• Tim Knight from...
    04/28/2016 - 00:27
    I was expecting a few boring candidate statements of the U.S. Senate - AKA the World's Most Exclusive Club - but, boy, was I wrong. Just take a look at some of these gems.
  • Tim Knight from...
    04/28/2016 - 00:27
    I was expecting a few boring candidate statements of the U.S. Senate - AKA the World's Most Exclusive Club - but, boy, was I wrong. Just take a look at some of these gems.

The "Contrarian" Permabull's Ultimate Guide To The Non-Zombie Economy

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Presenting, with little comment, the ultimate arbiter of the truth - First Trust's Brian Wesbury - discussing his "Mark-to-Market accounting is to blame for it all; the economy is fine and is not reliant on Fed QE; 80,000 jobs creating; Facebook wealth-building" view of the non-zombie economy. So we presume: Forget China, ignore Europe, the fiscal-cliff is a molehill, and once the government stops spending/growing (which is his angle) then all will be well with this thoroughbred economy - as opposed to his non-zombie plough-horse (that unfortunately just leads us down a path of low/slow growth, labor force participation-lagging, deficit spending, social welfare dependent dysphoria).


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Wed, 07/11/2012 - 15:43 | 2607368 fonzannoon
fonzannoon's picture

This guy is so awful. Is he human?

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 15:46 | 2607385 NotApplicable
NotApplicable's picture

He certainly seemed to cover most of the fraudulent bases. How a human could be that detached from reality and still function is beyond me.

Perhaps he's one of those "Greys" that Icke goes on about?

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 15:48 | 2607391 idea_hamster
idea_hamster's picture

"once the government stops spending/growing"


Wait -- no, wait!  Stop it!  URKILLINGMEHERE!


Wed, 07/11/2012 - 15:55 | 2607451 Pladizow
Pladizow's picture

CNBC regular?

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 15:56 | 2607459 Mr Lennon Hendrix
Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Dinglebury also runs ZH hit pieces.

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 16:02 | 2607498 TruthInSunshine
TruthInSunshine's picture

ZH needs to come up with a top 10 list, or deck of cards, or some list, of the biggest permatardbulls out there in lala land (whether they're subjectively being genuine in their analysis and prognostication or knowingly shoveling the sell-side bullshit).

Jeremy Siegel's #1 or the Ace of Spades in my deck.  This Wesbury guy probably makes the cut of the top 10 based on his failed predictions of the past and his ability to maintain a poker face while heaping mountains of bullshit in such short intervals of time.

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 16:39 | 2607640 nope-1004
nope-1004's picture

Who the hell is Brian Westbury?  And who the hell cares?


Wed, 07/11/2012 - 17:30 | 2607821 lineskis
lineskis's picture

Not quite like Alice in Wonderland but close enough...

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 18:57 | 2608153 FEDbuster
FEDbuster's picture

As long a Jim Cramer gets both Joker cards, count me in for a pack.

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 16:35 | 2607472 Kitler
Kitler's picture

Brian Wesbury? Forget all that nasty criticism cuz I love you.

First Trust... First Trust... let's see...

Yes yes... found it!

... and SHORTED with extreme leverage.

(It's just like taking alfalfa and oats from a permacalf! :)

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 16:43 | 2607653 earleflorida
earleflorida's picture

Wesbury's claim to fame was as a line dancer when CNBC was still in its infancy as a banana/commodities level program -- they liked Brian's choreographic style -- sample [here he is in the middle]


Wed, 07/11/2012 - 17:17 | 2607783 ITrustMyGut
ITrustMyGut's picture

roflz +1

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 15:58 | 2607468 SheepDog-One
SheepDog-One's picture

RIGHT any minute the gubment will stop spending/growing! SURE!

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 16:13 | 2607551 LeBalance
LeBalance's picture

pwease Mr. Andromeda Strain, pwease stwop gwowing! pwease!

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 17:12 | 2607769 Unbezahlbar
Unbezahlbar's picture

2 more houses up "For Sale" in the Hood today....$42 psf./two story.

