A Cretan Writes A Heartfelt Letter To The Greek IRS

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The Greeks, who have long since become Guniea Pigs for Europe's real time experiment in restructuring itself without actually i) impairing any debt, ii) injecting new capital, or iii) having any idea what the endgame really is, are increasingly starting to just say no and revolt. Yes - the small Mediterranean country may have fallen off the front page news briefly, or until the current government is also ejected bringing us to a repeat of late May, early June, its citizens are getting ever bolder in refusing to comply with the relentless attempts of the European superstate to syphon off as much wealth as it possible can from the weakest and the poorest.

To wit, in the letter below, posted in Greek website aixmi.gr, comes from a disgruntled taxpayer who was "assessed" some rather crusing taxes.  Showing his outrage at the manner in which- especially this year- the Greek IRS tax hikes are crushing weaker, lower income families, the Cretan ctiziens has sent the following letter to the Tax Office of Ierapetra.

Read on for the the full text of his letter:

To: Dept of the Treasury, Ierapetra Tax District

Taxpayer Aretouli C. Nicholas, a resident of the County of Ierapetra.

In the Income Tax Assessment Notice that you sent me you claim a “purported” income of 8863 euros, which I never saw and never wanted to earn.

1. For my residence with an assessed value by you of 13653.68 euros as of 10/08/2010, situated in the village of Panakiana Municipality of Ierapetra, without even working electricity, you assume & declare a presumptive taxable income of 4,080 euros, about 1/3 of the property's value, while one can easily locate homes in our area with only 150 euros a month rent (1.800/annually).

2. You presume a basic subsistence income of 3,000 euros. Unfortunately for you, because of my anti-consumerist and eco-friendly ideology and lifestyle I’ve been living since 1995, me and my partner (2 persons total) survived with only 2126.5 euros for an entire year, including the cost of gasoline for my car which is used principally for agricultural work. So you’re asking for taxes representing 1/4 of my annual level of basic subsistnce!

3. For my vehicle, '91 model with engine capacity 750cc and with €300 annual insurance & registration fees costs, and maintenance covered by myself personally (as a former engineer), you assume & declare a presumptive taxable income of 2,000 euro.

After all that I analyzed above, and hereby invoking the last article of the Constitution I declare the following:

a) Faced with the choice not to eat for three (3) months or to pay the tax you’re demanding I’ll choose not to pay a single penny.

b) Faced with the choice to commit suicide or become a murderer, I’ll choose to murder you.

c) If you have not made an error with this Income Tax Assessment Notice that you’ve sent me, then you’re a bunch of cheats and scoundrels and thieves.

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Drone your ass, although that would not be to expensive on the long term. Fema camps is more likely.

john39's picture

it all comes down to how many people wake up and resist...  if you reach critical mass, the system loses control...  but they will employ extreme methods to keep that critical mass from forming.

JohnG's picture

I have some rather extreme methods of my own.  Easily teachable as well.

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Didn't you figure it out that the system is such that the average wage earner pays the tax in advance and the return you sign at the end of the year is in anticipation of a "return" of excess tax with held?  The US system is exceptionally devious in this regard.  (By the way, it's only a legal document if you signed it voluntarily, as one cannot be compelled to be a witness against oneself according to the US constitution.  Why we voluntarily choose to bill ourselves remains a mystery to me.)

If individual wage earners were allowed to file quarterlies like business owners are required to do there would be massive default.  Until then, if one plays with the currency in circulation, well, then you play by the currency creator's rules. 

On the other hand, if one were to use constitutionally mandated coined money for legal tender, that's playing off the grid in my book.  frns are for use inside the matrix, much like that big red juicy steak the traitor ate in the movie. 

q99x2's picture

They could watch a documentary on Argentina and know what to do. We have to do it in the US too. I don't want to do it ether. That's how the technocrats (little Hitlers) systematically collapse countries wherever they go. Although I think in Argentina the banksters could get geographically away from their victems.

'I’ll choose to murder you.'

