Contrarian Indicator 101: Biggs "Terrified He Is Too Small"

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By his own admission in an interview today with Bloomberg TV, Barton Biggs is "elderly and not as sprite as he used to be" but for our purpose he is perfectly placed. As the almost-perfect contrarian call (bullish into August here and bearish in September here for example) notorious flip-flopper Biggs is now both "terrified he is not long enough" and yet "fears that an apocalyptic end to the Euro could occur within the next 3-6 months". According to Bloomberg, Biggs is net-long around 65% equities and noted he is "terrified I'm too long if the apocalypse is coming in Europe." Yet another canary in the seemingly 'ever-more-full-of-canaries' coal-mine (but now perhaps post OPEX and facing IMF/Greece/IIF reality we will see contrarianism at its best).


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GeneMarchbanks's picture

Sprite? Lemon-lime?

Surely you mean spry. Whatever.

Biggs is more deadly than those 12,000 troops heading to Libya.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Forget Barton Biggs, who is that hot Bloomberg talking head?

redpill's picture

She is rather sultry isn't she, they should just keep the camera on her even when that old windbag is talking, then I might actually watch that channel for more than 30 seconds at a time.

nope-1004's picture

I - I - I - uhhhhhh - I - I - I - I - uhhhhhh - I - I - I - I -

will manage my own money, after seeing that sideshow.

BTW... yes, hot anchor!


Sudden Debt's picture

Buuu bubu bubbuttt butbutb but but....

I'll give you your money back... If i can remember where i put it.... It must be around here somewhere.... I think it was a in a cookie jar somwhere.... Shit.... Alzheimer's a bitch....

UpShotKnotHoleGrable's picture

can you imagine working for this bitter old arshole

Sudden Debt's picture

4 hours afternoon naps....

Stepping into his office every day and ask for your paycheck while making him think he's getting senile and cashing 20 paychecks a month?

Make him think your a son of one of his children and claim his fortune? UNCLE BIGGS!!! REMEMBER ME?
I could live with that :)

RockyRacoon's picture

Coulda been a 2 minute interview if Barton could get a decent string of words out.   Makes me jittery just to watch the old fool.   When do these people go away?

Town Crier's picture

I loved him as Jar Jar Binks.

Desert Irish's picture

His son is actually called Barton Biggs just so the senile old prick can remember his name. This is the guy who attacked Krugman in a scathing Hong Kong newspaper article in 1995 after Krugman released his treatises stating the Asian meltdown was imminent. He basically stated that Krugman had no idea then went on to list all the reasons why investors should jump on the asian bandwagon. Three months later the asian economy collapsed. The only thing consistant with Biggs is he is consistantly wrong.

Pool Shark's picture



Q: If Biggs tried to rape that hot anchor, what crime would he be charged with?

A: Assault with a Dead Weapon.



lotsoffun's picture

i'm sadly getting up there, and no matter what, at 80 there is no weapon.

GenX Investor's picture

Confirmed, she delivered firm indicators.

AbruptlyKawaii's picture

Ayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayaye Aye dont know ayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayaya I'm a republican, ayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayaye dont have patience for interviews my depends is leaking ayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayaya aye aye dont know why people give me their money when I'm so wrong all the time and confused ayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayay I wish someone would kill me....drool......tapioca pudding?

bogey4's picture

Pretty sure it's Deirdre Bolton.  They've got other hotter anchoresses, you just have to be patient and wade through a lot of fluff.  Plus, they don't dress as provocatively as the CNBC women, so you have to have a more vivid imagination.

As per Barton Biggs, he's gotta be right sooner or later, doesn't he?

Bam_Man's picture

Yes, Dierdre Bolton is the hottest hottie on Bloomberg TV.

Susan Li comes in a close second, maybe ties for first if you are really into Asian chicks.

txsilverbug's picture

I kind of like Margaret Brennan.  Geeky financial hot.

Pike Bishop's picture

Deirdre Bolton gets a little tiring. She reports like an A-type girlfriend trying to talk you into something that ain't gonna be good for you.

Linzie Janis is a stunner on US late-night to usher in the European markets. They never shoot her, except from the waist upwards.

Full figure shot wearing something a bit welcoming, and Bloomberg could re-invent late-night TV.

Barton Biggs died when he was 78. It's difficult to tell the difference between him alive and dead.

redpill's picture

Nonsense.  His fund had lower yield when he was living.


Oh, and Anastasia Haydulina gets an honorable mention.

bogey4's picture

I second your Linzie Janis motion.  Unfortunately she dresses like a 1950's era British school marm, but she is a looker.  Cali Carlin is also hot,but doesn't get a lot of air time.

