Crude Sliding As Iran Promises To Halt Nuclear Expansion

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Yesterday we had Apple sandbagging expectations with yet another round of low guidance, now it's Iran's turn, which through its Russian Ambassador just said the country will consider halting nuclear expansion to avert the EU oil ban. Needless to say, just as the Apple forward guidance so this "promise" is utterly worthless. But at least it punk'd the algos for the time being sending Brent and WTI down over $1 in a hurry.



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I wonder what all our political parties promised them?

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No no.....this time they double-dog promise.


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Recall that Obama released 30 million barrels from the SPR to JP Morgan this time last year and that settled oil down.

Consider that right now, Iran has just as much sitting in tankers that are just growing barnacles.

Seems that things are lining up to benefit the Obama-Banker Bunko Cabal.

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Keep your eye on the Federal Reserve and the ECB.

The issue is not Iran - it is the rate of increase of the money supply:


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This is the fallacy of calling extraction of oil from the ground "production".

It's not produced.  It's extracted.

There is no difference between storing it underground or storing it above ground.  Economists think that products on ships are inventory, and they treat that as supply.  That doesn't work for oil.  

Oil's supply is the extraction rate.  Not the inventory.  If there is oil in ships waiting for an order to deliver, that's no different than the oil being underground waiting for an order.

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A shave off of all beards! 

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still waiting for their Lord Stanley's Cup 

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Smart move by Iran. The western world is imploding right now. No need to give any of them the excuse to run up spending or blame Iran for the dollar collapse (as well as euro, etc). Iran should do all they can to defuse the situation and just wait for this implosion to play out.

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As I have posted before,The Persians are the only rational player

in this .We are destroying ourselves.Why would they help us out,

by giving us an excuse for war.As to whether they've got their fingers crossed,

or they've already done all the refining and research they need.Who knows ?

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In the present environment, with the information gap and giving the principal actors of the fraud all the possible credit available, I'm not sure that one can reasonably and simply conclude that the matter was at the discretion of the "persians."  Our system is imploding, yes, but its day to day fluctuations are, in the largest sense of the word, completely manipulated.  All involved are rational players, however not all involved have equal bargaining chips, strengths, or weaknesses.

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They've played it pretty shrewdly the last 10 years.

Duped American idiots not only into overthrowing their one natural enemy in the region, but also making them the predominant Arab power in the Gulf.

They also learned that America only messes with non-nuclear powers. Iraq - no nukes = invasion. North Korea - fizzler nuke = left alone. Libya - no nukes = bombed. Pakistan - has working nukes = left alone.

They didn't have to fire a single shot to accomplish any of it. Well played, Persians.

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'Slid' all the way from $104.40 to $103.50....OMFG!

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"Hi Mr. Ahmadinejad you don't know me but my name is Ben. Listen I have to give a big talk later about subdued inflation in the U.S...cany you do me a huge favor?"

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(and, if not, then we're going to show you a really good virus next time...  and keep all of the agent sabateurs killing your scientists and blowing up your facilities...  and if that doesn't work, we'll move our troops over to the next land on the map...  btfd like everyone else and stfu...  but try not to make a spectacle of it...  thank you for your cooperation...).

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It's a little late for April fools guys...

But I have a bad feeling that a false flag is in the works... the retail suckers aren't taking the bait of the "recovery"

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Right, its all just jerking off. 

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What Nuclear expansion?

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Damn speculators.

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SURE THEY that they have their nukes ready for assembly.

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And if you believe that's I have some credit default swaps to sell you.

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...or a Solar Panel Company...

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Ah... Russian Ambassadors, so reassuring.

Seorse Gorog from that Quantum Entanglement Fund. alright_.-'s picture

They're still getting bombed though, right??

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never was about nuclear expansion. all about the petrodollar. bombs away.

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No, but they'll be getting a whole bunch of them very shortly.



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They pinky promise this time.

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so, through it's stealth agents, Iran builds a short position in crude futures.  Then, when all is set, releases the "I love you man!" global statement of cooperation.

Oil falls, Iran profits.  Now they start loading up on...wait for it...crude long futures.

Awaiting next Strait of H missle test, or dealth to zion statement.

