Complete Slidedeck From JPM Presentation On Stress In Repo And Short-Term Funding Markets

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The next best thing to being present at the ongoing JPM call discussing the turmoil in repo markets and overall short term credit liquidity constraints, is having the slidedeck from the presentation. For everyone curious about the gradual freezing of ultra short-term liquidity, especially in the aftermath of BoNY's decision yesterday to implement negative interest rates on deposits - a move certain to be adopted by many more, here is the answer to all your questions in a few fancy charts...

Short Term Fixed Income Market Update

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Bill Thorton of talks about what it means to be a citizen of the US or a free man or woman on land not under the jurisdiction of the corporate UNITED STATES. what do you want to be?

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1177 was so like 5 minutes ago.

Hello 1130, nice to see you again (and again).

AAPL is melting.

For a nanosecond this morning, I actually thought the meltdown was finished. Then my HFT trained eyes and fingers determined in a split second that this ship is sinking further.


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Lobby Debt Deal Fail

'US debt deal epic financial blunder'


The best Congress Money can Buy!


Does NOT! Represent "We the People"!

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Glen Beck really? Y'all need to take that down or you're not going to have much of a website left. Surely you can put up some more of those filipina singles ads? How about an Eastern European singles ad?  

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ffff that. I have been to both places. Asian women beat in all categories, hands down.

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Well, see ZH doesnt put up those ads, they appear thru Google data mining according to what sites YOU have been looking at. Porn surf much? Anyway, if you dont want to see the ads just install Adblocker for free.

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I just spotted that. He just outed himself by clicking on sites associated with Glenn Beck.

I almost RIFLMAO when I read that.

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Yeah he did out himself with that post! Bahahahaha!!!!! The only ads I get here is for hotels in Las Vegas cause I went there on Vacation and booked a room over the internet! Hahahahaha!!!!!!

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I've got one add on the left saying "Meet EU Christian Woman". They don't even know where the EU is.

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What the heck is going on? I don't have any ads. Didn't install a blocker either. I'm scared.

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@NickyG I did the same thing lol. Except it wasn't glenn beck it was a greek singles website. Haha all the porn i must look at plus all the greek debt searches led google to believe I was a JPM employee working in greece...

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Geez what a crappy looking bunch of charts.


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Bruce Krasting has a good piece from yesterday on money markets too:


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When will silver margin calls finally affect JPM?

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When Ben Bernanke quits backstopping their 60% Silver delivery default premiums.

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holder not a trader, but admit it's quite entertaining to watch the JPM ticks vs. the fake silvah Comex swings. . .

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Tyler was is going on with BAC? It is just buckling what is up with their CDS? Looks like someone may be about to pull a Sept 2008.

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i like that the disclaimer pages are in such tiny print

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Ah, that was too complicated.

Can't we see another Barton Biggs prediction insted?

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Remember, this correction will not stop until the baby is thrown out the window too. Getting close. And this is the reason one never, never trades a broken market on margin. Cash only.

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What do you stand for Tyler? , are you the pure voice of anarchy, or do you wonder what anarchy purely is?  Both! So what now?

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Tyler this is not 87...  87 was caused by government controling the rules on Mutual Fund favorable rules..   500 points of 87 was Fidelity alone.  What is the read on the VETS? Is this a fear of the 1934 bonus riots issue? 

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also, among others, the proposal in house committee to stop interest deduction for lbo's.

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down -7.87 %...

eating cat turds 

out of the litter box..


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If negative interest rates are possible, why not negative stock prices?

Short BAC to zero ... AND BEYOND!!!

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LULU down 8.5%

Do you feel the great rift in the Farce?

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naked capitalism has started BAC death watch.  always loved those quarter spiral funnels....

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No doubt this is ugly for the miners, but when they turn, look out. Have no idea when, but feel confident it will happen.

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Bonds are now statistically at a point where a short trade should be considered:

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The Depression is now staring the world in the face.

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AT this rate I calculate we will be at 10,000 DOW by Wednesday morning. Where are those hats.

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Whoa! Bac is about to be an $8 dollar stock! Paulsen must be getting creamed. And didn't Dick Bove say it was going to $33. Geez...

One thing the last four years has taught me is that financial pundits and Gurus don't know shit! They are just as clueless as the common person. If I managed 100 Billion in assets I would be a "Billionaire" too! These Hedge Fund managers seem more adept at convincing rich people to give them their money than anything else.


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How big an ostrich do you gotta be to park your FRNs in a bank that's charging you for the privilege??  Get thee to AU/AG -- even precious stones and antiques/art don't charge you!

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