Cue Hyperinflation In 5... 4... 3...

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This pretty much says it all:


Buy. Real. Assets. Now

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I'm long Twilight Breaking Dawn Part II lunchboxes.

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++ whether Ag. means Silver or Agriculture.

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To be shortly followed by the US Fed.

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brownian motion being labile...

everything goes red with bearish vigah

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Ben needs everyone (banks, treasury, pols & public) begging for QEx before he can go truly hogwild.

I'd say we are in a "wait for it, wait for it" situation.

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...Don't fire till ya see the whites a' their pockets!

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One word to describe this atrocity: PONZI

They are REALLY looking to start something...

...instigating global class warfare. It won't begin, progress or end well.

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Let us not forget that the squid tenticles reached from Canada to the UK recently with the BOE appointment.


Why is anyone surprised???  After all they are doing God's work, without the burden of a bunch of commandments to stiffel the effort.

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Quit the whining - this makes perfect sense to me. Why should Bernanke buy treasuries when rates are at all time lows? It makes far more sense to monetize other assets, particularly stocks and mortgage backed securities, in order to stimulate the economy.

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"in order to simulate the economy."


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MDB sometimes presents a conundrum. Should I hit the down arrow because its bullshite, or the up arrow because its good trollery? The cynicism seems over the top today, so today I gave it a plus 1.


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I hit the biggest of either. With MDB, it's not red or green, it's the amplitude that counts.

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MOMO voting?

I'm liking it. And why not -- every other social metric varies from suspect to outright fucked.

I gave Bonearse a redddie...

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MOMO voting?

Everybody is doing it.

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Then so will I.

I don't want to be nobody !

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don't give "Bonearse" a reddie....

give him some love.

ZH has Banzai, Limerick, star posters.....and MDB

Jes' get out the way & let the genneman DO his THANG.

MDB delivers his satire with the same insouciant elan of its comfortably clueless originators in academia, the MSM and "think tanks" (are those places where thought goes to drown?)...

He lays out the "official voice" of our times, suggesting "cake" for the masses menu...

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Hey, I'm liking my amplitude on this one. MDB may be the best straight man since Bud Abbott.

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I am beginning to wonder if this is simply posturing on their part to get the retail suckers to BUY ponzi stock, but in the end the CB's do nothing... (they KNOW once they begin such a suicidal move to buy "private" assets, hyperinflation follows close behind, thus my take this is pure bluff)

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They get to push a button on a computer to create money and use it to buy shares in profitable businesses, real estate and such? Sweet, where do I sign up so I can do that too?

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Posn and Bernanke not only need to justify why central banks buying commercial assets is "good" for an economy but also detail the Exit Plan and dates and what they think will happen to the value of said assets when they sell

if the BoE and Fed are to become mortgage and stock holders the onlòy reason is the retail banks cannot sell them on, there is no market for them

Posn and Bernanke are bankers bitches, Govt pooper scoopers, what a sham/shambles

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The Fed's already got a decent sized mortgage portfolio and has been egging lenders on to make more low down payment mortgages.

They also claim to be making money (on their "investments").


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...cuz monetization's worked so well thus far?

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If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again.

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Like trying to stimulate a corpse.

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It's legit only if it's been dead for less than 6 hours;)

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Move to Egypt you can screw anything if it's still warm.. Hey, maybe Ben is really an Egyptian, I will have to watch him walk..

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Hey, it worked for Frankenstein! Well, sorta. For a little while.

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Or will they use the money to short gold?

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Gold is back by nothing, Treasuries are back by the 'full faith and credit of the USG' ya forgot that didn't ya..

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Ya, nothing like worthless paper used to purchase worthless paper.

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Hasn't worked all that well for the Bank of Japan

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+100 Narnia. AMEN. What trolls like MDB don't get: Japan tried that already - several times - and if the Japanese can't pull out, being as prudent and disciplined as they are.....

9 times a "stimulus" over there....and counting....?

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all the evidence to date, both in Japan and since 2008, is that central bank stimulus DOES NOT WORK

the BoE did not see it coming and have fixed nothing since. The entire worthless bunch of tea sippers at the BoE should be SACKED ..they're a bunch of useless inept toadies

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But Nobel laureate economist Dr. Paul Krugman says that's because the stimulus is too small! Now bow down and worship at the Keynesian alter, slave!

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If brute force doesn't work, apply more. Same applies to explosives and stimulus. Just keep doing it again and again, bigger and bigger, until you succeed. 

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Regardless of whether or not you are a troll, I have a question.  If purchasing other assets and liquidity injections is beneficial to economies, then why can't every person in the world role up to the discount window, get some 0% loans, deposit those funds into the bond market for a short-temr basis, pick up the interest and stimulate themselves?  I like stimulating myself.

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because as you are well aware this "stumlating the economy" is nothing but windown dressing (lies) to cover the real game, bailing out bankrupt bankers and bankrupt politicians

Posn and Bernanke know about as much about the real economy as Daffy Duck knows about coal fired power stations

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When you pull up to that discount window, the kid at the window is going to ask you if "you want fries with that?"

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By late 1923, the Weimar Republic of Germany was issuing two-trillion Mark banknotes and postage stamps with a face value of fifty billion Mark. The highest value banknote issued by the Weimar government's Reichsbank had a face value of 100 trillion Mark (100,000,000,000,000; 100 million million).[10][11] At the height of the inflation, one US dollar was worth 4 trillion German marks. One of the firms printing these notes submitted an invoice for the work to the Reichsbank for 32,776,899,763,734,490,417.05 (3.28 × 1019, or 33 quintillion) Marks.[12]

Courtesy of Wikipedia

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If it makes a perfect sense to you, you better check you senses. What is wrong with with a systems where ONE authority, decides what is "valuable" well EVERYTHING. This was not even possible under in the socialist east countries. They just created the price control and all of the goods disappeared.

If Bernanke, goes after the the valuable things, why not go after the food products. Buy a lot of them, and store everything. This will be the best use for the buck. I bet that after such, actually quite wise investment decision, there will be wide spread civil war.

Bernanke will go after, particular assets, "value" of which will tend to preserve the current, unsustainable, status of the corrupt and inefficient economic system. By the way, economic comes from economize ( do with least resources ), and it is totaly different from what this system has become. It is not ECONOMical it is WASTical.

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epw...except the term 'trillion' was not in use... a million million was a millione as in the 'madness of milliones'...When Money Dies

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I guess you did not get the memo. The NDAA allows the government to nationalize the farms, transport and supermarkets to ensure national security. They can control the price of food, and make sure everyone has an EBT.

The masses will be complacent (complicit?) and there will be no civil war, at least not in North America.

As for those poor countries that refuse to depeg their currencies, and lack the foresight to have food stamp programs, they will be screwed.

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You are precluding a military coup and civil war between heavily armed factions.  Why?

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If there is a military coup, who is the other heavily armed faction that is going to fight them?

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 "It makes far more sense to monetize other assets"


Might as well just cut to the chase then & get about 'monetizing' grandma's catfood...