Daily US Opening News And Market Re-Cap: August 16

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STOP! WHAT IS MONEY? The money that the world uses today is created by private banks lending non-existent money called credit. This credit has never, does not and will never exist, except in theory on computer screens. People die and they starve all because they do not have enough digits on a computer screen. All of this credit, created by the private banks, is owed back to those same banks, plus interest. By design, there is never enough credit in circulation to pay back all the principal plus interest on the loans outstanding, which is why the concept of bankruptcy is built into the system.

Using the simple system above, banksters are given the ability to manipulate the world’s economies into ‘boom and bust’ cycles. In essence, the only difference between a boom and a bust is the amount of credit in circulation, or rather, the net amount of numbers on people’s computer screens. Initially, banksters create a boom by increasing the supply of credit in the economy. During this boom period, individuals and businesses are encouraged to take on more debt as they are more confident of increasing their income in the future. All this extra credit in the system leads to more activity, which in turn creates more confidence in the system, with many getting into more debt. This boom is akin to a fishing trawler, the bankster throws out a credit line and waits, once the bait has been taken the bankster begins to wind in the credit by taking credit out of circulation, it’s gone. The economy then moves into a slump or recession, simply because there are not enough units of credit in circulation. The banksters are then able to trawl from people the wealth that does exist, in exchange for money that never existed in the first place.

Remember, it’s just a ride…


 The monetary revolution will not be televised. You need ¡SilverRevolución!

 Help us follow the paradigm shift towards a decentralized monetary system.


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Moving into the North American open, markets will keep a close eye on the meeting between German Chancellor Merkel and French President Sarkozy in anticipation of any comments on the subject of Eurobonds.

The helplessness and blind hope of the situation is distilled into the above statement that "all eyes" are on a meaningless meeting where the participants can't accomplish anything to alter our plunge into the abyss.

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President Obama said modest sacrifices are needed to solve deficit problems, adding that he will introduce very specific plans to boost the economy in September. Obama hopes that Congress takes tax reforms seriously. (Sources)

Hee, hee, you can't make this stuff up.  I promised change but wouldn't give any specifics, then I did exactly what my predecessor did.  I have a plan, and it's really good, but I can't tell you until September.  Let me guess, we are going to kick the can, right?