings, but is she even warming up? Why do I have a feeling that we'll be significantly higher by 4:00 p.m. tomorrow?

When is the death knell? When is the move that matters? When will SOMETHING DETERMINATIVE happen, good or bad?

GiantWang's picture

Sorry . . . double post.

sheeple2012's picture

exactly my thoughts... what a yawner, i hope Bloomberg TV cancels their special live coverage and reruns Gigi Stone interviewing Dogfish beer guy 


These worthless crooks are buying hand over fist as I type.
Obamacare passes, any sane person would expect the markets to plunge, nope they rally hard. debt ceiling raised, good for the markets right, fuck no, major plunge! S&P bullshit downgrade drama, bad, right? Nope, major rally monday and 1550 S&P by year end.

Coke and Hookers's picture

Don't worry bitchez, all is going to be fine. Greenspan says so and he doesn't lie.

I am Jobe's picture

Bandit trying to make his mark here. All I can say

Spitzer's picture

Jim Sinclair goes Euro freegold-

" A virtual reserve currency is coming. You will not be able to own or trade that virtual reserve currency as you have been able with the dollar. Gold will be attached to that virtual reserve currency via a broad measure of world liquidity. It will be something akin to a planetary measure of liquidity as M3 was in the past for the dollar. That linkage, which is not convertibility, will translate into price, but no central bank of any nation will need to add to or delete from their then reserves.
The Goldmans of the world will invent OTC derivatives and maybe even a listed second derivative to speculate on word liquidity via the gold price. There will be no 1980 type collapse in the gold price. Over valuation which occurs in all bull markets might be by 20%. This will result in producing gold mining shares becoming the utilities of 2016  
Jim Sinclair

Yen Cross's picture

 The bands are tightening!  Carry always prevails!

magpie's picture

i wish to coin a new meme: a "rolling default"

some may call it transitory, but "rolling" sounds pretty dynamic.

Yen Cross's picture

  Any one? Watch Slim in IRON MAN(.    Less than ( ZERO) comes to mind!

Catullus's picture

10-20 bps impact? That's it? I'm sure this has been priced in.

Paul E. Math's picture

I see a lot of 'blame the tea party' in the S&P statement and in citi's interpretation.  Perhaps it just looks this way because I tuned the tv onto CNN while on the elliptical earlier today.  But it's too consistent.

Not S&P nor Citi nor the talking heads on CNN will assign blame for this downgrade directly on the outsized deficit and debt.  Instead they blame the 'political disagreement' over the debt rather than the debt itself.

DollarMenu's picture

I heard the same Tea Party BS on MSM news tonight.

What a pile of crap.

Always looking for a way to offload responsibility.

It's the debt, that's all - it's the debt morons.

honestann's picture

Amazing how utterly and completely stupid they assume people are, perhaps correctly.  I mean, this is exactly and precisely like a wife who got every credit card she could get her hands on and charged them up to the limit --- then facing the collection agent at the door... and everyone blames the [tea-party] husband because he's been trying for years to get his wife to stop spending.

Just breathtaking in its infinite degree of disingenuousness.  Hahahaha.  Obama and congress just went all-in with the most absurd hand in gambling history.  If sheople had any brains, Ron Paul could win the next election without even campaigning.

Reese Bobby's picture

Shittybank still likes everything.  Shocking...

Monday1929's picture

Once again, Why would anyone care what the failed bankers at Citigroup have to say?

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