D-Day For Greece And Another Eurocalypse Report From Goldman Sends Europe Tumbling Once Again

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I'd like to be the first to welcome back the Drachma! On a sad note, condolences to Merkel and the rather tragic bunch known only as the Eurocratz.

Dexia we hardly knew ya!

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Better hit gold again......so everything seems normal.


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Nothing that a little financial engineering can't fix.

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Goldman who trade against their clients right ZH readers? So how serious should we take this?

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GIIPS domiciled? hahah..

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D as in Doom ?


This  is the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Could something big going to happen next week ?


Like the Ossama 1 may Silver smash down ?


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Monday is a FULL MOON day too

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Never let a good crisis go to waste....

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I am glad to see the French banks are back in the game.....they missed out the other day and were up a little..now down 8%....I know..the truth hurts.....


I had lunch in Greece once in the late 90´s...it cost me 25 million Dracmas...lol...whats a Dracma going to be valued at now???

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Similar as back then(inflation/clusterfuck adjusted)

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squid translator: Damn it's good to be a tbtf fascist!

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A lot of people are going to realize they should've listened. I'll be topping off my canned goods and ammo today. :)

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I have a Euro small<  I spoke with a banker recently. We tossed the CITI trade and laughed!!!

  Piigs Do not. a Euro Destroy! On the other hand, I love Germans!

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Anybody know what the haircut is?