Currency Wars - Russia Officially Adds 19.5 Tonnes of Gold Reserves in October Alone

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Russia is buying up gold???!!!

Don't they know what the sheep have been told?

A traditional stone

That only fools own

That won't keep you warm in the cold


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Russia, China and various other countries around the world are moving to gold and our dumbshit monetary leaders talk as if gold is a "barbarous relic".

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Nothing is more unnerving to our monetary leaders than widespread accumulation of REAL MONEY.  It's the legal equivalent of a mass boycott of tax payments.

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I agree. Owning gold is like breaking free of the matrix.

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Gold is just a fad over a thousand years period. It will soon go away like everything else. :)

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Give or take a Millennium

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This is just a fad. Gold flows through markets as it finds its way around the world. It flows from places that have too much gold to those that have too little. In countries that have too much the gold price will fall leading to inflation; in those with too little the gold price will be very high.

When this is all over and we have endured the collapse the next biggest money spinner will undoubtedly be to establish trading contacts between countries to make benefit from these flows as the market settles itself down. After 50 years of having no gold in circulation the potential for benefit is huge, but there is no doubt that the gold flows initially will be in no way linked to market demand for it, which is why countries that collect too much gold are in as much trouble as those that collect too little...

Market forces must decide who needs what and when...

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Central banks have been a big driving force in the gold market for decades. Ignore them at your own peril.



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Russia should know; the only thing that bottomed out the old ruble was gold

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That's one very interesting comment, sir (nice picture you have here, btw)! May I ask you what is that particular event you're talking about and what is this 'old rouble', maybe the Soviet one?

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its discussed quite well in jim rickards new book Currency Wars. im on chapt 7 currently.

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Another MillionDollarBonus.... Yeah right a fad. 5,000 years fad and counting.

Assignat introduction in 1789- in France. Hyperinflation

Continental DOllar Fiat in US - Hyperinflation

Greenback introduction in the civil war 0--- hyperinflation

Mark in Weimar with no GOdl --- hyperinflation

US debt destruction of 1932 --- Devaluation of Gold, so GOld gets 75% increase and then you re-invest at 4 times earnings-- sweet.

Of course if you get 6-7 times P/e rediversify we are at 15, so we have some way to go.... 

Gold will suck at some point, I will get out of it when the dividen yield on some comapnies, if adjusted to inflation gets me some nice fat return of 7% and above. Nothing less. We have some way down to go.....

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and perhaps maybe you might want to go and actually read the comment again...

this time in full...

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That is because we have none, Clinton an Rubin sold it all.  Another Goldman Sachs gift to the American people.

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I think the Russians should buy GLD instead. ;)

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Yes....GLD is much lighter.....almost as light as air.

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It is our dumbshit monetary leaders who are the barbarous relics.

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There once was a blog so pernicious

it had news and pics sooo delicious

readers rejoiced in delight

the fantastical flight

of markets engineered to fail by the joos.

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+1 imitation (of LK) is flattery

-1 really, really bad miss on amphibrachic meter, dood

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I'm enraged about our current situation so much so I cannot even compete with LK!

And despite all my rage I'm still just a rat in a cage.

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Hey CG

I've asked you now twice*(n I did it real nice)

to stop sowing Hasbara disinfo,

if you do it agin, you won't jus lose some friends,

but also yur cred by the brimfol! {poetic license invoked on the o}



if you so enraged by da situation, why yu gotta spread the sionist lies here?  CatbirdSeat is TelAviv trolldom agitprop.

Hey Mayhem....amphibrachic awesome wordsmithing dood! Thanks ...I never knew that one existed... Crossword heaven!

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Only ghays do crosswords.

Hey check out the photo in this one. LoL!

"The Zionists have a down payment on the White House, and they own Congress free and clear. Zionist sources are said to provide roughly half of the bribe money euphemistically known as “campaign contributions.” They’ve turned the entire US political class into a gang of treasonous whores who daily pledge undying allegiance to the Israeli flag.

So who can stop them? Who can prevent a ruinous war on Iran?

