Daily US Opening News And Market Re-Cap: August 12

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The British Rebellion is not over and not covered correctly, here is the other side of the story.



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What a load of cobblers! They are on the dole and either don't want to work, or don't have skills. They are basically yobbos with no self respect. That is the individual's fault. Stop putting this garbage out as something to be taken seriously. Of course as it is a cartoon it is obviously pointed at those whose mentality is at the cartoon level.

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Un-believable theatrics in Europe. Last week, unbelievable theatrics in the US. The london riots are a clear sign that it's time. In London it's the blacks. In France it will be those le mooosliiim. In the US, will it be La Razza?

In times of war, the ghetto rules.

Get organized, it's time.



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As long as you are not afraid to defend yourself the problem of looting and thuggery will disappear. Don't just show your guns, fire them.

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I feel bad for the mom-and-pop folk who are still in this market. How the hell are they supposed to put their meager savings aside and try to make a little yield? Down 600, up 500, down 450, up 400. Massive volatility and the finance headlines are laughable: bullish "plays" alongside "bear market" strategies, yes/no/maybe when it comes to asset classes, all kinds of contradictory "data" that is certain to be revised months from now.

I sure hope they find their way to this site, or at least to some of the non-MSM market touts. High VIX = eTrade/Schwab/TDAmeritrade homejockeys getting pockets picked by the pros all over this globe, as well as the machines. Fuck these rigged "markets" and the goddamn cheerleaders telling them to step in front of this train.

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obama set to speak again today

wonder if he's got anything to say thats not horse shit

i loved yesterdays "doubled gas mileage" bit

gas mileage today is no better for a pickup today than the model T ford truck


"The Environmental Protection Agency reported that the average performance of new, 2011 model cars and trucks was 20.8 miles per gallon in 2011."  --

"Ford's Model T, which went 25 miles on a gallon of gasoline, was more fuel efficient than the current Ford Explorer sport-utility vehicle -- which manages just 19 miles per gallon."  --


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"...to rumors merkel may not be able to secure changes to the efsf before september."

yes, i've been hearing those rumors as well; they're being spread by 60 million german voters.

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sequitor, you will love this: Troweprice chief economut Alan Levenson: "us expansion will stay on tract " and this is just the nuts: "expect UE to fall to 7.5% by end of 2012, with GDP growth to rebound to 3.5%"

I am speachless. Hopium is a virus with no cure.

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okay this makes a little more sense now...and then again it doesn't:

so the short ban will be limited to 'certain' stocks, and it seems those cetains are certain to be financials...so 'risk-on', bitchez?  just financials...oh, as soon as the schitzophrenia (badly butchered spelling) settles and they realize that by nuetering the financial shorts they've done a defacto ban on shorting the entire market, equities may take a slightly different turn -- and without the support of the shorts to incrementally halt the blow and allow for cooler heads to prevail...looks like a giant sink hole softening under the feet of every 'nation' from the channel to the hellenspont.  i love war! it's just so beautifully bloody and sinister.

so what the fuck can they be building in england?  a super-sized sarcophagous to house the corpse of empire?  or are those plans for that massive mosque finally under weigh?

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NHK news recap on progress at Fukushima: Not much.  They are calling the reactors "stable at about 100 degrees" which is essentially "stable with your fingernails keeping you from falling".  Decontamination systems working at 66% of promised throughput.  And that's the good news.


Decontamination not successful at nuke plant

5 months after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant crisis started, workers are still struggling to decontaminate large amounts of highly radioactive water.

The plant's operator, Tokyo Electric Power Company, has now restored all circulating cooling systems for spent-fuel storage pools at 4 of its reactors, after the system was restored at the Number One unit on Wednesday.

Cooling of 3 reactors has been continuing since late June, by decontaminating highly radioactive stagnant water and then circulating it.

The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency says the temperatures of the reactors have been relatively stable at around 100 degrees, lowering the risk of another hydrogen explosion.

But the filtering equipment -- the key part of the system -- has been plagued with problems. Repeated suspension of the equipment's operation has slowed down the water decontamination process.

In the week until Tuesday, the filtering equipment ran at 77.4 percent of its capacity, the largest-ever. But the overall figure stands at 66.4 percent, failing to achieve the initial target of 90 percent.

The utility is now at stage two of its timetable to end the nuclear crisis, which aims to reduce the amount of contaminated water to curb the risk of radioactive releases from the plant.

The stage also calls for achieving a cold shutdown with reactor temperatures being kept stable and below 100 degrees.

TEPCO is reducing the amount of water injection into the reactors to prevent an increase in the amount of contaminated water, but the effort could be a hurdle in achieving a cold shutdown.

Friday, August 12, 2011 02:06 +0900 (JST)

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