They need a ton of cleaning up inside -- I peeked when I saw the "House renovator" truck pull up. The guy said this is par for the oucrse these days...."for some reason people get angry at their house" as he shrugged his shoulders.

Walls bashed in....carpet and wood flooring torn up...apliances trashed (sorry for the pun). Scary stuff. I don;t think this is as "bullish" as Wesbury says it is. Guess I grew up in a different era...with different values.

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 15:58 | 2607475 Mark Carney
Mark Carney's picture

Alright ZH you know what to do.  Full frontal attack on this douches twitter.


I could not even finish watching that, what did Krugman shit this guy out one morning and forget to flush??

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 16:27 | 2607603 I think I need ...
I think I need to buy a gun's picture

if i'd had listened to this guy 5 years ago, 4 years ago, 3 years ago i would be bankrupt, broke and busted,,,,,,,

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 22:49 | 2608748 TruthInSunshine
TruthInSunshine's picture

His track record is lower than The Hon. Jon S. Corzine's conscience.

He'll say that he did well with his non-stop equity market bull case since the "Doug Kass" bottom of 2009. Of course, any permabulltard, including the incontinent and senile Barton "Smallie" Biggs, did just as well during that special and unique period of unprecedented targeting of equities by Bernanke, Geithner, Dewey, Cheetam & Howe, PLLC (using trillions in deficit derived and freshly conjured fiat, doled out to the best friends forever of the New York Branch of the Non-Federal Reserve-less Non-Bank).

If you peek under Brian's skirt, and back before that 'bold call' and constant refrain of his regarding the way back lucky strike in 2009, he's a one man wrecking crew of wealth destruction.

I have my notes somewhere on his past calls on particular equities and the market in general, and will post them when I find them, but suffice it to say that Brian is all bull 24/7/365, and for the past 13 years, the last time equity markets were around this mark in NOMINAL TERMS (not counting the roadkill that went to $0 or has been delisted that he had high hopes for), and about 60% lower in REAL TERMS.

They don't call these secular bear markets for nothing, Brian. You stay classy.

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 16:46 | 2607669 Rasna
Rasna's picture


The government is spending?  Where's the money coming from?

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 15:50 | 2607409 stocktivity
stocktivity's picture

....and up we go into the close....It's all Bullshit!!!

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 16:08 | 2607520 Sofa King Confused
Sofa King Confused's picture

Mr Wesbury,


As I have enjoyed your video, and with it, the inifinite wisdom about the markets and the economy, I implore you sir, to please STFU!

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 15:52 | 2607432 FMR Bankster
FMR Bankster's picture

What's happened to Westbury is very common on the street. He started out knowing what the hell was going on (very strong supporter of Austrian economics)and as he needed to maintain a job in the business he's turned into a perma bull. He once told me he had read Mises Human Action twice cover to cover (that was in the late 90's). Looks like he could use another refresher course.

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 17:10 | 2607574 vast-dom
vast-dom's picture

what he sees is the cloud of hopium just obscuring the fast-running zombie about to rip his fat fucking face off!

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 15:51 | 2607419 ZeroChance
ZeroChance's picture

Got Delta Bravo?

Why, yes, yes we do here.

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 16:01 | 2607489 ZeroChance
ZeroChance's picture

He's right, LOL, there's so much "good" that has come....

- Fracking (straight face? bravo!)

- FaceBook's "billions" (Muppet losses? Squid gains? vaporized retail market)

- and so on....

Seriously though, what was the thesis that he was trying to put together here that "Zombie" economics is conventional thinking ... really?!  That don't forget about entrepeneurialism and innovation .... that government is a problem ...... DUH?!  The people that know it's a zombie economy need to hear these words of wisdom from you?

Good thing it's a "101" program, can't wait to see what your upper-level bullshit sermons will be about later...

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 15:55 | 2607452 Stoploss
Stoploss's picture

See??  Full moon retards travel in packs..

Two more days.

