Conflict Brewing Between UK And Ecuador As Latin American Country Agrees To Grant Asylum To Assange

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Are we about to see a mini-war on UK soil, if and when Britain decides to storm the Ecuadorian embassy, which moments ago announced it has granted asylum to Julian Assange? From Reuters: "Ecuador granted political asylum to Julian Assange on Thursday, ratcheting up tension in a standoff with Britain which has warned it could revoke the diplomatic status of Quito's embassy in London to allow the extradition of the WikiLeaks founder. The high-profile Australian former hacker has been holed up inside the red-brick embassy in central London for eight weeks since he lost a legal battle to avoid extradition to Sweden, where he is wanted for questioning over rape allegations. Ecuadorean Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino said he feared for the safety and rights of Assange which is why he said his country had decided to grant him asylum. "Ecuador has decided to grant political asylum to Julian Assange," Patino told a news conference in Quito. Ecuador's decision takes what has become an international soap opera to new heights since Assange first angered the United States and its allies by publishing secret U.S. diplomatic cables on his WikiLeaks website." The UK, needless to say, is not happy, and the UK foreign ministry has said it will carry out binding obligation to extradite Assange to Sweden. Looks like posturing is about to hit a crescendo and someone will have to do something. Because foreign politics and diplomacy is (luckily) not central planning.

How will the UK go about declaring a non-war war on Ecuador's embassy, which is technically Latin American terrritory?

Before the decision was announced, Britain said it could use a little-known piece of legislation to strip Ecuador's embassy of its diplomatic status so that Assange could be detained.


"It is too early to say when or if Britain will revoke the Ecuadorean embassy's diplomatic status," a Foreign Office spokesman said before Ecuador's decision was announced. "Giving asylum doesn't fundamentally change anything."


"We have a legal duty to extradite Mr Assange. There is a law that says we have to extradite him to Sweden. We are going to have to fulfill that law."


The Ecuadorean government has bristled at Britain's warning. It's foreign minister said Britain was threatening Ecuador with a "hostile and intolerable act" and accused London of blackmail.


Britain's threat to withdraw diplomatic status from the Ecuadorean embassy drew criticism from some former diplomats who said it could lead to similar moves against British embassies.

At this point the only thing that we haven't seen is Colin Powell and Hillary Clinton announcing that weapons of mass destruction have been found at the Ecuador embassy. Only then will the farce be truly complete.

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Three cheers for Equador!!!

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Three cheers for the rule of law, something most nations ignore these days.

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Hey!  You guys best me to it!

Notably not mentioned ion the (apparently Gubamint controlled MSM) numerous senior US officials have publicly stated that so far, Wikileaks has not released anything that deeply secret or dangerous to the Land of the Free and the Home of the Whateverthefucktheyclaimanymore

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This is a worrying trend developing in the war on women - now nation states can provide rapists with political immunity.

Not only are employers trying to cut back on maturnity pay - now sexual abusers get treated like royalty. We need a boots on the ground grass roots movement to readdress the balance. For me this is one of the foremost issues in the world today. Woman represents the earths mother; treat her badly and you beget a generation destined for wonton greed and moral impoverishment (just as we see with todays rampant capitalism)


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How often do rapists get permission to have sex, put a condom on to have intercourse only then get a possible prison sentence only after  the "victim" finds out her best buddy also had sex with the same guy?

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And it's worth noting he hasn't even been charged with a crime in Sweden, they just want to "ask him questions." When was the last time someone was extradited for questions? Ridiculous. Ecuador of course invited the Swedes to question him inside the embassy but they declined. They must be extra special questions that can only be asked within the borders of Sweden.

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everyone here knows that wikileaks is a CIA/Mossad operation, right???

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assange: "What about 9/11? “I’m constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud.

case closed.

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there are plenty of good people on this site who are still struggling with 911. This does not mean they do bad work or serve the powers that be. As I've analogized before, it's like a family coming to psychological terms with a child rapist within their family. This embassy construct and the Reuter murders would never be errected by a cause backing the oil invasions. Notice how the shit hit the fan after the Reuters spill and the world response.

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All this for having consenting sex without a condum.

In America then half of college campuses would be empty because the boiz would be in jail....

