The Daily Show Correspondents Explain The Economy

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Just over a month ago, the intrepid correspondents from The Daily Show set out on a mission to educate the US public on what exactly 'The Economy' is all about. In their inimitable style they chose five topics to summarize such a broad subject: Banks; Wall Street; Recessions & Depressions; Trickle-Down Economics; and Economists. The challenge as always is to guess where the satire ends and the truth begins as so much of the following five clips is scarily close to the truth.

The Correspondents Explain - The Economy - Banks

Banks are like Giant F##k-You Machines...




The Correspondents Explain - The Economy - Wall Street

Wall Street is a magical place full of douche-bags and where all the super-villains live - you think it's a freeze-ray but no, its a CDS.




The Correspondents Explain - The Economy - Recessions & Depressions

A recession is when times are tough - a depression is the reason why your grandpa yells at you when you use more than one piece of toilet paper at a time.




The Correspondents Explain - The Economy - Trickle-Down Economics

Rock solid theory: "when its raining, people don't like to shop". The rich are above us, and if they drink from the fountain of wealth for long enough, then eventually some of that wealth will trickle out in a golden shower of prosperity.




The Correspondents Explain - The Economy - Economists

Why they are more than just nerdy, high-panted economic yodas with no accountability - and it really doesn't matter if they are right or if they are wrong.



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Hello - Can you please fix the links?  Thank you.

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I, too, am always annoyed by Missing Links.

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C'mon, akak.  I know you can do better than that.

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Missing Links? Isn't that what Tiger was doing during his sabattical?

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Hey, go easy on us 'Missing Links'.

Or is it we 'Missing Links'?

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Missing Links are a sham perpetuated by the liberal agenda.


Or Sasquatch Jerky?

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The links are very dry, you will have to go fishing or bowling.

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Rock solid theory: "when its raining, people don't like to shop". The rich are above us, and if they drink from the fountain of wealth for long enough, then eventually some of that wealth will trickle out in a golden shower of prosperity.

Why they are more than just nerdy, high-panted economic yodas with no accountability - and it really doesn't matter if they are right or if they are wrong.

I almost had to trick myself into thinking these were jokes.

The best comedy is ALWAYS rooted in truth.

veyron's picture

Unfortunate that comedy central is the one spreading the truth ...

Shizzmoney's picture

It's ironic b/c

A) The guy who is now one of the major producers of the show (Jon Stewart) wasn't even the 3rd choice they wanted to pick after Kilborn left, but he's probably done more for journalism in America than any journalist in today's "politically correct" era has.  And if you look at the times of peril in history, whether in Empires or Dictatorship, the sharp, vivid truth often comes from the satirists (you can also guess how those societies end up).

B) Viacom is a huge greedy douchebag and is one of the mega corporations contributing to the dumbing down of America and to the fall of our society (not for this show, but for its lobbying efforts).  It's why the links will eventually be taken off of this site (and youtube).

They realize that if the majority of people took this comedy seriously, which the people who know what's REALLY going on do (hence why we laugh), they wouldn't last for long.  But they also know that only 15-20% of the population get the humor in this way, so it doesn't really matter. 

Actually, I think the left-leaning Stewart is at his best during the years when Democrats are in office.  We all know how bat-shit 90% of Establishment Republicans are, and of course the comedy layup that was George W. Bush. 

But you really have to dig in and find humor (which sadly, is at the economic expense of the nation) to blast your own guy.  Stewart essentially inferred Obama was a "pussy" for not going all-in on Single Payer Health Care, which he campaigned on.  And he;s so right; if you are gonna campaing on an ideology (agree/disagree aside), stick to the fucking thing. 

That's why we love Ron Paul, because he may be so radical on things to many people, but at least the dude is fucking consistent and I know where he stands.  Even Stewart (who has had Paul on many times) once asked if if Paul could run as a Democrat in 2004 (b/c like Repubs now, who cant stand Romney, they can't stand Kerry and know he wont win) at a Comedy Central Politcal event.

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A pretty even handed take....

Note that while JS calls FOX out on their lies and bullshit, he holds his most biting rhetoric for CNN, i.e. implying they are irrelevant and clueless....

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Jon Stewart makes $41,000 per day

Has 3 homes. 2 beachfront properties next to each other

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Easily one of the best comedy central reports was "The Big Bank Theory"

A classic for the ages.

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Wall Street is like a clay-target (skeet) shooting range. You are the clay target. The scumbag bankers are the rich men with over/under shotguns blasting you into bits, congratulating each other when they destroy you. 

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"It's good to be the king! PULL!"

Mel Brooks, 'History of the World; Part 1'

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Best analysis of markets, economics, banks......ever.

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Anyone know how to access these clips in the UK?

Temporalist's picture

Try finding them on youtube

moriarty's picture

Sadly no joy as has been my experiance in the past, but we can now get them on comedy central uk web site. Cannot finrd the episode in question though. Ces't la vie but thanks for the tip.