Only the US military."

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A trisyllabic metrical foot having one accented or long syllable between two unaccented or short syllables, as in the word remember. [Latin amphibrachys, from Greek amphibrakhus : amphi-, amphi- + brakhus, short; see mregh-u- in Indo-European roots.]'s picture



ZH has a limerick writer,

Whose meter could really be tighter.

Despite his grand plan,

His verses won't scan,

And his spelling of "joos" can't be triter.



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'Some have posited that Putin may have been sending a "shot across the bows" of the U.S. government as De Gaulle was doing some 35 years ago. Putin and many in Russia are increasingly nervous and wary of Washington's increasing military and economic presence in what they have always considered their backyard - Eastern Europe, Eurasia and the Caspian.'

Too bad De Gaulle is gone and now there is... Sark.

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I wonder how long it will be until Obama and Timmy label Putin a "financial terrorist" threatening US interests?  That picture is probably more scary to TPTB than Ahmadinejad posing with a nuclear weapon.  

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Ok everyone can start blowing each other here now - "Gold Bitchez" and "Keep stacking!" blah blah........I picked up an eagle Wed. :P

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with so many huge leveraged positions of financial securities worldwide one never knows the reason for any particular strength/weakness, but I would guess the rumor out of europe last night that Germany will agree to jointly back eurobonds but only if countries get down to 3% budget deficits, and also allow voluntary departure from euro, would be highly contractionary/deflationary (some countries would go to great depression x5) is weighing on gold. This is far from the 'printing to infinity is inevitable' trajectory. 

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Germany will agree to jointly back eurobonds but only if countries get down to 3% budget deficits


That little "only if" clause is the ultimate political sleight-of-hand.  Like when Daffy Duck sells Porky pig a $1 million insurance policy for a black eye...only occurs between 3:55 and 4:00, on the fourth of July, during a hailstorm, by a herd of stampeding elephants in your livingroom...

...and one baby zebra.


(only if)


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Please.  Germany will back eurobonds if Italy and Spain, etc. pledge their gold as collateral AND Deutschland is first in line to seize if they fail.  

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Next will be videos of Putin bench lifting it.

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And bar bending and coin chewing and    and aa   aaaaaa   and golden showers and   uh    mmmm   rouble rubbing  no    ih  m   ah   teleprompter twiddling   no not that either      Mevendev meddling    mineral mining   yeah mineral mining   gold digging Putin panning  and    uh  have him open the mine next to the nuckleheads on on Gold ah  Gold Rush  yeah, then claim the country back because Sewards check bounced  yeah drama   yeah 
another fucking kinetic action

I'm goin' golfing

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That will be one Dos Pesos for the green fee and cart sir.

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or him playing a 24k golden violin like stradivari.

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Join the bear and crush the Zionist lobby!

Putin, the newest write in candidate for 2012!

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I would vote for him over Obama.

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As bad as Obama is, you do not want a Russian style government. They are where we are headed, not where we want to go.

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We're still not buying gold 'centrally'.  I'd say Russia has evolved beyond where we will be.

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I did not claim they are stupid, indeed they are, in large part, the reason for Russia's resurrection as a world power. They understand economics and geopolitical opportuniy. However, theirs is not a model of government I would like to live under. Can you say fascism?

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Ill agree, except pleas look up the meaning of Facism and tell me who is who.

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I know the meaning of fascism... The oligarchical control of government that uses coercion and propaganda, rather than the will of the people, to rule. It is often called corpratism because of the inordinate influence of corporate leaders with the government.

Though the Russian system is unique it uses the tools of most authoritarian governments, and, since it allows for private ownership and some economic freedom (mostly for the oligarchical class) it has moved away from it's communist past. It now more closely resembles fascism than any other form of government.

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And America is not fascism?

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yeah no shit, I really can't tell much difference these days

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It's not facist. The country is too ethnically diverse to ever hold together under facist rule. Authoritarian Capitalist in everything but name is more like it

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Who wouldn't you vote for ahead of Obama?