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 15:56 | 2607457 Unprepared
Unprepared's picture

Thanks to people like this, I have a stonger conviction I'm right (i.e. the reset is coming)

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 16:18 | 2607568 The trend is yo...
The trend is your friend's picture

someone actually pays this guy for advice?

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 16:25 | 2607589 Eireann go Brach
Eireann go Brach's picture

This Paul Krugmans son in law, he has been mentoring under the nobel prize winner since 2008!

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 17:48 | 2607899 slaughterer
slaughterer's picture

Be a contrarian.  Be a mindless bull.  

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 18:27 | 2608073 banksterhater
banksterhater's picture

Second biggest, wait... 3rd biggest idiot arsewhole to Joe LaFornicia and Ron Insomnia.

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 15:43 | 2607370 Ivanovich
Ivanovich's picture

The fact that the word "Trust" is in any financial institution whatsoever is paramount to fraud.

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 15:58 | 2607467 Unprepared
Unprepared's picture

They don't call them anti-trust laws for nothing.

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 16:17 | 2607564 MillionDollarBoner_
MillionDollarBoner_'s picture

"paramount" - did u mean 2 say "tantamount"?

Friggin' Yanks, destroying our language - keep it up and we'll come take our country back... 

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 16:32 | 2607619 EvlTheCat
EvlTheCat's picture

Right, and cockney is the pinnacle of vernacular achievement.  Get bent.

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 15:44 | 2607372 Aziz
Aziz's picture

Fucken permabulls don't know shit. 


Wed, 07/11/2012 - 15:58 | 2607473 Mr Lennon Hendrix
Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

permabulls, permabears, anyone putting shemselves in a catagory is a dumbass.  Economics relies on the "rational consumer model" and fiat "money".  Anyone thinking inside the system is an idiot.

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 15:44 | 2607378 surf0766
surf0766's picture

If he thinks it true, it will be

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 15:49 | 2607403 TheFourthStooge-ing
TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

"the 28th consecutive month of job growth"


Wed, 07/11/2012 - 18:36 | 2608097 banksterhater
banksterhater's picture

We're bleeding 375K a week but 75K a month will do for these assholes and Westburied-my-head-up-there keeps spouting off. STFU!

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 15:49 | 2607381 Praetorian Guard
Praetorian Guard's picture

Who the F is the tool in this video?!?!?!?!?! God damn, so many people playing the Obama skin flute! He is desperate for your money... which he will promptly keep when it goes south...

FB created billions in wealth? Bwahahahahaahahahahahahah....

This guy is a used car salesman... maybe he works for Leman...

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 15:46 | 2607383 razorthin
razorthin's picture

I suppose the zombies on the floor agree.  Look at the end of day ramp once again.

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 15:49 | 2607404 Hopium Dealer
Wed, 07/11/2012 - 16:11 | 2607490 Mr Lennon Hendrix
Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Official President's Working Group on Financial Markets Executive Order:


Wed, 07/11/2012 - 15:46 | 2607387 Ineverslice
Ineverslice's picture


Wed, 07/11/2012 - 15:48 | 2607396 adr
adr's picture

So I can walk into any bank, ask for $1 million and walk out with the money?

Or is it that what the stock market's job is. I put $10k into stocks and Facebook makes me a millionaire. IT'S SO EASY. Why doesn't everybody do it?

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 16:12 | 2607545 CrimsonAvenger
CrimsonAvenger's picture

We should tell all the poor people about this. I bet they'd want to know.

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 16:20 | 2607575 MillionDollarBoner_
MillionDollarBoner_'s picture

but, but, but...then they wouldn't be poor any more...

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 15:49 | 2607397 Tirpitz
Tirpitz's picture

As long as 'the economy' equals tax evading 'international corporations', things look dandy for sure. After all, profits are at record heights.

If we count in the countless tax paying sheeple, however, we may be in for a major surprise. Disposable income keeps declining without end in sight.

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 15:49 | 2607401 Conman
Conman's picture

I subscribe to the PPT theory of buying anything at 3:30. Ah what a wonderful theory, works 100% of the time and is sanctioned by god himself.

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