A Cretan Writes A Heartfelt Letter To The Greek IRS

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The Greeks, who have long since become Guniea Pigs for Europe's real time experiment in restructuring itself without actually i) impairing any debt, ii) injecting new capital, or iii) having any idea what the endgame really is, are increasingly starting to just say no and revolt. Yes - the small Mediterranean country may have fallen off the front page news briefly, or until the current government is also ejected bringing us to a repeat of late May, early June, its citizens are getting ever bolder in refusing to comply with the relentless attempts of the European superstate to syphon off as much wealth as it possible can from the weakest and the poorest.

To wit, in the letter below, posted in Greek website aixmi.gr, comes from a disgruntled taxpayer who was "assessed" some rather crusing taxes.  Showing his outrage at the manner in which- especially this year- the Greek IRS tax hikes are crushing weaker, lower income families, the Cretan ctiziens has sent the following letter to the Tax Office of Ierapetra.

Read on for the the full text of his letter:

To: Dept of the Treasury, Ierapetra Tax District

Taxpayer Aretouli C. Nicholas, a resident of the County of Ierapetra.

In the Income Tax Assessment Notice that you sent me you claim a “purported” income of 8863 euros, which I never saw and never wanted to earn.

1. For my residence with an assessed value by you of 13653.68 euros as of 10/08/2010, situated in the village of Panakiana Municipality of Ierapetra, without even working electricity, you assume & declare a presumptive taxable income of 4,080 euros, about 1/3 of the property's value, while one can easily locate homes in our area with only 150 euros a month rent (1.800/annually).

2. You presume a basic subsistence income of 3,000 euros. Unfortunately for you, because of my anti-consumerist and eco-friendly ideology and lifestyle I’ve been living since 1995, me and my partner (2 persons total) survived with only 2126.5 euros for an entire year, including the cost of gasoline for my car which is used principally for agricultural work. So you’re asking for taxes representing 1/4 of my annual level of basic subsistnce!

3. For my vehicle, '91 model with engine capacity 750cc and with €300 annual insurance & registration fees costs, and maintenance covered by myself personally (as a former engineer), you assume & declare a presumptive taxable income of 2,000 euro.

After all that I analyzed above, and hereby invoking the last article of the Constitution I declare the following:

a) Faced with the choice not to eat for three (3) months or to pay the tax you’re demanding I’ll choose not to pay a single penny.

b) Faced with the choice to commit suicide or become a murderer, I’ll choose to murder you.

c) If you have not made an error with this Income Tax Assessment Notice that you’ve sent me, then you’re a bunch of cheats and scoundrels and thieves.

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Eurocrats are hiding behind the Greek-crats. If they want that money they should get it themselves.

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I misread the headline as "cretin" and thought this was a post about Angela Merkel. 

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Let them march all they want, so long as they pay their taxes. - Alexander Haig

engineertheeconomy's picture

This is why the Bankers want to repeal the 2nd Amendment...

AldousHuxley's picture

1.House for $26,000?


2. surived on $4000 for two adults?


3. 750 cc engine is for motorcycles...


This guy needs to immigrate to Africa to improve his standard of living.



smiler03's picture

He probably has a great quality of life.

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b) Faced with the choice to commit suicide or become a murderer, I’ll choose to murder you.

I'm hearing this kind of talk in ever increasing volume. People now have easy access to lists of names and addresses of high value targets in government and big business. Sort of like the Norwegian shooter, many people are more willing to go down in a blaze of glory taking out as many high value targets as possible. It's going to get interesting when government employees get killed in mass by disgruntled citizens. 

Doña K's picture

I read a great little article in escaping to Iceland. Your money goes six times as far there. Go off the grid anyway you can or join the revolution. they leave us no alternative

AnarchyInc's picture

And by "interesting" you mean "awesome".

Red Heeler's picture

And by "awesome" you mean "entertaining."

LowProfile's picture


b) Faced with the choice to commit suicide or become a murderer, I’ll choose to murder you.

