"Guantánamo Forever?" - Congress Passes $662 Billion Defense Bill, Aka The NDAA

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If you are caught with a map, you'd better either have the right code, or a damn good reason.

Maps are mischievous tools in the hands of rabble.

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Possibly.  But having seven days worth of food definitely is a terrorist act. Missing fingers too.  It's becoming difficult to be a Yacuza in the US.


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LOL I suppose I should stay away from Google Maps.

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Paperz Pleaze Bitchez

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Amen brother, be sure to check your six.

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Will reading Zero Hedge get me arrested?

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I think now just saying Bitchez will get you arrested - er detained.

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comes later....Hannity viewers first

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Chuck Norris can't be arrested......

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Pee Wee Herman got arrested for masturbating in public. The same day, Chuck Norris got an award for masturbating in public.

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Chuck Norris's One Wish (with the Help of Ron Paul)



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Not arrested, disappeared. Arrested implies you're being handled by the justice system. NDAA is extrajudicial.


I am sure this is all part of the plan, ultimately. Thought experiment time:

It's a few years in the future, and in spite of denials, it's patently obvious that dissenters are being disappearred, and never heard from again.

At this point, a rational actor will realize that if someone shows up to "disappear" them, they have absolutely nothing to lose by a massively violent response, eliminating everyone who shows up to do the disappearing act on the rational actor. Such as response will be used as justification by the state for sending the disappearing team to begin with, and be implied confirmation that the country is just rife with homegrown terrorists (who happen to have no police records, but questional voting histories and write too many letters to the editor.) This cycle will continue to escalate until the police state collapses.

When the Berlin wall fell, approximately 10% of the population were paid informants to the Stasi.

Hopefully we'll see enough electoral retaliation to reverse this, or a express-track challenge to the constitutionality of this, as even retarded monkeys can see this can't possibly be constitutional -- meaning congress has no excuse on this one.

I pray to the FSM that RP wins this cycle. Civil wars are ugly.

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Ugly but necessary.

When the time comes we will know what to do.. so many others who don't won't make it.

That is natural selection it is necessary and logical..here is what is perverse:

Many live without any benefit to society they are parasites..Just like non working Roman citizens who lived on their slaves and tributes from far away lands. Being paid to make unproductive children will cease to be rewarded; that is coming to an end.

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the lucky sperm club's POWER OVER ALL! will not end a second too soon for me.

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It needs to be more organized than that.  Are you going to fight it on your own?  You can't.  Organize now and send out certain messages to certain people throughout your organizations throughout the country.  That's what I have done.  If I am suicided or eliminated, I have already set up message alerts through other people throughout the country so they can resist.  As soon as I am gone, they know its time to resist. 

I and other people have met with the Fedcoats in the last several months, they are like parasitic maggots.  One of my friends is an 80+ yr old man.  He is a Patriot.  He is the largest one I know who has more balls than anybody I know.

Live free or die. 

Do you want a Chinese style "freedom" or an Original American Style?

Its your choice. 

People need to start growing balls in this country!!!!

I would rather be dead than not be free.

NO PROVOCATION!!!  That's what the Fedcoats want.  Let them bring it first, second and third.  We wait, we'll be patient and then we'll bring fourth, fifth and sixth till we have won the war!!!!

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To continue the experiment: think social networks, they already have direct control over the internet, so can choose to allow or deny communications (per use), thereby controlling your message/understanding, but beyond that; they will know the conversations and relations to those that knew you, meaning, if someone that matters(to the structure) would know you were gone and cares about it, they would have to create an elaborate cover to eliminate them as well, or buy them off, and so forth throughout the chain of interrelations for each individual..

If your entire social network was against such actions, then they would have to kill every link, or use propaganda to enforce complacency in your removal, they could no longer silently disappear single people without the forced subservience of essentially the whole populace, which would seem historically to lead to armed rebellions.

If everything was already censored and watched, than if you can access something that seems subversive, wouldn't it  most likely be because it is a trap to gain access to someone with a higher potential to cause dismay within the system through their relation to you?


just some thoughts. paranoia will destroya.

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You're right, and yes they are.

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No, only if you post.  Oooops!!!!!!!!

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Will reading Zero Hedge get me arrested?

Soon, Chuck, soon. They already have your name, your comments, the number of times you've viewed each page, and the names of all your friends.

One of these days they'll decide to use it all. My guess is 2013.

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No, getting arrested will get Chuck Norrised.

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We need the names of the terrorists who voted for this.

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Sad indeed. We are all screwed no matter what the Fed does. Not we have the idiots in the congress who are adding fuel to the fire.