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Figuring out what Goldman Sachs has been doing to their clients all along.  Imagine that.

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so now a .8% drop is a sliding event lmfao

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Yup! Just like a 1.2% rise in gold is "a surge". Welcome to ZeroHedge.

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My GOD! Oil has slid down, almost a whole DOLLAR! 

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Well that's going to piss some Saudis off.

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An update on TARGET2

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Irans word is good, isnt it?

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Irans word is good, isnt it?

It's been more trustworthy than that of Israel or the United States, but that's certainly not saying much.


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They're just switching over their assembly line from "LR warhead delivery" to "US drone knockoffs."  (I'm told it's the same technology used at Ben & Jerry's to switch over from Chunky Monkey to Cherry Garcia...)

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Anyone actually believe Iran would give up clandestine nuclear weapons work, a chance to acheive regional hegemony and a seat in the world's nuke weapons club?  Yeah, didn't think so. Think Iran wants to see the end of the United States and imposition of Sharia on our soil? You'd better believe it. You know, that "Hidden Imam" is going to be expecting a couple of armegeddon weapons when he returns, so those crazy mullahs had better get to work. Remember, in Twelver Shi'a Islam, Taqiyya is OK to advance the faith. LOL.

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A promise is a promise. Are we talking about nuclear bomb capacity expansion or nuclear enrichment expansion or nuclear energy/electric power expansion ? Somehow media correspondants do not know the difference or refuse to recognize difference.  Hmmm.  Hint---Russians would like to do nuclear enrichment for Iran.

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There are a lot of strings attached to Iran's "offer."  Otherwise Russia would not be the messenger.  If Iran has a straight offer, then it should make it.  Anything else is a mere delay tactic.

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It's just a game.


Iran having nukes makes no difference or shift of power on the world stage, its all perception.


If Iran had a nuke.... how would they deliver it?

If Iran had a anuke.... what is it? +1 nuke added to a few hundred dozen that already exist in europe + the free 1000 lost after soviet russias collapse.


Quite frankly.... who gives a shit if Iran gets a nuke.... we let Isreal get them and they are twice the sabre ratlers that Iran are.

We gave sadam nerve gas and then turned around and used it as an excuse to invade his ass for an attack he didn't even perpetrate.


It's just a game, the American people need a reason to attack nations and pillage, it doesn't have to be a good reason, any reason will do really so that th mindless idiots dust not protest too much when the higher taxes and inflation come in.


The children playing the game want to have fun, your life and your wallet does not matter.... you are just a Gi -Dope doll to be knocked down at the whims of our Governments childish nature.


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"If Iran had a nuke.... how would they deliver it?"

By camel. Watch out for the one with three humps.


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  So the Russians got the secrets of Abiotic oil from der Furherbunker? I guess you *can* just make this shit up...

How did dinosaurs get miles under the earth?

The Bakken formation in North Dakota, Montana and Canada now is estimated to hold up to 4.3 billion barrels of recoverable oil, only it’s available primarily when the price of oil is above a bargain rate – as the oil is located miles deep and drilling costs are substantial.

So a new book about oil, “The Great Oil Conspiracy: How the U.S. Government Hid the Nazi Discovery of Abiotic Oil from the American People” by New York Times bestselling author Dr. Jerome Corsi, asks how did the dinosaurs that died and became part of those “fossil fuels” get to be tens of thousands of feet under the surface?

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Clearly, god planted their bones there just to test our faith

LawsofPhysics's picture

LOL!  Flux matters.  Stop perpetuating bullshit.

Flakmeister's picture

It's worse than that.... 

It appears that this guy is confusing the F-T process with abiotic oil....

Spastica Rex's picture

Well, now that the secret is out, everything should be fine. 

Amagnonx's picture

If people really understood the depth and length of the conspiracy that is controlling most of the western world, then they would have already done the research on abiotic oil and have an understanding of it.

Perhaps people believe that Bernakne is just dumb, or corrupt, or both - and that what is happening to the world is the result of greed, or bad luck or some random event - or its simply a bad and stupid system which is mathematically guaranteed to fail. 


I say; We are not in an accidental train wreck.


If everything you ever knew was fabricated, and was told to you for a specific reason, what is a sane reaction?  To start learning everything over again from first principles.