I'm hearing this kind of talk in ever increasing volume. People now have easy access to lists of names and addresses of high value targets in government and big business. Sort of like the Norwegian shooter, many people are more willing to go down in a blaze of glory taking out as many high value targets as possible. It's going to get interesting when government employees get killed in mass by disgruntled citizens.


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I would hope they turn their rage on bankers first.  Wouldn't it be comforting to read for once that an enraged individual delivered a hail of bullets into the lunch crowd on Wall Street instead of into university students who had done nothing.

jeff montanye's picture

one hopes for better targets than the norwegian shooter.  killing kids is for obama, israel and the rest of the terrorists.

Davalicious's picture

>one hopes for better targets than the norwegian shooter.  killing kids is for obama, israel and the rest of the terrorists.

Don't believe what you see in mainstream media. The average age was 18, with the youngest being 14. These people were at a camp for political young socialists. They hoped to join the gravy train, at the cost of suppressing their fellow norwegians. AB picked the right target, in deciding to take out the next generation of socialist leadership. It would have been a mistake to attack immigrants, when it is the socialists who are opening his country to race replacement.

I'm not violent. So I wouldn't have taken this action. But I consider it better than attacking immigrants.

oulous's picture

I disagree. Norway is a very nice place to live. All Scandanavian nations are battling an indentity crisis but they have achieved something amazing. A peaceful nation thats low on crime and poverty. To build this "great society" is the challenge. The world is full of violent disfunctional nations and Norway is not one of them. No one on that island deserved to die. 

These nations need to defend the peace that was hard fought, during WWII europeans were savages and brutal. Look how far they have come. The peaceful society needs to be defended against any and all threats both foreign and domestic.

A violent society is easy to build, a peaceful one is difficult.

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I can't say this enough. It's going to be awful. Please prepare how to help failed family.

Joe A's picture

Actually, considering Greek's past with anarchistic groups assasinating people, it surprises me that it hasn't already happened.

Laretes's picture

It is absolutely sick to bring the Norwegian 'shooter' into this. He is a lunatic that murdered teenagers in the hope of going down in a 'blaze of glory'. There is nothing glorious about murdering teenagers, or for that matter, anyone.

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750 cc for a car is perfectly doable. After all, who can forget the little car Honda made in the 70s, that had a 2 cylinder 600 cc engine. A friend's father had one for the longest time.


steve from virginia's picture




The cars are why Europe and the rest of the world is bankrupt in the first place.

Throwing money down the rathole.

jez's picture

Citroen 2CV also. About five million were made, 1948-90, although the design was pre-war:




My sister had one, long ago. This was in Britain. Tiny 602cc flat twin engine, air-cooled. It kept up with traffic OK. The earliest models had even smaller engines.

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This is why the Bankers want to repeal the 2nd Amendment...

Even if they did, they can't repeal machining, chemistry or electronics.

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Naah, they'll just get Justice Robama to tax 'em.

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I thought I saw thetian, and thought this was about Tom Cruise.

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FYI: "invoking the last article of the Constitution" refers to:


Article 120 
1. This Constitution, voted by the Fifth Revisionary Parliament of the Hellenes, is signed by its Speaker and published by the provisional President of the Republic in the Government Gazette by decree countersigned by the Cabinet and shall enter into force on the eleventh of June 1975.
2. Respect towards the Constitution and the law concurrent thereto, and devotion to the Fatherland and to Democracy constitute a fundamental duty of all Greeks.
3. Usurpation, in any way whatsoever, of popular sovereignty and of powers deriving therefrom shall be prosecuted upon restoration of the lawful authority; the limitation from which punishment for the crime is barred shall begin as of the restoration of lawful authority.
4. Observance of the constitution is entrusted to the patriotism of the Greeks who shall have the right and the duty to resist by all possible means against anyone who attempts the violent abolition of the Constitution.


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Correct, excessive usury punishable by death.

