Confused Why So Many Foreign Banks Are Suddenly Being Charged By The US? Here's Why

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It's very simple really. Please point out where on the below list of Top 20 contributors to a randomly selected US politician, in this case New York's Chuck Schumer, can one find Standard Chartered, Barclays, or HSBC?

And there's your answer, which should also explain why banks such as Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan, etc, will never be subject to the same kangaroo court in which suddenly everyone is shocked, shocked, that banks were manipulating Libor and laundering money or doing any other thing which bankers do day after day, every day.

Oh yes, there is an election coming up too...

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Frankly, I'm shocked.

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These British banks are so naive, thinking they can get away without paying off the protection racket.

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All the best friends forever of the New York Branch of the Mother Whore Federal Reserve stand and salute the mad racketeering protection skills of one Honorable Chucky Schumer, the best Wall Street Prostitute/Poontang filthy money can buy.

He's ready to introduce legislation having Manhattan secede from the U.S. and be granted most favored whoredom of finance status.

Chuck says "fuck flyover country, bitchez. They're running out of wealth and assets to leech off of to props up my peeps! Sayonara, U.S.A."

You are TRUE THEIR bitch, Chuck 'Patriot' Schumer. Take a bow.

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There's never an end to the good deeds of the BIS.

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sounds like a Jewish problem....





resurger's picture

But HSBC, SC and Barclays their money is not "Kosher"

The Obamneys accept US banks money which is honest and sincere, not funded by some "Terrarist"

FUBAR, Bitchez




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ot, but.....working at home today...listening to 100.7 the bay in b-more...listened for about 6 hours....without exaggeration....85-90% of ads were either directly from the gubmint...or in cahoots with the ad association of cpa's and the ad council...or the library of congress and the ad i ask  my self....have private ads  dried up...or has  the gubmint  bought up all ad time and there is no more time available for private...the propaganda topics degree and making 400k more than the dumb to save energy...joining the money in the bank....and a few if any other radio listeners are out there...see if you notice the the gubmint buys cars to make the auto industry look good...they buy ad space to make them look good, the stock market and that looks good...the food stamps...wal-mart looks good... t-bills....they look safe ...and on and on and back to our regular programming.....

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corporatioms are 'people'.....non voting but all inspiring....

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TruthInSunshine said:

All the best friends forever of the New York Branch of the Mother Whore Federal Reserve stand and salute the mad racketeering protection skills of one Honorable Chucky Schumer, the best Wall Street Prostitute/Poontang filthy money can buy.

It's true! Gang bangs, dogging, triple penetration, ping pong balls, donkey shows - Chucky does it all, with unmatched eagerness and precision.

His enthusiasm for swallowing (at both ends) makes him the undisputed favorite jizz socket of the FRBNY crowd.

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How much more Bullshit are we going to take. the liberty tree needs a good soakin. Fuck all these dirtbag sellouts.

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Sadly, in time, after so many Americans have been lied to, dispossessed, mistreated and then insulted they will turn to the old scapegoat - 'The Jews" to otherwise blame for EVERYTHING.

They will see "The Jews" in the media, the banks, the courts, the politicians, the lobbyists, the white collar crime, the fake war on terror, the police state, the Federal Reserve and all its tricks, the Obamacare with no doctors, the TSA, body-scanners, drones and checkpoints and gun-grabbing and Obama's Indonesian citizenship and its concealment all stemming from age old stereotypes used again and again across continents to conveniently blame a group of people - and they will go berserk.

In 1929, the Crash.  By 1931, Germany's biggest bank was gone.  By 1933 Hitler came to power.  People forget than Germany was the height of science and philosophy at the time, yet de-evolved into Nazism.  History tends to repeat itself.

People are sick and tired of being sick and tired.


old naughty's picture

...until they are sick and tire of blaming others; of seeing effects of not-learning...

it tends to repeat, reset; repeat, reset;...

Time and space has not moved. We are still at 1930 !


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I'm afraid they'll blame libertarians instead of Jews, though.  But who knows.

CompassionateFascist's picture

S'truth. If there weren't so many goyim selling themselves to the Jews, the Jews would be powerless. Jewbullshit - from Zionist wars to State Socialism - walks because JewMoney talks. Meyer Anselm said it all.

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It,s a disgrace when zionists call themselves jews.

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To learn who rules over you, simply learn who you are not allowed to criticise.
— Voltaire

TruthInSunshine's picture

+1 for an outstanding quote I was previously unaware of.

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Before Hitler had fully consolidated his powers, this happened in March 1933:


The Jewish Declaration of War on Nazi Germany: The Economic ... 


Image of March 24, 1933 Daily Express Headline:


How many times has your 'mainstream' history 'education' told you about that?

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Chucks chunky, fucky funky, sucky sucky, only five dolla.

Antifaschistische's picture

If it can't vote, it should not be allowed to contribute to any politician. Period.

Oldwood's picture

if it can't vote it shouldn't have to pay taxes.

smiler03's picture

 "The estimated price tag for the US elections in November is almost $6bn (£3.8bn)."