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As a prosecutor and criminal lawyer for twenty one years, this warrant is insane and could never be issued under US criminal law unless he knowingly transmitted some sexual disease. The blonde set up was obviously chosen out of Sweden cause they don't have bail. He (and Equador) have openly offered to be questioned on the embassy turf. Brittain's response to revoke embassy status is the final imperial veil lifted. As Equador said to the UK this morning. "We are no longer your colony." I bet Equador made some phone calls to be sure it had international backing on both the underlying subject (person and info) and embassy privilege before it made its announcement. Sick that I have to see little countries like equador and iceland stand up for (true) criminal law, consitutional rights and international principles. This whole thing makes me sick. This is the ultimate battle and represents many things that this site and the web stands for. Let us have the truth.   

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If Britain carries through, it may get really tough to find a British Embassy anywhere is South America.

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This is all a scam to get him to the US, where he can successfully be "interrogated" using whatever techniques the government wants to use on him - no doubt in one of the secret prisons set up by the Star Chamber secret courts after a secret hearing under the espionage acts and who knows which secret executive orders.


I agree with those who say this guy must know some incredible things for Britain to sacrifice the entire international embassy system. I can't believe the lunacy that is now passing for "wisdom" by top government decision-makers.


And of course, with the passage of the secret court acts, the rule of law is gone forever in America. Who knows what is really going on when people disappear?


And don't hit me with the tin-foil hat trash. The secret courts are fact, not fantasy. They issue secret orders regularly. They meet in secret, have secret hearings with no right to an attorney - except those secretly provided from among the government's own collection of sold-out lawyers, issue secret orders, enforced by what amounts to a secret police, incarcerating people in secret prisons, for secret lengths of time, under secret conditions in the prisons, located in secret locations anywhere on Earth.


These are truly historic times that we live. We are watching the downfall of the entire Western culture, a la the Roman Empire.


These are lawless times, analogous to "those who have a godly appearance, yet are godless."


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Poor MDBesque, try harder next time!

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So Max,

"This is a worrying trend developing in the war on women"

That's quite a statement given your obsession with prostitutes and brothels. To those who don't know this troll, read some of his extremely anti-women sentiments here...

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Go look up that actual facts behind the Assange rape charges. It reads like a bad novel and the dates, times, and circumstances make absolutely no sense.

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Stop saying he has been charged. THERE ARE NO CHARGES.

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Not sure how you extradite someone without charging them with a crime, but you are correct the extradition is for arrest only in relation to questioning of the incident in question. Apparantly you can be arrested in Sweden without them actually charging you with anything. That comes after the arrest. I thought that was supposed to work the other way around ???

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Even more telling is that Swedish authorities have refused to question him anywhere except Sweden. What they're saying is that they will only investigate the allegations if Assange is on Swedish soil. In other words, they've made it obvious that extradition has nothing to do with what they claim.

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exactly, which proves they're just the puppet

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It's not like we didn't already know that.

Plus, Ecuador only granted asylum after Sweden refused to guarantee Assange would not be extradited to the US on espionage charges.

Of course, the British government refused to extradite this guy (via ICYMI).

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it's not what crimes you commit it's whose crimes you commit

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Yet Hollyweird leftist can't say enough to defend pedophile Roman Polanski, and France and England refuse to extradite him to the US. Hypocritical much?

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theMAXILOPEZpsycho, pecksniffery aficionado, said:

Woman represents the earths mother; treat her badly and you beget a generation destined for wonton greed

Would that greed be for fried wontons, wonton soup, or both? Also, would there be an expectation of this blobbing up into greed for eggdrop soup and/or shrimp toast?

Overfed's picture

A cubic yard of Chinese soup? ;-)

AnonymousAnarchist's picture

For real. The fact that a government like Sweden would refuse to treat the allegations seriously or even attempt to investigate them is pretty disturbing. If you're a woman, Sweden has just dropped way down the list of places you want to be.

I usually wouldn't feed the trolls but this time you inadvertently made a good point (albeit for the wrong reason). I like it better when you're defending the NDAA than when you're expressing your views on women.

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I wonder what this diversion is cover for?

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The rule of law only applies to us 'little people' -

Assange was only doing the job the media should have been doing......but the last thing the wholly corrupted govs in the uk and the USA want -

Is the truth coming out....

And isn't storming an embassy actually an Act of War?

These pos's are willing to destroy the entire diplomatic and foreign embassy system over assange printing the FREAKING TRUTH!?!