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If there are 2 persons on an island, only 1 has a printing press and he prints only exactly 1 dollar at .00000001% interest, the interest can not be paid because it was never printed. Interest requires a ponzi printing hyperbolic exponential increase to be payable. Eventually you headon against hyperinflation or masss property foreclosure, or both.

Death is suitable punishment for the guilty

Sofa King's picture

"He's from Crete. Men from that island don't make idle threats"

-Gregory Peck from "The Guns of Navarone"

Golden Balls's picture

Crete, where men are men and sheep are nervous!

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"prints only exactly 1 dollar at .00000001% interest"

You can't print money at interest, but you can lend money at interest.

"the interest can not be paid because it was never printed"

False. For example, he lends me a dollar on the condition that I pay him two dollars later. I immediately use the dollar to buy a coconut from him. On two subsequent occasions I catch a fish and sell it to him for a dollar and then pay him the dollar back. Or,  I sprain my ankle and I am unable to catch any fish and I default on the loan.

Charging interest doesn't mean creating money and it doesn't lead to the vicious cycle you imagine. It springs from originary interest, i.e. a person's preference for an apple now over an apple 1 year from now; interest is a vital part of coordinating production in the economy.

The kinds of problems you are worrying about are due to fraud, e.g. fractional reserve lending and Ponzi schemes. 

ArmchairRevolutionary's picture

Put the "lend" in between print and interest. You failed his to comprehend his point, because you failed to recongnize that he wrote "prints only exactly 1 dollar ..."; unless some amount of a dollar is printed in addition to the current amount, the interest can never be repaid without an expansion of the money supply. 

MrSteve's picture

This is the most confused explanation of money, banking and interest that I've seen here on ZH. Are you too from Princeton?

Al Gorerhythm's picture

Perhaps you can enlighten us with a short explanation.

Silver Bug's picture

But havn't you all heard! The European leaders have discovered the solution to the debt crisis!!


View the solution here:



azzhatter's picture

Send Herman Von Rumpboy to collect it

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Or one of our grossly overpaid MP's Details from http://www.keeptalkinggreece.com/2012/07/16/101-golden-benefits-privileg...

A total of 20,203 euro is spent per month by the Greek parliament for each of its elected members: MP compensation,  several open and hidden benefits,  additional income through participation in committees as well as operational costs for their offices make it an expensive hobby for thousands of Greeks suffering under austerity, hiked taxes and unemployment.

While the lowest wage for the common mortal Greek is 450 euro per month and unemployment allowance a tip fo 360 euro for the period of one year only, a member of the Greek parliament cost the Greek taxpayer 673 euro per day!

As Prime Minister Antonis Samaras plans to cut some of these outraged benefits of our 300 Golden Boys and Girls, the whole cost has been leaked to the press, As if Samaras was thinking he would not receive the public’ support. Last week new parliament speaker Vangelis Meimarakis said, “We have to cut waste and unnecessary luxuries. We must rethink of the privileges that create negative impressions. ”

THe MPs compensations are adjusted to the Greek judges.

1) MP Compensation: 7,500-8,000 euro/month gross
According to Article 1 of the Seventh Resolution of the Fifth Revisionary Parliament (02.18.1975) shall be entitled to compensation equal to the sum of monthly salaries of all kinds of top judicial officer. Today, the compensation for each member is 6000-6500 euro net, about 7500-8000 euros gross.

2) Benefit for office organization: 2263 euro/month
 According to the budget of the House in 2012, the amount to be disbursed to cover the specific allowance amounts to 8,146,900 euro or 2,263 euros per month per MP. This sum includes the mailing costs,  ie the cost to send letters to voters.

3) Transport Allowance: average 473 euro/month

The transportation allowance received by each MP per month ranged from 364 to 607 euros depending on the mileage of the MP’s constituency.

4) Private MP car: average 975 euro/month
The Parliament Foundation pays for each MP a luxury car to a leasing company. According to the latest cuts, the MP from Attica are entitled to a car of  1,400cc for 750 euro per month. MPs from the several regions of Greece are entitled to car of  1,800 cc and 1,200 euro.