Ranger4564's picture

I believe it's the June 10th 2012 episode but looking on the UK comedy central webside showed that episode was missing / not listed with the others.  Barclays / BOE must have paid some big money to have that link removed. ;-)

uranian's picture

go here, do what it says (take 30 seconds), watch video.

uranian's picture

having spent a minutes digging that out so that i could watch it from the UK, i am just reminded of why i threw my TV away many years ago. tunlr does work against geo-restrictive sites, though, which is good to know (if you want to access something in the US).

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Hey ... MANY thanks for that tip, good sir!!!! Works a treat!

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These sidekicks are way behind Stewart and Colbert, comedy-wise and insight-wise.

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Q: Does anybody know who jon stewart's older brother is?

A: Larry Leibowitz Chief Operating Officer of NYSE Euronext

PrintingPress's picture

If you're looking to think like a muppet waste your time watching this "humor". 

Confused's picture

Let me guess, you knew all about monetary chicanery, and have been telling people for years. 


If you're looking to think like a muppet, continue using catch phrases you learned on the internet. 

NidStyles's picture

Sorry, I learned what a Muppet was back when I was a kid watching the Muppet Babies. If you llike having hands up your ass, then you're a Muppet, likewise if you like perpetrating the ignorance pushed by these videos, you are a Muppet.

Confused's picture

So I guess who ever posted the videos on this site is a muppet then? 


Naturally you've been calling people muppets for your whole adult life then. 

NidStyles's picture

Whoever posted the videos is obviously either misguided, or a Muppet with political leanings. They are essentially the same, but one is worse because it's voluntary.


I call them how I see them. 

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right click on the link and choose download to real player and it's magic. They play

dolph9's picture

I don't care much for Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz.

Seems like a decent guy, but he's just not that good.  It's absolutely grating to watch him.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

I grade him a 65%.  He does good work, he comments on the right topics, he sends people in the right direction, but he stops short of being QUITE as critical or satirical (as the case may be) as he should be, IMO.  If he would just tell it like it is that LITTLE bit more people would maybe wake up, and "get mad as hell".

dark pools of soros's picture

and do precisely what?  half his audience are on food stamps..  the masses are fucked sheep regardles..  the only change is when other smart people take over and then get promptly corrupted since they realize the masses are pathetic sheep and so get on the dole like the last crooks

there are only two ways things really change. Massive war to reset the global power structure and reduce the population... OR...  some new energy source that is way cheaper that spurs insane productivity and prosperity


palmereldritch's picture

How about a massive war for a new energy source?, wait...

Esculent 69's picture

"Jon Stewart has probably done more for journalism in America then any other journalist in today's pc world." He is one of the reasons why people voted for Obama that decided to not do journalism in the lead up to the election of Obama.  He only reports on the economy or fast and furious only when the dear leader can't cover up the obvious and so as to not look biased he then selectively reports on the events without drawing the obvious conclusion.  Remember, Stewie said on Chris Wallace that he doesn't tell the truth to his audience and that his comedy is based on his political ideology. Coimmunists come in all shapes and sizes and "entertainment". 

Clueless Economist's picture

spot on...Leibojew might be quite good if he were an equal opportunity comedian.

The way he covered for his Jewboy friend Wiener spoke volumes of his bias.

I have no time for this Liberal assclown.

adr's picture

Stewart could be good if he got that freshly made gold plated cast of Obama's dick out of his ass.

Maybe the Daily Show could explain how creating the greatest amount of part time minimum wage jobs in history and increasing the number of people on food stamps, again by the greatest percentage in history, is good for the economy.

Sadly they won't touch that. Stewart likes the Michelle Obama rub down doll with realistic dong.

Clueless Economist's picture

lol so true and (and Budweiser) made my evening.


victor82's picture

Stewart isn't really an honest-to-God comic.

Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, and Richard Pryor were comics.

Stewart is a court jester for the Regime. It doesn't matter which Team, Red or Blue is in power. Stewart is a little harder on the Red Team is all.

Let's be clear; Lenny Bruce wouldn't be caught dead writing jokes for Jack Kennedy or Lyndon Johnson, but Stewart has his people write jokes for Obama all the time. 

Bullshit walks, as they say.

fonzannoon's picture

Show me one republican talking head who spent more time covering how Ron Paul was purposefully ignored. Maybe he gave all the Ron Paul coverage to set off a fight in the republican party. But at the end of the day his audience is young and he did more for RP than anyone anywhere this year, regardless of what his intentions may or may not have been.

fonzannoon's picture

By the way allow me to correct myself. Judge Napolitano was all about Ron Paul. I just think Stewart exposed a more democratic audience to Ron Paul and that will pay dividends in the future.

NidStyles's picture

Who fucking cares about Republican talking heads? This article is about Jon Stewart. 

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upgrade or reinstall adobe reader. ?

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John Stewart is a douche