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Presented without comment as the iconic tech firm of our time loses the somewhat satanic $555 lows of pre-earnings taking the firm back to two-month lows and dragging the rest of the market with it...

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Houston we have hit a wall.

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Repeat after me:

This time is different.

This time is different.

This time is different.

This time is... 

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Time to move on to the next fruit I guess

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Nope, time for QE3, bitchez!

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FOMC minutes tomorrow.  This could be the washout before Ben sprinkles his fairy dust.

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Tomorrow...before Ben sprinkles his fairy dust.

BTFD (Buy Tomorrow's Fairy Dust)

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Nothing tricklish about how the debt flows.  More like an avalanche.

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Dude, don't joke around like that.  Now Governor Moonbeam has to send a personal assistant out to get him a fresh pair of jockeys.

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Let's have a bunch of us put that on Twitter and watch the markets flash crash.

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You do realize institutions can't get enough of FB, right? Watch it pop on Friday, as much as its irrational to say, over the $100bn mkt cap mark.

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Lets see... 

We have A for AAPL, B for our Banana Republic and C for...  for, um...  Cocaine?  Change?  Chunky Monkey?  Wait, that's ice cream... 

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cokeNwhores, Bogota style

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"Time to move on to the next fruit I guess"

Take your pick:

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You mean Samsung (exotic berry)...

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chase covers losses via selling oil and apple:)

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Well, we did Blackberry...a small, delicate fruit that is easily squashed.  We did Apple, a fruit (symbolic of America) that is easily bruised and once bruised becomes rotten to the core.  So what does that leave us with?  How about a fruit that for once represents reality...the durian.  It's big, ugly, covered in spikes, and stinks to high hell.  Anybody care to market the Durian brand smartphone?

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CaptainObvious :

Well, we did Blackberry...a small, delicate fruit that is easily squashed. We did Apple, a fruit (symbolic of America) that is easily bruised and once bruised becomes rotten to the core. So what does that leave us with? How about a fruit that for once represents reality..


Grapes, wrath. (Literally read that as: GRAPES comma WRATH)


In a few months now ....



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there are no fruits on wall street

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Or Iran,

I remember president Ack mah dinner jacket
Saying that once.

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Who could have predicted this?

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even Jamie saw this coming.....

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Not me, long and wrong again. FUUUUUUU

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So both original investment ideas and profile pictures then?
mad skillz

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And GM just dumped Facebook ad services.  Not effective.


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Their product never was effective. If you can't track your CCP into actual sales, it's a shot in the dark on how you're doing. A 20% click-rate is not that bad. If they want to improve it then they need to use effective tactics to do so. To simply stop using FB ads and claim it is in-effective is a reduction fallacy. They simply lack the personnel to use them effectively.

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Oooohhhhh yeah! That hot brunette I wanna fuck just uploaded bikini pics! Oh hold on, what's this? A GM vehicle for $199 a month? Fuck the bikini! I'm clicking the GM ad!

Is that what you believe is happening?

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More and more people using FB on mobile devices, not prone to clicking ads.

And for the record, I'm not much of a FB guy, but I have never, not even once, clicked on an ad on FB.

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I don't even look at them.

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There are ads on Facebook?

What's Facebook?

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What's Facebook?

I do not have complete records from your time.  Much was lost.  The best I have been able to determine is that 'the FaceBook' was a movie, or a massively-parallel software game based on a movie.

It became popular just before the Last War.


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I have never been on FB but it tracks me on every page i go to.

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Users clicked on their ads but then quickly realized GMs cars are not compatible with Farmville and did not complete a purchase....

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That's it, they just need to cross-promote with Zynga. Buy a new GM via a Facebook ad, and unlock a unique quest and upgrade for Farmville!

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Fracking brilliant article title ... ZeroHedge rules

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Apple @555 Gld @ 1550

which one holds?

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Looks like AAPL won, Gold 1546...

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Yup. what happened to those appl margin calls? 

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AAPL 553.05...552.73.

20 minutes to go, will they pop or poop?

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Yeah I see and I hate fkin aapl but....

ABX SLW EXK GDX etc. etc. etc..

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The juniors are being obliterated, lots of -12% and over moves.

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Man, those poor fucking commercials in the gold market - closing so many of their short positions and taking the long side of the trade right at the start of what's sure to be a massive leg down - taken to the cleaners by the spec's again.  When will those nutty bullion banks ever learn to follow the trend?  /sarc

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Al please expand on that. You referring to the miners? Because this has already been a big fkin leg down.

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I was actually referring to the commercial short and long positions as reported on the Commitment of Traders report.  Commercial traders are always net short, partly because they write the calls to sell to the speculative longs.  At gold peaks they're typically 3:1 short to long.  Right now (as of last Tuesday) they're 1.55:1 short to long, which is as low as I've ever seen the ratio.  So odds are that now's closer to the bottom of the drop in gold rather than the start of a big leg down (hence the /sarc notation). 


As for the miners, I'm ambivalent.  There are a couple I like, that have been sold down beyond all reason (baby out wiith the bathwater kind of thing), but the majors seem to suffer from massive incompetence for the most part, and a lot of the juniors have been overpromising and under-delivering for so long that the sector is kind of getting what it deserves.  That said, I still think they're overdone and I'm pretty sure the really big leg up is still to come.