5) Rent allowance: 1,000 euro/month
This allowance is received by MPs from regions outside Attica prefecture. For this reason, the Parliament cooperates with several hotels. Cost per month 1,000 euro. If an MP want to rent an apartment, he/she receives the 1,000 per month.
6) Free Telephone Calls: 917 euro/month

MPs are entitled to free telephones. The annual cost of the Parliament for each MP is 11,000 euro. MPs from regions outside Attica are entitled up to eight telephone lines, and those of Attica up to seven.

7) Free Mobile:  200 euro/month
In addition to the fixed telephone MPs are entitled to free mobile device. The Parliament covers accounts up to 200 euros per month, the rest has to be paid by the MP.

Air-Tickets:  875 euro
An MP from regions outside the area of the Greek capital is entitled to a total of 104 flights/air-tickets per year. According to modest estimations, the total cost is 10,000-11,000 euro per year.
9) Two scientific councellors: 4,500 euros/month
Each MP is assigned to have four employees and two policemen. Two employees are relocated by other public sector departments, they are paid by their employers service. The other two employees, so called ‘scientific advicors’, are chosen by the MP and are paid by the Parliament. An average of  2,000-2,500 euros for each employee. That would make 300×4=1,200 employees. Parliament employees received a flat compensation of 45 overtime work hours.
10) Social security for MPs and their Families:  350 euro/month
According to Parliament’s budget for 2012, the total amount to cover these benefits amounted to 1,062,000 euros or 350 euros for each member per month.

+1) Compensation for participation in parliamentary committees (summer months incl): Average 1.150 euro/month
The planned cost is 2,875,000 euros. On the average, each MP receives an extra of 1,000 euro per month as compensation for participation in various committees (150 euro per committee meeting). MPs working in the parliament during the summer months (mid July until first Monday of October) get a special compensation [for working in summer while other go for a swim...]. Each session of the Parliament in the summer months is considered as committee-participation and gives the MP an extra of 150 euro. The total amount they receive in summer months is 1,500 euro. (  Proto Thema, Zougla.gr and others)

According the Greek media, the government considers to cut by  50% the allowances for rents and offices, by 100% the committees compensation and to close down the Parliament TV, that costs the tax payer 6 million euro per year. The cuts are to occur in the context of Samaras government seeking ways to save 11.5 billion euro as dictated by the government.


After the benefits and allowances of the MPs were published by several Greek media over the weekend, Gerasimos Giakoumatos, MP of Nea Dimocratia, sent his compensation bill to news-portal zougla.gr: 8,267.12 euro gross per month, 5,780 euro net.

Not bad at all, if you consider the free phone, the free car and the other frees…

Cutting the Gym

In an effort to show that the Greek parliament will proceed to deep cuts in order to avoid the citizens’ outrage, parliament speaker Meimarakis decided to close the sports facilities of the available to MPs. However, Zougla.gr reported that the facilities are in a building that belongs to the parliament (no rent payment) and that the coaches are civil servants who will get pad whether they work or not.

Future Tense's picture

Pretty soon there will be letters like this going out in all of Europe, Japan, the UK, and the US. The Barron's cover this week may have been the ultimate top in the government bond bubble. The following article discusses that cover and looks at the mania in US debt:


vast-dom's picture


john39's picture

killing in self defense really shouldn't be murder.  althought the greek IRS agent is just the bag man... shooting a few will send a pretty dramatic message to anyone else thinking of working for the banker occupation government.

Bob's picture

You make it sound like self-defense. 

Oh, wait a minute . . .

Mentaliusanything's picture

You left off 'D'- ......

GO Fuck Yourself !!!!

TomGa's picture

The Greek tax officials better watch their windows  The last "former engineer" I heard of to get pissed off over taxes flew a plane into an IRS office.

pods's picture

And who can forget the math whiz who thought too much.


Things that go bump's picture

Sadly, while his suicide was certainly spectacular, he failed to achieve his objective.  He hit the wrong floor and failed to kill a single IRS employee.  What a waste.