And yes, I spend way too much time watching Bloomberg TV...

El Hosel's picture

Make mine Margaret Brennon, Deirdre looks too much like a robot.

TheHillrat's picture

could go for one right now..I was thinking the same thing

Money never sleeps's picture

Talking about indicators. This firm is my best indicator: They said on Friday that natural gas will kick ass this week. Natural gas is up +9% today. 

earleflorida's picture

lng/natural gas will be ubiquitous for auto [all combustible engines] fuel in the world in less than 20 years --- just as the wireless cell phone [towers/ bandwidth spectrum infrastructure] was 20 yrs. ago --- can't stop progress - building out infrastructure as i write big time


LowProfile's picture

Too expensive to handle for retail.  Trucks, maybe.  Cars, IMO never.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

In Lima, Peru a large part of the taxi fleet as well as many small cars are now running on NatGas.  It's more economical my in-laws tell me.  One of our own employees has a car that runs on NatGas.

And Peru is POOR!  If they can do it, we can too.  At least some low hanging fruit (taxis, city buses, maybe later on all trucks using the Interstates, etc.) would not be horrifically expensive.

xela2200's picture

Many cities in the US already run hybrid buses. I have also seen natural gas buses in a city. Also, truck drivers are adding gas systems to their trucks (natural gas into manifold) or solar for electric appliances(no idling). It is really nothing new. The only issue I have is with carrying around those gas tanks in the trunk. Even a leak can be dangerous.

Many people in Latin America installed propane systems into their cars in the oil crisis of the 70s. It is a pretty straight forward operation.

It is capitalism working on its own without the need of government. As gas prices increases, new solutions start to pop up (hybrids, conversion, biofuels, electric, etc). Nothing new really. It is when I start hearing governments talking about subsidies when I shit my pants (market interference).

bbq on whitehouse lawn's picture

Its hydrogen that produces power the rest is just trash. Oh guess what has more hydrogen by mass then oil or natural gas. Thats right water. Wow imagine and ocean of water now that would be special.

You can build catalysis for water but if you did it would be the last thing you built. So untill people are free to invent; water will be just for drinking.

GenX Investor's picture

Spritely as in full of vitality or lively, to which Biggs is not. Look up the damn word you ass-hat. Just because a word has been commandeered by a soft drink, doesn't mean it has no meaning. Download the damn dictionary app to your iPad.

walküre's picture

Haha, good one. I stopped reading the post when they quoted stats. There are always pearls in any kind of market. The real estate pearls (like Manhattan) are going for a premium. Most of the country is NOT Manhattan. I repeat. Is NOT Manhattan! Good luck getting rid of all those boom time suburbs anywhere where jobs have been lost for good and aren't coming back. Oh wait, that's the rest of the country. NOT Manhattan.

g speed's picture

I got news for you-- jobs lost in Manhattan are not coming back either.

HD's picture

Biggs "Terrified He Is Too Small"

Poor SOB.

GeneMarchbanks's picture

Gross too. Seriously, Bill reciprocates that sentiment.

Arthor Bearing's picture

Everybody take a second look at this one! I wish I could like it twice, once for the unapologetic double entendre and once for the fractal picture

SilverIsKing's picture

Mrs. Biggs "Terrified He Is Too Small"


Fixed it.

HD's picture

Mrs. Biggs "Confirms He is too small".  Seeks stimulus package.

Arthor Bearing's picture

Sorry friend but you only get the stimulus package if you're "too big to fail." I tell you, the rich just keep getting richer

firstdivision's picture

As I cannot currently play the video; how can he say he fears that he is not long enough, yet he's terrified he's too long?  Is that the actual quote?  If so, that is the most "short equities, and go long equities" I've heard.  Is that to read, go delta neutral?

Matt's picture

yes, he said that. It all boils down to if Europe collapses or not.

Couldn't you just go USD/EUR as a hedge against Europe collapsing, and then long US Equities, if this is the scenario you forsee?

wisefool's picture

"delta neutral" = Sound Money. If we elect Ron Paul many people like Biggs wont have to work so hard running hedge funds.

Conman's picture

Most guys worry if they are not long enough.

firstdivision's picture

It's all about the girth of the portfolio

knukles's picture

Having had the pleasure (ah hemmm) to have sat in numerous meetings with Barton over the years, I'm afraid that I'll have to sit in another at some point in time.

Comay Mierda's picture

serious question - how does a guy who is so wrong all the time get so much coverage?

LeBalance's picture

comedic riff:

State of the Union coming up tomorrow night.

another similar contrarian idicactor is going to speak.

still gets coverage.

but who pays attention?