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And to those who did vote for it, send a copy of the bill (law) in the body of a message and the following in the subject line:

"You're Fired"

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But calling them terrorists makes you a terrorist, didn't you know that?

Everyone needs to read the document to answer these sorts of questions. Please reference section 278 subsection 128 paragraph 51.2: "Nobody Can Fuck with Us Especially Those Whining Pukes Posting Comments on ZeroHedge."

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"But calling them terrorists makes you a terrorist, didn't you know that?

I'm pretty sure this is not an infringement on my speech. And I haven't blown up anything in quite awhile...lol.

In all seriousness...the Levin-McCain amendment should not have been in there...under any pretense. We don't send the army after our own citizens, on our own soil and suspend habeas corpus.

This chest thumping bullshit (if its the same language that I read before) will be stripped out by SCOTUS when it gets there, probably unanimously.

Or we might as well live in Iran ;-)

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How about we send THEM! to iran since THEY are so in Love with that bullshit lifestyle!


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Now theres an #Occupy movement I can get behind ;-)

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I have my copy!

and enough silver to offer 1 per scalp and still throw a hellava party when the works all done!

I guess I am a Terrorist!


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Interesting, Ron Paul did not vote....I assume because he's on the campaign trail (?)

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At least my congressman voted against this abomination.

As a veteran who once raised my right hand and swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States and yada yada...

The fuckers that voted for this are guilty of treason, and should be arrested and tried for same - in civilian courts, if you please.

I am truly heartsick for what has happened to my country. Time to rearm...

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The slaves lose again hahaha! And now, as with every other time, not another peep will be heard. No protests, no riots, no hangings. Just a bunch of defeated fat asses facebooking themselves to sleep at night.

Keep paying your taxes slave.

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You have been "weird" for quite some time, but after this post, i've come to the conclusion that you are neither a "realist" nor an "optimist"... actually, according to your above post, not even "pessimist" applies.

You quite simply are SATISFIED, asshole.

That, or maybe you're just a jerk with unknown "motivations". Who knows in the age of the zombie intanet and masspropaganda. Actually, who the fuck cares: Fuck you!

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I think you grossly misread him

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Please explain?

If so, i'll honestly apologize.

Was his post meant as one giant SARCASM, to neutralize everything he wrote, or what?

(If so, i'd have to say that there are posters around here, who mean this kind of stuff dead seriously. If you want to play sarcasm on such a level, you better make sure that you post has at least one unambigious aspect hinting, that it ridicules itself - so, sarcasm. Yes, i know, i despite of my best efforts failed at just that task myself recently, and got masjunked on a recent post, that was mistaken for real, even though it was meant as sarcasm)

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I take him as sarcastic and resigned to how impossible it seems to change the course of this. I read the post as a "bitchez slap."

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The "how impossible it seems to change this", would have been something i would have considered.... if it weren't, that there are hard limits to how low one can push societies before they revolt.

I.e. IN THEORY it may seem that one can devaluate infinitely, RELATIVE to other currencies.... but as long as wages and current usable wealth ABSOLUTELY decreases (thus does not catch up - the whole point of the wealth-transfer/stealth-taxation), there obviously is a range where people will revolt, if only because at that range it will be DEATH OR CHANGE.

And considering current speeds and degrees devaluation of lifestandards, i did not consider "no way they will resist" anything, anyone familiar with the matter would honestly consider.

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Read The Gulag Archipelago to see what a nation falling on its own sword looks like. First chapter: Arrests.

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Chapter 3: The Interrogation


First of all: night. Why is it that all the main work of breaking down human souls went on at night? Why, from their very earliest years did the Organs select the night? Because at night, the prisoner torn from sleep, even though he has not yet been tortured by sleeplessness, lacks his normal daytime equanimity and common sense. He is more vulnerable.

Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn

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Methinks the sarcasm was there for all to see..........

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Unfortunatelly, i've seen multiple members in the past posting stuff like this, that to my judgement were NOT sockpuppets, and who in replies made it clear that they meant this seriously.

Basically, a bit like stockholm-syndrome: After one got comfortable enough with one's own enemies, one may not want them to leave anymore, else they would disturb one's own established one-way-street worldview.

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Conrad is pissed.

It was sarcasm...of the gallows humor variety ;-)

But what is everyone supposed to do...start killing our neighbors who might support this kind of crap out of fear & ignorance?

They (the fearful & ignorant) need to be brought along to the concept that the first act of any government is its own self perpetuation. From there everything else flows.

This is not to say government is all bad or all good. But like any family, it will always act in its interests first. This is just how it "thinks".