Consumer Credit Rises As Uncle Sam Funds More Subprime Car And Student Loans; Revolving Credit Drops

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Superficially, it was all smiles following the announcement of the September consumer credit number which rose by $7.4 billion on a seasonally adjusted basis, on expectations of $5.2 billion (and down from the revised $9.7 billion borrowed in August). However a quick look under the surface reveals the same old trickery we have grown to know and love: revolving credit declined by $627 million, while the entire growth was in Non-revolving borrowing, which rose by $8 billion. What does non-revolving credit fund? Why auto loans (read subprime GM car loans) and student loans of course, the latter being the very same loans which even the president now is saying have to be reduced. As for the former, the G.19 now no longer even bother to report such data as Loan to Value, Interest Rates, Maturity and Amount Financed: analysts are left to imagine the best possible outcome. And just to confirm where consumer credit in 2011 has come from, of the $32 billion in credit issued YTD, $89.7 billion of it comes from the US government. The only other positive source of credit in 2011, for the whopping amount of $1 billion are savings institutions. Every other traditional source of credit is now... a drain.

Monthly consumer credit by revolving and non-revolving.

Sources of Credit monthly:

and total YTD:

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So, no liquidity problem then?  I am confused.  Just out of curiosity, was there ever a period in history when the largest part of that graph was actually savings?  In particular, saving of those with currency backed by gold.

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That's the miracle of the modern financial system.   You can charge interest on debt funded by money created out of thin air (or random electrons).   No need for any REAL money backed by meaningless metals or actually earned by the labor of actual people.  

No real liquidity problem either- as long as money can be created without limits.

dizzyfingers's picture

Probably, before central banks and central bankers.

mynhair's picture

Can I sell my diplomas and save some starving moron the trouble of getting edicated?

Or is it edijumacated.....

deez nutz's picture

...sell the bastard a Chevy too, he deserves it.

infinity8's picture

probably gone in 60 seconds on craigslist.

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" of the $32 billion in credit issued YTD, $89.7 billion of it comes from the US government"

Just luv math.

Pesos for peons!

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Can the US Gov go deeper into debt?


Can the US Gov owe more than any other country?


Can the US Gov manipulate interest rates?

NO WE CAN'T (because that job is the privately owned central bankers who of course own the US Gov).. so YES WE CAN!?!?! 

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Almost like in the good old days: Buy a house and get a car for free.



Ned Zeppelin's picture

Credit? You said It!

No Phone? No Loan!


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We need more debt! I am manging the world's biggest debt based ponzi, er, monetary system.

I like these numbers: $32 billion in credit issued YTD, $89.7 billion of it comes from the US government.

Now that's credit growth the way Goldman ordered it!

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And Obama will allow defaults on those student loans.....for just watch...executive order coming up...

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Under the new student loan deal, they can pay back $1,000 per year for 20 years and the rest is forgiven -- no matter how big the original loan. So much for responsibility. So much for contract law.

agent default's picture

Student loans... the next shoe to drop.

High Plains Drifter's picture

obama is going to give them a break on that one and make everyone else pay for it............

dwdollar's picture

I doubt it. There's no way that plan will fly longterm. Education will be sacrificed before SS and other old fuck programs.

dizzyfingers's picture

The whole 'stick taxpayers with student loan' thing was in the Obama-care legislation.

OB must have figured out that Obama-care's DOA.

High Plains Drifter's picture

if you have a job, we will get you a new car................its biz as usual in the sheepdom.........

navy62802's picture

Should I feel guilty as I watch my savings grow and my gold accumulate?

slewie the pi-rat's picture

this is pretty funny, tho!

i was trying to understand wtf this means when i had this thought:

they do this to geese to make pate, right?


Spastica Rex's picture

Nearly all "foie gras" is in reality "foie gras de canard" these days. Like over 90%, I think.

But yes - force fed goose/duck = same difference!

Flakmeister's picture

You can make the argument that Foie Gras d'Oie is ever so slightly better...


dizzyfingers's picture

Pate is mealoaf. But they're eating us alive, that's for sure.

ThisIsBob's picture

OK, so who are the players in student loans?  Anybody we know?

navy62802's picture

I can name you a big one ... the US government. And SURPRISE!!! They failed miserably once again. Go figure. While there are other pawns in the game, the government is the driving force behind this madness.

foofoojin's picture

McGrawl-Hill. parent company of S and P

Sallie May.  AKA the devil.


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Can I get a subprime loan on an Escalade? My family of four finally has one full time income (wife is teaching at a Catholic school). We have no other debt, and we only eat into our savings a little bit each month to pay for rent, food, health insurance, and other necessities.

I would like to do my part in supporting our economy.

El Gordo's picture

Just cut back a little on the cell phone bill and the tats at the family tattoo parlor and it should be no problem to finance that new Caddy.

itstippy's picture

Could this type of data delay implementation of the Fed's exit plan?

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Wait.  Can't I get a sub-prime loan on a Chrysler, too?  Did the gov stop subsidizing them?

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Consumer Credit Rises In September By More Than Reported, But Student Loans and Federal Government Is The Fastest Growing Segment

Look at the charts. If we subtract student loans and subprime gov't loan, CONSUMER CREDIT GROWTH HAS BEEN NEGATIVE SINCE 2009!!!!!!


dizzyfingers's picture


Don'tborrow, don't spend, don't own real estate, don't work, don't pay taxes.

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And by the way, student loan debt should be dischargeable in bankruptcy. It is unconscionable to me that legislation was passed making student loan debt non-dischargeable. In fact, your social security benefits will be garnished in order to pay off your outstanding student loans. How about them apples? I wonder who got paid off by the big banks to push that legislation through.

dizzyfingers's picture wouldn't mean the body that makes the laws would you? Congress....?

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This is typical Americans - they just cannot live within their means and save.  All they know how to do is spend.

When they were asked to pay their mortgages, they walked away and the same will happen with auto loans and student loans.  They will just print more money to cover up the defaults and make the problem bigger and bigger until it all collapses.


Get on the winning team.

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of the $32 billion in credit issued YTD, $89.7 billion of it comes from the US government.

Bummer. About 3X as much credit issued as asked. 

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Student loan programs exist solely for the benefit of diploma and certificate mills.  The "schools" get the money and graduate people who have little chance of finding a job.  Hey, learn how to drive the big rigs!  Learn medical transcription!  Go to law school!

Under the pretext of learning a career, the owners of the schools get wealthy, and the banks collect on government loan guarantees, while unemployed graduates drown in a lifetime of unpayable debt.

Getting what looks like free money to go to school eliminates any need to do a personal cost/benefit analysis regarding the project.  Another boondoggle guaranteed to result in a complete misallocation of precious capital.

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No, for the central banks and banksters.

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We’ve had enough of the official mantra: Work more, enjoy less, pollute more, eat toxic foods and suffer illnesses, all for the sake of increasing the GDP. Why not develop ways to work less and enjoy it more; spend more time with our friends and families; consume, pollute, destroy and owe less; and live better, longer and more meaningfully? To do all this, we need fresh solutions that engage America’s people in redefining goals for the economy (what we want from it) as opposed to the economy’s goals (what it demands from us).   An economy based on a high quality of life that makes people happy may sound revolutionary, Thomas Jefferson enshrined the pursuit of happiness  as a human right when he drafted our Declaration of Independence. Jefferson emphasized that America’s government was, “to secure the greatest degree of happiness possible for the general mass of those associated under it.” Likewise, the Constitution of the United States declares that government is to promote, among other things, the general welfare of the people. r u happy yet? 
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The FED's most recent BANKRUPT AMERICA program.

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