"It makes UK election spending look microscopic by comparison. A total of £31m ($49m) was spent by all parties in the last general election in the UK two years ago - making US spending 120 times as much, and 23 times as much per person."

And you suckers only get a "choice" of two parties!

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I guess JPM's fraudulent mispricing of billions of dollars of Level 3 CDS assets is considered nothing more than "rounding error".

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VIDEO - Rep. Miller Asks Geithner Why He Didn't Tell The Dept. Of Justice About LIBOR Fraud

Meanwhile, The Semi-Annual Tim Geithner Summer Camp For Rubinite Financial Terrorists Meets This Week.


Precious's picture

Geithner is the Thomas McKittrick of our generation.  Fraud.  Loaf.  Tool.  Degenerate.  

Of course you won't read any thing about Harvard's Mr. McKittrick on Zionist controlled Wikipedia.

malikai's picture

The real irony is the names in the list of "foreign" banks that are primary dealers.

Ghordius's picture

bingo! they are not "foreign", they are part of the $ugar $istem - and this includes now the communist regime of China!

Dingleberry's picture

Looks like a WWF-style cage match between London and Wall Street/DC.  I thought they were joined at the evil conjoined twins.

HoofHearted's picture

ZH is so cynical...and so right!

knukles's picture

Interesting choice of terms... "cynical"

Twice within the last week I was enjoying conversation in a very ZH vein with some folks who, about 7 to 10 years ago were telling me I was a fucknut Conspiracy Theorist and about 3 years ago starting to pay heed who I think are now clearly in the conversion process... described me as a cynical realist.

Like I'm fond of saying; eventually all conspiracy theories are proved correct.

Should they fully awake, they'll soon see the "cynical" as an oxymoronic term of endearment to Realist

Temporalist's picture

"Like I'm fond of saying; eventually all conspiracy theories are proved correct."

So sasquatch really killed Jimmy Hoffa and buried him under Marilyn Monroe's casket?  I knew it!

blindman's picture

that is just fancy, not conspiracy.
we should appreciate the (le)
side note: fancy is also appreciated !

Temporalist's picture

Who paid you to say that?  Was it the pope trying to protect the knights templar from being discovered as an alien super race from the future?

knukles's picture

No silly, that was what McCain promised he'd disclose about Biden to get Palin on the ticket.

nmewn's picture

Cynical realist, how weird is this?

My family was just talking about this sort of thing on the Fourth of July. My son say's...Mom what are optimist or a pessimist?

She optimist. He say's well I know Dad's a pessimist.

I eye-balled him in the rear view mirror, smiled and thing about a pessimist is, he's never ever disappointed in outcomes but its a heckuva way to go through life expecting the

No son, I'm just cynical through many years of trial, error and observation, I still hold out hope for people and things in general, love you guys with every fiber of my being...but in the end...I am a cynical realist.

He nodded in approval...probably just wanted me to shut up ;-)

Village Idiot's picture

@nmewn -

Long time no chat.  Your comment struck a cord.  On more than one occasion I have told my son "Expect the best in people, but be prepared for the worst." 

I'm also trying to reverse the "If I only knew then what I know now" concept with him.  That one isn't going so well. He's only 6, so I figure I have time.



Temporalist's picture

Only 6 and you haven't strapped him into a chair and explained to him to be most wary of people that offer you things for free; because nothing is free you just don't always know the cost or partiular currency.

smiler03's picture

Are you referring to religion?

Just kidding, perhaps. 

Village Idiot's picture

thought i would give him 6 years of innocence  before strapping him in.  next generation should run about 4 years...

Umh's picture

I have adult children; you're an optimist:)

nmewn's picture


Long time old friend...where the hell you been? Last time I seen you check in it was from a dog ;-)

"I'm also trying to reverse the "If I only knew then what I know now" concept with him.  That one isn't going so well. He's only 6, so I figure I have time."


My son is thirteen now and I started on him about where you are now and I "think" its starting to sink in. Your's will be gettin some feed back from peers pretty soon so keep a sharp eye/ear out for correction...idiocy comes from just about every direction.

I can't tell mine everything about my past and how I know but he's startin to put it all together on his own...which is enough, for now.

Sorry for the late response, I've been absorbed with trying to find a motorcycle safety class close by me the last hour or so.

Apparently, in my state governments infinite wisdom, they decided in 2008 that one needs to pay a third party 160-200 bucks to prove one can legally operate a motorcycle on public roads in Fla...even though I owned several and rode them with complete abandon to my life & limb in my if I won't now at 52 after taking a stupid safety course by a 30yr old ;-)

We are surrounded by dweebs my friend.

Bwahaha WAGFDSMB's picture

The bad news is the pessimists are usually right.  The good news is the optimists live longer and have more fun.

luna_man's picture



"ZH is so cynical...and so right!"


I know you meant well...But, MY MAIN MAN and "his team" are INSIGHTFUL!!...


I feel better now

RafterManFMJ's picture

Frankley Barney, I'm twin shockered.

Sudden Debt's picture

well, after your shock you might want to check where your donation is unless you want to pay taxes next year....