Congress Finds AG Holder In Contempt

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In a day full of political news, here is the latest fixture to the soap opera to keep the electorate happy with water cooler talk.

  • House votes 255-67 to hold AG Eric Holder in criminal contempt of Congress for withholding documents in the Fast and Furious probe

Now, if only someone, somewhere can tell us the answer to the only question that matters in a world that just happens to have run out of money: who will pay for everything in this increasingly insane world, we would be very grateful. Or is everyone too distracted by meaningless flashing headlines, and ideological agenda to actually care?

From Reuters:

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder was found in contempt of Congress on Thursday as the Republican-controlled House of Representatives sanctioned the nation's top law enforcement official for withholding some documents related to a failed gun-running probe.


The mostly partisan vote of 255-67 marked the first time a sitting attorney general and presidential Cabinet member was cited for contempt by the full House. No Senate vote is necessary in this House contempt citation.


Many Democrats refused to cast votes, and Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi led many of her colleagues in a walkout from the House floor in protest.


Later in the day, the House also was scheduled to vote on a resolution asking U.S. courts to force Holder to turn over documents being sought by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee as part of its long-running investigation of the Fast and Furious. That could lead to a prolonged court fight with an uncertain outcome while a judge weighed the House demand against the Obama administration's claim of executive privilege to protect the documents.


The unprecedented House rebuke of Holder was overshadowed by the U.S. Supreme Court's upholding of Democratic President Barack Obama's controversial healthcare law - a ruling that was reverberating throughout the country.

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otto skorzeny's picture

everyone in DC/fed/state/local govt  HAS contempt for  US citizens

iDealMeat's picture

Free Jon Corzine!!  oh, wait.  he is..  then, Fuck you Bernanke.


edit:  Net is slooooow today.

Michael's picture

I think it's good we now have 50,000 dead Mexicans and some Americans from the US gun running operations.

Uchtdorf's picture

Oh, they're just getting warmed up.

old naughty's picture

A tradeoff. Obumcare for holder. Win-win.

TuesdayBen's picture

Who will pay for everything in an increasingly insane world? Dunno, pal, but I'd gladly pay you Tuesday for a burger today.


economics9698's picture

20 million illegal aliens just got free health care.  WTF we got the printing press.

GetZeeGold's picture



It's free if you can get past the deathpanel.



DosZap's picture

Oh, they're just getting warmed up.

Yep,dhs just ordered 7000 AR15's to go along w/the 175 million rds of 5.56............anf the 500million .40cals.

Sabibaby's picture

Good thing everyone's going to need to get Life Insurance I mean Health Insurance.

Bastiat's picture

.40 hollow points -- don't forget that -- against the Geneva Convention but perfectly OK for liquifying the guts of American citizens.

Clashfan's picture

Hypocrisy is the rule of the day. Power corrupts. This is America? Whatever.

What this is is disgusting.

We'll throw flash grenades and call the SWAT team on grandma, but we won't apply any justice to certain folks who are much, much more heinous than any internet loudmouth.

Be careful what you say on ZH, or the SWAT team might be headed your way.

Manthong's picture

Walking out... leaving the state... leave of absence... "present"... whatever.. it's the Democrat way.

Kobe Beef's picture

if only they would stay gone.

Freddie's picture

Obam voters voted for this in 2008. 

nope-1004's picture

"Now listen to me loud and clear.  I did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky - not once - not ever."

Contempt is a way of life in the US govvy.


old naughty's picture

Doesn't this make you weep, the higherst law official in the land?

Oh, wait, the highest offical had a drip...

monoloco's picture

This whole thing is just political theater, if the useless fucks in congress were doing their jobs they would be investigating Holder for the non-enforcement of the laws pertaining to bank fraud, not wasting their time and our money on a pathetic non-issue like F&F. Their pretend outrage is nauseating.

toady's picture

Mr Holder and I are both in contempt of Congress now!

WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot's picture

The pretend outrage is nauseating for two reasons: 1.) as you mentioned, they should be investigating Holder for a myriad of other violations; and 2.) F&F is a serious enough issue that they shouldn't have to feign outrage. That's the rub: if this were Bush's fuckup, they wouldn't have made a peep.

monoloco's picture

Why is there no outrage from either party at all the military hardware we've floded the world with that has gone astray and killed hundreds of thousands of innocents?

sunaJ's picture

Good God, man, take a little care when typing so that you aren't mistaken for a 5th grader.

11b40's picture

...and Ken Star only spent  wasted almost $100,000,000 and a couple of years shining a flashlight up Clinton's butt to find that out.  I guess it was worth it to all the mouth-breathing perverts who get their rocks off over that kind of wonderful, non-partisan investigation.  Bread and Circuses for those waek of mind and limp of dick.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

If you came here to defend that lying sack of shit traitorous Chinese came to the wrong place

11b40's picture

Hey, Buckaroo!  Do you get as excised over those lying sacks of shit Nixon, Reagan, Bush 1 & 2?  Just wondering.

...and, by the way, I have been here longer than you.  I'm pretty familiar with the place, sport ;-0

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Xibalba pointed out:

Supreme Court Upholds Bill Of Rights In 5-4 Decision,6453/

This will be an actual news headline from next year's Supreme Court session.

