CS Global Risk Appetite Signals Risk-Off As Sentiment Stays In 'Panic' Mode

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Just give it up bitches.

Accept your fate.

The worldwide financial system is toast!

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I hope that CS has long-since fired whichever summer-intern cum junior analyst made Charts 3 & 4 in the attached doc.  I can't imagine a more inept use of a chart.   Clearly, not a single capable person reviewed this trainee's work before publication, as the charts are entirely illegible -- and are an inappropriate choice of chart for this dataset.   


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Credit Suisse is trapped in the REHYPOTHECATED FUNDS




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Yes, but when does it end?  As long as banks have discount windows the dance continues.

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Very simple sir..

With A credit Event

-The sell off is unavoidable-

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All those quant panic models....based on print keynesian models...

wonder when they gonna modelize a Japanization depression wave, eternal deflation....or just depression. ¡

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I think it's going to be an outright economic collapse followed by a lost generation style deflationary depression.

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What's the deal with the doc? it's dated 2004.

Edit: NM... it's just giving some background how the chart is used.

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But I thought it was "fixed"?  (Again)

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You know I was alive in the fifties and my uncle had an underground shelter. These days people don't seemed to be concerned. I think that is a dangerous mindset.