Like I was saying in another post, "The paramilitary hit squads are headed for the Banking Families of the World." People are being driven to it. It is a natural outcome.

I will never allow them to interfere with my happiness only increase my development of Buhdism within my life. Mayswell die happy if you have to go.



Dr. Sandi's picture

Paramilitary units arrives at Villa Honcho Banker. Banker's stooge rushes out to meet the paras.

"How much equipment will you fellas need to do the job right?"

Paras leave Villa Honcho Banker the next day with a couple of new Humvees and enough cash to arm themselves for the 'real' battle. And the right to come back again later.

chubbar's picture

SIR JOSIAH STAMP,(President of the Bank of England in the 1920's, the second richest man in Britain): "Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The Bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create deposits, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again. However, take it away from them, and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear, for this would be a happier and better world to live in. But, if you wish to remain the slaves of Bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create deposits".

Unprepared's picture

This guy is not a Cretin.

alfred b.'s picture


....but he is from Crete!


TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

He is a Cretan writing to cretins.

TruthInSunshine's picture

Sheeple everywhere could take a lesson is righteous piss & vinegar from this true Greek hero.

Opa! Bitchez!

youngman's picture

The Sheeple in Greece are scared..especially when the guy with the high black boots shows up next to the fence...

Let them eat iPads's picture

Pass the ouzo and the ammo.

Kaiser Sousa's picture

Bout fucking time....he ain't payin Bitchez....

Disclaimer: I ain't paying the tax men (read bitch ass bankers)
N O T H I N G......fuck off.......

insanelysane's picture

The solution is always higher taxes.

BurningFuld's picture

Ya Baby Ya! Revolt time!

hellas4life's picture

hundreds of years of resistance continues

 fuck the arabs/persians, fuck the venetians, fuck the turks, fuck the germans, and fuck the modern day politicans of greece who serve their wall street/german masters instead of the people. 





El Tuco's picture

The solution was an easy one. You could have followed Icelands example.Instead your elected representatives sold you into slavery. So now you have two choices, live on your knees or die on your feet.

hellas4life's picture

most young people voted for syriza (anti-bailout - the closest we would be to iceland) but of course the older people voted for the status quo to maintain their pensions and salaries.


in due time

Zwelgje's picture

Hoping that some political party will improve life is fuckin' pathetic.

With this mindset nothing will change.

As it is now a no vote would have been way better and stronger message.


Andre's picture

"The idea is not to die for your country.

It is to make the other poor dumb bastard die for his."

from (roughly) the movie "Patton", as give by George C. Scott.

pcrs's picture

Hitler already had to admit they put up a hell of a fight

Catullus's picture

Feudal lords were never so bold as to declare that much in tax.

Pretorian's picture

Just gather on Sitagma and Hang all traitors of Greek People. You wouldnt be mistaking who ever you hang from politicans they all deserved in last 40 years.


Winston Churchill's picture

Maybe us business owners,you know,who never did anything ourselves,

went on an unpaid tax collectors strike.

Just stop sending witholding taxes to the treasury for a month or three.

Keep it in cash(outside the banks),in a safe somewhere.

Just a thought.

Bastiat's picture

Everybody started a business for you, why didn't they start one for me? WTF? 


HoofHearted's picture

Wouldn't happen in the US, because this guy would be given so much free shit for his vote and he would have zero tax.

alfred b.'s picture


   The staff of the Greek treasury are probably paid on commission basis!  It's just a matter of time this method spreads tru-out the west.

    Shame on Greece.


Gamma735's picture

California is already trying to collect on taxes that are not owed to them by out of state residents.

cbxer55's picture

You got that right! We moved out of CA in 2002. Every once in awhile, I still get a dang bill from the f--ked up CA DMV. For a vehicle I do not even own anymore. It was destroyed and totalled in an accident in 2000. All paperwork was up to date when it was totalled, and it was fully paid for. It's been twelve years, WTF???

I've not paid them, I send them back and tell them to get stuffed!  ;-)

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


I've not paid them, I send them back and tell them to get stuffed!