Ok then it's official - The Truth is now officially a Terrorist.

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I am baffled. Explain how the rule of law is not in the fact the PROBLEM in this scenario, because from where I am, it seems as if the sovereign UK has basically decided it is above the law as all sovereigns always do: It has decided to expeditiously nullify one law (immunity) in order to uphold another (expedition) based on purely political motives. Sounds like the same old selective enforcement bullshit to me. They could just as easily have chosen to nullify the expedition treaty with Sweden (what the hell is Sweden going to do about it?) and uphold the immunity law for Ecuador's embassy/diplomatic interests. Something tells me harassing and punishing Assange (of whom I am not a fan) is the prime directive for the UK and Sweden, Ecuador is standing in the way of that, so it will be thrown under the bus, diplomacy and law be damned.

Three cheers for the UK, the cowardly, racist, ex-imperialist, mass murdering, war-mongering, financial terrorizing creeps (taught good ol' Uncle Sam errythin' he knows!) who suddenly have a duty to finally, hallelujah, uphold the rule of law some 800 years after the Magna Carta in order to punish an Australian "hacker" for doing the media's job too well.

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How many British Embassy's are there worldwide?

Getting Old Sucks's picture

Yup, and don't forget U.S. embassies as well.  LOL, it'll be a hell of a blow to our intelligence ops..

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How telling that the British government, which once did absolutely nothing when a British policewoman was shot and killed by someone inside the Libyan embassy in London (circa 1996), is absolutely up in arms and willing to break international law to invade the sovereign territory of Ecuador to kidnap someone wanted for questioning in a case where the two original supposed accusers have backed off and dropped out of sight, but is being pursued ONLY by the government of Sweden, and a private law firm whose one of two partners was the Swedish Minster of Justice who allowed the illegal extreme rendition of two innocent Arab-Swedes, later exonerated.

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How telling that the British government, which once did absolutely nothing when a British policewoman was shot and killed by someone inside the Libyan embassy in London (circa 1996), is absolutely up in arms and willing to break international law to invade the sovereign territory of Ecuador to kidnap someone wanted for questioning in a case where the two original supposed accusers have backed off and dropped out of sight, but is being pursued ONLY by the government of Sweden, and a private law firm whose one of two partners was the Swedish Minster of Justice who allowed the illegal extreme rendition of two innocent Arab-Swedes by the American CIA, later exonerated.

dcb's picture

assange must be in the right, because if it was a simple matter of the sex thing they would never violate the diplomatic immunity. in my view it actually proves his point that he should have diplomatic assuylm

Winston Smith 2009's picture

A very astute observation.  Their comment about revoking diplomatic immunity absolutely proves that the sex related charge is nothing but a smoke screen.

Doña K's picture

Since when unprotected sex is a felony? Whe was the last time anyone was put in jail for that or was hunted down around the globe for that matter?

BigJim's picture

Since they released embarrassing cables and had sex in Sweden, obviously.

BigJim's picture

Equador should just immediately appoint him as a diplomat, so he has diplomatic immunity as well.

Doña K's picture

Actually, you can buy dipomatic status from some countries. A friend (Exxon executive) was driving a Mercedes with Diplomatic plates, would not tell me which country had facilitated this but it was honorary. (He said) 

Totentänzerlied's picture

With all due respect ma'am, Sweden is a wealthy and fucked up place. Like most affluent countries, a glut of money and a dearth of sense. To your question, it becomes a felony when cultural Marxians implement their plans to 1) legalize 3rd wave feminism and 2) destroy the bourgeois institutions of family and community. (But what would I know about such things, being a nontheist and socially a classical liberal? Teehee.)

Doña K's picture

<<<wealthy and fucked up place>>>

Gave Obumer the Nobel Prize

Itch's picture

Spot on man, you must of had a decent breakfast.

DaveyJones's picture

bravo, it reminds me of a principle in criminal trials, often, the (true) defendant is the prosecutor's best witness. This response reveals everything. The whole world should back our heroes call the bluff and put up the international finger.   

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I guess after we invade Syria, Iran, Venezuela and a few others, we'll have to invade Ecuador. If I were canada, I'd be getting a little nervous.

Peter Pan's picture

Good point Savyindallas but with all these invasions is anyone going to be left holding the fort in the USA?

Mysteerious Rooshian Vooman's picture


And NOAA. And the Social Security Administration. So far.