The weirdness has been getting weirder at an accelerating pace. The Onion is barely able to stay a few months ahead of the "real" headlines, and that's not meant to disparage their much appreciated work in any way.

Mad Max's picture

The Onion is usually closer to the truth than the MSM.

The Navigator's picture

No they didn't - they just voted to give away all your rights.

This Obamacare decision, while about healthcare, is more than that - the SCOTUS just affirmed/made law that Congress can force Americans to buy ANY product/service as long as the consequences of not doing so will result in a tax (not a penalty).

So, Congress can pass a law that requires ALL Americans to buy a Chevy Volt for $40,000, attach a (sales) tax of an additional $50,000 OR, you can choose NOT to buy the car and pay a $90,000 tax (penalty).


You and I, from this day forward, have no rights except to go to work and pay the taxes for ANY fucking bat-shit crazy program those fucking psychopaths dream up.

Today was the last day of the UNITED states of America - the result will be revolution or states seceding.


SV's picture

That's not really true - I read this and I agree, "Obama is playing poker, Roberts is playing chess." If you look at the ruling, Roberts sided conservative on a majority of the issues.  He stuck his finger in the eye of Obama in multiple ways, by asserting that it's a tax, and now limiting power from Commerce Clause crap.  It's returned as the political football that it is, back to the bought and paid for politicians that were too blundering "to get it right" (in terms of taking our rights away properly /sarc).  Now, we have a situation to incense people just like Dred Scott.  Even the libs are figuring out they've been outfoxed.  Don't buy the face value Psyops - think about what they did...  Brilliant!

Waffen's picture

A political football that is never repealed goes into effect and te right and the left get to use to pander to their constituents forever.

This is no super secret victory it is political theater.

vato poco's picture

"Roberts is playing chess..."

Really? Seriously? With what planned endgame? Reapeal? It is to laugh. Not a whole lot of people know this - it isn't taught in history books for some odd reason - but there was a time when your paycheck didn't have your taxes conveniently already all taken out. You made $100/week, your weekly paycheck was....$100. Then along came WW2, and Uncle Sugar needed cash for bombs and bandages and such. So some asshole....I mean, some bureaucrat came up with the 'witholding' idea. They solemnly *swore* to the American people that "it was only temporary", and would stop "the instant we licked them japs/nazis!"

How's that workin' out for us proles so far? Obaama, Roberts, and all the other wholly-owned political/judicial whores ain't playing a *game*...they're boiling them some frogs.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

You know what's depressing? Guess who came up with the idea of income tax withholding.

Milton Friedman. Can you fucking believe that shit.

Look it up.

Bicycle Repairman's picture

"So some asshole...." named Milton Friedman, I believe.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Roberts just revitalized the Tea Party.  Romney will ride the wave, regardless of his truer intentions.  So yes, chess.

who-is-john-galt's picture

How many fiat dollars would it take to buy a piece of property from the US and secede?  Surely we could pile enough of that shit together????

shuckster's picture

Nothing a couple JDAM's couldn't wipe out in 30 seconds

NeedtoSecede's picture

+1 to Mr. Galt.

Time for us to severe the ties and start over.

DCFusor's picture

While I'm quite pissed about obummer-care, I happen to have bought a Volt voluntarily, and love the car, which I charge off my made-in-america solar PV system.  Averaging about 170 mpg of gasoline used (sometimes need to take long trips and use gas, but not much obviously), electricity is "paid in advance" via buying the panels and so on.  Great car, fun to drive, quick, quiet.  Safe.

So sorry to hear you like OPEC up your ass and buy into some very stupid talking heads who get paid to hate on things that can make us free from them - and create jobs for Americans instead of.....

The Navigator's picture

You ASSume much DCF - I don't like OPEC, and I drive a Prius.

Create jobs for Americans????? How about opening our own oil fields in the US???

How about ditching the current tax code that rewards companies going off-shore and then rapes the average worker to cover the difference??????

Fuck you and your stupid ass Volt.

Ceteris paribus's picture

" the result will be revolution or states seceding."   Are you fucking having a laugh , America will do NOTHING about this they never do they love been told what to do , chemical castration, they will keep cleaning thier guns, thats all they use them for.

11b40's picture

Actually, America officialy died last week with the Montanna 'corporations are people and money is speech' affirmation. is so often the case, folks get their shorts in a knot over the wrong things, while the really vital issues go sailing by.

Just like someone already said, if Congress wanted to investigate Holder, they shouild be probing why not one single high level banker has been prosecuted for the disaster they brought upon the world.

Ceteris paribus's picture

All we have to do is wait for November when Rommney becomes prsedent then everything will be sorted out .Voting is for tennis balls.

ACP's picture

Fuck Bernanke! Fuck Holder! Fuck Obama!


buzzsaw99's picture

CONgreff should indict themselves for high crimes and shenanigans.

Freddie's picture

LOL! I did not know "shenanigans" was an indictable offense.   ;-)

CClarity's picture

Contempt is proving to be contagious.  Very contagious.  Epidemic actually.