If they send another, wipe your ass with it before returning it.

Dr. Sandi's picture

Naww, they'd just take a DNA sample and use it at a murder scene somewhere.

Lohn Jocke's picture

But how are we supposed to subsidize all of his neighbors?


walküre's picture

How many Greeks live on 2,000 Euros per year?

If people can live there that cheaply, then why the fuck does that country need billions and billions of bailout cash?

Fuck the banks. Fuck Bernank.

HungrySeagull's picture

It takes about 14 thousand to break even here in the South.

toady's picture

The letter writer is similar to the 'poor who pay no taxes' in the states. The taxman going after them shows just how desperate they are...

Can you imagine the taxman sending letters like that to people who make less less than 14k per year? I don't think the response letters would be so polite. I imagine Molotov cocktails and gunfire would be in order

smiler03's picture

I would guess that most people earning less than 14k/year probably don't even open their mail, and possibly can't read even it even if they did.


cbxer55's picture

Mutley, you bad dog!

Dick Dastardly is falling and wants you to save him!


Rogue Trooper's picture

Europe's mostly been disarmed, happened progressively after WW1 when the solidiers, after getting kinda "Bolshie", put the fear... of God.... into any technocratic 'Statist'.  UK Troops, for example, where not sent back immediately after WW1 for obvious reasons.

Still lot's of AK's from the 'former' eastern bloc are available.  Shame they got no fuckin' euros :/

HardAssets's picture

Hell ya !  Remember Iceland !


And tell US bondholders - - "Too bad guys, we're defaulting. We can't impoverish our citizens for decades in order to pay you interest. We'd never be able to grow out of the debt or pay it down anyway. - - Put us on a cash basis - or we'll trade you goods that you want for what we need from you. We're dropping the tax incentives for companies operating overseas and making America a magnet for new industry (low taxes). We're especially sorry about you China - and how much of our paper you hold, but look at it this way. When we started going over there in the 70s you guys were a 3rd world communist pit that could barely feed yourselves. We chased profits and outsourced a lot of industry to you guys. (Screwed over our own workers/citizens). Yeah, we owe you money - - - but you'd never have gotten it if we didnt set your modern economy up in the first place. So, let's call it even . . . and move on from there. You weren't gonna get the money anyway. Why waste time on a dog that wont hunt ?  We're freakin' not gonna give you Vegas as a partial payment !

Raul Duke's picture





and les claypool ofc



there are certain aspects of american culture that i would never wanna see go down despite the imperialistic politics and attitude in that very culture. to be honest i would share the last piece of bread with primus and many other guys from the non-mainstream scene in the States.

Michael's picture

It's only a matter of time.

Sudden Debt's picture




People should really learn that no system works like this. people can't act like they are parasites!
Sure they can choose to not pay taxes! sure! but don't expect anything in return either.

pcrs's picture

What makes you think this person expects anything from his extorters? He just wants to be left alone.

The idea that the gvt is a service company is ridiculous. If their services would be any good, they offer them voluntarily and people would buy them. 

But they stink so badly, they have to be mandatory. It's a racket.

Cloud9.5's picture


I was there last summer, beautiful, much like the American southwest, very arid.  I suspect it is very difficult to feed their population with the profits from pasticcios, and olive oil. 

HardAssets's picture

Some of what you say may be true. But this game has been played before. That is, bankers making deals with politicians that put everyone in debt (then the politician leaves office with a nice cushy bribe in some form or another). Later the bankers demand payment for their 'loans' (but loan of what, gold & silver ?  or just another form of made up 'money'?) The bankers demand 'austerity' - - they want the resources and labor of the citizenry for marginal deals they made knowingly. In the case of Greece, their past financial history was well known - as was their current financial condition.

All the made up loaned 'money' is bullshit. Nothing but a way to turn people into serfs.

How come we never hear about Iceland in the mainstream 'news' ?

pods's picture

Confessions of an Economic Hitman comes to mind.